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How Do The Xbox Versions Sonic Mega Collection, Sonic Heroes and Sonic Riders play on Xbox 360 ? ? c Riders


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I just wondered how the original Xbox versions of these games would play on a Xbox 360 ?

As I wanted to pick up Heroes and Mega Collection despite the fact that I own them both on PC and Riders.

Would I need to purchase a original Xbox gamepad to play in order to play or could I use a 360 controller ?

Also are Heroes and Riders glitchy on the Xbox ?


EDIT: Can one off the staff members delete my typing errors in the title of the topic ? Thanks

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Don't know if mods will allow a topic on this, kinda finicky about it. 


Regardless, as a previous owner of a Xbox which sadly drowned in the flood, The only way I play the games you mentioned are on a Xbox 360. Sonic Mega Collection Plus plays just as well as it would on an OG Xbox. No hiccups or anything. The CG cutscenes for Sonic Heroes are choppy and the sound doesn't quite match up, but the gameplay is unaffected. With Sonic Riders, however, it has the opposite problem. The in-game cutscenes are broken and glitch all the time, although gameplay is still fine.


It'll look crisp if you're running the games through HDMI. You can't even hook up OG Xbox controllers to the 360 so I would hope you wouldn't need one.

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I just played Heroes on the Xbox 360 last week, the only 2 problems I currently do notice were CG cutscenes playing at 15fps and the icons for buttons (X and Y) during gameplay looking a bit pixelated.

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All you need is Xbox live, no seriously that's it. If that doesn't work I do recall Microsoft removing support for Xbox games on Xbox 360 meaning you can no longer run them.

Ok I see now:http://www.gamespot.com/forums/xbox-314159268/my-original-xbox-games-no-longer-work-on-the-360-26111756/

So there's a patch from Xbox live and it was probably removed or made inactive. I guess you could try finding the patch files and installing it yourself...or you could just wait for PlayStation Now if that's an option, hopefully by then they'll have these games.

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