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30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142

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Day 20 - Favorite Side Character




There's a lot of Ace Attorney characters I could put here because a bunch of them are well written and enjoyable characters, but out of all of the side characters I think I like Maya the most. I enjoy her near constant upbeat and optimistic attitude, and her almost child-like wonder about everything going on around her. It was always worth it to examine random objects in every area you come across if she was with you to see what kind of outlandish comments she would make on whatever it was you were looking at, whether it's making weird business related suggestions, constantly bringing up her never ending craving for hamburgers, or being pedantic about ladder based terminology. She's always willing to help out those she cares for in any way she can, whether it's trying to keep everyone around her in a good mood, channeling spirits....most of the time it being Mia, getting vital pieces of information or evidence out of people or even that one time she took the blow from a stun-gun for Phoenix. I also like how selfless she's been to show at times, not wanting to be a burden during her multiple arrests and kidnappings, and staying strong for her relatives despite facing her own problems at the time too. She is just an amusing character who has a lot of good points to her besides that.

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Day 20: Favorite Side Character

Victor God Damn Sullivan


Victor Sullivan is amazing, and he is my favorite Uncharted character for a reason. Just look at him, he is a beautiful piece of artwork sculpted by the Gods themselves. Naughty Dog knew what they were doing when they created him, and they made him just as perfect as they imagined. Who doesn't like an old man that says god damn it alot, smokes a cigar, and jumps around shooting guns all day? He is a role model to all. I love Victor Sullivan, he will always be my favorite Uncharted character for a reason, and my favorite side character.

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Day 20: Favorite Side Character


Your best friend




This...might not technically count, but to tell you the truth, my favorite side character of the protagonist is when me and my best buddy are playing some co-op game with made-up and/or nameless/faceless characters. Of course there's plenty of extremely interesting and awesome side characters in video games, but again, my favorite is definitely this. There's a special kind of feeling when you co-op a game with your best friend. That feeling of going on an adventure together and kicking ass while having each other's back can really get my heart pounding. We're basically each other's side kick since we each probably envision ourselves as the more "main" character, but at the end it doesn't matter, we're both being awesome, and we're both saving the world.


Your buddy, being a human being and all, also adds his or her own characteristics into their avatar in the game, giving them their own personality. When I play with certain people, there's some folks that are super skilled or just beginners, some that are collectaholics and some that like to blitz through the game as fast as possible. I've played with people that love getting combos and high scores while someone else purely just likes being flashy. The person I'm playing next too can make any of these characters in a game way more memorable for me, even if they have names or a slight personality to the selected character.


If that's too cheaty of an answer, then idk, I'll say Vyse in Valkyria Chronicles since he was a cameo and the only pawn of mine that was turbo awesome at all times throughout the entire game *shrugs*.

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Aaaaaaaaah, I'm not really sure who to put for this one. Dingodile and Joe have been explained about a couple of dozen times, Vector and Espio a couple of million times. Pura and Polar have probably been done before, Dimitri got taken (which would be fine if I was certain on my choice, but since I'm not...), Yoshi's too similar to Tweek, Sssam doesn't have enough to write about...hmm...




Francis (Super Paper Mario)


Boy, is Francis' character fun. What most people remember is how he's basically a huge nerd stereotype with several traits in common; lives with his mother, knows about talking to women through dating sims, being obsessed with shows/comics, being fat, being a loner etc. Of course, this particular part of him makes for most of the comedic interaction, spouting several memorable phrases and moments (Nerr, complaining about games I haven't played is so hi-technical!). That alone honestly isn't what makes him...well, more interesting. For one, Francis actually knows how to use what he has to his advantage. He's a chameleon and he does not let you forget that, not to mention using his digital butterfly-archiving camera with more cunning than a ninja could use a smokescreen. But there's something else as well; underneath all the jokes about how he has no life and is all about the animes and stuff and blah blah, he has some real potential. He's smart as fuck, converting the ancient castle into the technological marvel that is Fort Francis and kitting it out with robotic cat box maids (wonder how the Mario and Luigi Brocks would handle them...). He even does an eventual conversion to the heroes side, deciding to help the heroes by offering up his services through a sentient AI you can buy called Tiptron (he matured enough to get over the Francine debacle, judging by that name). He's a super genius who could rival the best of the mad scientists in effect, but instead chooses to live a more lowly life indulging in more benign interests.




