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Miitoons' Artwork

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Pickle Unleashed is damn near the best thing to ever come out of the fandom and why isn't this official I'm sad now


If we believe hard enough... and with a tiiiiiiiiny bit of magic.... the upcoming Sonic Movie will be revealed to have been a Pickle Unleashed film the whole time. ( INCEPTION NOISES!!!)

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I really like your artwork! My favourite was the Cowbot drawing, it had me laughing! You should do more of these Boom drawings! ^_^ The Pickle Unleashed comic was pretty funny too! Keep it up!


Thanks, Zebra! I'm glad you liked them!


Here are the last Boom drawings I've made up to this point:









Here's a bit of Smash Bros.This is for all the newcomers we've got for the game ( The clone-like characters would've been too small to see, so they had to be excluded)





Like Sonic? Like Power Rangers? Well, here they are in a mashup!



It's perfectly fine if you agree with Shadow here. I thought so too a little bit, ha!




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My GOD that Mario and Luigi picture

Also pretty much every instance of Shadow made me laugh

Very good artwork here. Hopefully I can become as good as you one day!


Thank you for the kind words!:D I know it's cliche to say, but just keep practicing! Trust me, you'll surprise yourself if you keep going at it!



While I'm here, I guess I could do a bit of shameless plugging for my upcoming original comic, Zeroes! It's a action/adventure comedy series that I'm hoping to debut this summer! Check it ou!





Zeroes is visual marvel of character driven comedy, action and adventure.

The comic follows 4 teenage criminals with incredible powers who are gathered by the government and dropped into S.O.N (the Superhero unit Of the Nation), where they're trained by the hands of a unique cast of scientists, soldiers, and research experiments ( Such as the rebelliously awesome cybernetic wolf named Lance) to reshape their criminal outlooks by becoming the worlds best ensemble of heroes! All while fighting and teaming up with a plethora of stylistically different enemies and partners along the way, like the wanna-be- evil tyrant, Dr. Cluck, the mysterious samurai Alexx Lordae, or the hilarious Poet-Tree.


Taking inspiration from tons of anime, cartoons, and comics, the series will mix multiple animation and comic book styles to bring about tons of laughs, references, and insane action sequences.

It also allows for readers to get into the series on a more interactive level. Through contests, viewers can have there very own character apart of the Zeroes universe. Whether they're a villain, hero, anti-hero or even completely weird, YOU can contribute to the Zeroes craziness and fun! ( More info on contests to be announced later on)



The main setting of the series is called Pastel City, a small,colorful,futuristic metropolis that mixes American and Japanese cultures and people.You won't find it on the map, it's just too small and not too many people like to mention it. Why? Well, cuz this place is home to the secret S.O.N. organization, a government foundation that takes all things paranormal and supernatural and tries to change them into savers of the world. This is where our heroes emerge!



his here piece is for the bio of Avy " Avocado" Codman, as well as a promotional illustration from my new action/ adventure comedy comic, Zeroes.

This drawing also gives you guys a first look at one of S.O.N.'s MANY failed hero creations/experiments ,a clay made creature known as Dr. Mallice ( who is a parody of a rather famous character in stop-motion/ claymation.)





Name: Avy " Avocado" Codman

Age: 16

Race/ Ethnicity: White

Nickname/ Alias: Avocado, Tiny Baby Face MaGee

Avy is the main protagonist in the series. There are times where he'll try act more like the leader of the team, however his loud, arrogant, goofball ways tend to get the better of him. It also doesn't help that when in the face of danger, he can be a bit of a pansy, despite all the pathetic snark he tries to throw out!

Avy's 'Blinx' powers allow for him to turn any object he can think of into an electrical weapon. His emotions tend to change the colors and overall power of these moves, and he can use them to travel at great speeds through walls, floors, and ceilings. Unfortunately, he's got very little imagination and at times tends to think of fairly simple things like a fist or just One electrical missile instead of an ENTIRE ARMADA of them, which tends to irritate the rest of the team.

