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30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142

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Yeah no I can't pick specific songs, nor can I even pick one soundtrack. So prepare for the wall of text of some of my favorite soundtracks, in no particular order!



​Kid Icarus Uprising 


Yup, this game again. What can I say, it's just fantastic. And among the things that are fantastic are it's soundtrack. It's just so sublime. It's got a lot of musical variety, and several amazing tunes. Every tuns fits the level, and the flying section tunes are even composed to sync up with what's happening on screen. Posted above is my personal favorite song from the soundtrack, but other standouts include Thunder Cloud Temple, Dark Pit's Theme (all versions), Mysterious Invaders, and Aurum Island



Sonic Adventure


Because I can't talk about soundtracks without mentioning Sonic, because honestly that's like one of the best things about the games. And out of all the amazing Sonic soundtracks, SA1 is probably my favorite. There's just tons of musical variety, not to mention it has the best song Crush 40's ever made IMO, which I posted above. Standout songs include At Dawn, the second song that plays in Final Egg (name's not coming to me), It Doesn't Matter, and Twinkle Park 2 (the one that plays in the second part of Sonic's version of the level).



Super Smash Bros Series


Smash Bros soundtracks are always sublime. There's always tons of amazing remixes, and the original songs are usually great too, with standouts being Melee's menu theme, Melee's Final Destination, and Brawl's Battlefield. Not much more to say really: these soundtracks are just celebrations of Nintendo music really. 





Bayonetta is a utterly fantastic game, with a utterly fantastic soundtrack. The soundtrack never fails to get your blood pumping for battle, and the unique style and catchyness so so many of these songs really makes them stand out. Let's Hit The Climax is one of my favorite songs in the soundtrack (the one I posted above), but other standouts include Climatic Battle, Fly Me To The Moon (Climax Version), Mysterious Destiny, and the Afterburner theme remix. 



Scott Pilgrim VS The World: The Game


I just love this soundtrack's synth-rock thing, done by none other then Anamanaguchi, and I honestly consider this their best work. The soundtrack rocks and is perfectly fitting of the atmosphere of the game. Above I posted Another Winter but other standouts include Rock Club, Come On Down (favorite song from the game), Leave The Past Behind, Just Like In The Movies, and the title theme (which I honestly just want to be the theme song of the Scott Pilgrim franchise in general).


Whew, that's my gushing done. 

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Day 23 : Favorite songs


Silent Hill : the Room, Room of Angel.



This song is just beautiful. Melancolic. Magnificent.


Shadow the Hedgehog : I am (all of me)




It's catchy, nervous. I like to listen to it and even sing it :P (I can be silly ^^)


Odin's Sphere theme



How can I describe it ? Magical ? Wonderful ? I don't know. But I love it.


And now for lyric-less musics :


Sonic Unleashed : Windmill Isle



My all-time favorite. It's just so beautiful to listen to. I love to listen to it on a sunny day. This music always makes me happy.

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Day 23-Favorite Song



Mother Earth of Dishonesty-PSO Episode 1


Finally a SEGA game! This is mostly nostalgia speaking, not to say that it isn't a wonderfully composed track. PSO was my first ever foray into the realm of online gaming, I spent many hours of my time on the Dreamcast, adventuring with people all around the world. The Forest is the first hostile area you ever step into, and boy does the music set the mood. Calm and somewhat otherworldly when there are no monsters, and then suddenly it dynamically changes to a more violent string when that first Booma pops out of the ground. It stuck in my head, this dance between respite and danger.

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Day 23:


Sonic Lost World:  


Sonic Lost world was disappointing. It got me hyped up to the max! I still enjoyed it very much but I let myself get hyped up too much. The music though did A really good job. I have so many favorites in this game, they all sound super great! 




This track was a really good theme for the deadly Six, this version is the one I like the most, with the guitars and the banjos, oh the banjos are a nice touch.


The Main theme "Wonder world was so great I even made a flippin' Sonic tribute to it as soon as it appeared online.



Also wanted to mention some tracks of Mario Kart Wii!!


Toads Factory is one of my favorite courses in Mario Kart Wii. The music is so catchy and fits so well with the stage. The track it's self is pretty crazy with it's conveyor belts and machines that will crush you and the music matches the craziness of the track. I simply love it! Why didn't it return in Mario Kart 8!!!!


Mario Kart Wii:

Bowser's Castle 

Rainbow Road 



Mario Kart 8:

Mount Wario



Main theme


And many more.