Ironically, the only other character to go through such a similar arc throughout a Mario RPG is...uh, Croco, from Super Mario RPG. He's slightly lower because he doesn't have the sheer volume of comedic value backing him up.  

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Day 20 - Favorite Side Character




Today's been probably the most difficult day of the event so far. It took me forever to almost decide of Kafei and Anju from Majora's Mask... but in case we have a favorite side quest day on the horizon, I thought I'd save them. I'm not really sure if the Lutece twins are my absolute favorite side characters but I'm drawing a blank on anyone else so I'm sticking to it.


They're such a great mix of quirky and odd but incredibly intriguing at the same time. They start off as a really curious pair, popping up all over the place to bother you, always quarreling over something or other. I honestly thought they were just meant to be amusing, not even making the connection that they were the couple in the boat. They seemed like just some strange characters roaming about Columbia. Of course, you eventually catch on as things start to get weirder. Their mystery builds up well late into the game and it was hard to piece together completely, but as you start gathering bits of their story from the voxophones they transform from a charming, cryptic duo into a really fascinating set with a great backstory. Filling in all that with everything else you learn in the last bit of the game (which is mind blowing in its own right anyway) they end up being every bit as interesting as Booker and Elizabeth's story and with their adorable love of science as an added bonus.

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Day 20: Favorite Side Character

Wheatley from Portal

Everything about Wheatley is so damn charming. His super sexy voice by Steven Fry, and his hilarious antics make him a joy to be around, and makes the yours through the run down Aperture labs much more entertaining. He also does a great job at giving

Aperture Science a human element by being the most colorful character of the cast, and shows the audience a little of how the facility is run by a bunch of robots. His clumsiness is really given a lot of context which really elevates his character development part way through the game, and ties into his relationship to GLaDOS and Aperture as a while very effectively, making him stand out incredibly as a character both in Portal, and in video games.

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Day Numbero 20: Goldeneye: Ninja's "still could beat up Kamis choice easily" Favourite Side Character ever.








Howard "Buckshot" Holmes and Kreese Kreeley, from MadWorld.



there is two parts of Fun to MadWorld, one part is the Over the top Violence, the other Part is in the form of the Aforementioned Announcers.


during the course of the game you are a candidate of the Bloodsport TV show "Death Watch", to wich Kreese and Howard serve as the Commentators too, providing Funny remarks over various events happening in the Current Level, such as you copleting a challenge and Finishing off enemies in all sorts of Messy ways.


They're Hilarious and Fun and are definietly some of the best parts of the game, I mean one of the two is Benders VA, so hey, you know you get some good Voice Acting outta that one.





Honorable mention goes to the MGS3 Codec team. Now the Codec Game in each game is something special to me since they always provide some great insight in your surroundings, the Bosses, your Weapons and so on, wich is something I think they are doing the best.

Of Particuler Note I love Para Medic, due to her being a buff for all sorts of Cheesy B-Movies, and Signit even tough he is the only poor fool in the entire MGS Universe who doesnt understand the Brillaince of Hiding in a Box, but he'll learn eventually

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Day 20: Favorite Side Character


Victor Sullivan (Uncharted)


Sully's one lovable bastard. He's pretty much by your side throughout the entirety of the Uncharted games, and the series wouldn't be the same without him. Even though he's constantly smoking cigars and cracking jokes, he's no slouch when it comes to combat. He'll blow you away in a moment's notice if need be. Him and Nate are basically best friends, and Sully acts sort of like a mentor and father-figure to him as well. Sully always has Nate's back, which is exactly what you want in a partner.

