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Marvel's Netflix Universe |Daredevil Season 2 - March 18th

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Iron Fist finally got an Executive producer!

http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/12/07/marvel-and-netflix-iron-fist-series-gets-a-showrunner-in-scott-buck?utm_source=IGN hub page&utm_medium=TV&utm_content=7&utm_campaign=Blogroll

Iron Fist / 7 Dec 2015

Marvel and Netflix Iron Fist Series Gets a Showrunner in Scott Buck

No release window has been announced.

By Cassidee Moser The Marvel/Netflix Iron Fist series has found a showrunner.

According to Comicbook.com and Heroic Hollywood, Scott Buck has been named as showrunner for the series. Buck's previously served as an executive producer on Dexter and a producer on Six Feet Under, among other TV credits.

The Iron Fist series does not yet have a release window on the subscription-based streaming service, although it has been expected that it would air before the Defenders miniseries Marvel and Netflix have planned for the future.

The mature Netflix-exclusive Marvel series feature heroes like Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones as they take down criminals in New York's Hell's Kitchen. Jessica Jones -- executive produced by another Dexter alum, Melissa Rosenberg -- recently debuted at the end of November to critical acclaim, and both Daredevil Season 2 and the Luke Cage series are planned to be released in 2016. Few details are known at this time, but it's likely the Iron Fist series will feature the same level of mature content as its counterparts.


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Well, since no one's discussing it, might as well be the first to talk about it, finished binge watching Daredevil Season 2. It's almost as good as the first one!

Now, don't get me wrong when I say I think the first season is superior, that doesn't mean this one sucks, no, it's great, the Punisher and Elektra are amazing aditions to the cast and they all get incredible arcs that keep you interested in them without taking away from Matt's own arc, instead their arcs mix up with Matt's to make some of the biggest moral conflicts of the season.

Why it's not just as great as season 1? The villain. Without Spoiling it too much, the focus on the heroes themselves make it so there isn't actually a main antagonist until the last half of the season, and when they do, the bad guys are as one note as possible, and as much as they deliver a sense of danger, they don't top Wilson Fisk, since we barely spent any time with them to realize what they can do or how dangerous they are, unlike Fisk they're generic as fuck, which kind of ruins a few scenes for me, even worse, Matt has no personal reason to fight them, he's as detached from them as possible, unlike Fisk.

Buuuut, don't let that ruin it for ya, the bad guys of the season are there just for some closure and a cool finale that sets up the future of the franchise. The main focus of this season isn't Matt VS the Bad Guys, but Matt, The Punisher and Elektra all evolving as characters and keeping crossing each other's paths, helping the other flesh out their own characters and their own moral conflicts, all leading up to the climax. 

Overall a great followup for the first season and still an amazing show, it's just not as good as the first season because it lacks that sense of ''it's personal'' between the main heroes and the bad guys.


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I could barely watch Season 2, which is to say, I could barely see it. The visual tone is just relentlessly dark, I cranked up the brightness of my TV to maximum and some of the fights toward the end were still impossible to follow.

That said, it was mostly an amazing season. I think at times it got a little convoluted and I don't think some things were resolved (In the spoiler tag is my main one, but it's pretty spoileriffic, so don't read until you've finished the season)


Did they ever find out who was doing the fake Punisher attacks after he gets out of jail? It wasn't the Colonel, right?

I think some of it was rushed - certainly {Redacted}'s entrance would have worked as a more organic line through the season rather than a flashback. Which is odd, because the Netflix model means that they essentially just put out a 13 hour movie, and some episodes are structured with that in mind, rather than actual network TV, but it's still holding onto that format. Frustratingly, a quibble I had with Jessica Jones (which I loved) returns here, which is that some of the cast just seem to go on holding patterns and repetitive motions until the writers deem their plot necessary to continue. Foggy and (especially) Karen did a whole lot of nothing in the middle, but they still hogged screen time that could have been given to fleshing out more important things.  

That said, Bernthal was absolutely fantastic as the Punisher. His acting and delivery was spot on, and the physicality he brought to it was so impressive. And the fight choreography as a whole was sublime. Daredevil has some of the best fight scenes in Western TV, and it's better than 95% of Western movies (including everything else in the MCU), so I was glad to see that get even better - it's a shame as it went on they ended up being shot darker and darker, which really obscures the work.  

And speaking of the MCU, I'm glad they have stopped paying lip service to it, which I'm worried about for Jessica Jones S2 (and Luke Cage) as superpowers are more of a theme there. I kind of got off the bus with the movies after I saw where GoG was taking it, but unlike JJ I can't see Daredevil rocking up in the next Avengers movie. 


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