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Sonic Runners (iOS/Android) - Thread Version 2.0


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Maintenance is not to fix anything.

It's to do with tonight's global leap second time fix.

Tonight time will stop for 1 second in order to adjust for the Earth's unpredictable movements since atomic time is constant but astrometric time can fluctuate.

However since computers use atomic time. This presents a problem for when a leap second needs to happen.

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Badnik Mechanic


It's because every now and again something happens which causes the earths rotation to slow down or go a bit off.

Normally it's stuff like powerful earthquakes or volcanic eruptions

Now sometimes something happens which knocks it back on track. Ironically another earthquake.

But when that doesn't happen eventually atomic time goes too far out of sync so we have to adjust it.

The last time this happened was 2012 and reddit along with some other popular websites went down.

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So, I've been wanting to move my Sonic Runners app over to my SD card, but this app happens to have a total size of at least 1.20 GB and growing? Is this with everyone the case, or is this just me? I've removed all of the apk files, but still nothing.


What my phone states:



Total - 1.23GB

Application - 38.54MB

App SD card - 0.00B

Data - 368 KB

SD card data - 1.19GB



Buffer - 18.09 MB



I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Ace 3, in case anyone wonders.


Thanks in advance!

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Yup. I always had it in the SD card for me but one day out of curiosity I saw how much space it was taking and- 





Total: 1.28GB

App: 5.80MB

App in SD Card: 50.81MB

Data: 388KB

SD Card Data: 1.23GB


Damn, this app is huge.

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I have 108 RSR and 6 SE(S. Eggs).With the 50 from the 300.000 cakes, the ones that appear in my map and the 100 from the event reawrds and the ones from the rakings and the eggs what i will get, is there a chance of getting Classic or a good companion?

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i just noticed why the ads are gone last time i played and now they return

because i setup a proxy from my phone to my PC , and i shut down my PC

so, my phone can't browse in the web , but can play sonic runners without ads

very strange




also , this happened






this is the most coolest thing in the game

also , level 5 sega cartridge

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Played two levels of this last night, was pretty quick to uninstall it

Not seeing why there's so much fuss about this game, it's pretty lame. It also seems to have the finest worst example of microtransactions out there on the market (gamble money for a chance to get stuff you want). If you get so invested and angry about this game to where you actually put down money for this sort of highway robbery then you have nobody to blame but yourself

I'll stick with Rayman Jungle Run. Oh but the music is still fantastic, I'll buy it tomorrow

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1.Did that really happen?

2.If yes, what were you doingggg...?

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After i get the final reward from the event(50 RSR) i will have 3 chances at the roulette.Should i test my luck(no pun)?

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Badnik Mechanic

250 red rings used...

2 carts.

1 chip

1 wizard Chao

1 ufo

Still no death egg or classic Sonic... you know... I think I'm done. Combined with the shit performance of the game it's all sorts of stupid.

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I feel like with how low everyone's chances are, they should charge 40 rings instead of 50. Or SOMETHING. I mean come on...

Or maybe they could charge 300,000 rings for 50 red rings? At least at that point it would feel like progress was being made. This is way too much of a grind.

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