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Day 20: Favourite Side character

I'm going to have to agree with Serperior and say Maya Fey. When we first met her she was broken and miserable. She then gets the strength to help you in court and you'd be lost without her spirit channeling abilities. The strength she shows even though she's lost her family is admirable, just to give her cousin Pearl hope. She can be rambuncsious but she gets too many good lines for me to care. I was super happy to see her in PL vs AA and hope to see her in future games.

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Day 20: Favorite Side Character


Maya Fey.


She's far from perfect, and I feel like she could've been handled better in the localization, but Maya is a fun and endearing character. Phoenix bonds with her as he solves her sister's (and your mentor's) murder, and they quickly become close friends, and partners at the Wright Law Offices. She is a stark contrast to Nick; she's more youthful, energetic, easily excited and somewhat naive. She's a go-getter, who ends up dragging him into a lot of his cases.


What makes her great, to me, is her interaction with Phoenix and the conversations they have in the investigative sequences. I always make a point of checking out everything in a room, just because it means more dialogue between the two. Phoenix is a bit of a straight man, and Maya's not nearly as serious or grounded. I feel like they try to replicate this with future partners but it doesn't turn out nearly as well. 

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Day 20 - Favorite Side Character





What can I say about Ellie?


Well, she's a fourteen-year-old girl, and she acts just a bit like one. At the same time, she's shockingly intelligent and resourceful, even badass. It's rare that we get to see this kind of competence in a character this young, and she's also got a really likable personality and a delightfully tragic past. Combine this with her fantastic relationship with Joel and you've got my personal favorite side character in gaming.


(...I really wish I could say more about this.)

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Day 20(XX): Favorite Side character


Proto Man (AKA Blues)

DLN-000, the first robot Dr. Light created. Proto Man is one cool cat with a totally stylish scarf and a shield- not to mention, a very nice theme song:

He was intended to be the first robot with independent thought, and Dr. Light succeeded all too well. Proto Man is independent- almost too independent. When Dr. Light found out Proto Man's energy core was unstable, he tried to repair him. However, when Proto Man found out, he was afraid that after being repaired, that he would be modified and lose his ability of independent though, so he ran away from Light's lab. With his unstable solar core he grew weaker and weaker by the day. Before dying, Wily found him and repaired his core and gave him that spiffy helmet and shield, modifying him into a robot with combat ability. In WIly's debt, and with resentment of Light, he ends up serving Wily until Mega Man shows him the way. From then on, he's something of an anti-hero and a helper of Mega Man. He's only a "main" character in a few games.


I really like Proto Man because of his backstory and his design. It's a nice contrast to Mega Man and it's just plain stylish. I like his sort of distant behavior. Unlike a lot of characters, he has a reason to be distant and mysterious- he's basically a runaway kid, with his 'father' being Dr. Light. It's actually a little sad, or at least as sad as classic Mega Man gets. I also like how he's always one step ahead. Unlike with some other characters who fit into this stereotype, Proto Man doesn't come off as obnoxious.


Also, Proto Man has perfected the art of wearing a helmet:


Not a hair out of place on that magnificent pompadour- that hairdo gives Groose's a run for its money.  Also, he is wearing sunglasses under his helmet which already has sunglasses/some kind of tinted visor. I have no comment. 

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Day 20: Favorite Sidekick

Luigi from the Super Mario series

The younger brother of the famous Mario. Whether it be the main, rpg, olympic, kart raing, or party series; Luigi is definitely one of my favorite of the bunch, because he's one of the Mario characters that actually have a character and personality. His comedic antics and being a bit of a scaredy cat are also hilarious to watch. He tries to make himself look like the macho man, but gets shot down quickly. But, when he puts his mind to it, he can conqueror the problem and defeat strong opponents just like his older brother. I always felt sorry for him when he's being the butt of the joke of being trapped in Mario's shadow and be forgotten by many until the Year of Luigi came by and made him feel relevant. Go Luigi!

