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30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142

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Discoid these questions are gonna kill me, why do you do this?


But anyway, my choice for favorite song would go to sonic adventure 2's version of it doesn't matter, this song just really resonates with me as not only a sonic theme but a good way to look at life too, not only is it really a message to just keep on chugging through life as best as you can while not letting bad things get you down but it also tells you to believe in your own beliefs whether they be good or evil so long as you think its right. Now why do I pick this one over the first games even though the first one's sends the same message? Well I just like this version a bit better, the guitar and melody in this version of this song just really make me get excited and while the first versions isn't bad, it doesn't give me that rush like this one does.


Runner up choices go to:


Vector to the Heavens

It has to be this way

Rules of nature

Fly me to the moon (climax version)

In the final (M&L BiS)

For faith

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Day 23 - Tunes that Mambo Totally Doesn't Sing Along To.... <.< >.>


I'm taking this to mean actual songs with lyrics and stuff, not just themes to specific levels.


Far Away - Red Dead Redemption



I like this not just because it accompanies one of the awesomest video gaming moments (shit, why didn't I include this earlier?! XD) but because I genuinely like the song, too; the composition, the guitar, the lyrics. It's wonderful.


Still Alive - Portal



Another fantastic moment, as this wasn't the end I was expecting at all from this game. I believe, IIRC that this was Ellen McLain's idea... or was that the Soprano Turret in Portal 2? Eh, anyways; it's a nice song, it's amusing and it lets the player know that the boss they just defeated isn't dead.


And of course, I couldn't go without mentioning...


Endless Possibility - Sonic Unleashed



A nice pop punk song as a reward for completing the behemoth of a game that is Unleashed. A great, uplifting tune, there should be more music like this for Sonic games. smile.png

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Day 23: Favorite Songs


Parappa the Rappa: Full Tank




After eating too much cake, Parappa has to has rap against all 4 of the game's mentors to use the bathroom. While the premise is funny, the song is not too bad. Especially, with that guitar.



Pokémon Silver Version: Game Corner/Lucky Channel





Ok, this is one of my favorite Pokémon game tracks ever. I almost want to put lyrics to it. Then SoulSilver/HeartGold remixed it!



Kingdom Hearts 2: Sanctuary




Kingdom Hearts 2 is the first game I played in the series. So after I started up a new game, I'm greeted with this awesome intro movie and song that does a great recap. The timing and pacing along with the animation is perfect and the song itself is pretty good.

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Day 23


Under Heaven's Destruction II - Ragna VS Jin

I want you to listen closely to the instruments of this song as it plays along.


We start off with a slow, dreadful feeling that's slowly creeping up, as if something huge is about to start

Everything starts playing in a heavy blend of all the instruments

And then, Ragna's guitar starts playing the main tune. Notice how the music sometimes pitches with the violin.

Then... Jin's violin plays the same tune, but with pitches from the guitar.

the song then goes into a more... "rocking" part, as if describing a battle.

Finally the music goes up one more time...

And the main theme starts playing with Ragna's guitar and Jin's violin togheter.


This is quite literally a battle of Guitar VS Violin

Chaos VS Order

Ragna VS Jin.

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Discoid these questions are gonna kill me, why do you do this?




You picked some good ones, so I'd say it was a mission accomplished!


I missed the unlock day, oh well :v I probably woulda gone with anything that felt like super special and really hidden and secret and stuff. Luigi from Mario Galaxy, T.T. in Diddy Kong Racing, Ness in Smash 64, Super Sonic, etc.. that Challenger Approaching screen in Smash Bros is just eternally satisfying to see and it's the main reason I hope SSB4 still has secret characters.


I had nothin for the Art day really either, prolly woulda gone with Okami, Skullgirls, Ni no Kuni or Tales of Vesperia.


Well hey, nothing wrong with making them up now or when you have the time. :) It doesn't hit the badge requirement but I'd love to read your entries regardless.


