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Sonic Runners (iOS/Android) - Thread Version 2.0


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I managed to update my APK.



I saw this on the Runners web site, but didn't get that message at first launch. Only a prompt to download more game data.


My guide to updating the Android version:


1. You need an app called QooApp. Go to http://apk.qoo-app.com/


2. Search (using the search bar on top of page) for Sonic Runners


3. Click download, click English version.


4. Accept the Download. When it's finished, put the APK in your phone


5. Sideload the APK


6. After it's installed, open QooApp. Search for Sonic Runners


7. Press Update, and follow the instructions


8. When it's done, try it

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Badnik Mechanic

Guys if the APK isn't working on his game, downloading another version isn't going to do a damn thing. 


You'll need to wait and see if Sega bothers to fix it.

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1. Go to http://apk.qoo-app.com/ where? on your phone or PC?

2. Ok the search bar must be opened by clicking the magnifying lens button.

3. There's is only one version and its only on Chinese and when I click download it tells me to download Qooapp if Im in PC, if im in phone it doesnt have a download button but an open button and it just open my current Sonic Runners app.

4. Again where are we doing all this our phone or PC?

5. What does sideload means?


7.I didnt even get this far.

8. Oh Im trying!


I hate instructions that are anything but.

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I finished playing the game and have my results including how I lose.

1,547,106 KT P,H / LP,LH

1,994,195 TK P,DH / H,W

2,247,748 TK H,LH / H,H / H,DH

DH=Drill Hit, H=Hit, LH=Lag Hit, LP=Lag Pit, P=Pit, W=Wall

The things I notice different about the game than.

1. You can use 5 red rings instead of video ad which is great for people who hate video ads.

2. You can replay the game twice.

3. I not sure if it just me but there are less drills in the game.

4. Red rings are much harder to get.

5. They give you lots of items to use.

6. The have play seems less hard here.

7. Being able to use the items when you want is real hard since when you try to activate it you could mess up and lose.

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Alright. I've tried the Skull Chao/UFO combo and it's been alright, but I wanna try some other combos. As a reminder. Here are my companions:


-Lvl 0 Dark Chao

-Lvl 0 Jewel Chao

-Lvl 0 RC Piggy

-Lvl 0 Gold Piggy

-Lvl 0 UFO

-Lvl 1 Skull Chao

-Lvl 1 Easter Bunny

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might of found out what's going on with Android version like crashing and it's stupid as hell 


Yea that's the only video out on youtube showing it crashing, Mine doesnt crash it just stays loading on the title screen, I tried to disconnect my internet but nothing.

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So, when's the Birthday event due to start up?

Should be 7am this morning but the Runners twitter has gone quiet since the release tweet and there's nothing in the English version to suggest the Birthday event is coming. Not even a notice, they were hyping Puyo Puyo about two weeks prior to the event. Hum

Found this on the Runners website. Apparently Japanese players are getting our western ads and facebook is borked for everyone. Not sure what the moving function bit is about, but assume it's about the fact that you can't transfer your Red Rings to another device at present. 

Oh and the sonic birthday event BGM is messed up...



○ with respect to failure of "moving function"

 In the "moving function" from the implementation Ver.1.1.0 and only terminal that was carried out "data takeover", and it has confirmed the following problems occur.
 - "" Act on Specified Commercial Transactions "and" display based on the law "about the fund settlement method" is not displayed correctly
 Advertising of overseas are displayed during game
 Only less than, 13 years of age, "I'm not getting my Push notification," "it can not be performed transition to FaceBook than in the game."
With respect to reproduction failure of ○ events BGM
  In the part of the terminal, it has been confirmed the problem that BGM of Sonic birthday event does not play correctly.
The above three problems is the issue will be corrected in the next update of considering the implementation in early July.
We ask the customers, deeply apologize that we apologize for any inconvenience by the failure of this time.
Subsequently, thank you Sonic Runners.
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Just checked into Runners. The Birthday Celebration is definitely here, I got a notifcation. Including Red Star Rings and a free Yacker between 25th June and 30th.


Also, you get one free use of every power up and booster item per day.

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