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#SoTSSTropicalParadise (OUT NOW)


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..What is SoTSS?..

SoTSS is a twice-yearly musical showcase of SEGA & Sonic Remix's from members of The SSMB. This project will be lead by myself :: DJ EAR :: with permission of VizardJeffhog as a means to breath life into the ashes of the 'TSSMA' album concept.  The goal is to maintain the fun, creative, collaborative spirit of that project - while building a stable & productive future for our community of fan musicians, producers, and listeners.
..Lofty Goals..




How does SoTSS plan to out-do The TSS Music Album?
1) Smaller albums & shorter production times.
This means MAX 2 Submissions per person.
This also means a 3 month submission period for music + a 2 month submission period for artwork.
2) Twice-yearly albums = more themes.
Artists will be free to design not ONLY album cover-art, but also themed logos & website backgrounds.*
3) Hype Dat Sucka Up!
Following the close of submissions, Youtube & Soundcloud teasers will be available to promote the album for a month.
The following month - the album will be released to the public DIRECTLY after a live Listening Party.*






> SEGA & Sonic Music Submissions for #SoTSS14 are CLOSED
> Cover Artwork & other GFX for #SoTSS14 are CLOSED
> Youtube & Soundcloud promos/teasers will be available on the projects website in OCTOBER*
> The #SoTSS14 will be released in NOVEMBER following a live Listening Party.*


..The All Powerful Rules..




1. You MUST be a member of The SSMB with a minimum of 10 posts to contribute.
2. No Mash-Ups & No MIDIs.
3. 192kbps or higher MP3s PLEASE (the higher the bitrate, the better the quality!).
4. Only 2 Submissions per person.
5. Overall Sound quality + inclusion on the album will be determined by project lead on a track-by-track basis.
6. COLLAB's & Original tracks are welcome - but Remember! 2 Submissions per person.
7. Artwork must be original (sprites are allowed as long as they are not the focus of the entire graphic).
8. Live & Let Learn!
> Send all music/art submissions (with your SSMB username) to soundof.tss@gmail.com
> The theme for our first album shall be  "OUT OF THE ASHES"


If you're interested in lending a hand, have suggestions, or questions - you can always contact me at djear.info@gmail.com
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Awesome. Count me in.


Question: are songs from Atlus games fair game now as with the TSSMA album?

I'm not very up-to-date on 'Atlus' and it's relationship with SEGA/Sonic the Hedgehog...but for now, if it's cleared for the TSSMA, then it's cleared for SoTSS.

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Wait, so I fully understand the use of no midis found on places like VGmusic, but what about midis ripped directly from the game?

Don't submit a MIDI file as you're final work. (This album requires MP3s!)

Don't go stealing other folk's MIDIs and submitting them as yours.

(If you ripped it from a game, SOMEONE composed that tune/sequence other than yourself)

Don't VST-swap someone else's MIDI (at least transcribe your own...)


But hey - I'll be the first to admit I'm a huge fan of sampling when I produce my tunes, so here's what IS allowed RE: MIDIs.

-Use a MIDI as a building-block during production - and branch outwards from it to become your own work.



I think I have a lot to juggle already, but if I get some time, I'd love to throw in a quick illustration if I can. Are there any specifics content/theme wise to consider?


The height x width dimensions for cover art, website backgrounds and other graphics are yet to be determined. (But I'll have them set in stone by about the 10th next week.)

Other than that - stick to the albums theme and do as you like creatively.  We'll probably have a bit of a group decision on which artwork gets chosen. 

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Although I most likely won't be submitting anything for this (my passion for doing this kind of stuff has dwindled quite a bit to be honest), I'm really happy to see that a new project like this is being started up, and I will definitely be following this. I'm looking forward to seeing (well, hearing) everything that the old TSSMA team puts together.

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I ended up missing this last year because I didn't have any idea what to do, but totally count me in this time. I still have no idea what I will do, but I know I'll do something. If you wanna see/hear what I can do, take a look at


So yeah, totally into this!

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