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The 52 Game Challenge 2015

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What the heck is this?

D-Did you like, read the title?

In all seriousness, this is The 52 Game Challenge 2015! 

The challenge aims to help gamers clear out their backlog, and revisit games they might want to give another shot.

The premise is simple; you have until the end of the year to beat 52 games! 

Why 52? I have no idea; maybe because 52 weeks in a year? Action 52? Anyway:

What's this thread for?

Besides spreading awareness, I thought it'd be fun to get SSMB members involved, and chronicling their progress on here. Think of it like that one bout of Christmas rewards from a few years, except on a bigger scale. And with less rewards unless I convince a mod to let me make some badges.

In addition, I'll be keeping score in this post best I can. Whenever someone registers their interest, I'll add their name to this post; whenever they post saying they've completed a game, I'll add that game to their section on the leaderboard. Simple stuff.

Are there rules?

Honestly, I couldn't find any traditional rules over on NeoGAF, where this whole concept started. However, I will be implementing a few, just because I'm an arsehole.

1. Fresh playthroughs only. So no, you can't finish off that last level of that one game you started in 2014 and call it a day. I will, however, be accepting any games completed since the start of this year, so anything since Jan 1st is fair game.

2. Give some detail. The minimum information I need about the game you've completed to add it to your leaderboard is the name (obviously) and the system is was released on, as well as the % that you completed it at. Preferably the company that made it too, cheers. This makes the games easier to identify, and if others feel they want to play a game you've beaten, then it makes it easier to track down.

See my leaderboard entries for guidance here.

3. Photographic Evidence. Have a camera or the Print Screen key ready once the game's done with, because if you don't provide photographic evidence, tough luck. There's no real way to check authenticity on Print Screens, so again I'm trusting you lot.

4. Give some thoughts. To avoid this thread just becoming a straight gauntlet of "game complete" images, I'd like contributors to also provide a short mini-review on the game they've completed in the post. It doesn't have to be much, a short paragraph on what you thought about the game is fine and dandy. On the other hand, feel free to write chapter and verse if that's what suits you best!

5. Complete at any% is fine. You don't have to 100% complete a game for it to count, but I may try and get some bonuses for people who go the extra mile for at least a few of their games...

7. Episodic games count as one game each. DLC such as Bioshock: Burial at Sea don't count however. 


6. Try and mix it up. OK, this isn't really a 'rule,' but it's a recommendation. You could just play through 52 Sonic games; but where's the fun in that? Besides, there's a slew of new games coming this year anyway; so try and move outside of your comfort zone!

7. ...there are no more rules.

What's in it for me?

Besides a very fun time playing games?

...well again, as of now not a lot. I'll look into badges with the mods if possible, but that aside I might offer some prizes of my own accord. It won't be anything massive; probably just a free artwork request or something, maybe a Steam game. I'll flesh this out as things progress.


52 Games? Are you insane?



But no; whilst 52 is the target, even if you only manage, say, 30 games, I'm not going to come for your head on a spike. The challenge is here to inspire you towards that goal of 52; if you feel you can't reach it, don't worry. If badges get involved, then I'll be structuring it in tiers, with badges for 20 games completed, 40 games completed etc. 

So... let the gaming, begin! 

The Leaderboard

Leaderboard Here!

Since I was managing to break the forum's code for spoiler tags, I've relocated the leaderboards into a handy Spreadsheet, which can be found above.  


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So far I finished three games.

Super Mario world

Super Mario galaxy 2

Captain toad treasure tracker

I plan to 100% these games.

I'll re post the pictures of the completed games some other time

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Should I even bother ? I'm not sure if I could keep up with that/ have the motivation to complete that many in a year BUT I have bought a ton of games lately and have some I haven't completed yet sooooooooooo......... I dunno!

Hey, what hurts in trying? It's not like you actually have to finish 52 in a year, I'm just doing as much as I can.


Give it a shot if you want!

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No more Shiggy Magilly.




Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS, played on *new* 3DS XL) story cleared. I feel like I'm the only that plays Monster Hunter, am I? Well anyway, oh boy am I glad the swimming is gone. I miss some of the monsters that came with it, but the new vertical gameplay element is far more interesting. Who doesn't want to jump on a dragon and stab it in its back?


I also beat Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, I'll get that picture shortly.


(Also, Majora's Mask 3D is still missing from my part of the leaderboard.)




Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (Wii U) cleared.