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Day 23: Favorite Song. DON'T MAKE ME DO THIS, DISCOID.


It's hard to call one of these a definitive favorite, because tastes change over time, but...



Fragrance of Dark Coffee: Godot's theme, from Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations.


I love this song. It fits the character perfectly. Godot presents himself as a somewhat goofy, aloof smooth-talker. He's not outclassing you with experience, but at the same time, you know you don't understand him and his true motivations. He baffles the entire courtroom with his utterly bizarre, almost poetic nonsense speeches. But he's still perfectly capable of turning your own argument against you, and in ways other prosecutors hadn't. His theme is as smooth as he is.


But when you start to learn a little bit more about Godot, you realize he's something of a tragic character. At that point, I realized his theme wasn't just meant to sound cool; it's sad. And when you learn that, it still fits, but in its own way. 


Legend of Zelda Theme: Legend of Zelda series.

It just screams "adventure" doesn't it?


It originated on an 8-bit system, but at the same time, more modern renditions make it sound like it could be part of a movie score. It's epic. It's simple enough that the notes can get stuck in your head, without being too boring. 


Proto Man's Theme: Mega Man 3.


Proto Man is cool. His theme is cool. Like Godot, he's a mysterious loner character done right, and his theme song fits him to a tee.

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Day 23: Favorite Song:




Sonic Colors: Planet Wisp Act 1 This has to be one of the most beautiful tracks that I have ever heard in my entire life. I remember the first time I heard it I felt like crying because it was so beautiful. I was totally mesmerized by it, totally amazed with the piano and bass together. I had listened to it over and over again for hours that night as I couldn't stop listening to it. I also enjoyed the Act 2 and Act 3 remixes of Planet Wisp as well as it is definitely the level in the Sonic series that has my favorite music.




Dear My Friend: Sonic Unleashed This song just happens to be my favorite vocal song because of the meaning behind the song. I find it very soothing and sad, yet beautiful, moving, and touching that definitely has you feeling very emotional at the song's end. I thought the song was rich in meaning in regards to friendship, which was a theme present throughout the game with Sonic and Chip as well as friendship being something that I personally highly esteem. 




Some (Very) Honorable Mentions:




Sonic 3D (Saturn) Music: Rusty Ruin Zone Act 1 Sean introduced me to this song and I was immediately hooked. Despite the calm tune it has an adventurer vibe to it. I truly believe in a matter of time it will override Planet Wisp 1 as not only my favorite Sonic song in the series, but my favorite in the video game genre period as the song is that beautiful and one I can listen to repeatedly for hours no problem. wink.png




Donkey Kong Country: Jungle Hijinx This was my jam back in the day in 1994...Thankfully there was no timer involved in the gameplay as my younger siblings and I would have Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong standing there while we got up and danced to the music as we all loved it that much. happy.png I clearly remember this track some nearly 20 years later as it and the entire soundtrack was outstanding and is definitely one of my favorites.

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Day 23: Most favourite song?

I'm going to be happy to be able to post this one and present it to you guys:

Fire Emblem: The Sword of Seals' Prelude & Series main theme.

I absolutely fangasm to the very first minute of this piece, it sounds so beautiful, right before the lightning strike sound effect, and the main theme kicks in. I'm a big fan of Fire Emblem as well, and I wonder if any other people ever tried this game series after playing Smash Bros.?

Also, for honorable mention, because I'd be a horrible person to not include this:



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Day 23: Favorite Song


Eeeesh this is a hard one. It changes every so often, but one I really like is:


Bob-Omb Battlefield/Mario 64's main theme. For me it's a really nostalgic song- but besides that, it's just plain jazzy and fun. It certainly stands out as being different from the previous Mario main themes, which and it helps Mario 64 feel more like its own game. I love this song, but I still can't tell what that "doot" thing is supposed to be. Is that some kind of synthesized voice? I dunno. I guess I really like this theme because it captures that jazzy, upbeat, fun, sense of discovery that Mario 64 was all about. 


I feel like Nintendo did the same thing with the 3D Land theme:

A lot of people didn't like this when it came out but I did. 

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Favorite Song


One Who Gets in Our Way - Xenoblade Chronicles


My favorite type of video game music is usually the battle themes. A song that riles you up and gets you motivated to fight any enemy that tries to stop you. When I hear this song, I feel so much adrenaline and chills than other battle songs, like from Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts. I love the chanting, the guitar riff, and the other orchestral instruments. The mix of orchestra and rock flow so well together in my opinion, and songs like this are just so awesome and epic to flood my ears to. It's just a fantastic song that easily gets me motivated and alert. 