The Last of Us:

"All Gone (No Escape)" by Gustavo Santaolalla (Final Gameplay Theme sans Epilogue)

Again, talked about this previously.  The final sequence was so powerful for me in how it bookended the opening of the game, and how just downright emotional it was thanks to the use of this mournful theme instead of action music.


I considered using this one, but figured I'd talked about TLoU enough lol.

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Day 23: Favorite Song


The Fragrance of Dark Coffee (Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations)


Godot's theme and the classiest song in all of Ace Attorney. I honestly can't get enough of this song. For a game that can get pretty tense in situations, every time this song hits it's just so relaxing. It adds so much to Godot's calm, cool, and collected persona, too. Now while the version in T&T is great, the one they released on the jazz album is even better. It sounds so smooth and it always makes me think of sitting in front of a fireplace during a rainy night with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

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This is a mean question. You're asking me to choose a song when there's so many I adore. So... I'll probably choose the game series I have the most fond memories of music from, and give some highlights from that franchise... 


Out of any series I grew up loving and enjoyed, Kingdom Hearts retains a crown of having some of the most memorable and enjoyable video game music that I've listened to. Sweeping from action packed and upbeat to emotional and heartfelt all in an instance, or even just combing the two ideas, Yoko Shimomura quickly became my favourite composer for video games in general thanks to her work in Kingdom Hearts (and, to an extent, the M&L RPG games on the Nintendo handhelds). This work also goes magnificently with the two main theme songs in the series which have gotten to the point where they've been slightly overplayed, but still you find nostalgic enjoyment from them. I'll choose a favourite song from most of the games, I suppose, even though for many there's much more than one.

  • Kingdom Hearts || Dearly Beloved - the first track you hear in the game, and the first game to introduce Dearly Beloved, this is a beautiful and calming piano theme which is always a joy to listen to every time you come back and play a Kingdom Hearts game, new or old.
  • Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories || Namine's Theme - a mysterious and bittersweet theme for a character with a lot of mystery and sadness behind her, this lovely piano piece perfectly captures Namine's character to me.
  • Kingdom Hearts 2 || Rage Awakened - a track only found in the final mix of the game, this dramatic and blood pumping song accompanies one of the most mysterious and difficult bosses made in the franchise, and also left a subtle hint for the future.
  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days || Vector to the Heavens - a stunningly strong piano piece which captures the final moments where Roxas and Xion clash against one another, for the sake of Sora's future and their own. There's also Xion's theme which accompanies this lovely. 
  • Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep || Enter The Darkness - so conflicted between this and Forze dell'Oscurita, but since that's mostly an epic mash between two existing tracks... Enter The Darkness serves as a powerful and action packed battle theme between the player and Vanitas. It's broodingly oddball opening suddenly switches to upbeat and blood pumping, and captures the mystery of Vanitas quite well I think.
  • Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance || Majestic Wings - a boss theme that sounds like an absolutely perfect marriage of Disney and Final Fantasy, Majestic Wings is enchanting, epic and just down right brilliant. This game probably has some of my favourite OST in the entire series, with tracks such as All For One, Rinzler RecompiledL'Impeto Oscuro and L'Oscurità dell'Ignoto

I also wanna mention that Sonic, Mario (plus his various spin off series), Zelda and Pokemon for being other franchises that have given me a plethora of wonderful music to listen to over the years. Video game music is seriously just downright amazing sometimes.

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Civilization IV - Baba Yetu (Title Song)



The first song from a videogame to ever win a Grammy, and with reason. Okay, the Grammys are a joke, but Baba Yetu is an incredible composition. It made even the title screen an experience for itself. Just listen to it; it's calm in the beggining, then builds up more and more, fittingly for a game about the development of manking.


Fun fact: this song is actually "The Lord's Prayer" in Swahili.

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Favourite Song


The Best Is Yet To Come




The name of this song is kind or ironic considering it's the ending theme in Metal Gear Solid (PS1). It really makes me reflect on the journey I've experienced. It's a lovely track, beautifully composed. I like listening to the whole piece. This might seem strange, but I like this track so much that I often feel like doing another playthrough just so that I can hear the music again.

