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nice pictures for you!...again!

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You're art is phenomenal, I can't even begin to tell you everything I love about all of it. Please do official art for Sega or Archie or something, because you absolutely have the talent!

That Sonic in pants seriously made my day. Someone needs to animate that.

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I was not prepared for the amount of cute in this.

The gender swaps are really creative, and the warmer colors in the last two pictures really adds to the happiness of the characters. Keep on creating!! ?

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Freaking cool Christmas drawing! 

I love the tiny details here, such as Amy wearing a winter version of her dress, Orbot serving Chaos for drinks, Shadow, the Commander and Omega sleeping, and Nega outside the window...

Also everyone's just hanging out, some are hanging out and are having a good time! The colors here are really nice!


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