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Day 23: Favourite Song


This is really really hard considering about a fifth of my laptop has Video Game Music of various formats (VGM, GB, NSF, ADX, SPC, even Mp3 and Ogg as well as from the ROM like arcade games/pinball machines use BridgeM1 to play the music) and in the past in a previous forum, actually talked about VGM in detail and even helped a few people regarding it. As an example, I posted some SNES music that sounded clear (such as the ISS series) and more of an obscure game called Jim Power done by the Turrican composer Chris Huelsbeck. While I am more of a Mega Drive person, I also do like SNES music providing it doesn't show its muffled/reverb weaknesses. Anyway, someone replied and was surprised on Jim Power calling it one of his favourite SNES soundtracks, later on he used it as an example of SNES music considering sometimes when people give examples it is the usual Mario, Zelda, Super Metroid, Final Fantasy/Square RPGs. Even then it is still hard due to the various styles of music, should it be electronica, techno, classical, chiptune whether it is the Game Boy or the Mega Drive, licensed or created just for the game.


So for this entry, I've decided to go for a more obscure song but have listened to it very often.


Garage from San Francisco Rush 2049 by Barry Leitch - It is hard to explain why it is one if not my favourite song (why it was that it took hours to do this post and had to rush to come up with an answer), I'm guessing that it has a nightclub feeling even though Barry himself described it as carnival nightmare or something along these lines. The song has plenty of energy, fits with its futurisitic theme and like its instrument choice. The only problem with this song is that there is no complete version. The Dreamcast version that I prefer is badly looped missing a bit of the song and the N64 version while the complete song is compressed so it loses the beefyness of the track. Barry did have the complete song at its original file at one point on his website but it is lost so sadly there isn't a good version of the song.


Honourable Mentions (like the previous day, it is going to be very long, probably even longer and don't be surprised if much of this comes from Sega):


The Red Woods from Puggsy by Matt Furniss - I actually rather like his style of Mega Drive music to the point where in the past one of my nicknames was influnced by him due to that he and sound programmer Shaun Hollingworth made and used their own sound engine instead of getting GEMS (one of the weaker sound engines for the console). Since programming sound engines for the console is hard work especially since a quarter of the library used the same one, it is surprised how clear it is and the use of the instruments. It is hard to choose a favourite from this composer but decided for this one since there might be a chance that someone has played the game. The song is very catchy using very clear drums as a beat which is sort of his style and is more layed back but yet as a sinister feeling to the song.


Green Hill Zone and Spring Yard Zone from Sonic 1 by Masato Nakamura (as heard on PAL Mega Drives) - Sonic CD [JP/EU] might be one of my favourite Sonic soundtracks however it is these two that are stuck in my head. Green Hill is famous on its own right while Spring Yard introduces some jazz and peppy into the game. While people might not like the 50hz version since it wasn't as intended however I find it as a time extension and makes the songs more relaxing, plus the game wasn't just about the speed but also the platforming. Besides good childhood memories are whats left in a constantly changing world and Sonic 1 sticks that like a glove that wouldn't let me go. The reason why this one as well as the other Sonic songs aren't the top choice was simple to avoid using Sonic as a favourite, just sticking to the rules.


Special Stage from Sonic CD [JP/Eu] (Menu Theme in Taxman version) - As mentioned in the 30 Days of Sonic thread, the Special Stage is my favourite song from Sonic CD. What I like about this is that it fits with its outer space feeling of the special stages and instrument choice.


Classic Rooftop Run from Sonic Generations - Again as mentioned in the 30 Days of Sonic thread, the song is one of my favourites from the game due to its classical with its use of violins yet switches between energy and a calm relaxing song. As mentioned too when I think of this song, I think of Catalunya (as in Barcelona and the surrounding region) for some reason.


Terrible Beat from The Revenge of Shinobi by Yuzo Koshiro - I really like this boss theme since it has a sense of danger, very fitting when facing bosses such as the Terminator, Spider-Man/Batman and is very catchy. There were other songs from Revenge of Shinobi that I also like such as Sunrise Boulevard, The Shinobi, Make Me Dance and Chinatown however for some reason, I think of Terrible Beat before the other songs. Yuzo Koshiro was a very influencial composer and encouraged the likes of Matt Furniss, Jake Kaufman, Richard Jacques and many other composers to make music for games.


