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Rumour: Sonic Spinball 2 discussed/pitched by Stephen Frost, Stealth & Taxman?

Badnik Mechanic

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So earlier tonight Stephen Frost posted this youtube video. 




At around 3:00 he starts talking about Sonic Spinball, but then at 3:20 things start to get interesting.


He talks about a sequel that he always wanted to make, the title would have been called Sonic's Pinball, and it would have been either a 3DS or Mobile title which captured the essence of the original.


So I brought this up in the status' and I was then directed to a radio Sega broadcast in which Taxman and Stealth were being interviewed... by chance they were jokingly asked about a remaster of Sonic spinball.


Skip to around 0:55:15


They start off by talking about that Sonic 4 Episode 3 thing, regarding throwing out ideas to Sega which haven't gone anywhere. However, conversation then turns to Sonic Spinball.


They too confirm this story, a producer asks them (we now know it was Stephen Frost) "What do you think about Sonic Spinball?" to which they replied that 'they'd rather do a completely new one.'


"More classic Sonic, less cartoon Sonic esq"


"Less lava/volcano, more zany, almost like a spiritual sequel to Sonic Spinball" 


"There's little things you can do with Sonic Spinball, the name is so catchy for one" 


There's even a suggestion that the bosses in a Sonic Spinball game can and would be much cooler than Sonic CD's final boss, even in the remaster.


Not sure if this was just a conversation around the water cooler or if this did actually go as far as a pitch, but at one point, Sonic Spinball 2 seems to have been a potential project at Sega if what's being said here is correct.

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Hate on the original all you want, but designs aside there was nothing conceptually wrong with the idea of Spinball. Hell, as far as pinball games go I dare say it was actually pretty unique - I can't think of any others that have an element of platforming or influencing the ball in mid-roll. The only major gripe I can think of is that it could do with less stupidly difficult mandatory shots, because it takes fucking ages just to be allowed out of the first room of the Showdown, much less gather every emerald in it.

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Taxman and Stealth did talk about Spinball in a recent interview KC and I did with them for RadioSEGA. They confirmed it. Here's the link to it.


I believe the topic is brought up like two thirds into the interiew.


(EDIT: Note to self, don't multitask when reading because your attention span drops)

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Sonic Spinball was a lot of fun for me. That was the game in second place that I played the most of in the Sonic Mega Collection Plus.

If anything, YEEESSSSS, I'd like a sequel.

I still found it strange that the SatAM Freedom Fighters got into the first game, and they were just people to rescue in the special stage.

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This is, outside of "Sonic 3D", my favorite obscure Sonic game. I love pinball and Sonic blends so well with it. I love the platforming sections ofthe game and I will be more than happy to have a sequel to this game.

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No, please no!

If there is ever a Sonic game I disliked it was spinball. As a kid, I could never get anywhere in the game. My parents promptly returned it and I got the animaniacs game instead.


I understand, I couldn't make it past Toxic Caves as a kid, but the music kept me going.


8 years later and I could only make it to Lava Powerhouse now. I suck at games.

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I thought Sonic Spinball was really good actually despite the weird physics, clunky platforming controls, and incredible difficulty. I would totally welcome a new one. It did have a really weird and creepy atmosphere that made it memorable though too, which I imagine the new one wouldn't as it would be more likely typical Sonic in terms of style and tone.


Just don't make it get as bullshit as the Showdown, that level was insanity, especially getting blown out of Robotnik's ship time and time again.

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