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Oh I do have to give a mention to pretty much every lyrical credits song from The Walking Dead game so far.  Season 1 only had one for the final episode, but I am so happy they've had one for every episode in Season 2 so far.  Episode 1 and 3's, "In The Water" and "Remember Me (Kickstarter Acoustic)" by Anadel, were absolutely gorgeous.  All these songs were licensed and existed before the games were made as far as I can see (though the trailer version of In The Water is called "Clementine Mix" so I guess that was made specially), so it's kinda cheating but... damn if they weren't used effectively.


I sat in total silence and just absorbed Remember Me with that quiet background scenery behind the credits after that intense Episode 3 ending.


If you haven't played TWD Season 2 yet but plan to I'd recommend not listening to let this song have the full impact on you in the correct context, but if you don't have any plans to play... first shame on you... second listen to this beautiful song.


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I've never played a single Final Fantasy game in my life, come at me, but FF7 is at the top of my gaming bucket list, due in no small part to its soundtrack. I simply LOVE the theme song, The opening is very mysterious and ambient, before morphing into something incredibly beautiful. Sometimes it's hard for Midi-ish sounding songs to make me feel so emotional, but this just sends shivers down my spine.




Oh yeah, this is happening!


You know, as well as Endless Possibility sums up Sonic's personality, It Doesn't Matter did it first. This is just sheer powerhouse, classic sounding rock at its finest. No matter what, Sonic will never change or back down. The final chorus is just so uplifting and powerful, it really warms my heart and makes me feel inspired.




Now THIS is the perfect song to emphasize the final battle against the Covenant, three games in the making. Marty O' Donnel has got to be one of my favorite composers, the energetic pace and piano+orchestra is wonderful. It's like the spirit of every Halo song at this point rolled into one fabulous piece of music.




Ah, Faunts, or as I like to call them, the musical Picasso of our generation.


While it does seem a tad bit strange Bioware went with an indie band to compose the ending song of Mass Effect, it's more than clear that the choice paid off. M4 Part 2 is just the heart and soul of Mass Effect musically. The futuristic sounding guitar and drums are just so trance-like, and while the lyrics are vague in relation to the game, you can tell the singer is putting his heart and soul into it. Mass Effect was the first game where I sat through the entire credits, and I think you can all guess why.

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Shit I almost forgot about today's question.


Day 23 - Favourite Song














All These Tracks From Jet Set Radio


Holy. Cow. Jet Set Radio has to have one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard in a video game ever. There are very few tracks I don't like in the OST. But by golly, those are only 2, maybe 3 out of 30 or so tracks. I seriously had a hard time selecting just one. SO I just , you know, put my top picks here. Rock it On, Dragula, Super Brothers, and Sneakman. I cannot get enough of these tracks. I don't even know what it is about this soundtrack that I love. It's just that the tracks are soooo damn catchy and fun to listen to. There's just something magical about JSR's soundtrack, and I honestly couldn't pick one song.

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Day 23: Favorite Song




FFFFFFFF.... I withheld myself from talking too much about the soundtracks on this thread because I wanted to mention some OSTs as a whole (while leaving hints of Sonic here and there) but it seems I forgot this day asks for only 1 song.


Of course Discoid say I could still talk about Soundtracks but I'm a sucker for following the ruuuuuuruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu......




It seems it was the same in the old thread, I expected myself to make a long ass list of songs but I only picked one, Tears from the KOF 99 AST (go listen to it please, it's awesome) because apparently I spread a lot of music across the old 30 days... Cursed be past me! Always out smarting me! (huh... I don't like the way that sounds)


Anyway, I feel some of you are going to see this coming but this is my pick for today:





Mining Base Defense - Phantasy Star Online 2



What's up with SEGA (Wave Master) and awesome music? <3



Okay, first of all, I'm sorry because if you read whatever junk I spew you'd probably realize this is like the 5th time on this month I bring this song up. But it's one of these tunes that just stuck with me because of how awesome it feels to play the game while this track is playing on the background...