Move Any Mountain... I meant Under Logic from Streets of Rage 2 by Yuzo Koshiro - This would have been my second choice if Yuzo didn't lift it from an band, arranged it and uncredited them however it was the early 90s where the composer was lucky to get credited and very lucky to get it credited on the title screen since not every game had credits. Anyway what I like about the song is its catchyness, sense of beat and fitting for a baseball stadium.


Title from RoboCop (Game Boy) by Jonathan Dunn - RoboCop is a decent game that I enjoy it however one of the reasons why I like the game is because of its soundtrack. It sounds a bit depressive but it is also fitting on how Murphy got murdered but reborn as RoboCop, it was fairly impressive since it was done very early on its systems life. Weirdly this song was also used in a washing machine advert for a brand name that no longer exists (it's either Hotpoint or Indesit, these two brands I'm more familar with). All together... On and On like Ariston.


Title from Top Gear 3000 by Neil Biggin (I believe?) - This is one of my favourite SNES songs which is hard considering that I also like the soundtracks to Jim Power, ISS, ISS Deluxe, Donkey Kong Country 1 & 2, Back to the Future 2 and the title theme to Plok. What I like about this song is that it uses the weaknesses of the sound chip to create an atmosphere making it dark and sinister yet fitting with its bleak future theme but also has a piano piece showing a bit of hope.


Bonanza Brother's Duty from Bonanza Bros. originally by Kouchi Namiki (composers of the Mega Drive and the PC Engine versions are unknown) - Continuing from yesterday, I really like Bonanza Bros as a game. What I like about this soundtrack is its peppy and jazzy feel that goes with its art style and it is hard for me to know which is my favourite song out of the 4 however chose this one by its lay back yet feeling like you have a duty to rob the places like the name of the song. Depending on what day I like all three takes of the song as well as the Master System and the PS2 versions, so one day it is the Arcade, then the next day Mega Drive and the day after PC Engine. The Mega Drive version does have a looping bug after the 2:19 mark where the instruments get cut out and the VGM rip is only for the first part skipping the second part. Since Youtube videos usually get the songs from the VGM rip, it means that they are missing pieces without any knowledge (to be fair though nobody has reported it to Project2612 that is pretty much dead with no updates in a long time).


Sorry if these were gameplay videos, I just couldn't find the soundtracks to listen without putting download links. The more obscure the game, the harder it is to find Youtube links. sad.png


Dark Queen's Battleship from Battletoads (Arcade) by David Wise - The Youtube videos either make this sound more muffly than what is played via BridgeM1 or a bit out of tune though. Anyway like Matt Furniss, Yuzo Koshiro and a few composers I really like David Wise's music. Not as much on the NES stuff though even though Battletoads sounded pretty good but prefer his SNES/Mega Drive work. This to my knowledge was one of his few arcade pieces and depending on the date this game might have come out before Donkey Kong Country. I like this song for its tone yet has a sense of peace and tranquility while sounding like it came from an underground mine. Mining Melanochy from Donkey Kong Country 2 sounds a bit like this track actually due to the beat and the instrument choice.


Magical Sound Shower, Passing Breeze and Splash Wave from OutRun by Hiroshi Kawaguchi - It's hard to like just one of them so I decided to list all 3. While Splash Wave might be my favourite, some days I prefer the other two depending on the mood. The music fits with the atmosphere driving in your Ferrari with your girlfriend/female friend across Europe from the Mediterraean feeling of Magical Sound Shower, the calm Passing Breeze and the rocky/catchy Splash Wave. It is also a case where I like the arrangements of the songs from Richard Jacques Euro Mix, the OutRun 2/2006 remixes to even the home computer versions by Jason Brooke. Only recently was it discovered that the soundtrack had a bug in the code that went unnoticed for years that made the instruments funny until Hiro himself noticed it for the 20th Anniversary soundtrack, went and fixed it. Someone who was disassembling the OutRun arcade code also went and fixed it as well as the recent VGM rip that uses the fixed ROMs. What's with Sega and some their games having music bugs?


Whoa I'm in Space Cuba and The Afterblaze from Mighty Switch Force 1 & 2 by Jake Kaufman - I quite like the Mighty Switch Force games from the gameplay to the characters but it is the music that made me play these games having a nightclub feeling. These two songs for some reason remind me of Sonic songs, the first one having a Sonic CD feeling (imagining somewhere like Wacky Workbench) and the second would fit in with Sonic Colours (either Tropical Coast Act 3 or Starlight Carnival). Also the first one qualifies as strange yet great sounding sound title.


