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Sonic 2's Lost Holographic Cartridge Labels

Badnik Mechanic

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I'm pretty sure at least one Sonic 2 Beta cartridge had one of those labels.


Yep, I was just about to say that! 


I like the holographic thing buuut I'm glad they stuck with what they did. That artwork isn't too pretty, and it just doesn't look as interesting or exciting as the boxart being used again on the cart. Plus, "SEGA" behind the logo? Really? XD Why not "Sonic"?


Also, it looks like it might've been based on this logo from the Japanese Sonic 2 commercial (or the other way around)!




(Actually, I'm gonna say "the other way around" on this one, though. Tails looks traced over the American drawing, and Sonic looks like he may have been as well, just without the mohawk head.)

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