Now lets talk about PSO2's soundtrack, in my opinion it's a very very good bunch of tracks but you don't get to fully appreciate them while playing. Be it because it goes against your expectations (Ruins) or because of Sympathy (the system the game uses for its active soundtrack) not being able to catch up with all the stuff going on (Vol Dragon's theme comes to mind, it's by far my favorite "Growl track" but in the game all you hear is a mess). the later can be very jarring at points.


But what we have here is one of the few times the game throws a very scripted event (randomness is one of the selling points of the game, claiming that you'll never play the same level twice) and it shows, the transitions between each event on the quest is almost flawless and the BGM gets its time to shine properly because of it.



Now lets go back to talk about this song. Mining base defense is a track that's played in a mission that puts you and other 11 players as the only thing between the ARKS (the organisation you work for) mining towers and hordes upon hordes of Darkers (the game's baddies), it's as you might already figured out a Tower Defense kind of mission, and as you can hear in the video I posted every wave gets it's little awesome tracks with an amazing intermission (around 30 seconds between waves so you can rest/heal/plan/etc) for each of them. Now let's dissect this theme for all it's worth!




0:00 - 1:49 Opening: Now this is what plays while players are gathering around the entrance even before the mission proper starts and as you can hear it's already warning you that shit it's about to go down on this quest! The bells echo the conflict that it's about to unfold in the arid sands of Lillipa (the planet the base is in) and the music fills you with expectation, said melody is going to be echoed during the entire of the quest as well (which reinforces the idea that the entire composition is a big badass piece).


1:49 - 2:23 Intermission 1: This is what plays once the mission starts, you get a few seconds to get ready before the first wave arrives and the music really echoes that you better get ready for what's about to come, the bells are still echoing in the background and the tempo of the first part of the song shifts to something fast paced and dramatic, "here comes the horde!"


2:23 - 3;38 Wave 1: It's a little off putting for all the tension it was building a few seconds ago but you have to keep in mind this is only the first wave, it's a very atmospheric piece that tells you the battle is beginning (also, you can hear parts of the opening in here).


3:38 - 4:13 Intermission 2: Dem violins... This track is really good a building even more tension! You hear the bells ringing again and the main melody keeps raising the pace and adding more instruments, "this is far from over"!


4:13 - 5:38 Wave 2: This is more like a continuation of the first wave's theme, as if the first battle theme was keep going during the intermission and it turned into this one, with a lot more instruments and a more powerful sound than the first one.


5:38 - 5:59 Intermission 3: Annnnd now we have a breather, we hear a bit of the opening and a very calming tune compared to the ones we've heard so far but then it quickly switches to a more aggressive piece! "Oh so you thought you could rest? Well sorry but now we're coming back and stronger than ever!"


5:59 - 7:57 Wave 3: WOW! This is the part of the quest when the Darkers really start falling on you (most of the time you'll start getting the towers infected at this point), the heavy use of drums shows the sense of urgency that was almost missing from the first 2 themes, it makes you feel that the Darkers are winning the battle at this point! (and of course, you still hear bits of the opening)


7:57 - 8:23 Intermission 4: And then you hear the chords and the piano on this soung, it's reinvigorating! It pumps you up! It's time to make the big ol heroic come back and show this creeps the REAL SUPERPOWER OF TEAMWORK!


8:23 - 10:34 Wave 4: Awwwwww yeah! Hero time! This is the kind of epic songs that makes you think of the second phases in Sonic final bosses! But the Darkers aren't giving up yet! The heroic feel of this track is frequently cut with little bits that helps you remember that you are still in mortal danger before reverting back to the more heroic tune, this back and forth really focus how Equal the fight is and I love it! (I'd say it's my second favorite part of the piece)


10:34 - 11:03 Intermission 5: A Little breather at the beginning but then the track switches gears again, makes a little callback to the Wave 4 theme and then enters the next part of the song...


