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Sony E3 Press Conference 2014 - June 9th, 18:00 PST / 21:00 EST / 02.00 BST

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Free to play games? Doesn't that usually translate into "this shit will be microstransaction-riddled?"


That's why below it said "Some features aviable for a small fee" :P

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Sure they could, by not including an end section for hardware specs, social services, and free to play games and just dropping the mic when they had the chance.

or showing The Last Guardian

Cut them some slack, they had to talk about that at some point. 


Not happening lawl

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What law in the universe says they do? Or at the very least, had to put it at the end?

Well they could have placed it better but it's a media briefing they have to talk about this stuff at one point or another.


Either way they still won E3 for me overall so I'm not peeved. 

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