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Dr. Crusher Presents: The 30 Days of Sonic the Hedgehog Mk.II (Daft and Tolerating It)-PAGE 72, FIN

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Day 2: What three Zones would I like to visit for a vacation:


First would be Emerald Hill: Serene grass and palm trees as far as the eye can see, crystal-clear rivers, and corkscrews to run through! (But the spike traps might be a problem)


Second, Bingo Highway: I'm now old enough to gamble, so I'd gladly stay up all night rolling around on giant pinball tables, collecting BINGO chips and avoiding bottomless pits! (With how easy it is to get Rings, the medical bills pay for themselves!) 


Finally, Tropical Resort: A five-star resort (Four out of five critics agree; four were held at gunpoint by Egg Pawns, and the fifth mysteriously vanished) packed with enslaved extraterrestrials, disgusting, overpriced food, and not-so-friendly tour guide robots! All in front of a beautiful glimpse of Sonic's World! 



Note: Oxygen not included. Reservation fees include a week's supply of air. Eggman Enterprises not responsible for sudden asphyxiation or any other form of death. All restrictions apply. Results may vary.

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Question 2:

Angel island:

Its such a beautiful island to relax and look around. Has amazing areas to explore both safe areas and dangerous areas which could be exciting. To be specific though I would probably like to head to the first level of sonic 3 which is angel island lol

City escape

Looks like the type of city I Would love to be in. Its a pretty nice environment and I'm sure the beaches there will be nice and go on the tour around the city.

Rooftop run.

Itd but fun as hell to be traveling around on top of rooftops with many houses close together obviously trying out lots of their famous food their and exploring every inch of that city. It'd be cool IG its possible to climb the clock tower too and if there is a rail that I can safely ride down then I'd go for it :D

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Day 2: Top Three Places to Get Away From it All


3: White Park Zone





I love snow, I love christmas decorations, and I love theme parks.


So if I ever heard about the existance of this place, I'd buy myself a season pass, ten dozen T-shirts, and a condo thirty minutes away from it in a heartbeat.


Snowboarding down the slopes on the park outskirts, partaking in snowball fights, riding the roller coaster, trying out the swinging ship, taking a walk in the pine tree forest... it'd just be a really neat thing to experience all at the same time. Gotta watch out for those bottomless pits, though...



2: Eggman's Egg Carrier




Now I know what you're thinking: Why there of all places? It's cold, metalic, and it's owned by Eggman!


And that would be true... if it hadn't crashed into the sea that is. > :)


Now that Eggman's abandoned it, and it's settled on the ocean floor well enough to stay put as long as you're on it, you have access to Eggman's master bedroom, game room, and swimming pool! It your own oversized house boat!


Other perks include no required rent, a host of seemingly never-tiring cleaning robots to do all the work for you, and a teleporter to this nice little remote island in the sea if you ever need a bit of nature to mix up your relaxation.




No fees, no work, no worries. It's a care-free weekend from there on out... unless Eggman suddenly comes back to dredge for parts that is. :P


But my top place I'd really want to vacation in is...


1: Adabat




There are lots of exotic areas in Sonic games, such as Sonic 1, and a lot of realistic and grounded areas in others, such as Unleashed. I don't necessarily want to take a vacation in a crazy world such as Green Hill or the like because they're too chaotic, but at the same time I wouldn't want to take a vacation in Spagonia or the like, because they're a little too tame to be Sonic-universe-vacation worthy. A zone has to be pretty exotic, but also pretty grounded to get my attention when it comes to vacations.


And Adabat is the perfect blend of the two.


Yeah, it may be based off of a real location, but man, the way it's pulled off in this game looks downright surreal. The village, the water, the inland's foliage and landmarks, it's all just candy for the eyes.


Plus, if you were to vacation there, there'd be a bucket-load of stuff to do in the area. Go scuba diving in the coral reef and sunken ruins, jet ski around the islands and through ever-narrowing inlets, take a trek through the jungle, encounter a huge waterfall, explore some ancient ruins, then end the day by kicking back on the white shores of the beaches, and head back to your resting quarters by the beauty of the setting sun and lantern-light.












My favorite stage in unleashed and my ideal place for a vacation, Adabat is the place to be when you just want to kick back, relax, and have some fun.


