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Bloodborne (PS4) "To Byrgenwerth we go!"

Badnik Mechanic

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New interview - http://gematsu.com/2014/06/bloodbornes-victorian-inspirations-influence-setting-gameplay

Small excerpt:

In terms of the fundamental ideas that are said to lie at the heart of the game, Miyazaki offered three key concepts that are said to inform the identity of the game. The first of these is the ability to have fun while exploring the unknown, which he says not only applies to the actual gameplay, but also to how players experience the world, storyline, and the mysteries belying Yharnam, the city in which the game takes place. The second core concept that he brings up is that of the feeling of fighting to the death. While it most directly has a hand in the combat, particularly in boss and PVP fights, Miyazaki contends that it’s also something that’s tonally carried throughout the game world. The easiest comparison, he claims, is to horror games, although he’s not striving to make a game of that ilk per se and that overall, he’s atmospherically looking for something that resembles the Tower of Latria in Demon’s Souls. Nevertheless, he says that the end goal for combat is to imbue players with a greater sense of fear and of the grisly nature of fighting so that they feel that much more satisfaction when they do manage to come out on top. Finally, Miyazaki mentions that online connectivity is important to the game like it has been in the Souls series, but deigned to go into specifics other than to say it’s rooted in the idea of “free, yet shared exploration.”

Sounds great!

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Badnik Mechanic



Which was followed by......




Bloodborne is due to release on PlayStation 4 during the fourth quarter, Sony's official E3 brochure has revealed, suggesting it'll land in stores some time between January-March 2015.


From Software's new action IP was formally revealed during Sony's E3 Press Conference last week following several leaks which saw early screenshots and video footage appear online.




So early 2015, the bestist game beginneth. 

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Oh by the way, Hogfather - kind of a dumb request but could you change the title to "formerly known as Project Beast"? :P I don't think "formally" is correct in this case.


In other news, a YouTuber named German Spy translated the entire Dengeki Playstation interview with Big M - lots of interesting stuff:



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Badnik Mechanic



New details.


Towns folk stalk the game world killing those who have turned into the warewolf style enemies

Also means you can no longer memorise their locations with the world
Killing enemies causes blood to splatter on the protagonist which seemingly restores health, however absorb too much and you become more difficult to control
Shotgun can be used while your stamina recharges
Sword weapon has secondary attack when folded which can break enemies shield

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I've been keeping as uninformed on this game as possible to avoid spoilers, but from perusing reddit, some lucky individuals have gotten the game and they absolutely love it.  Super hyped.


Also I got a PS4 today and I'm really happy with it and all the games I got with it, but I really got it because I need Bloodborne.  Got it pre-ordered and can't wait to experience a new Miyazaki game.

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Managed to avoid all spoilers so far and I just realized I have a free week right after the game comes out




Now watch Amazon fuck it up like they did with Bayo :P

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Badnik Mechanic

PSA: Review Embargo lifts tonight at 7PM PST.


But a lot of sites are saying that they will not be ready, IGN has hinted theres will be a 'review in progress, whatever the hell that means.








Jim Sterling has said his will go live at 7PM.



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Badnik Mechanic







Glad you're enjoying it Sami ^_^ 


I hate you... you lucky bastard


I look forward to playing this tomorrow.

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My copy shipped a few hours ago and it should be here tomorrow, I am fucking dying of anticipation but at least I got my refurbished PS3 and a rekindled (:3) love of Demon's Souls to keep me sane.


Also gotta say that gothic horror is something I love, and putting it into gameplay I already love is pretty much a sure-fire way to leave me a happy giggling mess of a person.  Tomorrow can't come soon enough, and I'll be sure to leave my initial thoughts on it.

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hey so do you guys remember that feeling of dread you had when you encountered a new enemy in Dark Souls and nervously watched its movements to see if it was gonna kick your add

do you remember those huge, masterfully intertwined levels from Demons that seemed to go on forever and loop upon themselves over and seemed to go on forever

I remember

I'm dead

I'm in heaven right now

hold me

best game ever

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The Pit of Mystic Cave

My plan was to wait for the weekend to pick it up, so I could study for exams on Friday. It's been out for a few hours and I can't stop salivating over it. I can't so this, man! I CAN'T DO IT ANYMORE

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