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Oh yes...OH YES...YES...YES...FINALLY!


The time has come for me to talk about one of my favorite characters not only in Kingdom Hearts, but in video games in general!









He should be the main character honestly imo. Riku is such a character. The dude has gone through the most development in the entire series. Lets start with Birth by Sleep. Riku at this point is was only 5 years old, but still was a pretty neat character. For his age, he was pretty chill and mature, normally always taking care of Sora. At some point, Terra realizes how much potential Riku has to become a Keyblade wielder and  bestows the Keyblade upon him. This urges Riku to seek a way to the outside world.



Fast forward ten years and Riku basically sells out to darkness after being led astray by Xehanort. In turn, by doing this, he unleashes the Heartless among his home who plunge it into darkness. This also resulted in his Keyblade that was rightfully his, temporarily going to Sora instead. Over the course of KH1 we see Riku and we see his intentions. Riku, despite being in the wrong crowd, is trying to achieve the dreams he and his friends had. He also is trying to save Kairi who has lost her heart, and believes this is the only means to rescue her. Maleficent also planted the idea that Sora is the enemy and would hold him back from his potential. 


Time goes by, and the darkness slowly consumes him until he finally ends up giving his body up to the true baddy Ansem. At this point, he realizes the error of his ways, but it's to late. Riku's heart is cast off into darkness, and his body is used by Ansem.(Which is ironic actually when you think about it.)


Eventually Riku and King Mickey meet eachother, and Mickey urges Riku to not give up. Sora defeats Ansem , and Riku and him work to seal Kingdom Hearts.


Now we come to Chain of Memories, which basically is Riku confronting his mistakes. We see that Ansem still Torments him and urges him to give into Darkness, and it's a struggle. He's alone through the whole game until the end, and is urged by the Organization to return to the dark. Eventually Riku finally accepts who he is and confronts Ansem and the darkness. No longer fearing the dark, Riku continues his journey for atonement, vowing he can't go home until that. 



Now stuff happens in 358/2 days, but Riku is more or less in the background. Riku is trying to help Sora awaken from his slumber. With the help of Diz and Namine, Riku has learned that to awaken his friend they need the memories that are being held in the Nobody of Sora. Riku confronts the Nobody, but looses the battle. This is when we see something interesting. Willing to do anything for his friend, Riku sacrifices his physical form and gives into the darkness and becomes Ansem. Using this newfound power, he subdues Roxas(the Nobody) and conceals his face from everyone.


Riku is ashamed. It's pretty obvious throughout Kingdom Hearts 2 that he doesn't want his friends to see him this way. Sora countless times upon awakening, runs into Riku, but he doesn't want Sora to see him for who he is. A being of the dark. Eventually, Kairi(another one of his best friends) is kidnapped and escapes and runs into Riku. She despite Riku looking like Ansem see's him as she always has. The two run into Sora, and Sora is joyed to see him again. 


Eventually Riku is restored to his former self and he returns with Sora back home. And now we come to the most recent entry, Kingdom Hearts 3D.



Despite conquering his inner demons, Riku is still unsure if he is worthy to wield the Keyblade after all that has transpired. This new journey he hopes will show him if he is or not fit to be. (fun fact also: the short hair is a japanese culture thing. It means to "Begin anew")Throughout the game, he is haunted by his past, and by the villains or past and present. 

Eventually, he realizes that he is a protector of Sora, and that he accepts darkness as his way to fight for the light. Through this and his willingness to sacrafice himself to save his friend, Riku is chosen to be a Keyblade Master.