Get your reservations today, and come on down to Adabat: Where worries just melt away!


Day 2: Complete

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Day 2: If you could take a vacation in THREE settings/zones/etc in Sonic's universe, where would you go?


Hmmm. There's a lot of great places to go, but I think I can narrow it down to three. In no particular order:


1. Chao Gardens




I think it'd be nice to visit any of the Chao Gardens. It's not really because of the Chao (though they're certainly cute), it's the locations themselves that interest me. Even the Dark Garden from Sonic Adventure 2 would at least be a...unique experience, probably. Other than that one, they seem really peaceful and great places to just sit down and relax. My personal favourite is probably Eggman's SA1 Chao Garden that you can go to using a teleporter in the Egg Carrier. A little island vacation surrounded by vicious hellspawn cute creatures? What's not to love!


2. Anywhere in Blaze's dimension (as seen in Sonic Rush Adventure)




Something about the locations in SRA appeals to me a lot. Even the levels that aren't too different trope-wise from what you'd expect from a Sonic game manage to look unique in their own right. I especially love Coral Cave, it's a very pleasant looking place.


3.  Pretty much anything from the Sonic Riders games




At least half the reason I love Riders is the locations. While the futuristic cities are what comes to mind immediately, there's also more natural locations like forests and deserts. That being said, I would admittedly want to visit somewhere like Metal City the most since everything looks really cool there.


Runners up: Angel Island (both the first level seen in Sonic 3 and the island in it's entirety), the ARK as long as it's not falling apart, Pumpkin Hill, Little Planet for sure, Green HillDr. Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park, Planet Wisp specifically, Silent Forest, and the various locations seen in Sonic Unleashed.


And hey, let's not forget the Labyrinths in Sonic Labyrinth!





The best part is that that they wouldn't be too difficult to navigate without super speed 'n' stuff, unlike most other locations in the franchise. I mean, okay, they're still kinda deadly, but no location is perfect!

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Day 2: Top 3 Locations *so you guys finished that portal into the video game world, right?*  I'd Love to Visit


1. Sonic Unleashed: Apotos





Man, I remember when the first trailer for Unleashed came out showing off this place. One of my first thoughts, straight up, was "wow, this place looks fucking gorgeous!" Unleashed had the amazing design choice of taking in real world locations and incorporating them into the Sonic universe. Each stage brought a brand new atmosphere that, while not only highlighting the best parts of that real world location, made Unleashed an atmospheric masterpiece that no other Sonic game to date has even come close to. Having went to Mykonos last summer, I can honestly say that this level is that place on steroids! While the island in real life isn't as populated/ has that many structures as this level leads you to be believed, I kind of like it for that. This level brought the sense of sun drenched location that the real world location shared while also adding in the sense of population it was also lacking. Add in those beautiful views and I would take a vacation there in a heart beat.


2. Sonic Colors: Tropical Resort





If there's one thing Colors did right, it was the unique levels. I guess it's a bit of a good thing if one of my main complaints for the game were that I wanted to see more of the level themes explored rather than later acts re-using parts from other, longer, acts. Tropical resort is no exception to this rule as I really did find myself wanting more from it once I finished all the acts. It was just a fun level to be in. The multiple neon lights, the huge attractions and structures, and the fact that it's all combined in a hotel like setting is just amazing. I'll say outright that I have a huge weakness for a good hotel/resort and Tropical Resort would fit the bill quite nicely. Not to mention that killer view of the earth below!


3. Any level that uses the Casino theme





This one comes a bit out of curiosity for me. I would love to visit here just to see how the damn place operated XD. Seriously though, the levels have made it look like an absolute mess.  A lot of the time the level itself seems to be suspended above the actual casino area as well. Though, with all those bright lights, how could I not want to see what the heck is going on there. It has been in every other game at this point so it only seems fitting to get a good feel for such an iconic trope in the series.

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Day 2: Top 3 places in the Sonic universe I'd like to visit:


Apotos (Sonic Unleashed)


I'd love to visit Greece before I die, and with Apotos being the Sonic version of Mykonos, my answer should be obvious. Sure, Unleashed had other interesting locations, like Spagonia and Empire City, but the land of white marble (and huge ice-creams?) has an allure that you can only find in an exotic place. Sign me up for the next Tornado ride!