Avy got his powers as a baby when he was electrocuted by lightning at the hands of his dumb parents. These powers, as well as the incredibly tiny face he had as a child and the fact that his head looks like an Avocado got him mocked and bullied, which eventually led to his more destructive criminal life before the S.O.N. took him in.

Now, he hopes that he can clear his name as an outlaw and protect his new friends, and maybe even win the heart of the mentally insane, Coco Butterson!





Meet Coco Adrianna Butterson! Another member of the quirky superhero team, the Zeroes from my upcoming book of the same name!


" Sticks and stones may break my bones, but i will freakin' MURDER YOU."- Coco

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race/ Ethnicity: Latina

Likes: Hanging out with friends, pancakes, discovering new magic spells and tricks, the ' pets' she can create using her powers, fighting crime,the light,parties, dressing up, smashing stuff, kittens, monsters


Dislikes: The dark, enclosed spaces, the mail man, getting scared, being proven weak, seeing her friends in danger


Personality: Despite her wild and sometimes creepy personality, Coco is just a very energetic girl looking for people to call real friends and family. Her idea of fun can sometimes lead to many dangerous situations, but she means well. She's always on her toes and excited for action, ready to create havoc for her enemies and face challenges head on with no second thoughts, no matter what the consequence is afterwards!


Powers: Coco obtains the power of Tex magic. Dark energy that can be used in a variety of magic spells and chants. Her favorite weapon to create with her power is the Heart Breaker, a spiky mace in the shape of a heart. She also loves to summon her NotBunnize , animal-like ghost creatures that do whatever she needs them to.





Meet Brussle Sproutan, the next in the main character lineup for my upcoming comic, Zeroes!


Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race/ Ethnicity: African American


Likes: Reading comics, animals, arts and crafts,cooking, science, lifting weights, thinking he can sing, punching baddies, using his strength for justice, exercise


Dislikes: His giant hands (depending on circumstance), getting angry, impatience, upsetting children, Coco ( She scares him), people disturbing his meditation sessions,



Nerdy, peace-loving and disciplined, it’s hard to believe that this guy was potentially one of the deadliest teenage criminals around. He may have a huge temper problem, but his anger is no match for how big his heart is when it comes to protecting his new friends. He’s probably the wisest and smartest of the group, but can be just as immature when he realizes he’s living the life of his favorite comic book and novel heroes.

Brussel always seems to be locked in a constant internal battle between his peaceful and bad traits, to the point that It's pretty safe to assume he's got two split personalities, though he rest of the group may shrug his constant mood swings off as being a joke.



Brussle's large fists are already a force to be reckoned with on their own, but combine those with extreme body heat and you’ve got yourself fists of fire and fury! His strength gives him many great capabilities, but sometimes he doesn’t remember how strong he truly is, and can be a bit too forceful when in the midst of play or simply assisting someone.



( Lol, yes. All 4 of the main teenagers have food punny names. Just something to help unify them as a group)


Here's a look at two already existing side characters:




And here's some concept sketches:




I hope you like what you see! :)

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I'm liking those character posters-- it really looks like you put a lot of effort into them. Also, I'd say you did well in making the art style look like a cartoon; it certainly gives off that vibe.


I may give this comic a look when it's out.


Also, I've seen your Sonic Boom episode posters on Tumblr before, and I must say, those are pretty cool as well.

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I'm liking those character posters-- it really looks like you put a lot of effort into them. Also, I'd say you did well in making the art style look like a cartoon; it gives off that vibe.


I may give this comic a look when it's out.


I'm really glad you like them. This series has been something I've been developing for about three years, so it feels good to finally show it off!

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S'more Zeroes Sketches!




1. This here's a little look at one of Coco's favorite disguises, El- Bigote ( The Mustache. pretty blatant name, right?). She uses this for whenever she needs to look more like sophisticated gentleman, a salesman, a musician or a ringmaster for a circus... or when she feels like messing with Brussle.

