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Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade/NT (Arcade since 2015, January 2018 for PS4)

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Savaging the thread since apparently it was lost in the wipe.



Yes indeed: after last year, where one of Square-Enix' main men Ichiro Hamaza said he wanted to make a new entry in the Dissidia: Final Fantasy sub-series, we're now actually getting another one... sort of.

Well, technically, Square announced it for now as an arcade title and for Japan only at the moment, but it's safe to assume that for a project loved by a lot of Square fans like Dissidia and with this high-quality graphics/effects, this will get on consoles and in the worst case scenario, it will be avaible for importing.


Anyway, new features so far:


*All material shown in the trailer is not pre-rendered CGI, but pure game footage.

*The engine is a cel-shading variant of the Luminous Engine, possibly in order to test the water for Kingdom Hearts III.

*Returning characters so far: Warrior of Light (FFI), Onion Knight (FFIII), Tina/Terra Branford (FFVI), Cloud Strife (FFVII), Lightning Farron (FFXIII).

*New characters so far: Y'shtola (FFXIV).

*New stages so far: Cornelia plains with some forest and Cornelia castle in the background (FFI).

*3v3 mode confirmed. Not sure if obligatory for all matches.

*Movesets of all characters got upgraded to reflect the more open battle arena style. Some new moves are also here and there.

*Possible clash system a la Injustice, but nothing has been confirmed so far.

*Takeharu Ishimoto is returning as the composer, and Tetsuya Nomura as the artwork designer.

*Storywise, it's a reboot, so it's not sure if Cosmos, Chaos, Shinryu or Cid are still involved.

*Cloud smiles. Afters years of moping and watching the floor, Cloud. Fucking. Smiles.


Square said that more news will be revealed on April 10th (wich is actually tomorrow), both in a public conference and in a closed-doors one. Famitsu also said it will talk about the game next week




Get hyped people. I already am.


PS: They better let based Gilgamesh return.

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I personally want this to go on Vita & PS4, since I want a PS4 version due to me getting KH3 and FFXV on it. Speaking of which, I really do hope at least one KH character gets in as a secret character. Only fair given that this series was originally going to be about KH characters fighting. I wouldn't mind Sora, Riku or Roxas getting in. Also Noctis of course better be in. He's got to given how everyone seems to have a love boner for the guy since his original announcement.

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We at the DissidiaForums community are getting raw news from a japanese contact we have at the conference, so, until they're officialized, here's a sum up:


*First and foremost: game is co-developed with Team Ninja, from Tecmo Koei using PS4 core technology. Will stay on arcade for one year and then will have a console port, but people think it will be a PS4 exclusive considering the factors. I'm not blaming them.

*Roster said to be over 50 characters, like, double the cast of Duodecim. Holy shit.

*Updates/patches/DLC confirmed for supporting the game after release in all aspects (characters, stages, costumes and BGMs).

*Summons now are tangible: you fill a meter and once it's full, you activate it to unleash the summon. Only Ifrit confirmed for now.

*Combat seems to still be centered around Bravery/HP attacks and EX gauge, but apparently there's an MP system. Dunno what's it for so far.

*One new stage shown: Midgar (FFVII). Yes, you fight in the streets of the sectors.

*The main site got updated with some of the info and the character sheets: http://www.jp.square-enix.com/DFF/PR/index.html

*There's a vocal version of the main Dissidia theme. The singer seems to be the same of the one that song a lot of the XIII trilogy songs (like the Sunleth Waterscape theme).





Not a lot of news, but reguardless, very interesting so far. If it comes on PS4, i'll pre-order whatever bundle they will make for the console. Blindly.

Now, let's wait and see if Famitsu will say something more.

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Midgar as a stage is awesome! Wonder what other locales they'll choose. And 50 characters? Jeez, wonder if spinoff FF games like Chronicles will get a chance at getting repped.

Everything is sounding great so far!

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I'm sure Disney wouldn't be a dick and deny Square rights to using Sora. It's just another way of them getting money, and if he's highly wanted, then it's a win-win. Plus he has enough ties to Square for it to make sense.(though personally Riku would make sense more, as his keychain isn't Mickey Mouse lol.)