White Park (Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 2)


This place is BEAUTIFUL. I love snow and cold, but the warm colours on the background make this place look really welcoming and nice. I bet running on that white field is totally a blast. You can say many things about Sonic 4E2; it's mediocre, not worth its money, a total waste of your time. And it's mostly true. But White Park is one of the few reasons why I come back to this game every once in a while.


Sand Oasis / Night Palace/ Levitated Ruin (Sonic & The Secret Rings)

(I can't find pictures that make these places justice, bear with me)


HOLY MOTHER OF SOLARIS. I really can't choose. That game gave me some of my favourite levels, visual-wise. And if a magical genie girl sucked me into that particular version of the Arabian Nights, I'd follow in a heartbeat. That's how much I'd love to visit these places. Especially since, now, that pesky Erazor and his goonies are long gone. The colours, the music, but most of all the visuals and panorama of these behemoths of beauty make these the top 1 place(s) in (technically, outside) the Sonic Universe I'd love to visit.



Honorable mentions: Angel Island (all of it), Chao Gardens, an Eggman base, Cream's house, Station Square, Emerald Town, Starlight Zone, Mystic Ruins.

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Day 2: If you could take a vacation in THREE settings/zones/etc in Sonic's universe, where would you go?










Apotos/Mykonos, Greece


This place is fucking gorgeous. It's a town surrounded by water, pure white stone buildings, clubs that attract world-renowned DJs and apparently features ice cream that's served with one single Dorito per cone.








I bet it would, old man.


This stage was featured in the demo and it's the first stage of the game, and it did a fantastic job showing Sonic Team's graphical capabilities. It's heavily based on a real life location, but because of the buildings and white-colored theme, Apotos still has that Sonic-y feel to it. Best looking village of Unleashed if you ask me, and it's the first Sonic level that you can actually visit in real life, so that's a huge plus.






Stardust Speedway (Present and Good Future)

(Or as Iike to call it, New-New Orleans Zone)


Arguably the most memorable and iconic stage in Sonic CD, and for good reasons. All three time zones have excellent music, beautiful foregrounds and backgrounds and a lovely night time aesthetic. The present version's background is a sparkly city background, while the good future seems to be a giant statewide carnival that puts levels like Carnival Night Zone to shame. Because of the brass instruments that are sticking out of them, I like to think that the tracks that Sonic runs on are actually parts of big music machine that plays the jazzy house music that play throughout the stage in the present.


When I first made it to this zone, seeing the pretty graphics and hearing the big band chant, wind instruments, and sexy sax, I just wanted to come to this place wearing a zoot suit, twirling around a cane and strutting around to that funky music while blaring out "SWANG" at random intervals.

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Day 2: If you could take a vacation in THREE settings/zones/etc in Sonic's universe, where would you go?

Number one is Spagonia. Cultural capital of the world. I'm someone who just likes gery much traleving in places which have intersting culture and history and Spagonia clearly haves that. Soleanna is quite similar but it's not my pick because of how boring and bland it is as a hubworld.

As second I have Sky Sanctuary. Those floating ancient ruins just look amazing.

And finally Space Colony ARK. I love history but I also like technology. Seeing that really advanced reasearch center would be awesome.

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Day 2: Mambo's Vacation!


Let's seee... well, I'm a city person, and I have a thing for mainland Europe's cities so first off I'd pick Spagonia. I know it's modelled after Italian cities, but to me it's also quite Parisian and Pragueish!




See all these red roofs? Yeah, totally like Prague.




I can see my house from here!




We also genuinely have these things here; it's to stop homeless people leaning or sitting in the windows of shops(!)


So that's one place I'd pick. I also would like to relax from time to time, so I guess I'd pick a peaceful, idyllic zone to chill out in.




Emerald Hill Zone... specifically, the STC version. This is probably the nicest rendition of the EHZ I've ever seen, by Nadine Wilkinson. She was an artist for STCO who passed away before the issue containing her art was published online. :( So yeah, check out her artwork. It's lovely.


But yeah, Emerald Hill seems like a nice sunny place with lots of greenery, which is nice to see from time to time when you live in a capital city!


Finally... I'll go for something completely fuckin nuts, nothing like anything on Earth: Sky Sanctuary Zone. Because it's freakin' Laputa!!