This game...I'm actually a little bit mixed on it. It's Kirby, so I still like it, but the later levels and the difficulty of drawing rainbow ropes (which is weird because it wasn't an issue in Canvas Curse) were getting on my nerves. Well really, it was just World 6 that was a major pain in the ass and should never have existed. But the final boss too was an issue, because of Rocket Kirby. Please lord, never again with a form that has even less control than standard one. It took me like 7 lives to finish that second phase because of how finicky the Rocket is, and yet the part before that was excellently designed. Still, I recommend it but with the caveat that the game has some control issues. Also, Kirby has less life than he's supposed to, and the only way to remedy that is with the Dedede amiibo, which is right now impossible to get for less than 50 dollars.

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Here is my first entry: Project X Zone! (2DS)


Well...I actually enjoyed it. The game has definitely a lot of flaws- too many episodes, and you pretty much do the same thing again and again and again. It gets so boring around the end. Buuut...still liked it. The characters, the game mechanics and the references were enough for me to keep going.


Here´s a pic of the ending taken from my camera.




Currently playing Fire Emblem Awakening and Megaman X8 (again)

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I am currently working through NFS Most Wanted 2012 and I've beaten the original ten Most Wanted cars with the four DLC Most Wanted Cars being worked on (M3 GTR, Venom GT, 918 Spyder (Production Version), and Shelby GT500) in regards to racing games. For first person shooters I am working on the Half-Life series starting from Half-Life Source and will end with Half-Life 2 Episode 2 with Black Mesa included in the mix.  Finally I am working on Rogue Squadron on the PC since I purchased it from GOG to cover the arcade style flight game.  That short list is what I am working through currently since we went back through time on this topic.  Fingers crossed that this topic won't get axed again due to hardware failure or software failure.


Edit as of Friday March 13th 2015:  Apparently when I attempted to Takedown the Production Version of the 918 Spyder in NFS Most Wanted 2012 my savefile got bugged resulting in that challenge being incomplete.  So I have to start fresh again with the original ten Most Wanted cars as well as the four Most Wanted Cars from the DLC Packs.

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The Simpsons: Hit & Run (Gamecube) cleared.




I have no idea why I didn't play this game before. The controls are a little slippery, but all in all this is a really well put together game. The real draw is how it's the first Simpsons game out there that felt like it could actually be part of the series, as a non-canon special or movie. That final chapter is the best, I won't spoil it just in case I wasn't the last person ever to finally play this game.

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Well hooray! Glad to see this awesome thread back! I guess I could just spoiler tag some of the games I had posted before the wipe with some new additions all in 1 massiveish post.


Ys 1 100% (Nihon Falcom, Steam)




Went back and completed a nightmare run as promised! Wasn't as bad as I was expecting all in all. It was basically the standard enemies are the same as normal except hit harder. Dark Fact was an absolute beast tho! Took a handful of tries, but I eventually wore him out! I wouldn't recommend playing this game on the harder difficulties on the first playthrough if you're going in blind. Get familiar with the battle system and the bosses, use that knowledge to take on time attack, and then, after all that, attempt nightmare. It'll make the experience more enjoyable. Too many people rage quit a game that is a great experience because they bit off more than they could chew, and I'd hate for that to happen to this gem of a classic.


Donkey Kong Land 3 (3DS eshop)


Did a casual playthrough with this game. Was pretty fun for my first blind go at it! I'm sure I would have been all over this one if I actually owned it along with DKL2 back then. Still heavily considering about going back and maybe 100%ing this and 2 later because they really are some of my fave game boy titles.


Eversion (Zaratustra Productions, Steam)


Fun little Lovecraftian game with some amazing twists and solid dark humor. Although it looks like a Mario clone from the surface, it actually has a lot of surprising depth to it. If that doesn't sound very convincing, the developer has a version of the game on his website that's completely free. I recommend it if only to experience the crazy, just don't watch a video of it before playing. For best results, avoid as many spoilers as possible and go in with a clean slate.


Iron Fisticle 100% (Confused Pelican, Steam)


Now this was a fun time! IF is a twin stick shooter with hints of Smash TV. To me personally it reminded me a bit of Alien Syndrome without the saving people bit. It has a level up system, where you unlock new weapons as you collect more points. Your mileage may vary if it's worth $9 for 4 levels, but its endless mode will definitely keep you occupied if you're into high score type games. Took me awhile to actually 100% it since its achievements are the usual "collect this many of this thing" over and over again, and that one item wouldn't spawn in countless numbers of runs. Not really a bad thing though.


Gyromancer (Square Enix, Steam)




Heehee, I may have splurged with this one during the Squeenix Steam sale awhile back ago. First tried it out on the Xbox a few years back and decided to give it a second chance. Couldn't stop playing this time around! I have no idea what happened pahaha. The only gripe I have is the lack of care about a credits sequence after you beat the boss. It just kinda quickly tosses all the loose ends in a box and throws a tiny message at you saying congrats. No awesome music or nothing. Besides that though, this game makes for a great time waster. I totally made the final boss a lot harder than it needed to be by using a monster that was weak to the boss' elemental type, but! The chicken prevailed!