Due to running out of time; I also mention Carousel from Sub-Terrania by Jesper Kyd, Theme of The Joker and Space Boss from Adventures of Batman & Robin by Jesper Kyd, Title from Lotus Espirit Turbo Challenge by Shaun Southern (the case of the programmer coming up with the song [only two people worked on the game]), Concentration Hold in Check and Theme of Monaco from Super Monaco GP by Tokuhiko Uwabo, Let's Go Away and Sky High from Daytona USA, Euro Fight (Mountain), King of Island (Isle) with its game show fiesta style music and Go Go Sega Rally from Sega Rally 2, Jacky from Virtua Fighter, Tomato Convenience Store and Slot House from Shenmue, Kazuma's Laboratory from Shinobi X by Richard Jacques, Main Theme from Hang-On by Hiroshi Kawaguchi and Side Street from Power Drift by Hiroshi Kawaguchi, Courtney Gears Boss Battle and Bioliberator/Credits from Ratchet & Clank 3. There are plenty more but it is the case of finding whether the song is on Youtube since not every song has been ripped or uploaded. Like I was trying to find the Main Theme from Time Cruise but all I found was a gameplay video (concidentally a video that I watched in the past and enjoyed).


As for the licensed songs in a game that are fitting that come from a game that I like are Bonkers by Dizzie Rascal/I Love It by Icona Pop/I Am Electric/Hurricanes and Butterflies by Muse from Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Paradise City by Guns N Roses from Burnout Paradise, It's All Right by Robbie Williams/Stop the Rock from FIFA 2000, Wanna be Starting Something and Billie Jean by Michael Jackson/Two Tribes by Frankie Goes to Hollywood from GTA Vice City and La Grange from Forza Motorsport.


If pinball also counts, there's also La Grange from The Getaway and the Main Theme from Black Knight 2000.


This was the hardest entry that I had to make and I still don't think that I've listed enough.

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Day 23: Favorite Song


This is gonna be tough so lets split it up into soundtracks.



The Sun Rises


Okikurmi the Hero

It's hard to pick favorites out of a soundtrack as good as Okami's. The Sun Rises is pretty much obligatory. It's great music for a great moment in the game. But putting something else besides that, I think that Okikurmi the Hero has it's own great charm as well. There's tons of other worthy songs, but I know I can only fit so many videos into a single post.


Risk of Rain

Surface Tension




Risk of Rain has an AMAZING soundtrack, it met and exceeded my expectations for a game like this. It all sticks to a nice theme, and can be surprisingly fitting sometimes to facing hordes of enemies. Coalescence is particularly surprisingly fitting, while Surface Tension is what I'd consider Risk of Rain's signature theme.

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Day 23: Favourite Song.

Some will say I'm cheating today. In truth, this tune originated in a film but this was a version made for a game. Behold!

This tune plays whenever you play as Obi Wan in the hit game, Star Wars Battlefront 2. The reason its my favourite is simple. As soon as it began, I performed spectacularly. Give me any other Jedi, I last 2 minutes tops. Even Anikan who played the same as Kenobi. I have a memory of a battle where I only had 5 soldiers to the droids 55. Kenobi appears, the choir begins, I slaughtered them all. Also, that orchestration! You can feel the tragedy. Best part of the prequels was this song, this version. It allows me to be the ultimate jedi.

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Sorry guys, Dream Team doesn't have shit on Bowser's Inside Story for one reason.



This is what my mind goes to when I think of a final boss theme. Hypeshit, climactic, makes you ready to kick ass, and all around a really fucking great track.


Oh, and while I'm at it, just for kicks, lets throw Barkley's Shut Up and Jam Gaiden music in here as well.



(yes I realize it's actually from Blue Dragon)

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Day 23: Favorite Song


Man there's so many great songs to choose from, I could never choose just one. I'll just write up a list of some I really enjoy, from across the games I like, and to keep it varied I won't repeat a series, so yeah!



Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom, Jellyfish Fields:



I mentioned this song in an earlier post, but man to me it's worth mentioning again. I dunno, it just sorta has a relaxed sound to it, which really fits the area in the game. Like man it's just the kind of music you could put on as background noise, and I just really love it.



Super Mario 3D World, Champion's Road:



Gusty Garden was already a really good song in Galaxy, but man, this remix from 3D World is just downright amazing. Whenever it came on in the game, it was just so great to hear, and it really gets you pumped when taking on Champion's Road, at least it did for me.



Kirby's Dream Collection, Credits:



Man, man oh man, this is just a great re-imagining of Dreamland's credits theme. It's a joy to listen to, with what they've done with it. And dang, I actually get goosebumps when it switches to the original tune, man that's just how cool this song is.