Oh, I see you crash-landed in your glider thingy, there...




Sonic to the rescue!! :D We'll Spin Attack that pesky Muska guy while we're here...


Seriously, though... how gorgeous is the Generations version?




So yeah, Sky Sanctuary is like a film I was obsessed with when I was a kiddie, so yeah... take me on holiday there, someone! :D



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Day 2: If you could take a vacation in THREE settings/zones/etc in Sonic's universe, where would you go?

Let's see here...


are you saying that space would be a bad vacation spot

is that what you are implying

BECAUSE YOU ARE WRONG space is great, who wouldn't want to grind on rails miles above the earth's atmosphere? I mean, seriously, the view is amazing. Plus we've got those weird zero gravity green tube things! That's good exercise, like a rotating treadmill.


Think about it. It's been winter all... Winter long, and you're sick of the cold. Summer starts, but it's juuuuuust not warm enough. Suddenly, you see an ad for a vacation spot that's free... And it's Crisis City!

Beautiful, warm lava, scenic destroyed buildings and that tornado's carrying a car, it's just great. Plus there are indigenous creatures, like Fire Worms, Fire Birds and Fire... Dinosaur... Dogs. C'mon, it'd be great! Not to mention the jeeps that you can drive down buildings in and blow stuff up with.


Dude. Like, this is basically a Pirates of the Caribbean place. Stormy seas, pirates, giant stingrays, surfing... Talk about exciting! I'd absolutely love to come here. And think of the buried treasure you could find. I mean, there are plenty of caves all over that the pirates have stopped at and most likely hid treasure there. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if we took some of it.

Those are the three places I'd love to visit. If it sounded like satire, it's not. Seriously these places are so flipping awesome. Who relaxes on vacation anyway? Adventures and thrills are the best. :D

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Day 2: Vacation Spots


Finally an(other) excuse to post this!



01.  Spagonia (Sonic Unleashed)




The exotic and cultural architecture, the fair weather, and just the beautiful scenery all around.  This is pretty much my kind of place.  Not sure if I'd live there, but it's hard to deny that this would be an ideal vacation spot for me.  Interesting, sophisticated, and relaxing.


02. Station Square (Sonic Adventure)




Not crazy about huge metropolises, but if you can get past the whole giant monsters and flooding and little inconveniences like that, then of course, this is a nice little place to take a breather.  Skyscrapers and bright lights, beaches, amusement parks in fucking space, hamburger shops.  It has everything all in one convenient little place.  Wouldn't mind getting away to there every once in awhile.


03.  Southern Island (Sonic Rush Adventure)




Not a huge fan of uncharted islands, either, but I mean, it's an uncharted island populated by talking koalas so that makes it worth it.  Plus, it doesn't seem too bad.  It has all the commodities for comfortable living and all the fun activities you might expect.  Might have to worry about getting mugged by pirates, but hey.  What can ya do?  The picture makes it seem pretty beautiful and worth exploring, too! ^^

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I would first go to Adabat because hanging out in coconut trees is cool!




Second, would be hanging out in Cliff's Excavation Site since I like seeing ancient stuff and I'm always down to exploring new places!




Finally, I'll chill out in good ol' Green Hill since it's nice to see end things by going to the first place that the series began with.




So yeah, that's my vaca.........

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Day 2: Holiday Destinations


1. Adabat (Sonic Unleashed)




I mean, just look at this place. The whole thing screams holiday destination. Sunshine all day, waterside village and speaking of that water, man is it beautiful. A gorgeous blue and you can even see through it and spot the sea life below the surface. There's also the expansive jungle filled with greenery and waterfalls.


2. Crisis City (Sonic 2006)




Okay, let's be clear here. No, I wouldn't take a holiday to this place but damn I'll give up a holiday slot just to see it with my own eyes. A dystopia filled with lava rivers, explosions that seem to go off for no reason at all, skyscrapers that are now knocked over and being used as pathways, a massive wind tunnel filled with debris and to top it it all off; a massive flame-fuelled tornado. Of course I'm assuming that this would exist in some alternate universe so there'd be no consequence for seeing this and then getting back in one piece.