11:03 - 13:09 Wave 5: Admittedly I feel this one is the odd part of the whole, it feels a bit anticlimatic compared to the last pieces but I guess it works as a buildup to the next ones. I guess it almost sounds "tiring" (not sure if this is the right word) as if in focusing how long this conflict has been going with no end in sight.


13:09 - 13:43 Intermission 6: And here it comes! The big one! A beautiful set of chords play and then the track switches to a frantic, electronic piece to signal the arrival of the big bad of this quest, Dark Vibrace.





FINAL WAVE (maybe Dark Vibrace's theme)



This track deserves a mention of it's own (also the long video I linked above is missing the most epic part of the song), it starts with some very triumphant horns and chords signaling that this is the final battle! Nut then the track turns really really dark and menacing (casually around the time the other Darker groups that come behind Vibrace begin to attack different places). The piece is very very awesome on its own but if your party manages to screw up a little and the towers get severely damaged (or destroyed) the 4:05 part kicks in and suddenly the HSQ goes off the charts! As if the track didn't give a sense of urgency as it was some very fast drums change the whole pace of the song and now it feels like the battle has truly reached it's climax! (seriously, it's the same piece but the drums and pacing makes a lot of difference!).


That part at 5:32 gives me an eargasm everytime.... <3



Also, if you go back to the first video you can also hear the end of the quest song (17:41 onwards) which is also pretty cool. It's slow and calm yet inspiring, like signaling the end of a bloody conflict, but one that ended up with us winning on the end (shame most of the time you won't stay to hear the piece because you want to rush to the campship so you can start the quest a second or third time before the EQ timer runs out).





So all in all this is one of the most epic, long, fitting, fistpumping-prone and eargasm-inducing pieces i've remember hearing.

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Day 23: Lalalalala I'mm blow your skull to BEATS Favorite Song

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFfffff.... Uuuuuuh. You got me there. I have quite a few favorites, acctually.

Of course, my top is probably Live & Learn by Crush 40 from Sonic Adventure 2. Given where we are, I don't think a link is needed for this. I mean it's just... amazing. All of it. And it's really an experience trying to actually sing it, it's VERY hard to nail.
I already the Jazz Jackrabbit Theme, so find my older post for the link. Same for Linebeck's Theme from LoZ: Phantom Hourglass.
Simple & Clean (PlanitB Remix) from Kingdom Hearts Re:coded That feeling when you beat the game and hear this awesome song. Now, I've heard all the versions of Simple & Clean, but personally, I just LOVE the PlanitB Remix the best. You can almost dance to it if you really wanted to in some parts of it. Also, from the series as a whole, Dearly Beloved is a really nice song to be greeted by. It really gives you a feel of the mysterious world you're about to enter!


Honorable Mentions:


from Kirby Super Star

Fast Lane from Anarchy Reigns... a game I've never played.

from Portal

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EEP! It's a tough one. Oh, curses!! ...hmm...


Day 23: Fav. Song


It's kinda cruel making Sonic fans pick a favourite considering Sonic is well known for it's rockin' tunes. Plus I've played a lot of games with music composed by Tenpei Sato, and he does some freakin' awesome work, dood.

To pick a single song is just too much of an impossible task so I can only narrow it down to my personal best of the bests. But were do I start?


Persona 4 - Reach Out for the Truth

I'm going to hafta be reserved and only narrow it down from one track from each of my top games/franchises. Burn the Dread is wildly loved from the Persona series and we all have different tastes. I also like that tune, but I dig this one better.

You could argue that perhaps it doesn't really fit with what happens when it plays. Your basically breaking out the violence and it does sound very cheery. But I reckon it works, plus I do enjoy the cheerful music more than most.


The Witch and the Hundred Knight - Majo Magie Macht

I've always felt this has a slightly rebellious sound to it, while being upbeat and a little badass all at the same time. I can't help but associate this tune to Metallia, even though it may technically not be her actual theme song.