The development of Riku is gradual and not disappointing as well. We see this confused boy that is willing to do anything to escape his home, all the way to a protector willing to fight for what he once opposed. He grows, becomes more confident in himself, and is more open to people.(something that was seen to not be a favorable trait of his when he saw Goofy and Donald for the first time.) His fight for redemption is something that can also tie into life for us all, looking for ways to fix our mistakes, and accept that what's done is done.

 These are things I can't exactly say for Sora, who really has stayed the same aside from like one game. He's always seen as a happy cheerful hero that is destined to save everyone. He's just a generic hero really.


Riku becoming a Keyblade Master before him made me so happy!


So yeah, I'm done gushing.:P

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Day 20:


The green guy who I always choose if I'm able to. I always liked Luigi, his ability was something I always enjoyed, especially in SMB2 and lost levels. His personality in the spinoff games was really great and enjoy watching him be all foolish and clumsy yet still having courage and standing up to the competition.

The year of Luigi was the best year honestly, I tried out Luigi's mansion dark moon, New super Luigi U and Mario & Luigi dream team.

It felt like I was getting to know more about Luigi during that year, which was great! Those games bring out the best of Luigi. I also like that he is loyal to his brother no matter how much credit Mario receives more than him. If his bro needs him Luigi will help out. Even if it means saving the princess over and over again.

Hopefully we can still get some games for Luigi like a Wii u Luigi's mansion. Can't wait to see he how he performs in Mario kart 8!

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Rosalina - Super Mario Galaxy


Rosalina's been one of my favorite Mario characters since I first played Super Mario Galaxy. She's got this... element of mystery to her. It's interesting. Her design is awesome, too.


Rosalina's Storybook was one of my favorite parts of Mario Galaxy. I'm not afraid to say that I cried when I got to the later chapters. Rosalina's backstory is heartbreaking and you can really see how it's shaped her into who she is today. She's an awesome character with a lot of depth to her, and I'm glad she's been sticking around as a mainstay in the series

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Day 20: Favorite Side Character:







You knew this was coming...happy.png


Anyway, Tails. Simply put, Tails is absolutely adorable. Tails has some admirable qualities too, being intelligent, kind-hearted and extremely loyal to Sonic as a sidekick and best friend just to mention a few. He is a child genius and a mechanic that can fly with his twin tails. 



Tails can also fly airplanes as well. The kid is only 8 years old and he can do so much!




I also think Tails portrays the "little brother" role very well, even to the point where Tails has developed to where he can and does put Sonic in his place. I've said this time and time again, but I really love the bromance between Sonic and Tails despite their differences, notably the 7-year age gap between them. Because of this one usually always associates the two of them together.



Classic or Modern Tails: Take your pick as they both are absolute cuties! tongue.png


I absolutely love Tails. He is my second favorite character of all time next to Sonic. smile.png


Runner-up for favorite side character goes to:







Seriously, we are 20 days in this event and I am just now making my first actual Mario reference?! Oh well. I am doing it at this point because I have to give this guy his props. And I do mean have towink.png


Yes, Luigi. Luigi has always been in his brother Mario's shadow, as an underdog, and my heart naturally leans towards those in that situation. Yes despite that, Luigi never showed himself as jealous and has always been very cooperative and supportive and loyal towards Mario, which I personally find a lot of charm in that on top of him being quiet and shy. Amid his shyness, Luigi always manages to be brave when the time comes for it and overcomes his fears, something I find very admirable.


I'm very glad the "Year of Luigi" was a thing as he sure did deserve it...It was nice to see him get some well-deserved recognition and hype that certainly was overdue. biggrin.png

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Day 20 - Favorite Side Character




Wheatley - Portal 2


More Portal love!  I mentioned before that Portal 2 was quite a bit more lighthearted than the first game, and this guy was a major reason why.  Voiced so lovingly by Stephen Merchant, this guy is just the sweetest little dope you'll ever come across.  He's a scaredy-cat, he's constantly struggling to put together coherent ideas and thoughts, and his voice is perfect.  Add to that the fact that Portal 2 has the flat-out funniest writing I've heard in any video game, and this guy just comes out as one of the most likable characters ever.


