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Dr. Crusher Presents: The 30 Days of Sonic the Hedgehog Mk.II (Daft and Tolerating It)-PAGE 72, FIN

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That would have to go to The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. This was honestly one of my favorite cartoons growing up, and since I didn't really have much to go by in terms of Sonic cartoons, sans X and Underground, it really started to help provide more as a Sonic fan thanks to YouTube's rise in popularity. Everything about the show was enjoyable and sometimes I relied on it to maintain character personalities, even to this day. And every now and then I'd watch the show, seeing the characters do all sorts of silly things, probably laughing on about some stupid joke. But hey, if it's funny, it's funny.




Well, that'd have to go to these two guys. Because, honestly, no one else could fit this role better than:



Heavy and Bomb. I mean, seriously, who are these guys? They're pretty much shrouded in mystery, in terms of personality, abilities and backstory. I say backstory very, very lightly as the only backstory really given to them was that they were robots built by Eggman...who somehow became good. 


Sure, that's not a lot going for it, but think of some other robots that did the same. Everyone goes on to say that Gamma was the first to achieve such an outing, but no, it was these two who shone first. 


Maybe some day people will recognize you again, friends.




The (Eggman) bosses in Sonic 4: Episode 2 don't really seem to get much love. I'm not sure if it's because of the music, but...


Seriously, you gotta give the doc credit for this one. He was really dedicated to stop Sonic. I mean, giant death laser plant robot? Gigantic Trash Mecha? The man was through with rehashes and decided to go all out with the newer, bigger robots. And to be honest, when I first saw the concepts for the first one, I swore it was supposed to be the final boss! Turns out I was wrong.


Oh, and on the topic of final bosses, I guess I'll also give a hand to Generations 3DS' Time Eater battles. It, like the entirety of the game, is overshadowed by the shallowness of the console version. Seriously, this version seems far more active, far more engaging and waaaaaaay less annoying to go through than its console counterpart, and I seriously wish that it got a bit more of a positive ground, despite the mentions of the rest of the game.

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Day 28: What set of bosses *literally one of the few things LW did right...* do you think need more recognition?


Pretty much any boss fight besides the final Deadly Six ones in LW. For the most part, they were actually very well designed and I even found myself having fun with them. Also, I love how they could be speed ran if you know the homing attack well enough and are great with your timing. It's always extremely satisfying. Too bad this doesn't carry throughout the entire game though. That last level with the Deadly Six was just bad. :/ But overall, I guess you could say I found LW's boss game to be pretty strong.

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Day 28: Which boss(es) do you feel deserve more recognition?


I'm not really someone who appreciates boss fights, so I'm one of those who wouldn't give them recognition. If you want something different though...


The Egg Pinball




This one's pretty different to the standard fare, so it's pretty memorable. You're on a platform above Eggman and the integrated Gemerl. and they're armed with a cannon. All it does is fire blue energy shots, but those shots hurt you if they touch you while undefended. The aim of the boss is to hit the shots with a move to turn them orange, and make them go towards the machine. It's trickier than it sounds considering the shots have a good chance to miss Eggman if you don't aim carefully, and the fight can get really frenetic towards the end when shots are going everywhere. Plus, when I was younger and looking at the tiny GBA screen, I thought the shots looked like the Amiga logo.

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The final, final boss of Sonic 3D is a huge challenge, due to the many stages of the battle. You do get about 10 rings to start wuth, but they're incredibly easy to lose (and if you're clever, you should actually leave a few so you can grab them on the second runthrough...you my need them).


The presentation is what really elevates the boss for me though. Compared to the bright colours and Senoue soundtrack of the game up to this point, the bare, desolate nothingness and minimalist sounds is a start way to tell you shit is about to go down.


It may be easy to get to this point, as the Emeralds are piss easy to earn, but beating the boss is another story entirely.

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Day 28: Which boss(es) do you feel deserve more recognition?


Egg Viper from SA1 is a pretty cool boss. It has a nice feel of "this is it ! Let's battle now" to it, with Eggman actually getting angry at Sonic. It's also a challenging boss with a few different patterns, so it's not repetitive. And the music is ace, too.

In that vein, the Egg Wyvern is as cool. And this one ends on a rather funny scene, with Eggman bouncing on some piece of metal ^^


I also love the Super Mecha Sonic fight. It was a great surprise at the time. I remember I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it the first time. Knuckles really did get an awesome final fight there.

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Day 28: Which boss(es) do you feel deserve more recognition?

I'm glad to see people here remembering Black Knight's Lancelot Returns or the Mecha Knuckles boss fight in Advance. Those are some of my favourite boss battles in the series. But since I don't want to repeat what has already being said, I'll go with another boss battle I rarely hear people talking about:


Sonic Advance 3 : Nonagression


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"Darn, I've missed 2 questions! TIME TO SPEED UP!"



Characters that gets too much hate?


Well geez, everyone took Silver and Big. So what other characters deserve more credit?