It also wants to make me move. Considering I'm a lazy bum, that's quite an achievement.


Sonic Generations - Chemical Plant Act 2

I could've mentioned so many other Sonic tunes, but I felt like picking this one because it seems to be under appreciated. Maybe because it's a remix, I dunno.

But it does good in increasing the tempo for modern Sonic and fits really well as your bouncing, flying and grinding your way through the industrial plant. Watch out for the blue liquid!


The Other Greats -

I'll have to restrict my answer and leave things like this, otherwise I'd be here forever. So with all that said and done, I feel there is only one thing left to say.


Dance for no reason!!


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Day 23 - Favorite Song


My choices from the last 30 days still stand, and since the Ace Attorney Cornered themes have been covered, I'll go with my next pick.




The entirety of Metal Gear Rising is nonsensical hypefest from start to end, and it's soundtrack reflects that perfectly. I could've mentioned pretty much any of the boss themes for this, but this is the one that stands out the most. Much like the bossfight this accompanies, this song is the epitome of the ridiculousness and hype that the soundtrack has to offer. It really sets the atmosphere for the fight perfectly, and plays something of a part of what makes what is possibly the dumbest idea for a boss ever so exciting. It really gets you in the mood to push the Senator's shit in and put his stupid plans to an end.

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I've decided to stick to the idea of just one song, rather than a piece of music or whole soundtrack.



This was so very unexpected upon starting Final Fantasy X, especially as the prologue features a soft piano piece closer to what you woud normally associate with Final Fantasy.


So you start walking through Zanarkand, enter the Blitzball stadium, and get your first CGI cutscene...and that bitchin' riff kicks in. It is all manners of awesome, especially to a man who enjoys his metal like me.


The song's return in the penultimate battle was also very welcome.



I also quite like the version done by The Black Mages, with a faster arrangment and a different dynamic thanks to a female vocalist.

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Favorite song, eh? Well, since I already bestowed a fair bit of praise on to the godsend that is Stickerbrush Symphony in a previous entry, I'll give the nod to something different, yet very similar:

Snowmads Theme (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze)

This track is just amazing. It starts out all slow and quiet, then quickly ramps up into a really deadly sound that can only be attributed to a new villainous force. Not only does it make the Snowmads seem like the absolute toughest customers, but it also does an absolutely beautiful job of setting the atmosphere for the whole adventure. This ain't just a bunch of gators stealing your bananas. THESE GUYS STOLE YOUR WHOLE ISLAND AND BLEW YOU SEVERAL HUNDRED MILES AWAY WITH A GIANT FREAKING ICE DRAGON! Genuinely epic songs like this were sorely missing from Returns, but David Wise made everything right with just this one track. MAN, I love Tropical Freeze. biggrin.png

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Favourite song


Kingdom Hearts II's Dearly Beloved. While I always will love the original, the sequel really makes this piece beautiful and well made. It's soothing, but saddening, and even gives a sense of fear, really. It sets a tone, which a theme really should do. The song is just so nice to listen to and fits the game very well. I just love listening to it.

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Day 23 - favourite song...

...well without mentioning Sonic based music (big rock fan and such, I love Crush 40), as per the rules:

Tie between Let's Go Away - from Daytona USA and Dreams Dreams - from NiGHTS.

Let's Go Away is fantastic, so upbeat/uplifting, it totally draws you into the game. It is a brilliant song and works so well, perfect fit for the game. I love the build up with the "Do doo do doo du do doo, duh doooooooooo, DAYTONAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Never gets old and it matches the build up of the speed as you accelerate in the car, then when you are driving fast, the song has the same kinda fast pace.

Dreams Dreams - okay yes I know it is soppy/cheesy etc., but it is a beautiful and heartfelt song. Again a great fit for the game. When you play the game and when you understand the story, this song is just so right for the end credits. In a sense the song is telling the story/message of the game through the lyrics and music. Really it is an amazing ballad :)

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Disclaimer: this list is just a mere fragment of my favourite videogame songs. They're too many to count wacko.png



Tarmac Trouble (Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear To The Rescue)


Epic tune that fits the last level of the game perfectly.



