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Sonic Boom GameSpot Live Stream

Badnik Mechanic

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Livestream link: http://www.gamespot.com/e3/gamespot-stage-1-2014/


Date: Today.


Time: In just under 4 hours 40 min from this post. 


(So that will be 0:40am UK time.... Yup that is after midnight... so no snacking if you are a Mogwai.


How long is it?: Boom presentation is 20 min long.


Is the stream likely to crash?: Yes. 


What else are they showing?: http://www.gamespot.com/e3/live/

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I might watch it, but I want the developers to at least tell us more details about the game's story and stuff. I don't want the same crap we already know about since February repeated ad nauseum throughout the gameplay demo.

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...This is just a mindless brawler... isn't it?

Get off it. I'm certain I saw some incredibly basic and dull platforming in there too. Don't sell this game short!


(It looks better than the b-roll footage, but not good)

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This looks pretty good to me? The speed actually looks pretty good (it's pace I mean) Also.



Sonic of all characters learning about teamwork.

Yeah remember- He only gave Tails and Knuckles shields in Sonic heroes 

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