3. Dr Eggman's Interstellar amusement Park (Sonic Colours)




By this point, I've done the perfect holiday and the most horrible getaway back to back. If I'm going on a third trip then I'm sure going for fun and adventure this time. The journey there is practically worth the trip on its own; riding a high-speed lift and looking out of the window to see my pod rise into the sky, through the atmosphere and into space as the Earth disappears into the distance.


Once at the park, we've got five planets to go off and explore so I've definitely got my adventuring needs accommodated for. An interstellar lobby, underwater exposition, a planet of orange skies inhabited by crazy confectionery, a planet filled with lush green fields and a massive space rock filled with green acid reservoirs...because it can. That sushi place though...maybe next time. Again, let's put this in a better light and pretend the whole alien capturing thing doesn't exist in this holiday-going universe.


So yeah, can't go to those but there's always...Blackpool? I mean...yeah. Blackpool's good too I suppose...

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Second day in and a tough question already? yeesh, this is gonna be an interesting 30 days.

Alright, let's get this thing rollin'.



"(Livin' in the city!) You know you have to surviiiiiiive (Livin' in the city!) You got to keep that dream aliiiiiiiiiiive! (Livin' in the city! Where everything is free, but can't you seeeeeeeeee?"

Honestly I think appearance-wise, this is my favorite city stage. So vibrant, so colorful, it looks like it'd be a blast to hang around. Hints of slot machines and pinball too, looks like a nice place to go wild in. Honestly wouldn't mind spending all my cash here. There would be...well..."So many things for us to see".



What a beautiful beach. Azure Blue crystal clear waters, Windy and Ripply lush scenery, giant killer whale-wait what? Okay, killer whale aside, Emerald Coast is just a perfect spot for unwinding, kicking back, and relaxing the day away in the summer sun. Maybe a couple drinks while I'm at it haha. I normally don't go to beaches, but I'd head on down to this one just about every weekend if I could.



If Eggman's interstellar amusement park were real, I'd probably spend all my time here. I love the crazy colors, the twists and turns, and just how absolutely wonderous the place feels. I feel like I could just float all my troubles away in this zero-gravity realm. Also totally wouldn't mind taking a gander at the lightspeed parade. Hopefully they would have anti-gravity dance parties there too.

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Green Hill Zone


My number 1 would have to be where it all began. Seeing it brought to life in Unleashed graphics was great, but to actually experience being among the iconic checkerboard terrain and dancing flowers, surrounded by lush foliage and crashing waterfalls, would be incredible. There'd have to be some kind of rollercoaster that allowed me to speed through the amazing loops and corkscrews.





Angel Island


Our favourite echidna's brooding spot is home to a vast variety of stunning environments that I would love to see. I could spend a day exploring the jungles and ruins, taking photographs and making sketches of my surroundings. After that, some time would be spent playing with the ultimate slides in Hydro City, before cooling down later to build snowmen and collect crystals in Ice Cap. At the end of the night I'd sleep on the 'shrooms in Mushroom Hill.





Eggman's Interstellar Amusement Park


This is mainly for Starlight Carnival and Aquarium Park. The former is a lot more inviting than the Ark, but with an equally splendid view of the Earth and even more neon lights, while the latter is a marriage between two awesome sights: an aquarium and classic Japanese architecture. Zipping along the neon roads (in some kind of space-appropriate vehicle) and seeing all of the marine life and Samurai Pawns would be a fantastic day out. I think I'd bring my own food though if you don't mind, Eggman...

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Question #2: If you could take a vacation in THREE settings/zones/etc in Sonic's universe, where would you go?


I wasn't sure how I'd answer this, but I'm going to give it a go:


1) Emerald Town:



This place popped in my head first, and I knew I was mostly going to pick cities, and Emerald Town has a bit of everything I'd want if I planned to stay anywhere in Sonic's universe. The main part is a quiet, suburban area near the beach and is home to most of Sonic's friends. It's also well-connected to other parts, such as the city and a downtown area like Night Babylon if I want to go drinking or something (I dunno, I'm sure Club Rouge would actually be kind of a fun hangout) and then there's the Holy Summit on the outskirts of town if I wanted to and check out the view that heads up to Angel Island.