Sonic Lost World, Dr. Eggman Showdown:



I often hear people criticize this theme for not being "epic" enough to match up to previous final boss themes in the series, but man it was enough for me. I really love this song, the violins and the electric guitars just go great together, and I just really like its melody.



Sitting Ducks, Bowling Theme:



Probably very few people have heard of the show this game was based on, man even less know about the game, but this was a game I played a lot when I was a kid, the way the game is designed makes it sorta like GTA but kid-friendly and with ducks, to put it simply. But I digress, this song plays when you're at the Bowling Factory area, and man it fits the dark, dank setting of the outside of the facility. I really like how the song builds up, too. Man I'd go to this area just to listen to this song sometimes. So yeah, an odd choice perhaps, but I like it.


Well, there are some of my favorite vidya gaem songs. There's a ton more I love of course asides from these five, but dang I'd be here all night if I listed them all.


But yeah, man.

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Day Numbero 23: now with Bears: Ninja's "Stop Talking about Dedede's Theme, Kami" Favourite Song ever!








now along with being a damn fine game itself, Kid Icarus Uprising had some damn fine Music, this one bieng my favourite, it starts of already intense as hell and then evolves into this really Big triumphant theme, wich just makes the moments where you have the upper hand in Battle all the Sweeter



Sakurai, add this for Kerfluffle, please, I'll give you a yeah on your Miiverse posts for it!





this is the Kind of music you hear in your head when you Power walk through a hallway, and nerds left and right make way for you, and I think that fits Bowser just about perfectly. a Great Jazzy theme for a really cool looking Pre-Post Game World.





Noir actually pointed out how apparently noone mentioned this song yet, and I forgot if I mentioned it last time so I should just mention it now!


this is one of my favourite Main themes for a Game ever, a singing Voice that can send you chills down your spines, set to a Great James Bond-ish melody.

one of my favourite uses of it is after the Fight with The End, when you have to climb a very, very long ladder, and you hear the Voice singing the song playing over it.



No Melody or anything, just you, climbing, while someone is singing over it, its a Great theme for a Great game such as MGS3.




Honorable mention goes to all the Boss themes of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and Persona 4's Reach out for the Truth

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Day 23: Favourite Song



In the Skies over Gotham




Batman on the Mega Drive is one of the best games on the system, mainly, due to it's music, it's pretty awesome, it takes full advantage of what the Mega Drive can do in terms of sound and virtually every track in the game takes full advantage of the sound chip/card in the system.


The driving and flying stages really break up the action and offer something totally different yet equally as fun as the rest of the game, the music fits perfectly and makes you feel awesome as you take on the Jokers henchmen.



The Man with the Machine gun.


So there I am playing Final Fantasy 8, still trying to decide if I like the game when suddenly the screen fades to white and all of a sudden WHOOOOOAAAA OH MY GOD! WHAT IS THIS!? Suddenly this music comes blasting out, there's a guy with a machine gun and some dude with ninja spikes and a huge bloke with the club... why isn't the game about these guys!?





No it's not a Sonic game! Wilderness is a pretty awesome track on it's own, but the remix for ASRT is legendary. It captures the sense of a group of heroes going on an adventure to fight evil, but in ASRT it captures the excitement and thrill of racing and sends you into the world of Golden Axe. It's glorious to listen to this theme, as you crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women.





Oh god this song... this song plays during the intro and during the final fight... you are trapped on the roof of a skyscraper called millenium tower. Both you and the final boss scream at one another, then charge... from then on you're in one hell of a long fight.


Much like with the fight you think, 'It's gotta end.. it's gotta end!?' But nope, it gets better and better until finally... you land the final blow.



​Honourable mentions



Euro Truck Simulator 2


I love this song... yet I don't think it's in the full game. So I slapped it into the custom OST because... I'm driving a big old truck listening to this epic tune!



Long Tall Sally


What? Give me a custom OST option on a game, I'll bung this on and have a blast! Seriously, have this tune in something like Wipeout HD, Crazy Taxi, or virtually any FPS and it's a blast!


It has to Be this Way from Metal Gear Rising.


And pretty much anything from Catherine.

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Day 23: Favorite Song


Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!!: Party in the Clouds



First of all, forget picking a definite favorite song, there's just waaaay to many that I like, and so many genres and feels that I couldn't possibly consolidate this into one dealeo (judging from how everyone has like 5492 songs posted, you're in the same boat). So that said, I'm going with my most recent favorite video game tune. The song that's been in my sig the past few weeks: Party in the Clouds from that Adventure Time game.


