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Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS)


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Well this came out of nowhere! Nothing (probably) to do with E3 celebrations, Square-Enix have announced a multiplayer action RPG for the 3DS called "Final Fantasy Explorers" via the Japanese Jump magazine. It's also being developed by Square themselves, but has no projected release date yet.


Here's the only scan so far;


It seems like Square are trying to take a bite out of the Monster Hunter pie with this one, with potentially a little inspiration from the probably-dead Crystal Chronicles mini-series.
So far there doesn't seem to be much info, but here's what I've gathered from the few sites to have reported it so far:

  • The plot revolves around gathering crystals.. didn't see that one coming
  • There is a classic Final Fantasy job system, the jobs shown so far are White Mage, Black Mage, Monk, and Knight. There will be many more.
  • You hunt summon monsters like Ifrit who is pictured in the scan
  • again, it's multiplayer-focused, hopefully it'll be online!
  • Up to 4 players.
  • Many weapons to choose from



Official Website (Japanese)

PS. this is literally the first Topic I've made on SSMB since before the site crash all those years ago, so I probably made a boo boo in the OP somewhere.

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It's got "Final Fantasy" in the name.  Maybe it'll actually come out in the west?


Also this is literally the first 3DS game announced during E3, and it's not even at E3.

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cue "everythingwasmonhun_dolan.jpg"



It's got "Final Fantasy" in the name.  Maybe it'll actually come out in the west?


It's got Square-Enix in the publisher field, so give it a ~6 month difference because of reasons.

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More deats from Siliconera:

- Black Mage attacks using magic and specializes in long-range attacks
- The White Mage is focused on recovery spells
- the Monk uses physical attacks and “overwhelms the enemy with his surging dash”
- the Knight serves as the party’s shield by attracting the enemy’s attacks
- there will be many other jobs
- parties can consist of up to four players
- large variety of weapons to choose from
- Ifrit is one of the Summons in the game
- no release date yet
- Square-Enix is developing

Sounds hella MonHun.

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An official website (Japanese ofc) has launched, the music sounds nice so far! It's also got some art and character designs and stuff on it.


..The screenshot in the background really looks like a hub town from Monster Hunter lmao.

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A multiplayer Square Enix game? Well as long as this gets me off "That other Square Game" I was super hyped for, BRING IT!:D 


Looks like I'll be playing with Wraith still in something!:P

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Some screenshots have been released, looks pretty nice!









More here! Man it's looking a lot like Crystal Chronicles, which makes me happy.

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  • 1 year later...

It's got "Final Fantasy" in the name.  Maybe it'll actually come out in the west?

Answer: Yes, but it will take over a year.  Still better than Dragon Quest!

I hope they've fine-tuned it slightly, as there were quite a few complaints about the Japanese edition centring around travel time and how aggressive the game was before you even reached your target monster.

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