2) Casino Park/Grand Metropolis




Building off of that, areas like the Grand Metropolis and Casino Park would also be interesting, if only because of the level of technology and methods of travel available, based on the games. And, if the Archie comics are anything to go by, even though Casino Park is run by Breezie, a media mogul with connections to the Eggman Empire who employs former badniks and shady characters like Wes Weasley, well come on, she throws some pretty sweet events, like the Fighters tournament. I'd just have to watch my wallet.


3) Resort Island




I was going back and forth on this one (I consider Grand Metropolis and Casino Park to be connected), but if I wanted some place that's normally away from the craziness that follows Sonic and company around... I could do worse! No traps, no badniks, but plenty of places to explore and hang out in in peace. I'm not even really an outdoorsy person, but I wouldn't mind visiting during the day just to check out one of those traditional Sonic world beaches I see so often in the games.


Runners up: Sonic's island (OVA), Radical City, Station Square, maybe Chun-nan or Spagonia.

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Before I give my take for Day 2 I would like to make a request: to everyone participating in this thread please try not to change your username during this event and if you do, so please make a note of it! This has already happened with Day 1 and seeing these changes is causing some confusion with the thought that they are actually different members joining in and that causes incorrectly tallying of each member's participation.
I was sharing some pointers with Crusher in regards to tallying (not to mention I would like to share some fun stats with you again when the event comes to an end!) and I took a look at the spreadsheet being used when I happened to notice a duplicate user ID. Come to find out it was a user that had changed their user name shortly after they had posted in this topic.  So please, try not to complicate matters for us with something as minor as a name change and it's potential to cause problems, including you getting the wrong badge or not even getting a badge at all possibly. Thanks :)
Oh and speaking of fun stats, I'll like to let you know that 70 members completed Day 1 on time ;)
Day 2: Choices for a vacation in any THREE zones in Sonic's Universe:
White Park Zone-Sonic 4: Episode 2
I love snow, and the Wintry beauties knows no bounds in the Sonic franchise. I love Amusement Parks as well. White Park Zone gives you the best of both worlds being a combination of Ice Cap Zone and Carnival Night Zone, two of my favorite Sonic levels. 
White Park is full of bright neon lights amid a vast blanket of snow-surely a beautiful sight that I would have a field day with in using my camera :) Other fun things I could do while vacationing there is snowboard, ski, engage in snowball fights, ride roller coasters, Ferris Wheels and the Merry-go-Round and build snowmen. And dodge avalanches, of course :P
Tropical Coast-Sonic Lost World
While I love Winter and snow, I love the Summer and beaches more. Tropical Coast is an interesting take on beaches in the Lost Hex with your clear blue and sunny skies, sand, bright and beautiful blue waters, palm trees, coconuts, fountains, flowers, starfish and seashells. While I wouldn't dare try the Parkour in Tropical Coast :P, I would have a blast taking pictures of this beautiful and vividly colorful place, collecting seashells and would enjoy relaxing by the seashore, assuming the Coconuts badniks don't throw those exploding coconuts at me :P
Fruit and fruit juice would be very easy to come by so I definitely wouldn't have to worry about food :P
Sweet Mountain-Sonic Colors
I have to make a point to take a vacation in my absolute Sonic level! Not to mention my sweet tooth is a MAJOR weakness of mine... :P
Cake, cookies, donuts, ice cream, gingerbread men, lollipops, jelly bean rockets, cheeseburgers all being part of the level design...and there for me to eat as well :D
What would I do besides stuffing my face with sweet goodness? I could ride the rides there per Dr. Eggman's hilarious public announcements over the loudspeaker:
  • "We know they look delicious, but please refrain from licking the rides. That would be disgusting. Do you know where those rides have been? People have been sitting on those rides! With their BUTTS! Okay, go ahead; lick them. Don't say we didn't warn you."


  • "We hope you're enjoying this sunny day here at the park. Sadly, a sunny day once again means that the Choco-Coaster is out of service... due to melting."


  • "There's no line at "Bake Me Crazy", the ride that simulates what it's like to be baked like a cake. The ride itself lasts an amazing 20 to 25 minutes or until golden brown, not recommended for our guests who are sensitive to temperatures exceeding 350 degrees."


  • "Due to cost restraints, some of the donuts used in this ride are of the stale variety. We apologize for this cost-cutting measure, and hope that you enjoy the ride." 