You know what, I'm gonna choose Boom Shadow. 




Yeah, that's right. I'm going there, fite me IRL m8!


But no really, Boom Shadow seems to be the more despised interpretations of the character in recent memory. Free Riders' version wasn't any better guise.


While I couldn't care less about the RoL version but I'll give credit to Pontaff that they did some justice to the character. Like come on, Shadow was pretty badass in Shattered Crystal.


Like, the fact he had the balls to tell Lyric to fight him face-to-face is so Shadow-like and guess what, he did kicked Lyric's ass at the end, errr I mean tail! See, now that's payoff!


And he just leaves, telling Sonic that he's still better than him without shitting on his friends so big props there.


Yeah SC's Boom Shadow is pretty good. 




Underrated boss battles?


Well that's a bit tricky since I was never that into the boss battles in most Sonic games but I'll give it a shot.


Again, seems like I was late to the puch since I was originally gonna talk about Lancelot Returns since that boss isn't really that hard but I guess Black Knight is nothing but a waggle fest so when there's a boss that requires you proper timing with your swings, it's shit...yeah people are dumb sometimes.


Also we can all agree that the boss in most games by DIMPS are pretty great. SO yeah, can't use those either so uhhhhhh.....


You know what screw it, the fights with Zavok are good!


WHile the first encounter was a pretty solid though still very short, the second encounter is a straight 1v1 duel and the music defintely helps give the battle some atmosphere so it helps make this battle stand out IMO but the third and final encounter is no picnic either, when you thought you got rid of him for good, he turns into A FUCKING GIANT!


Like wow, shit's gone real. 


So yeah, all of Zavok's battles are pretty good so yeah.


I'm back baby!

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Day 26 - Fave non-Game Thingymagig



haha, Sonic's face!!


*breaks record* Uuurrghhh aaarggh OK so I think I talked enough about STC's Amy! hahaha!


I also saw that someone else had discussed the Brotherhood of Metallix at length, and I'd say they were definitely the best non-Robotnik enemies in the comic... so I think I'll have to pick my next favourite thing since I don't want to bore people!! :D




Shortfuse the Cybernik


There was a long-running injoke on the old STCO forums that whenever Shortfuse appeared, or if someone started talking about him, his backstory would be included: Shorty was an ordinary squirrel until he was forced into a Super Badnik! But instead of being brainwashed, Shorty's strong personality was preserved, and he FOUGHT BACK! Now he is Shortfuse the Cybernik!!


But Shortfuse really was one of the best characters to come out of STC: he's basically Iron Man in squirrel form, and he's one of the most powerful characters; his armour is made from an indestructible alloy called Megatal/Megatol, he has rocket boots and lasers! His personality is very similar to Sonic's too; he was temporarily one of the Freedom Fighters until his brashness nearly caused Johnny's early death(!), and after Amy chewed his metallic ears out, Shortfuse decided he'd had enough of the Awesome Power of Teamwork and went back to being a lone Cybernik (but he'd still hang out with Tekno, of course!)


Runner Up: Ebony the Cat


Because she's a kitty and I like kitties! :3 Plus she's a witch and can do magic spells and attacks and such... comes in handy every now and then!




Day 27 - Who Unfairly Gets a Bad Rep


Again, no surprises here... and I'd seen a few people talk about this already....




Seriously, give this dude a break.


I feel rather annoyed when I see the same example of Porker Lewis being yelled at by an upset Sonic being used to say "this isn't Sonic!" Pshah, I say! For a start, I think the small extract that is used is often taken out of context; it's a few panels of an argument, and in the same comic Sonic later apologises and tells Porker that he will miss him, but he understands. I mean, come on! That's character development!!


Also, this was the 90s! At the time, there was no "official" way in which Sega wanted Sonic to be portrayed, and this type of "attitude" was prevalent in many characters of the time. Nigel Kitching chose to write Sonic as a flawed hero because he felt it was boring to write him as a nice guy, but still everyone loves him and thinks he's cool. He just has a very sarcastic, very British sense of humour and it defines STC Sonic against all the others. Sure, #SonicsADick... but he's our dick... er,... I'll try that again....


He may have his temper, his penchant for banter with his friends, and yes he is emotionally damaged but dude: he sees his friend explode into an evil opposite of himself, he has to fight said friend on a daily basis and eventually through the wibblywobblyness of time travel, he discovers that he is in fact partially responsible for his friend's demise... I mean, who wouldn't be fucked up from all that?! :D But he's the hero, the only one who can save the day so he buries all of his own problems for the sake of never giving up. He's still the hero, he's still cool, he's still Sonic. Stop saying he isn't because he's not the cheery, Chao-cuddling dude you'd want to go for a chilli dog with!


I also gotta mention:




Silver the Hedgehog (in general)


The poor guy gets a bad rep because of Sonic 06 being the massive crapfest that it is! I like every other version of Silver I have seen; from the Chronos Controlling, Enerjak-Beating hero of Archie, to STCO's Iblis-chasing, Tails-worshipping time traveller... even in fan comics like GOTF Silver is a reluctant, yet badass hero. He can be written into something really cool, and it's a shame that his introduction is so terrible.