Phantasy Star II (Sega, Steam)


This game. ffff. My opinion is a little controversial but... I kind of didn't really like it all that much. The beginning and middle arcs were great. Lots of action, the story was intense the full ride through but... once you hit Dezo it suddenly turns into a stair simulator. Not even joking. All the dungeons (except Noah. Noah was a relaxing breath of fresh yet painful air) are tests of patience by making you run up countless floors of stairs and then falling right back down on the perfect spot! Several times! Ug. The Dark Force battle more than made up for all the frustration though. Go through this game with a no megid run and you'll be in for a great time.


And as for what I'm busying myself with now, that'd be none other than Phantasy Star 3! Despite the hate it gets from the fandom, it's actually one of my favorites for its quirkiness, totally radical bosses, and the crazy characters and their interactions with each other. I'm having a great time right now and I just barely made it to the second generation last night. We'll see what happens!

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Defeated "Puyo Pop Fever!!" (Sega, PC)

*I'm planning on beating the hard mode so right now, this is just a normal playthrough, will update though*


This was a fun little puzzle game. I like the art direction going on and the story was cute. The voice acting can get super annoying, especially when you're doing large chain. I surprisingly had barely any trouble, minus the boss (which I manage to beat in around 10 seconds on my fifth try, lol).

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So, I suppose its about time I finally get back to reposting my status updates. In the previous topic I could've sworn I posted my full analysis of Child of Light, but then I noticed it never got submitted. I've been waiting until I had time to do it, as I've played through quite a few games recently.



First up, Child of Light with all 100% items collected:

Proof of game completion:


You get this costume in the automated sequence before the final boss and can't take the costume anywhere else until after beating the final boss.


All Coffers and Stardust:






All Sidequests:



All Confessions:




Child of Light is a charming little RPG where the fairytale princess is actually the main hero of the story. The gameplay is rather unique with the strategy involved in battles being based around manipulating the rate at which enemies attack, slowing down the enemy attacks as much as possible while speeding up your party. Norah is great for this at first, then later Gen ends up being the best partner character by the end.


Aurora herself is a great character as well, though, being useful throughout the game as a physical fighter and also with her light magic. The puzzle solving is fairly unique as well, having to control Igniculus (your little wisp companion) to light up objects and light your way as you proceed through the game.



A major theme of the game is of growing up, and as you receive the McGuffins to proceed in the storyline, *spoilers*

Aurora herself grows up and gains the confidence she needs to live her life without having to rely on her parents for guidance.


Overall I enjoyed this game. It kinda resembles an Indie game. And despite my previous assessment that it wasn't, it actually is in a sense. It was developed by a small independent team within Ubisoft as a side project. And despite how much of a dirty traitor she is,

I still miss Norah in my party. I was really hoping that she'd have a change of heart and rejoin the party. I suppose, though, that Gen and Tristis do have all of her abilities, but I still liked Norah...



Anyway, hopefully it sticks around this time. While I work on getting the others together I'm going to post this just so I don't lose it. If someone posts between now and the time I get the next one up, I'll just make a new post instead of editing this one.


Maybe I just once again continue the habit of putting too much detail in my posts... *sigh*

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Meant to clarify; DLC stuff doesn't count. 


I'll update the leaderboards shortly!

Well, I've got a ton of things to add. I'll try and do them quickly! I've got DKC:TF, DKC1-2 (3 isn't ready yet), Shovel Knight, Breath of Fire, and another Indie game I decided to try out on Wii U called Master Reboot (though I have to replay the ending of this game to take the snapshot, so this will take a bit).

First off, 200% in DKC:TF!

200% Completion:




Blue KONG Letters & Puzzle Pieces -


Lost Mangroves:



Autumn Heights:



Bright Savannah:



Sea Breeze Cove:



Juicy Jungle:



Donkey Kong Island:



Secret Seclusion:




All Capsules:




Only thing I didn't do is Time Trial, but I consider that merely a bonus. Main point is I got everything else. Anyway, I absolutely love this game. It'd be perfect if it had Kremlings and more Animal Buddies, but honestly, I loved those game more than I thought I would; I was expecting it to be pretty good, not totally flippin' amazing. When I started playing it I just couldn't stop (kinda like the classic DKC games; I STILL can't stop playing them). I wasn't planning on going for 200% but I ended up loving Hard Mode more than Normal (since I could play as Kongs other than DK; I did Hard Mode entirely with just Dixie).


Anyway, if you haven't bought this game, BUY IT NOW!



