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Sonic games voice clips


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sorry for the lazy topic, but i thought it would be a great idea if we could post here links to good quality "ripped" voice clips from sonic games for people to use! (unless there is some other website that accomodates to that better)


I personally am looking for voice clips from: Sonic CD, Sonic Heroes, Sonic 2006, Sonic Lost World, Sonic Boom RoL...and possibly a few others (including Smash 4), im trying to make a video project using some voice clips, so yeah, it would be very helpfull! : )


P.S. How do you put something under "spolier"?

EDIT: Clips from the show's would work too I guess...if you could somehow edit out the music, or if its part of a dvd collection or whatever.

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Not to be rude but this is the sort of question that could be easily answered through a Google search. I'd advise going to this site for any sort of voice clips or other such sound effects, they have all the games you're looking for apart from Lost World and RoL.


P.S. How do you put something under "spolier"?


In the regular post editor on the top row, the third icon along should say 'Special BBCode'. Click on it then the drop-down and select "Spoiler", throw a bunch of text in.


like so

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thanks, but also (again with the nooby questions) i used to get notifications when someone replyed to me before the website crashed about 2 months ago, but now i dont, despite remembering it bieng a default option (my account was deleted in the proccess and i made this "duplicate" one with near zero posts) How do I fix this?

EDIT: all i want from Lost world and RoL is "F**k" and "this is what speed looks like" is there ANY WAY I can get those (I probably should have googled that...is it really that easy to find?) Aside from that my excuse for making this post was "convienience" which admittetly is quite dumb.

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There are Sonic voice clips from various games on some Youtube channels. You can try there. If you're looking for Heroes and 06 voice clips then try MrPeterSonic100 and HiddenAccount's youtube channels. They have plenty of those and other games too.




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