If you haven't hit play yet, you're dumb. But seriously, that first second already screams "FUCK YEAH AWESOME TIME" (which is my favorite time btw). I'm really into high octane, energy packed songs that really get your blood going, and this is that. This song makes you feel like you can do anything. It's just rad. Chiptune-y goodness with pop/punkish rock (or something rather), very reminiscent of Anamanaguchi. The break after the main melody does a good job at breaking the song down without losing the momentum while at the same time getting your attention back, just in case if you're brain is on the floor from the 20 or so seconds before it.


But seriously, it's just been a super influential song as of late for me, and something I've been wanting to maybe make myself in the near future musically, but with a twist of something else. Just as a bonus, my favorite remix of a video game song is prolly this guy, since it's just too cool


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Favourite Song



Sonic Adventure 2 Ending Music.


Sonic card again. But I can't really avoid it here. What sets this scene so well, apart from some credit to the voice acting (specially' Sonic), is the music. Ignoring Tails' line. Yes, it's sad. It's already making me gulp already.  That slow build-up as everbody comes to realize it's over in relief, but subtly realise something's wrong. That's even woven in the song..but there's still a sombre optimism that kicks in later on..Then, when they realise it, the melody kicks in. (My favourite part) Again it's not completely sad, but more of parting wave to a hero. It actually sounds a bit like an Adventure character ending track.  It's subtle, simple but feels heavy with emotion. Whenever, I hear it, I get grounded y'know...



Pokemon XD- Battle SIM


This is my first game on the Gamecube. Actually my first console game, as I got into consoles rather late.

Even my Gamecube was Pokemon XD version..instead of the blue toy. As soon as I got into the adventure, this was what hooked me immediately was how great this "soundfont" was. Being a console game, it sounded nothing like the pokemon games but with a bit of Hoenn-ish flare to it. (considering a few songs were brought over) But this song never left my mind, that bullet-hitting techno beats and the creeping warbling computer keeping the tension up..leading to the melody. Well, the computer and the beats what makes me come back to this. It keeps you on your toes. It was also nice we started off the game with a battle kinda like Sonic colours..


Miror B. Battle track


I'll give this a shoutout how it makes you groove into the disco as you watch Afrohead shake his boo-tay.

Dance, Ludicolos, Dance.

(this was the character I wanted to make best side character..but well, Luigi. )=)

Kinda cramming in all the games I wanna mention now..

Ace Attorney Investigations: Pursuit ~ Lying Coldly


I can't ignore my favourite game here. While the original cornered may be better, this is my favourite. It's helped me out of tight spot both in-game and IRL. Made me feel that the tide could turn. I just love that piano with the fingers flying around all over the place but it has coherence and consistency. All the instruments fit together elegantly. And this song has a diverse narrative which keeps you following.

The "Ah-ha" moment, and the melody gracefully leading to build-up...the slower break to breathe before that piano kicks in to let you know you are cornered in all directions. And there's even a Piano solo!

Ahem. I'll stop here.


The reason this is my first and perhaps my only multi-post cos' music matters tremendously in games and a lot of music collections are Games' OST and remixes/orchestrations. I can play a mediocre game with great music to hook me over. Music is enough to make a level favourite. Yes, even Lava Mountain Act 2. 


I hope there is'nt a vocal song question tho'




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Day 23: Favorite Song


Oh look, another thing from Journey, it's almost like it's some kind of masterpiece or something.


Endgame spoilers though

I honestly couldn't bring myself to NOT bring up Journey again. There's a damn good reason why the final part of this game was my favorite moment, and one of those reasons is the theme Apotheosis.


It's such a powerful piece that's so emotionally charged, and slowly swells as you ascend higher towards the end with cloth creatures dancing around you, guiding you further, with that final crescendo as you become bathed in golden light and make that last climb straight to the summit! And finally calms, and slows as you touch down on the peak and walk into the light, finally fulfilling your destiny.

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Day 23 - Favorite Song


Well, typically my favorite songs in video games are all boss themes.  So rather than bore you with a pile of text, I'm just gonna shamelessly plug this here.

(Skip to 12:28 for my #1 pick)




-Dire Dire Docks from SM64 - Very calm and nostalgic, and makes swimming more enjoyable than it could have been.

-Nameless Song from Dark Souls - An incredibly relaxing and beautiful piece, an absolutely perfect reward for finally beating the game.