Also, DKC2 on VC (I recorded the ending and uploaded to Youtube):


Its Donkey Kong Country 2 on Virtual Console. Its amazing. What more is there to say about it? Naturally I 102%'d it again. I even went into every single world and bought every Cranky and Wrinkly hint, and did all of Swanky's Sideshow quiz games. And for extra measure, I also made sure I beat every single level and boss with Dixie Kong.


If you want a screenshot for me to prove its on Wii U VC let me know. I'll get Shovel Knight and DKC up momentarily.

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Defeated "Puyo Pop Fever!!" (Sega, PC)

*I'm planning on beating the hard mode so right now, this is just a normal playthrough, will update though*


This was a fun little puzzle game. I like the art direction going on and the story was cute. The voice acting can get super annoying, especially when you're doing large chain. I surprisingly had barely any trouble, minus the boss (which I manage to beat in around 10 seconds on my fifth try, lol).




Did the HaraHara Course! And man, this will make you hate the living shit out of the Fever mode. It also doesn't help that Raffine is the annoying character as well.


- Dan the Daniel

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Did the HaraHara Course! And man, this will make you hate the living shit out of the Fever mode. It also doesn't help that Raffine is the annoying character as well.


- Dan the Daniel


I'm unfamiliar with this game; does this push you up to 100%? 


Anywho, leaderboard updated, let me know if I missed anything.




Also, this! Beat Mario 64 with all stars. Mario 64 is overall a great game, but it is unfortunately marred somewhat by poorly aged controls. Mario's movement feels inconsistent; sometimes a joystick motion will do one thing, then the same motion will do something else. It's annoying in many levels, and overall it frustrated me quite a lot. That sounds overly negative though; the game's still a joy to play through, and I fully recommend giving it a go. This is the 3rd time I've 100%ed it now, counting in the DS version.


I've moved onto Sonic Adventure now, so I'll get to that!

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Anywho, leaderboard updated, let me know if I missed anything.

Actually, I have noticed a mistake on my listing. All of the games are on Wii U, but Zelda II says NES, Child of Light says Steam, and Minish Cap says GBA. Should I take snapshots of that to show it as well? You noted DKC2 being on Wii U (VC), but the others say they're on their original consoles which isn't the case; all of them are on Wii U (and yes, I will start posting some non-Wii U games soon).



Here's some more -


Proof I have DKC1-3 and Shovel Knight on Wii U (also DK King of Swing and Mario Galaxy 2):




DKC 101%:



As per usually, its DKC on Wii U. Amazing as always. I managed to 101% complete it in about 3 hours.



Shovel Knight 100% Item Completion:

This game makes it REALLY easy to prove I've made 100%, it shows everything on the save select screen:



I didn't "love" this game as much as others did, but I did enjoy it and would recommend it to anyone. The storyline was surprisingly good, though, for a platformer anyway.



Breath of Fire 100% (I think?):









NOTE: I DID get Agni. Ryu's final transformation. However, I forgot to save between the penultimate dungeon and final dungeon. You can only get Agni after the penultimate dungeon. Agni is required to defeat the final boss anyway.






Unlike Shovel Knight and DKC, its really hard to gauge whether I got 100% completion or not. I know for a fact I did not get all chests in the game, but I unlocked all Karn transformations, all dragon transformations, got all of the dig spots covered in the world and got all of the mysterious walls (steel walls that have a dragon symbol on them). You need Karn's "Puka" transformation to open up these walls.


I don't consider getting all skills from leveling a requirement for 100% completion, but if you consider that, then don't include BoF. I tend to consider 100% completion to be completing the game and doing all sidequests. There aren't really "side quests" in this game persay except unlocking all the transformations, and even then, Agni is required to beat the game so its hard to call it "optional."



I'd say I completed this game 100%, but let me know your thoughts on it.



Anyway, Breath of Fire is a classic turn-based JRPG. Its pretty good, but not amazing or anything like that. I did enjoy playing through it again (its been years), but I wouldn't play it too often. Breath of Fire II is probably a better game. Regardless, Bof I is pretty good, and it has my absolute favorite version of Nina, too.



There's one other game I completed as well. Its an Indie title called "Master Reboot." I basically saw it on sale on the Wii U eShop and decided "What the heck? I'll pick it up." However, I'll have to replay through the final stretch of the game to do so. It would probably only take about 10 minutes, but its a bit of a nuisance. I'll do it when I have some time open.

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Basically. The only course I haven't played is the RunRun Course but that's more of a tutorial mode then anything.


- Dan the Daniel


I don´t think the game has a 100% requirement but, even if the game story ends there, there´s still:


another secret character to unlock-Carbuncle, if you managed to finish HaraHara course without any continues


EDIT: From Gamefaqs: "Win every match in the HaraHara course without continuing and activate Fever Mode fewer than four times or more than 12 times.

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