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ARTWORK: Sonic's 23rd Anniversary

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*runs in panting*






I’m late to the party n’ I don’t even care.


Sonic the Hedgehog… 23 years. It’s 23 years since you became a thing, my boy.


From green hills, Death Star ripoffs, an entire planet being chained to a mountain, more Death Star ripoffs, defeating a giant water dildo, an anal dinosaur with a space station lodged up its ass, Metal Sonic with an ass cape and elf shoes, kicking back whilst Shadow stops a whole alien race from destroying the world, dinosaurs in the Arabian Nights, overcoming a case of lycanthropy, ruling the land of Camelot, cracking stupid jokes in an interstellar amusement park, that time you stood on walls and went through an obsession with speed boosters and springs, revisiting 20 years of your past, doing 69 with Tails, and beating the ever-living crap out of six cardboard cutout characters.


It’s been a long ride, True Blue. I may not be the biggest fan of quite a few of your adventures, but there’s an aura around you that just stops me from pulling away.


Now, don’t you worry… it’s a never ending story…


Happy birthday, ya blue dork. May you keep on running for the rest of time.

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Kinda underwhelming in terms of representing his 23rd anniversary, but I'm proud of it nonetheless. I even discovered a couple techniques for coloring: the "protect alpha" option and airbrush shading. I also just realized it's the same pose as my avatar.


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I was totally unprepared. I would've drawn something special if I wasn't heavily distracted.


After replaying Sonic 2 earlier today, I got this idea and tried to create it as a sprite comic. I've never used sprites in art before.



I was inspired because he always looks at his wrist when waiting for the player. lol

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