-After Burner (Climax Mix) from Bayonetta - Bayonetta hijacks a motorcycle, starts it up with her middle finger, then proceeds to plow through an obstacle course highway of monsters and vehicles at high speeds with this blaring in the background.  Boner.

-All of Metroid Prime's soundtrack - Out of all the Metroid games, I think this soundtrack is the one that best embodies that atmosphere that the games should strive for.  Lonely and sometimes unsettling, but also beautiful and mysterious.  Some favorites are the main menu theme, the Underwater Frigate, and the second Tallon Overworld theme.

-Rusty Ruin Act 1 (Gen) from Sonic 3D Blast - Probably my favorite theme from any of the Genesis Sonic games.  Perfect fit for the aesthetics and catchy as hell.

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This song is really sad.


Its most pronominal role is when Celes attempts suicide.

Which is a very powerful scene.

And really sad.


She loses all her friends.

She lost her pal, Cid.

Why live anymore?


So she jumps off a bridge.

And falls down to the clashing waves.



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Day 23: Favourite Song


Not going to be a detailed post tonight as I'm quite tired, and just going with the first few that came to mind.




Space Harrier main theme has always been one of my favourites. Sega Classics Collection remix that I posted above is my favourite even though the game wasn't the best version, although I also love the Climax version that was in Bayonetta.




It might not have been made specifically for the game, but the music in Crazy Taxi was awesome and just fit in so well. I still can't listen to The Offspring or Bad Religion without getting an urge to play the game. Game isn't anywhere near as epic without those tracks as the PSN/XBLA versions proved.




No not that Dick Tracy.


The Mega Drive version of Dick Tracy was quite an awesome game in general and is nothing like its NES counterpart, and it had quite a catchy soundtrack overall. But the above one was probably my favourite.


There's a couple of others that I love including Chiki Chiki Boys intro, and most of the tracks from Truxton and Verytex. But I made a more detailed post about those in the a couple of weeks ago, so not going to talk about those again in here.

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Day 23: Favourite Song 
Mother 3 endgame spoilers.


Unsurprisingly, it's boss music! Porky's battle theme is awesome from start to finish. It reminds me of the first minute of Porky Means Business from Earthbound, which was  chiptune-y theme just before SUDDENLY ROCK MUSIC. Here there's none of the latter, but it fits Porky pretty well, so it's all good..


No contest.
...Well, okay, there's a lot of...contest. Or whatever.
Honourable Mentions

  • Still Alive and Want You Gone from Portal and the sequel, respectively...and the in-game music from those games is pretty cool, too! when I delete you I'll stop feeling so bad
  • every dang track in the Spyro trilogy...but I want to give a special mention to Glimmer for being special to me
  • Angel Island Zone and Escape from the City because nostalgia
  • Speaking of which, pretty much every boss theme in Sonic games appeals to me. I want to give a nod to the following in particular: For True StorySupporting Me, the Day Boss theme in UnleashedEgg Dragoon, and Doctor Eggman Showdown. Plus, y'know, all of the "main theme of the game as an instrumental for the final boss" themes. I'm looking at you, VS. Nega-Wisp Armor.
  • Now, I like a lot of battle themes in Pokemon, but I'm a rebel so I'm going to give a nod to the battle themes in Colosseum/Gale of Darkness. But especially Miror B.'s battle theme in the latter game!
  • And a billion other tracks, probably.

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There's plenty of expected entries I could put; Team Chaotix, some other Sonic tracks, some Crash tracks...


So I guess I'll put something slightly lower (but still a fave) and less expected instead. 



I'm not even sure why I got so attached to it. I think it's the sheer madness those instruments reach at pretty much all times while banging out an awesome melody. It's full of energy and frenetic action, appropriate as both a rock track and a theme for a death trap home that Bowser would reside in. I'm sure it's a remix of another Mario track, but whatever, this version takes the cake. Short and sweet today. 

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Day 23: Favorite Song:


I've been waiting for this moment for a long time!


Planet Freon (Ring Rink):



From one of my favorite games, without a doubt in my mind, this is one of my all time favorite songs in video game history. I'm serious. I love the other tracks in the game, but this one managed to hit a certain note for me. The way Tomoko Sasaki composed this and how it came out was just absolutely glorious. To me, this sounds AND feels very harmonious and it completely matches the feel to the environment to the level, like a peaceful snow day for the citizens. I seriously play this song on a snowy day or Christmas. I just love Ring Rink so much and I can never get a enough of it. <3

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