Cid's Theme (Final Fantasy VII)


When I first heard this song, I knew I reached an important point in the game. The last member of the party gets a very pompous yet badass tune.



The Storm (Golden Sun)


The feelings of danger and a bit of sadness is palpable here.



Midnight Owl (Sonic Lost World)


I like this song for two reason. First: it's catchy. Second: it contains the accordion, an instrument that is sadly underrated and needs to be revalued.

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I really start needing to do this in the morning, got four days to catch up on.



Day 20: Favorite Side Character






Jetstream Motherfucking Sam, holy shit. He is one the of the funnest characters I've seen in video games in a while. Sam is basically Raiden's rival throughout the game, he antagonizes him and wants Raiden to embrace his inner sociopath so they have can have a real fight to the death. He schools the fuck out of Raiden and does it so nonchalantly, as if being a badass is as natural as breathing. Normally I groan at the rival archetype I've seen so many times in anime, mostly because they're cut from the same cloth almost all of the time, but Sam is an almost refreshing take on it. He's not a brooding loner, just laid back and easy going.


His only real downside is that we don't really learn a whole lot about him and his rivalry with Raiden isn't given much focus, and he's ultimately killed off. But yea, Sam is amazing.



Day 21: Most Memorable Unlockable



Imagine playing the arcade of Super Street Fighter II Turbo, you're dominating, haven't lost a single fight, and make it to Bison himself. You're ready to kick his ass, and then...





He appears. You don't know who the fuck he is, but he just threw Bison's husk at you, and he wants yo ass. And then he proceeds to kill you instantly with his Raging Demon.  That is Akuma, hard as hell to unlock, but oh so rewarding to use...because ya know, balance wasn't a thing back then, and he was retarded in every way.



Day 22: Favorite Art Style


I really have a soft spot for sprite based games. I dunno, there's just something about hand drawn sprites in modern games that tickles the nostalgia boner in me, and I'm glad a lot of developers haven't abandoned that style completely. They just feel more expressive and organic to me, and pleasing on the eyes. I don't really have a lot to say here because my choice is extremely broad.



Day 23: Favorite Song




Under Heaven Destruction


Yea, another Blazblue entry, surprise surprise, but I'll be honest, its one of the few soundtracks that's left an impression on me. Really, I could list every song from the soundtrack, but I decided to use one I've probably had on repeat on my iPhone for months. This is the theme that plays whenever the two main male characters, Ragna & Jin, are used in a match. Why this theme, because its a pretty damn good representation of their sexual tension rivalry.


First you have the opening, which starts off with a calm violin before it delves into the opening riff, and the violin becomes more wild and crazed as the guitars come in. Then the violins and guitars begin to mix as they become more erratic, and then comes the first verse. The first verse is primarily guitar, wild and booming, much like Ragna himself. Then the second verse comes in, with the return of the aforementioned violin, this time just as wild but somewhat more subdued than the opening guitars, which would fit Jin's side of the song. Then the bridge happens as the song breaks down into complete riffs, and then angelic choir, which may give flashbacks to the final battle with Vergil from DMC3, before finally booming into the final chorus; this time with the guitars and violin combined, before the long and drawn out ending.


If anything, this fight is a perfect representation of the lust conflict between the two characters it involves, and how long drawn out their battle is. A never ending struggle between Order and Chaos.




Honorable Mentions go to:

Only Thing I know for Real, Metal Gear Rising

Nightmare Fiction, Blazblue Continuum Shift

Six Heroes, Blazblue Chronophantasma

Endless Possibility, Sonic Unleashed

It Has to Be this way, Metal Gear Rising

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Day 23! Favourite song!

I'll make this short since I'm in Manchester this weekend so the next few days my posts here won't be very long.