On second thought...Maybe not ^_^. I'm sure I could find something else to do besides eat and take pictures of course :)
Although not the least bit healthy, I wouldn't have to worry about food vacationing here either :P

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Question #2: If you could take a vacation in THREE settings/zones/etc in Sonic's universe, where would you go?


Sonic Adventure: The Egg Carrier Chao Garden



The first thing I would do if I could go to Sonic's world is visit one of the Chao Gardens. 


I would sit and chill with the Chao on this sweet little island and enjoy the sand and sun.



Sonic Riders Zero Gravity: '90s Boulevard



This city is like a celebration of SEGA during the 90s, which is basically most of my childhood, and I would come here to check out the sights and take some sweet pictures.



Sonic Unleashed: Spagonia



My final stop in the Sonic world would be in Spagonia. I would come here to check the restaurants, get some souvenirs, and visit the university to check their library for information and maybe visit Professor Pickle's Lab.

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Question #2: If you could take a vacation in THREE settings/zones/etc in Sonic's universe, where would you go?


Before I get started here, let me just say that any and all of my ideal vacation locations are at least close to the beach. I just love the beach, m'kay? The ocean breeze, the sand under my feet...ahhh, I'm so happy to go to St. Augustine in 2 weeks. <3 ( But I may miss some of the questions here! D: )


*ahem* Anyway.



adabat8.jpgRelaxing forest areas, living right on the water itself...sounds like an ideal spot for vacationing. I mean, c'mon.


Mystic Ruins


I've always fantasized about traveling the world, and anywhere in Central or South America would sound like an amazing place to visit...minus all the insects that probably carry deadly diseases. Luckily, Mystic Ruins doesn't appear to have any bugs, so I can visit all the historical Mayan temples I want! :D The lush jungles and ancient ruins combined just overall sounds like a great little adventure.



tumblr_n50erfoGe61r5scsco6_1280.jpgA gorgeous urban area by the ocean, Apotos certainly seems relaxing. I'd love to sit out under the shade of the trees and sip some tea while admiring both the flora and the architecture.

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Day 2: Where would Crow vacation in Sonic's world

Eh. I'm kind of too lazy for images but you guys would know what I'm talking about anyways.

Mystic Mansion

I've said it multiple times, I love the Halloween stages in Sonic. But there's a few reasons why I pick Mystic Mansion over Hang Castle and Cryptic Castle. The first mostly being that Mystic Mansion is slightly more safe than either of those. Hang Castle has a lot of falls and honestly I wouldn't like to be upside down for that long. Cryptic Castle has a lot of falls and rails sections, not to mention being Eggman's property so its not that safe. MM at least gives you minecarts during some sections. That and its very nice and secluded from everything but the ghosts and I'm fine with that.

Station Square

Eh I don't think it counts but its still technically a zone in Sonic's world. Flooding and terrorist attacks aside, its a pretty nice city. I know other people will say more fantastical places but sometimes I want just a normal place to be in. Its not all that bad between having a pool next to a beach and a casino. Yeah robots come to invade sometimes but that's how its like in Sonic's world.

Dinosaur Jungle

A giant forest where dinosaurs live in. What more is to say about it? I'd personally love to see this kind of world in real life just because extinct animals fascinate me, especially dinosaurs. But real talk though, why exactly is this level in the game featuring the Arabian Nights is beyond me but damn its pretty awesome regardless.

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Ah wonderful, it's my turn!

Anyway I'm going to be covering the first two days as I started college again yesterday after a week or so off.

Day 1: Favourite Box Art



Yes yes it's that game.

I've always loved this cover, I used to sketch it when I was around 8 years old. I love the whole "mirrored image" of it, it compliments the game well and it looks pretty snazzy too.

Day 2: If you could take a vacation in THREE settings/zones/etc in Sonic's universe, where would you go?


The first one is easy...


Emerald Coast.


Ah yes it's the three S's. Sun, Sea and Sonic! 

But really you have amazing sunshine, a hotel right on the beach and umbrellas everywhere. Just don't go in the water.




Yes I know, I've just always really wanted to go to Venice ok? :lol:

Grand Metropolis



I've always been interested in what the future will bring and this place looks cool enough, combined with the convenient walkways and awesome music it sure would be interesting.



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