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Sonic Runners: Operation Unlock Amy

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For some it might be easier, at least here in the US, to make some Facebook and Google accounts at home. If you're lucky you might not even need the Google ones. Then go to a corporate cell phone provider store. (AT&T, T-MOBILE, Sprint, Etc.), and use their demo phones. I did this with AT&T and most their phones already had a google account, all I had to do was download the game, invite to the Facebooks from the game, beat the tutorial under the guise of testing out the phone, then connect fb and accept the invite. You can make the account fairly easy in store but it's annoying juggling two phones at once. Authorized Retailers probably will have empty dummy case phones.

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OK, So I've added 2 people so far, and if I can convince my family to let me use their facebook accounts that's 4. So I need to make 6 faux accounts and keep reinstalling the Runner's app? Well, it gives you RSR as well, so why not!

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