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I'd be ok with KH characters in THIS, just not in Smash Bros.



RAMZA CONFIRMED?! YES! I mentioned I wanted to see Ramza, Delita, other spinoff characters, and potentially Layle from the Crystal Chronicles games. Plus adding a XIII villain and maybe even Noctis finally.




Some others I can see: Maybe a third XII, IX, and VI character each. III is a possibility if they add Xayne, and maybe a second member of the Warriors of Light from I. Dunno, though, the first three may be more iffy.



Wouldn't be surprised if they officially add Aerith as a full character this time.



Awesome that Midgar is a confirmed stage.




SO GLAD we've got spinoff characters confirmed this time. Ramza was definitely the first one I was hoping to see, Bravely Default will probably be the second to get represented.

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I'd be ok with KH characters in THIS, just not in Smash Bros.

Don't see why Sora or Riku can't be in Smash, but are fine here. They have enough history with Nintendo and aren't exclusive. They're as fair game as Sonic and Megaman and more likely than someone like Banjo at this point.

But that's heavily off topic lol. Anyway, wonder if TWEWY has any chance of getting repped.

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I'd love TWEWY getting in this, too. It'd be neat if they draw from more than just Final Fantasy. As long as they stick to their RPG franchises, anyway.




With 50 characters, that's a LOT even by expanding into spinoffs. Granted, they could easily cover 50 characters if they pick almost two characters per game. For example, they could add Delita from Tactics in addition to Ramza.

I do think Delita would be the most likely pick for "villain" in that game, even though you don't actually fight him at any point.

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God damn, I gotta get myself a PS4 by the time that game comes out.

I don't see a reason to leave Sora out, I mean...Disney love the free advertisement it would bring. Maybe in the form of one of those DLC packages?

What I want to see is the character list.

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Well, considering there's 50 characters we can safely assume EVERYONE is coming back, so there's that at least. I wrote up an analysis of potential spinoffs they could add and what games could get a third character in the old topic, but honestly, I wasn't expecting that many new characters compared to the prior game. The last game only added like 8 characters.

So, let's review who we've got:

* denotes confirmed returning characters
** denotes new characters

1 -
Warrior of Light *

2 -
The Emperor

3 -
Onion Knight *
Cloud of Darkness

4 -

5 -

6 -
Terra *

7 -
Cloud *

8 -

9 -

10 -

11 -

12 -

13 -
Lightning *

14 -
Y'shtola **

Tactics -
Ramza **

Dissidia -
Feral Chaos

So with 31 characters from the prior game, that means there's 19 new characters in this game, with two confirmed--Y'shtola from 14 and Ramza from Tactics, this also being the introduction of spinoffs.

Bravely Default will likely get a character, and I do expect Noctis to appear as well now that we've seen much of his fighting style.

I don't know who else we could get to fill up to 3 from the first few games. Xande is the only one I can think of from III. For I, that's questionable. We already got Feral Chaos, who could in theory represent Chaos, so maybe we don't need one. For II, again, can't think of anyone; doesn't Firion already represent all characters in that game?

VI can EASILY get a new character, there's tons to work with. Maybe it could even get two. Setzer or Edgar would be the best ones for their movesets. However, Ace could also work well for a card-based moveset, so Edgar might be the more original pick from VI.

IX is, again, iffy. Out of anyone, Vivi would probably be the most popular pick. Garnet's main gig is summoning, same as Yuna. She could summon different creatures, though.

XII I almost missed. A third XII character is doable, but questionable. Basch is basically a certain no-go, and Balthier's terrain is stepped on through Laguna. There's no bow characters in the games I'm aware of, but Fran really isn't that popular. Ashe is probably the best bet; she can still use a variety of swords, but I think her mixing it up by delving into her Revenant Wings moveset will really improve her standing by using a lot of bombs and also time magic. She could potentially use some Techniques from XII as well.

XIII can definitely get a new character; for a villain, either Caius (if its not just the first game), or Cid Raines. I'd prefer Cid, but they could potentially include both.

XIV could potentially get a second new character as well, perhaps a villain.

We could probably get a caravanner from Crystal Chronicles. I also think Layle from Crystal Bearers would be a good option, so that'd be two CC characters.