And, of course, he becomes the villain about halfway through the game.  Despite attempting to be a competent baddie, he still retains his flawed and idiotic personality and is still just as funny.  I guess you could argue that this makes him more of a main villain than a side character, but for the first half of the game, I'd say he qualifies.  Plus, even though the flip-flop works well, I think GLaDOS is a better villain than Wheatley, and Wheatley is a better sidekick than GLaDOS.  So that keeps him in this spot.

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I had a tough time for this one cos' I wanted to bring love to a game that I don't think has been mentioned so far badly..but I could'nt ignore this little guy... why, you ask?

Day 2/3: Side Character Award



What's better than just Luigi alone? How about a whole troop of em' faithful and ready to serve your quest in every way. My first Mario game is Super Mario World on the GBA and when I found out there was a character that could jump higher than Mario I was on him like bees to honey. The fact that he was taller than Mario and was wearing green just drew me towards his character design. And finding out that he was cowardly and the last thing from heroic made him even more interesting unlike his cliche and rather blase brother. One of my childhood memories was how my sis knew I loved this character but was only able to call "Loogy" no matter how I tried to teach her. I found it kinda cute.


Then, I played Superstar Saga, where I really met their personalities for the first time. They had so much of that and much depth than I thought Luigi had to have a backstory in another game. (Turns out nope, this was the first in the series) which made it more impressive. One scene which I still recall when Luigi was deathly afraid and could'nt even jump. He had to see a hypnotist so he could psych himself to saving his brother while believing he was Mario. Which I find took a lot courage to do. I also love E. Gadd in that game but that's another story( especially how he spoke)


When I found out about the Year of Luigi, man was I hyped. He was finally getting the limelight he deserved. I recently finished Luigi's Mansion 2. And I did enjoy it, albeit the mission structure and length.

And then the backstory I was hoping for came in Dream Team. The overworld story started off okay but kinda went down under (which is why I almost put it in most disappointing game). But man, Dream's Deep. Someone else put this to justice in the best level post so I'll keep it short. It shows how much pain and trials he's been through but he always wants to be happy for and support his big bro.


And how proud of he is for things he could do and he could'nt. And he does'nt give himself credit for the things he does achieve so it's nice to see Mario reciprocate that in the Luigi's Mansion 2 ending which someone else excellently highlighted. (sorry I can't give credit..lot to search thru) He's just an interesting character with a lot of depth which was explored last year. In His Very Own Year, which he deserves.


I hope I can mention the game I wanted to in another post soon...it really deserves it but the year of Luigi made me push my love for him here..


Longest post yet? Yup, all deserving for Loogy.

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Look at that beautiful face. Isn't he fabulous? Listen to his beautiful theme song. This guy is the greatest side character ever. I feel ashamed for not even thinking of him in my post. Now I must cleanse myself with His Groosiness.


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Favorite Side character eh?

  welp, here we go!

It is very hard to figure out! very hard... like rediculously hard, bet you couldn't guess in a million years!



   Beyond amazing!! He is an awesome character with a very complex personality. that is why I like him. In recent games I don't like what they did to him by making his personality less than it was before. I feel like he lost some of his charm when they turned him into nothing but angry knuckles after that Sonic '06 game. he used to be naive, but not particularly stupid, tough, clever, battled with feelings of insecurity and inferiority, but never lost his ability to prove himself. He is determined, trusting, and a little gullible due to lack of exprerience, but that is not equal to stupid. 

 He proves to be a loyal friend, yet a loner. Young, yet mature.  He is a A+ character !! cool.png laugh.png wub.png wub.png 



Princess peach

Should I even begin to tell you how many princess peach birthday parties I had as a kid? I even started writting a book about her ( I was 9 years old at the time). she has always been a picture of sweetness and love to me, and I always loved her as a character!