* Brownie points to those who know what she's singing without looking at this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkfU1J…

2. When they're not doing superhero things ( or when Winku's family lets her wear something other than business attire ) , the Zeroes try to fit into society again and dress casually. The girls look like they're planning something... naaaaauuughtyyyy.

3. Chibis of the revealed characters, cuz why the hecks not!

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Sketch wall updated! This time with more sketches of Brussle!


4. An early sketch of Brussle from when Zeroes was just an idea me and a few middle school friends came up with. Brussle has been the least changed since then ( you'll see later that the other teammates went through a few different designs before finalization.), but at first, his hair's shape was the result of him burning it when discovering his powers for the first time. You can even see he had a bald spot cuz of it!

5. Brussle's the artsy guy of the group, so one of his favorite hobbies is painting! He mostly likes to make comics, but he can get pretty deep with abstract and other art forms. If only the others understood his work. frown.gif

6. Sometimes he forgets how big his hands are.

7. This is what happens when his OCD is triggered to the max. Er'body RUN!! I remember this sketch abit after filling in his bald spot all that time ago. Funnily enough, the character Anger from Pixar's movie Inside Out also bursts into flames when he's mad in pretty much the exact same way. ha!

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Oh! I'm a dope! This is one of the fanart pieces I'm the most proud of and I can't believe I didn't upload it sooner!




I've been one of many other Rayman supporters for Smash Bros., and this was what I imagined Rayman's Newcomer poster could look like if he were to make it in! I think I'll do Shantae or Shovel Knight next.

Holy crap, these look good. I'm definitely checking out the comic when you debut it!


Really glad to see you're likin' it! Believe me, I can't wait till' this beast of a project releases either! :):D

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More background art! Just a better look into the city the Zeroes'll be protecting as well as some of it's inhabitants.
Developing the city for the comic has been a blast, as it's taught me that no matter what you're doing when it comes to building environments, you cannot do enough research, because so much believability can come out of what's really there. Lots of the research went into learning Japanese for the stores and propaganda within the city ( Though, it might still be off. If anyone who speaks/writes Japanese sees something wrong, then feel free to let me know), as well as shaping the buldings to make sure it's got a bit of a American/ Japanese mix to it.

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Here's the second to last Zero of the gang. The Supernatural Organization of the Nation's biggest mistake ( as far as we know): Lance!

Age: 23

Gender: Male ( last he checked)

Species: Robot/Wolf Humanoid

Likes: Guns, guns, guns, did I mention guns, breaking this "fourth wall" thing or whatever, himself, not having to breathe like a human, sleep, food, oil (his favorite drink),
pranks, making unnecessarily epic entrances, his teammates, Winku Peetsunae, the outside

Dislikes: The S.O.N., work, water, the word "powerless", Furry conventions, animal cosplay (it sickens him)

Lance is a jerk. A huge jerk. And he knows it. He loves to think he's the most amazingly overpowered thing known to man ( and maybe beyond), but he's not all that bad. Being given the responsibility of guarding the Zeroes, Lance can finally see the outside world for the first time, as he only knows of it from what the many S.O.N. scientists have told him. This leaves him to be clueless on some occasions and view things in a bit of a twisted perspective, making him one of the worst role models you could ever have.
Lance's unpredictability can either be the worst or best thing for the Zeroes depending on what he feels like doing. He can be a constant irritation to the team, but he cares for them and won't let them down in the most dire of situations.... unless he's sleeping or being distracted by something entirely.

Lance is like every overpowered fancharacter molded into one ( hence his design looking like a fancharacter from the fanbase of a certain speedy blue animal). Meant to originally act as the world's most advanced military robot, Lance is a walking arsenal in every possible way. He's got powers that neither he or the organization know he's got. Able to create interdimensional rifts, breaking the fourth wall, this guy could potentially put an end to the world as we know it!
Good thing he likes it on Earth, huh?

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Just did this for a DeviantArt challenge! The idea was to drop a character or more into a photo that fits said character's design! This one is of one incredibly EXTREEEEEME lifeguard!

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