Agnes is the most commonly promoted Bravely Default character. Her and Noctis I think are practically guaranteed.

Delita is also a good choice for a second Tactics character, or they could go with a different Tactics game.

So, to add some possibilities:

* confirmed

3 -
Xande maybe?

6 -

9 -
Vivi probably.

12 -

13 -
Cid Raines

13 Trilogy -

14 -
Y'shtola *
Maybe a villain? (Dunno anything about 14)

15 -

Tactics -
Ramza *

Crystal Chronicles -

Crystal Bearers -

Bravely Default -

That would cover 14 additional characters of the known 19. Other possibilities could include Vagrant Story, but unless they really stretch it with some games (third XI character maybe, even more CC characters, two 15 characters, Bravely Second) or there's a ton more spinoffs I'm missing (I'm sure there are), they might be able to add non-FF characters.

I know people would absolutely love to see Chrono, Sora and Riku, as well as TWEWY. Personally, I know its a HUGE stretch, but I'd love to see the Lufia franchise represented. Extremely unlikely, its owned by SE now but it wasn't before the Taito buyout. But it would be cool I think. (The most obvious pick would probably be Erim, aka

Lufia herself

, but Maxim is also a prime candidate.)

Yes, Bravely Default and Vagrant Story are FF spinoffs.



EDIT: I've still never played past Dissidia games, but I do love the concept. I am planning on getting a PS4 eventually and want this game.

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Honestly I think if games like KH, TWEWY and Chrono were to get in, I think a heo and villain would be the best to represent. Example: for Kingdom Hearts, Sora is a pretty predictable candidate for the hero, and for a villain, either Ansem, Xemnas or Young Xehanort could fill that roll.

The only potential problem I could see with a franchise like KH is if they are in the story. How exactly would the interaction between characters like Squall and Cloud go?

TWEWY makes a bit more sense on terms of the character interaction, given the two franchises have never actually interacted with each other. But hey, if they can make it work with KH characters, I'm cool then.

As for FF characters, Barrett or Sazh would be awesome to include(a black character would be nice haha). Noctis and a second character from 15, Agnes from BD, Vivi, Caius and Auron would be great additions. Vincent could be cool too.

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Well, I'm iffy on a fourth character getting in from an established game. Granted, Sazh from XIII isn't a bad idea at all. He's popular, wields dual guns which will vary him up from Laguna, and can use some additional XIII paradigms.




Honestly I think if games like KH, TWEWY and Chrono were to get in, I think a heo and villain would be the best to represent. Example: for Kingdom Hearts, Sora is a pretty predictable candidate for the hero, and for a villain, either Ansem, Xemnas or Young Xehanort could fill that roll.

From Chrono, I don't see a villain getting in. I wouldn't object to it, I just feel they'd go with one character. Magus would be a great addition, though (let's face it: the only option is Magus, you can't really make a playable character out of Lavos and Magus is the main antagonist half the game).



From KH, Riku is not a villain, but like other "villains" in Dissidia, Riku could fill the spot of a villain since he's the main rival/anti-hero type of character, and is the main character to fill that role throughout the game. Granted, Ansem would be a very original addition with his guardian, not that Riku isn't original. I feel like Riku would get in, though, since Riku is way more popular (and he can still summon Ansem anyway :P).

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I wouldn't object to Riku being playable, I'd want that more than Sora haha. So both getting in wouldn't be a bad thing at all. Though if Riku and a traditional villain like Ansem or Xemnas got in, character interaction between the two could be pretty awesome.

Roxas could also be a cool character to see in if they picked someone else other than Riku to go with Sora. His duel wield ability sets him apart from being just a clone.

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Again, with all the options available, I doubt any game would get a fourth character, instead they'll expand into other spinoffs, and maybe additional popular Square Enix franchises (the "third-parties" in a sense, except they're just non-FF SE characters).

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I'm not saying 4 characters for KH. I'm saying characters that could work for a pair.

Sora - Riku




Heck, Aqua could be a interesting character to get paired with Roxas just to see the interaction between the two.

Just saying they don't have to have the only choices be Sora and Riku.

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