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What's each character's definitive theme song?


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I really liked how in Sonic Generations, if you went up to characters like Metal Sonic, Shadow, and Silver, their own personal themes started playing. I've always liked in video games when a character had their own theme song attached to their names. It made me think, what are the Sonic character's themes? It's not that easy of a question because.....they've got a lot of themes, especially Sonic. How do you pick just one to represent that character? If they made a new Sonic game with several different playable characters, each having their own theme, which theme do you think would be best for each character? For some characters that have only had one theme specifically for them, the answer would be easy. But what about characters that have multiple ones? 


Sonic: For Sonic, I'd personally choose "It Doesn't Matter", specifically the SA1 version because I always liked that one better. I'm not that big a fan of what they did to the song in SA2. "His World" would be my second choice.


Tails: "Believe In Myself", again, the SA1 version.


Knuckles: "Unknown from M.E."....SA1 version.


Shadow: For Shadow, I'd choose "All Hail Shadow", Sonic 06 version. I know "I Am All of Me" makes more sense, considering that's the main theme of his very own game, but I just personally like All Hail Shadow better. Besides, his name's in it.


With the other characters, they seem to have only had one theme attached to their name or it seems like SEGA's already decided which song they like for that character. Like, Eggman's got this




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This will forever be Eggman's theme


Not this trash


I've always hated the '06 theme, which for some reason Ohtani and Tokoi seem to always to use these days. It's just so... bleh. Boring orchestra crap that doesn't do much of a job of expressing Eggman's eccentricities and flamboyant nature. E.G.G.M.A.N. and it's subsequent remixes are perfect for the guy, and I'm glad that Senoue chose it for Generations, even though it was used outside the Egg Dragoon and Unleashed featured the 2006 theme.


I consider this to be Sonic's defining theme song 



Perfectly summing up the entire series post-Dreamcast.
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I love E.G.G.M.A.N, for above mentioned reasons by Blue Bood. 

I feel Sir Percival is the definitive theme for Blaze. The strings ooze of her fiery attitude, her unpredictability and the fact that she is a rival not to be messed with (well, ex-rival). 



THIS. It's my definitive theme song for Jet. The violins have a disco-classical touch to them, showing the 'epic' roots of Jet. The vocals have a sublime, subtle energy oozing in, yet keeping its chill. 

...really they haven't given more than one theme to most characters so welpz. That's it from me.


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Sonic has so many it's hard to choose, but I personally feel like Endless Possibility is the most "Sonic" one in terms of the general sound to the song, even if some of the lyrics are a little tied to Unleashed's storyline.



Personally for Metal Sonic I REALLY like Howard Drossin's "Metal Sonic" from the Virtual Sonic album.  How official it can be considered is questionable, but it's the only vocal theme the guy has ever had (I may be a little biased towards it for that reason).




The lyrics are pretty simple but I can't get over what a good line "he's put together the wrong way" is.  That's so Metal Sonic.


Failing that though I do prefer his Sonic 4 theme to Stardust Speedway Bad Future.  It may be as short and repetitive as all the rest of Sonic 4's music but it's DAMN good while it lasts and I feel perfectly captures Metal Sonic's "feel" in musical form.  Stardust Speedway is great but it more captures THAT particular battle to me rather than Metal Sonic in general.




A specific additional one for me for a character who has never had a main theme to call their own would be Cream.  I consider "We Can"* "Follow Me" to be totally Amy's theme (and I prefer it to My Sweet Passion as a main one for her because of the garbage lyrics of MSP lol) so I don't like to fob that off on Cream simply due to lack of anything else.  Personally if I was tasked with giving Cream a main theme in a future game, I feel like the best choice would be to upgrade and remix either Leaf Forest or the Credits theme from Sonic Advance 2.




The upbeat and almost slightly cutesey nature of both these tracks fits her character well, and for some reason the use of harmonica really fits Cream for me.  Plus the game was her debut so I really relate the music to her (plus the stills from her cut-scene are featured prominently in the credits over Knuckles and Tails for some reason).



