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The Monster Hunter Topic: Now with additional felynes!

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So the original topic for this is gone, How about I make one?




So...Monster Hunter. It's a video game. Monster Hunter is one of Capcom's flagship franchises that originally debuted on the PS2. Although it has a small following in the West, it's massively popular in Japan, with it pretty much carrying the PSP up in sales around it's time on the PSP. Recently, the console has made a shift towards Nintendo consoles, with 3 Ultimate being released on Wii U/3DS and 4G just coming out on the 3DS only.


The gameplay comprises of you doing ranked missions, with the only form of progression being gear and skill. As of 4G, there are 16 different weapons to choose from, and they all play like fighting characters. The game is padded with lots of content and it's formula is extremely addicting and enjoyable even though it sound somewhat repetitive. Personally, Monster Hunter feels way too slow for me but everybody I know seems to be playing it now, so I'm going to join the bandwagon soon.


Also, felynes. Nuff said:




So, talk about everything Monster Hunter here!

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I wasn't initially too big on this. I got Monster Hunter 3 for Wii and played it every now and then. I didn't touch the online at first and just played the single player mode, and picked up possibly the worst starting weapon, the Great Sword. I remember being very frustrated at first and it took forever for me to learn to use the weapon and every new monster I encountered took at least 10 tries for me. At least that's what it felt like. Once I got the basics down and headed online, it was a blast though. I quickly clocked in 200 hours of game time.


The servers shut down though but that didn't matter since MH3U was released just before that happened. I got it on release, literally staying up past midnight, waiting for the game to go up on the eShop. It was easy to get into the game this time around, since I had some experience from MH3. It was a bit easier as well and I think it's a pretty good starting point for someone who wants to get into the series. I made it through the low rank with no armor at all since the character actually had some defence even without armor, unlike in other Monster Hunter games I've played. I think I've put close to 700 hours into that game as of now, and only stopped playing it since MH4U just got released. I will probably go back to it every now and then though.


I suppose I have to say something about MH4U as well. I've broken the 100 hour mark, but I've hardly even gotten started. I would've much preferred to see the game on Wii U or some other console. The 3DS is alright, but I don't like the touch keyboard that much, and you can't really chat during quests either. I don't find the 3DS XL that comfortable, even though I do have the circle pad pro and it's just harder for me to pick up and play as a result. The game has been fun though and feels a lot smoother than MH3 or MH3U ever did. Movement isn't quite as stiff, but you still have to time your actions properly. I suppose that is what puts a lot of new players off. I know I had trouble with it at first. But I've now grown to love it. I absolutely love the amount of depth in the combat system. There's nothing quite like landing a heavy blow to a monster's head and stopping its attacks, making it flinch or lose balance and fall over. If your weapon hits a weak point, it sort of gets stuck for a second before it keeps going and it really gives the impression that you're dealing a ton of damage. I could ramble about this all day but I think this is good enough for now. 



Oh and I also love how MH4U actually has friend requests, so now you can add people to your friend list without having to type in friend codes on the 3DS too. Capcom does what Nintendon't. :P


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