Toad wub.png 

  "The adventures of toad and yoshi: a story of a man toad with green spots, and a lady yohi who was red, and they married and had two kids: Yoshi (green) and toad( with red spots) and the two kids had many adventures. the toad was rambunxious and disobedient and the yoshi was smart, and a bit more reserved..." Oh wait, you were not looking for a peice of fan fiction? 

   Toad was my first favorite mario character as a kid. I always thought he was adorable and  this little tidbit up there was a game me and my sister used to play when we were little kids.  I used to be him all the time in mario kart and I always got upset when Toad was not playable in Mario party ( but I was happy to see him when I got a star!!) ! 


Bow, bombette, and Vivian

I listed these together because they are all mario Paper characters.  I always enjoyed how bow hit people with a fan! I thought it was funny (and it was quite useful too!) I liked bomette because she was a cute pink bomb with a braid like wick, and I liked vivian because she was abused by her sisters (I felt bad for her sad.png ) and despite being a shadow siren, she was really happy and cute !



I already talked a little about her, but why not? 

  I spent many days as a kid sitting in my back yard pretending to be saria playing her ocarina in the lost woods.

saria is considerate, kind, loyal and caring. She is wise, and encouraging. She is not won over by flattery (may want to give kindness of your own doing a chance Mido!) and is very helpful. That is why I like her smile.pnghappy.png

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DAY 20 - Favorite Side Character


I can't...can't fight it....I've gotta....no one else....can't help it...




Luigi. Could you show me anyone that is more gentle or kind than this guy? Luigi goes above and beyond to help his brother. He looks up to Mario and would do anything to be like him! Unfortunately, he's held back by  a few things. He's shy. timid, a fair bit awkward and a wee bit clumsy. He also doesn't have that much confidence in himself, not helped by that fact that he's grown accustomed to being in Mario's shadow. That's gotta hurt deep down, and it clearly does if the Negative Zone is to be taken seriously.


But you know what? He still never lets this get to him.


He always throws himself into danger, risking life and limb if it means being able to help Mario. Sure he may get in over his head a lot, but that doesn't faze him in the slightest. He's always remained kind and generous, and works considerably hard. Aside from his self doubt, he generally is rather optimistic. He's also no pushover, and will hand you your ass on a silver platter should you harm his friends. And when the chips are down...he never gives up. It's a good thing too, because we don't want him to ever give up. Luigi is someone that you always end up cheering for. We want the green dude to be happy, to catch up to Mario, to find love...


I always look forward to seeing Luigi, and even more so when I get to play as him. The Year of Luigi may be over, but this second fiddle deserves to be recognized.

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Favorite Side Character Day 20





Fiora is your childhood friend. You and her have a very special relationship. As you grow older, you feel as if you could be more than friends. Maybe this should be a dating relationship? Well.. let's think about that later.




Well.. one day your city is attacked and you're left to defend it. You split up and Fiora goes a different way and you expect to meet up each other in a different part of the city. However, this is interrupted when a mechon beats you and your friends up. You're about to be killed until Fiora shows up to save the day. Great right? Well no... it's actually about to get worse.


Fiora becomes overpowered by this monster and the realization comes to your through a vision - she's going to die. You know the fate but you can not do anything to stop it. While this is happening, Fiora is beat up to dramatic music and you're left paralyzed. She is finally killed when a sharp weapon pierces through her body and is left to be eaten.



The mechon leaves and you're left in a state of shock. This causes you to get so angry that you vow revenge on the people that killed her, the mechon. This person is so important to you that you will not stop until you get justice.


Fast forward to mid game...


You find out she is alive, but she is being controlled by someone else AND she has been rebuilt as part mech. She has robotic parts and her own parts. She doesn't know who she is and she just leaves the scene leaving you in agony. How could someone you know just forget you like that? Was I even seeing her or was I imaging?