*Typo, now fixed.

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humm.. i think OMEGA would fit nice with this one


its from the ending that Shadow "Android" beat KILL Eggman with OMEGA :lol:



Tails' theme still being "Believe on myself" :)


 both versions..



for Sonic still being the SA2 "it doesn't matter" ^_^


 so long the SA1 version is not performed in new Sonic games...


but also i think Sonic's main theme  before Adventure used to be "you can do anything"


it apeared in a few game gear's games as the invincible shield music..



for Knuckles theme is from SA2  :D

and  "all hail shadow" is Shedew's theme :lol:

also Amy's is  "my sweet passion" or "Follow me" 


also each wisp has its theme :D

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I remember Sonic, Tails and Knuckles named in that song, but where was Amy mentioned?

Jez goofed and meant to say "Follow Me".

*Vela Nova*


Blaze got a pretty kickass theme song

I like this track, and Black Knight recognised it as music for Blaze when you got the Medal of Percival (Gawain and Lancelot's played Unknown from M.E. and Throw It All Away respectively). But like Jez said about Stardust Speedway and Metal Sonic, it's more symbolic of the battle than the particular character. Blaze's event music from Rush would be a better choice, but Sir Percival's Theme is the best fit imo.
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I remember Sonic, Tails and Knuckles named in that song, but where was Amy mentioned?


Whoops, meant Follow Me.  Every single team song in Heroes has two word titles and it messes me up.




Regarding Blaze, I like Sir Percival's Theme, but it feels too "Black Knighty" for me to consider it a theme for vanilla Blaze.  It actually feels quite out of place alongside Sir Lancelot's Theme and Sir Gawain's theme due to them being straight rehashes of SA1 and SA2 music, but the music team's hands were kind of tied with that all things considered.  No real way to win unless they gave the first two original themes as well.

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ohh wait.. but Metal Sonic theme now is the one from "Sonic 4 ep.2"



As much as I hope so, it's too early to say.  Richard Jacques composed the remixes for Transformed so it was likely his own personal choices as to which songs he chose to use.  After all, Sonic's All-Star theme was Reach for the Stars.


I'd wait for Metal Sonic's theme to show up in another main series title before we can be sure it's here to stay and a legit replacement for Stardust Speedway Bad Future.

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As much that we love to shit on Shadow's game,, I don't think anyone gives it credit where its due sometimes. Like this fucking song. I've never really liked most of Shadow's songs, they either sounded too edgy or two mysterious. However, I absolutely love "Never Turn Back", especially hearing it for the first time after finishing the game. It just feels like the most appropriate song to end his character arc with and sums up his entire experience.

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I personally love Stardust Speedway Bad Future as Metal Sonic's theme song. To me, it feels both menacing and playful, which is what I felt every encounter with Metal Sonic felt like (except Sonic Heroes, which was a bit too intense). Plus it's such a catchy beat! And I'm actually fine with the Eggman theme they've been using from Sonic 06 and up. I think it fits him well enough. It's kind of a doofy song and Eggman is definitely a doof. 


Perfectly summing up the entire series post-Dreamcast.



It's had its ups and downs (mostly downs). And I think it began with Dreamcast personally... :/

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While I doubt this is definitive in the slightest, I always thought the piece of music from the series that fit Rouge the best was the theme from the level that everybody loved for having such a simple and straightforward design and a very forgiving time limit



I'm so glad I'm not the only person on the planet who likes that level


Pushing the level this track is associated with out of the equation, I do feel this is the track that would define Rouge as a character in terms of sound moreso than any other in the series. It does feel like a bit more on the spy side and I've always seen her as a thief first and a spy second, but all of her tracks feel like they're more on the spy side. Plus, she technically is a spy, so whatever.

