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Take one Jovahexeon Joranvexeon, one Teoskaven, one ShiroiChanUK, one Pedro Duarte, and one Dwibs, and you've got the makings of the main 5 team of Swashbuckling Console War Regiment Musketeers Comms, aka SCWRM, the new commentating group on the block ready to take on the best to worst of gaming, movies, literature, news and whatnot!

All of those adventures of course, start from here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyjz-vxZAsrrE0ox8q4481A/feedon our channel, enjoy, criticize, and have fun as we document our ventures and even bring them here to the Sonic Stadium too!

 Here's: One of our first major completed playthroughs: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, based off of the one franchise that brought us together....aside from Sonic obviously!


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Might as well start off with one of our classics. The start of our Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney playthrough! Which has just recently hit 100 views!


Notice, yes this is the remake of our commentary, but the description still applies!

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Updated re-publicization.

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*Dusts off the cobwebs of this thread* Well, it's been a while since posting here but that hasn't stopped our popularity from growing. SO might as kick things back into gear here as well, with our most recent release:

And yes, folks of all the ironic occurrences, our Mighty No. Demo commentary did in fact get delayed that day.

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