Anyways, my favourite song...has to be Simple and Clean from Kingdom Hearts. Not the full version but the short funky remix at the very beginning of the game. I actually like it more than the original because it's fast, sounds great and the remix itself is great. It's a great introduction to the game and at the time, the opening FMV blew me away with its wonderful visuals and kickass song.

Honourable mentions; Good Egg Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy, main theme of the Last if Us and the whole soundtrack of The Emperors New Groove game! Yes!

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Day 23: The day that broke Ren's head because pretty much any sort of music question does that.


Well here it is...the day I WASN'T looking forward to because I love music too much to pick a favorite. So I'm picking three to gush about.





For those who haven't heard this term before, mirror match means a fight between two of the same characters. So in this game's case, Ragna vs. Ragna, Jin vs. Jin, Taokaka vs. Taokaka, etc. Gives a whole new meaning to the term "battling your inner demons" I suppose. As the title of the song suggests, this is the second version of the mirror match theme from the other BB games.

Now the part about this song that I couldn't believe is that Daisuke Ishiwatari even made a separate song for the rare mirror match. The other part I couldn't believe about this song is that...well...it's fucking epic. This is literally one of the most intense fighting game songs I've ever heard in my whole damn life. Like...every time I listen to this song I just can't help but headbang to it. Hell, I'd totally friggin' mosh pit to this song. Those intense guitars, the rocking drums and the pounding double bass. Ahhhh man. One thing that's consistent about any BlazBlue game soundtrack is that Blood Pain will be one of the best damn songs on it.

Other BlazBlue songs I considered: Memory of Tears (Noel vs. Tsubaki theme), Awakening the Chaos (Nu-13 Theme)






One of the new map themes from the iPod/iPad version. The new songs from this version are great and you should listen to them if you like the original game. But yeah, all the awesome songs in this version and the original and why did I pick this one? Well, it's rockin'. Cool pop-ish tune with awesome rockin' guitars that blend perfectly with the style. The vocalist's singing is amazing as well. It definitely shows in the chorus of the song. Like, every time the chorus hits, I get goosebumps. It's just perfect and I wouldn't change a damn thing about this song.

Other TWEWY songs I considered: "Emptiness And", "Three Minutes Clapping", "Someday"





This is. Without a doubt. The best intro song I've ever heard in a fighting game. This is some down-and-dirty, bonafide hype shit right here. So damn intense. So damn powerful. So damn rocking. And I thought the original song from Tag 1 was good enough, but JESUS. Hearing this song will make anybody "Get ready for the next battle."

Other Tekken Songs I considered: Main Menu Theme (Revolution), Knocc 'Em Down - Snoop Dogg Stage, What You Will See - Hidden/Fallen Garden


Yep. more Fighting game love this day. Well. I done did it. Now I can rest my braaaaaaain.

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Damn, can't believe I missed yesterday, welp my badge was gone a couple of days ago anyway :(


anywayyyyys i'll catch up just for the sake of it :)


Day 22: Favorite Art Style


This is going to have to be good old Okami again...man I really love this game!

The Japanese watercolour style looks absolutely wonderful and dynamic, especially when dealing with the fighting and special effects. The game looks simplistic but yet it is really really effective.




Some Honourable Mentions include


Skyward Sword

I really love the simplistic and slightly toned down style aswell as the pseudo cel shading.


Wind Waker

The cel shading and cartoony graphics really give this Zelda game a special place, it just looks so unique and different


The Wonderful 101

Bright and poppy and over the top, this game really is wacky and does seem like a 90's bright and colourful superhero comic.


Mario Galaxy

This game really impressed me, the graphics are amazing and the lighting really makes this game look just astounding.


Day 23: Favorite Song

Sigh, I am very sorry but this is going to have to be Okami again, particularly the song that plays during that final cutscence I have mentioned like three or four times, it also plays during the credits, but with lyrics.



Aside from this I also really love loads of the Mario Galaxy soundtrack, but THIS one is the best.



But Buoy Base + the Purple Coin music is also top notch

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