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What is with the lack of Throw It All Away as Shadow's theme here? It's certainly Shadow's theme song. Not that All Hail Shadow garbage.


Meh. It does seem like SEGA uses that song more often, but I personally never liked it too much. The chorus sounds like someone singing into a cheap microphone inside of an empty, echo-y garage. Now that I think about it.....I've realized that I just never cared for SA2's soundtrack in general. I'm looking at my MP3 player, and City Escape's the only SA2 song I got on there, and I usually skip it anyway. Huh...

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I'd vote "Reach for the Stars" from Sonic Colors for the best Sonic theme. - Not only the best, but also the most fitting in my opinion. It really captures the fast and energetic Sonic vibe, and no other Sonic theme has gotten me so hyped to be playing one of the games, actually.

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From my perspective,

 The SA2 version of "It Doesn't Matter" seems to fit Sonic to a T; especially nowadays.

 For Tails, I'd go with SA2 version of "Believe in Myself" since that was used most recently for a level in Sonic Lost World.

 Knuckles, it's SA1's "Unknown from M.E.".  I just feel that fits his character more.

 For Amy, it's "Follow Me" easily.  I'm sorry but I've never been fond of "My Sweet Passion"

 Cream doesn't seem to have a theme, not of her own anyway.  Though somebody previously mentioned that Sonic Advance 2's ending credits theme could fit for her and I agree.

 Big's theme is "Lazy Days ~Living in Paradise~. Next.

 Hmmm Shadow.  I'm gonna go with "I AM...All of Me" as it makes Shadow sound like the badass he is.  I will add that "Never Turn Back" fits him pretty well his character  nowadays.

 Rouge's theme is "Fly in the Freedom". A great theme for her. Next.

 Omega I'm not sure of.  I think he should get an instrumental theme like Gamma.

 The Chaotix already have a theme that I absolutely adore. Next.

 For Metal Sonic, it's definitely gotta be his theme from Sonic 4.  That tune is just awesome!

 Silver's theme is "Dreams of an Absolution".  While I do like the original, I prefer the remix as Jun Senoue provides the much needed cool factor Silver's theme needed.

 Blaze's theme seems to be Vela Nova and also this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCVkg46noA0.  Both fit her quite nicely.

 And last, but definitely not least, is Dr. Eggman.  For our favorite comedic evil scientist you can't go wrong with "E.G.G.M.A.N."  He's got the master plan!

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Sonic the Hedgehog - It Doesn't Matter (SA1 Version)


Amy Rose - My Sweet Passion (SA1)


Knuckles the Echidna - Unknown From M.E. (SA2 Version)


Shadow the *emo* Hedgehog - Never Turn Back


Big the Cat - Lazy Days


Dr Robotnik - E.G.G.M.A.N. (Doc Robeatnix Mix)


Rouge the Bat - Fly in the Freedom


Silver the Hedgehog (aka Pothead the Porcupine) - Dreams of an Absolution (2011 version)


Metal Sonic - What I'm Made Of


Miles "Tails" Prower - Move Bitch (Ludacris)

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I know that a song is a character's definitive theme when it is recreated or remixed several times.

Sonic: It Doesn't Matter

Tails: Believe In Myself

Knuckles: Unknown From Me

Silver: Dreams Of An Absolution

Eggman: I was gonna say E.G.G.M.A.N but ever since 06, SEGA has been using a new orchestral theme that continued for games to come, so I'll say that.

Shadow: Generations plays Throw It All Away when you get near Shadow but it also plays All Hail Shadow when he powers up in the actual fight. Not to mention the renditions from Shadow The Hedgehog and 06. This leads me to believe that All Hail Shadow is becoming his theme.

Metal Sonic: Stardust Speedway (Bad Future) seems like a no-brainer but after Sonic 4: Episode 2, his new theme might be getting more relevance because of it's "remix" in Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed as his All Star move. Stardust Speedway (Bad Future) still seems like his theme though unless his Sonic 4 song is used more often.

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