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Sonic Concept Art by DiC: SatAM Concepts Look NOTHING Like The Final Outcome

Indigo Rush

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-Okay wow, I get the feeling that none of people on SatAM knew anything about the game's early concepts, especially Madonna, but I'll be damned that those concepts of Sally do remind me of her.

-Bunnie looks more like something either Disney or at very least Don Bluth would draw.

-Honestly if it wasn't for the red around the eyes, I could've sworn that thing looked more like a crow or raven than a chicken (which even then still seems like a weird choice of pet for SatAM Robotnik).

-And speaking of, good dear almighty that design is laughably bad. If you were to tell me that this was Robotnik, I wouldn't believe you. This thing looks more like Ganon cosplaying as one of the bad trolls from A Troll in Central Park.

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Series developments are like kids.


They start off innocently enough, as an idea.


Then they grow up a bit more, hitting puberty, where it goes through "fads" of sorts. That's where all the crazy ideas come in. All of them.


Finally, when they're ready to be published, they matured to adulthood, which is what we know.


Even game Sonic had some silly, silly concepts.

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Gotta wonder how the rest of the actual game characters would have fitted into this universe.....especially if they were so liberal in adapting Robotnik Robotnic

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This is just too beautiful. That Robotnik especially, just... wow. They really went nuts there. He looks more like Ganon than Eggman.

I can only hope we get to see the wacky concept art for Sonic Boom in the same vein. I want Lizardman Sonic!

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Robotnik sort of reminds me of Baron Pete from The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey and Minnie.




But yeah, while I love these designs in concept, it's clear they weren't made with Sonic in mind.  But can we at least appreciate that proto-Cluck looks kind of like an angry, chicken version of Shadow the Hedgehog... like with his 2005 design any everything?  I'm making an official request that someone must photoshop various scenes of Shadow the Hedgehog with that chicken.  Seriously, I'm laughing so hard.

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Like Tara here I am reminded of Disney property. However I'm reminded of a lesser known Disney flick.


inb4what'sVHS? inb4what'stheblackclaudron?

I'm reminded so much of The Black Cauldron with all this concept art for some reason. Sally looks a bit like Eilonwy and "Robotnic" looks like a cross between the Horned King and his stupid minion nobody likes.

Just something I felt like bringing up.

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Huh... oh... wow. Yeah, I'm in the "SatAM started off as another show, but got retooled when SEGA agreed to let them use Sonic characters" camp. If nothing else, I can imagine this guy:







...having his original name of Trantor the Cruel getting White-Out'd and hastily renamed by someone who only had heard how Robotnik was pronounced phonetically.


I mean, wow. First you get the Japanese Teddy Roosevelt-esque Eggman, then the fatter pin-headed American Robotnik, then this freaking guy. Yeah, retool in every sense of the word.

And you know what, SatAM still turned out pretty good!

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