You end up facing her and she almost kills you. It's almost your death until she realizes her true self. You're interrupted by a top mechon leader who sees this and tries to put an end to this. He orders your true love to kill you and she has a hard time resisting but she does. She uses all her power to fight back so she risks her live to save you.




Shulk has nothing he can do as he is powerless. The whole air station he was in blows up with Fiora in her mechon falling off the platform to her death. Shulk can't see this again so he DIVES OFF THE AIR STATION to try to save her.






So you continue your story with her. Your best friend, your childhood friend, your love is ALIVE. She also regains her memories and realizes who you are. You think it's over, right?


Well, not quite. When the world you live on is about to collapse, she exposes her hidden power and fights back. Her hidden power is actually another person. One who ends up popping out of Fiora and DYING a sad fate to save them.


..And the world is doomed. Everything becomes destroyed and all these people die. Well, isn't that a happy ending? At least you're not ready to give up. With both you and Fiora having a large amount of power, you're able to defeat the bad guys and put an end to this.


I know she goes from side character to sort of a main character but I think she classifies as a SC.





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Day 20: Favorite Side (the only reason Halo is even rated M) Character





Halo: Cortana


Yeah, a relatively simple choice. I've talked about it before but when I first started to play Halo I wasn't dead set on wanting to enjoy it. But one of the key details that brought me to my current (close to) obsession of it is Cortana herself. Her witty remarks and get work done attitude just about entirely makes up for Master Chief's lack of interaction with other characters. Tie it in with the immense back story surrounding her and you have a side character that is on par (if not above) with most other mains.


Also, did I mention she's voiced by the same person who also did Toad (and apparently Peach as well)? Yeah, I literally blanked for a second when I learned that...

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Gonna kill 3 days with one stone:


Day 18 and 19, Favorite Protagonist and Antagonist




Sonic the Hedgehog:


The Sonic card must be used here. Sonic is my favorite video game character since ever. I love his design, both classic and modern, his attitude, his abilities. Always up to help those in need, even if he have to risk his own life do it, as he had many times. He's fast as a flash, a super power I really like in a character (off: gonna be honest here, I never liked Mario back in the day because he was too slow). But Sonic is also a relaxed guys, as it's show in Sonic OVA, were we see him chilling on the beach listening to some music. The guy is cool all around. Oh, and he can turn super saiyan. I freaking love DBZ :D


Dr. Ivo Get a Load of This Eggman:


Dr. Eggman is all kinds of great. He doesn't have any super power unlike his nemesis, and still, he can take him one-on-one almost everyday with numerous robots, air fleets and all kinds of weapons. He will conquer the world with his tools. Sure he has a very cliché ambition, but still, his methods and schemes are never simple, Eggman always have a card on his sleeve. Unleashed's opening or the final boss of S3&K are perfect examples.

I'm a little mixed if I prefer him menacing like in Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, or more comical like Colors and Generations. In the end, I prefer a balance, and I think they did it perfectly in Lost World.

On other note: I love Pollock's voice acting, as I loved Deem Bristow's. If Eggman was real and he had a voice, it would sound like Mike Pollock for sure, the man nail'd Eggman, especially after Unleashed.


Almost forgot, which other game villain has such a bad ass vocal theme song!





And now:


Day 20: Favorite Side Character




YES. I know, I know, Daxter is the hero, as he says so, but think about, we control Jak, while Dax only assist, therefore, Dax is the side character.

I played Jak and Daxter for the first time last month, and I loved. The first game, at least (which reminds me, I have to finish Jak 2). Daxter made me crack more than I should, he's the typical "right in the face jokes", like when the warrior in Rock Village is whining about not being able to defeat the monster that burned down the village, and Dax comes up with "Have you tried attacking him with your melodrama, because its killing me!". That shit killed me. Not to mention the several death commentaries he does.

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