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Lyric and the Plot.


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Okay, We have finally found out that the main villain for Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal is none other than the reptilian villain Lyric.


However, whats interesting is that BRB stated that there would be a major focus on story. However, so far it just looks like a stereotypical sonic story.


1. Eggman finds ancient power

2. Eggman tries to harness said ancient power

3. Eggman fails spectacularly and heroes have to fight new ancient evil power.


So, how do you think that BRB are going to tweak this plot so that we will not have a stereotypical sonic story?


Post your ideas below!!!

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You really enjoy making topics, don't you HyperShadic? tongue.png


It's really not just your average Sonic plot. It's been stated that Eggman and Lyric have an uneasy partnership with one another, rather than Eggman attempting to control Lyric but failing, so they'll likely try to combine Eggman's machinery and Lyric's ancient power to crush the heroes.


We also know that Eggman's taking notes from Lyric, so there's also a possibility that Eggman rises above Lyric as the Big Bad at the end. Alternatively, Lyric is still the final boss, but rather than suddenly being on Sonic's side because Lyric's too powerful, Eggman still roots for Lyric to win the final battle because Sonic would be out of the way, remaining on the bad side to the end.


I really think there's a lot Big Red Button could do to make this plot stand out, and I'm positive they're making sure it will.

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Well sure the general idea could be cliche but somthing with a premice as a man wakes up in the desert and head to a far away light can be an amazing story.


A story is not really about the premise its about the execution.


This story could easily have a bunch of twist and turns along with fun interesting characters.


But anyway the point isnt that the story is cool or whatever they merely stated that they are focusing on it.

As in it will be more than just something to get you from one place to the next.

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Where'd "lol punt" come from.. lol. 


On a serious note, as said earlier, it can go any of which multiple ways at this point. End Game could be the heroes teaming up with Eggman (heh) then he turns around and attacks them anyways. Or Lyric and Eggman could be fighting each other and you (the player) would have to fight two bosses at once, each would be trying to focus on the other baddy but then they see Sonic approaching and try to smack him only resulting in the other punching him while he's open (they would be in their mechs. no hand to hand combat.. or maybe so)


But in all serious this could be something really good. Hopefully they didn't get too much help from Sonic Team. heh

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It would, but we can still clearly tell he's got his Eggmany personality to him, so I don't think that's correct.


Unless it happens later in the story, I suppose.



What I'm assuming is that Lyric has Eggman working/being a slave for him, building mechs and trying to keep Sonic at bay and keep him unaware of who the real villain is.

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I wonder if we'll fight Lyric outside of his armour at some point.  3DS footage also seems to suggest that armoured Lyric is able to fly at will and with no obvious form of propulsion, though I'm willing to attribute that to his armour as well.

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Lyric looks awesome.

Oh, I agree :)


Also, looking at the Wii U trailer, I wonder where in the story you wake Lyric up?


Because in the Pit, Sonic proclaims that he hates snakes meaning that this level must be after the releasing of Lyric. This level may also contain the snake boss we see at the end of the original trailer. In fact, it is very likely because we even see something breaking the wall in the E3 Gameplay (Pit Level). Also, there is no mention of lyric in Toxic Waste Dump, so it is likely that this is prior. Finally, the Eggman Boss fight has to be after the releasing because, when starting the boss fight Eggman says that after he is finished with Sonic, he is going to crush that snake (obviously implying Lyric).

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