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Dr. Mechano

[RPG] Dr. Mechano: Supervillain Superstar

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Hey, all! I'm making a video game! It is super-WIP right now, but I think I have enough to start showing you what I'm up to.


Basic Premise

Dr. Mechano: Supervillain Superstar is an RPG about an evil genius who wants to thwart his heroic arch-nemesis and conquer the world. As such, you'll be searching the world for powerful items to give you an edge over those pesky heroes, and amass enough power to take over the planet! When Mechano hears about a classified data disk in a military facility, he goes to check it out, thinking it might provide him with just such an advantage. But might he be biting off more than he can chew? Only time will tell!



In this game, you'll be using your robotic minions to assist you, both in battle and on the field. Here's a brief gameplay clip of one of the "field robot" utilities that will hopefully get the idea across:



Additionally, Mechano will be able to use various battle mechs in the game, upgrading his stats and granting him new abilities. As can be seen here:



Playable Characters



Dr. Mechano is an archetypal videogame villain. He is egotistical, petty, self-centered, and incredibly hammy and ostentatious. However, compared to other villains, he's not such a bad guy, and may even have a bit of a soft side. Regardless, his number-one goal is to take over the world, and he won't give up until he does!



Robutler is Dr. Mechano's loyal research assistant and number-one minion. He isn't really malicious or evil in and of himself, but goes along with Mechano's villainous plans out of loyalty for his creator. He has a "Scan" function that can gather data on locations and enemies, so he'll provide lots of useful information to the not-so-good doctor.



Beryl is a former superhero, who turned to villainy to pursue her own ambitions. Although she expresses frequent sarcasm toward Mechano, she doesn't outright dislike her boss or her robotic coworkers. Her superpowers may be just the edge Mechano needs in his latest scheme.


??? is the upcoming fourth playable character. You'll just have to wait for information about them in the next update!



Video Preview (WIP)



And, for those with a little extra time on their hands, here's an extremely rough video preview of the first area of the game, going right up to the first boss fight. As I said, it is a work in progress, so a few NPC lines aren't voice-acted, a couple of sprites are missing, and all of the characters have only one dialogue portrait (they'll have various expressions in the final game). Also, I know a few of the lines are a bit on the quiet side; I'll be sure to adjust that as well. But, for those curious about how it looks so far, here you go:


Also, credits to the voice actors for their fantastic work:

John Archer as Dr. Mechano
Chase Johnson as Robutler
Anairis Quinones as Beryl/Minioids
Anyway, I'll be updating the topic regularly as I go forward. Hopefully I'll have a short playable demo up sooner or later. All thoughts/comments/questions are appreciated!
Edit: Augh. I noticed the typos, where Beryl's name is written as "Berylr" in a couple of dialogue boxes. This has been fixed in the game.

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Mechano runs into an old foe this time!


Captain Cool


Dr. Mechano's arch-nemesis, Captain Cool has been foiling Mechano's schemes for years! How will Mechano deal with this superhero meddling in his latest plan to rule the world?


Mecha Cool


The fourth playable character of the game, Mecha Cool is a robot built in the likeness of Mechano's archenemy. He was designed with one purpose: To defeat Captain Cool! 


And of course, a new preview video of the boss battle and associated cutscenes.


Once again, this is a work in progress. Some of the audio and graphics are either missing or incomplete, so keep in mind that the final game won't look or sound exactly like this. 


Also, expect a playable demo soon! I should have one ready on my next update!

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So, hey, update.

The demo is out: http://drmechano.weebly.com/

Demo includes stage 1, and Mechano's base, the game's hub area.

I also haven't been around in a while, but my earlier posts here are super out-of-date. The game's a strategy RPG now, where you actively direct Mechano's robots on the battlefield. Like so:


I hope you enjoy the demo! For those who'd rather just watch, rather than play, I'll have a video playthrough of the demo up relatively soon, so stay tuned!

Thanks for bearing with me, everyone. This project's been in the works for a while, so getting far enough to release the demo is a big step for me. We still have a ways to go before finishing the game, but I hope this gives a good idea of what to expect going forward!

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