Day 28 - Underrated Bosses






Here, I gotta say the Sonic Chaos bosses used feel quite scary to me. They were often great big robots that took up a large portion of the screen, would shoot stuff, bounce around (sometimes off the bloody screen!)  and try to stomp you. Plus they took on some very weird forms, such as this guy:




What is this meant to be?! An egg? An egg with little Bender B Rrrrrodrrrriguez footcups? O.o

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Day 28: Which boss(es) do you feel deserve more recognition?}


all of the Bosses on Tails' Sky Patrol...


Fockewulf, Bearenger, Carrotia  and Wendy Witchcart (speccially her!)


until you get to pass though the zone alive... to beat the bosses is very funny! speccially to hit them on the ground!

on the walls! on the ceiling!  with theit own bombs! :D


Fockewulf i the most easy to catch.. there is not many obstacules so its easy to got faster and hit him...

then is Bearenger.. if you get to move foward him before he does.. its easy to hit him ...


then... its Carrotia.  is the most difficult one! because she is faster when you are near but if you don't she goes slow..., then is that she trows kisses and homming carrots! its almost impossible to beat..


and finally.. Wendy Witchcart... is not diffiult if you get to move foward her.. (just as Bearenger)


the music of her zone.. its pretty crazy and funny... XD



also her theme as final boss...starts like creepy... and then crazy!



her evil plot wasn't bad at all.. for a children's videogame. ( i know . this game it was too difficult  for children but well) she wanted to own the island.. and the one who was not agreed with her, it was trasformed in a crystal!


and all of them are very underrated bosses as well  :)

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Day 26: What is your SINGLE most favourite aspect/character/etc to come out of any non-game media?

I have always found the "power ring" idea to be super interesting. 
Originally in SatAM, they brought it back in Sonic X, too. It's just an interesting that they took the game concept of rings and made a use for them into TV medial. Rather than protecting against death from damage, it has been turned into a sort of power up that allows Sonic to spin dash intensely. It's intriguing that there aren't many of them, either. At one point Sonic had to wait by a lake/well (apologies for not remembering correctly) for ONE to pop up to use. ONE. In the games, they're scattered EVERYWHERE. Why the change? It's just intriguing to me. 
Day 27: Which character(s) do you feel get a bad rep that they don't deserve?
This guy. Granted, I know Knuckles isn't really hated in the community, but it is no question that he has turned into a complete joke. From Sonic 3 through the Adventure games, he was a mysterious, gentle, gullible, yet aggressive/impulsive character. He has a strong duty to fulfill as guardian of the Master Emerald, and he took it very seriously, not leaving his post much except when the Emerald would get shattered. 
Ever since then, it just seems that Knuckles has simply followed Sonic around onto whatever his next adventure might have been. No guarding, no real mention of the ME in fact. And it's only gotten worse, as well. The poor guy has been demoted to a bumbling idiot who's always the butt of the joke. 
Now I know Sega can't realistically shatter the Master Emerald every single game just to give Knuckles a reason to be in the plot. But it just seems strange to me that ever since SA2, the ME really hasn't had its guardian, especially since it was such a big plot point in S3&K and the Adventures. If he's not guarding it, couldn't Eggman or any other bad guy just go take it? (side note: I smiled like an idiot when Knuckles mentioned that he should be guarding the ME instead of celebrating Sonic's birthday in the Sonic Runners birthday event).
I feel like I'm getting a little off topic, but I'll leave it at this: I'm not exactly sure what the community thinks of Knuckles anymore, but I really hope that people don't forget what a fantastic character Knuckles used to be, and hope that people see him as more than just the butt monkey he is in Boom… 

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Day 26: Favorite Non game character?


If I had to pick one character from the non games it'd have to be chris' uncle Sam




He's not the most important character in the show and he only really ever appears in the more non-important ones after the beginning but I really like his character and his rivalry with sonic, his drive (ha) to outdo the blue blur in a contest of speed amazes me because despite the odds he still kept trying (even though trying to be sonic in a race is like trying to jump into the atmosphere of earth in a wheel chair...which if you couldn't tell is pretty dang impossible) and what started out as a bitter rivalry turned into a pretty good friendship between him and sonic, kind of in the same way sonic and knuckles still fight from time to time but are overall pretty good buddy's. Honestly it saddens me now that I think about it, that he isn't in season 3 in anyway and we never got any episodes that took a deep look into his speed team work.



Day 27: Character that I feel is underrated?


I'd have to go with silver for this one, whenever I think back to one of the many pieces of lost potential sonic 06 had, I always think about him and why wouldn't I? He was pretty much introduced in a game which is notorious for bad writing and characterization for some of the characters (among other things) and its literally the one game in the series that nearly everyone despises, so to say that the guy was brought in at the wrong time (double ha) is an understatement. Now while some people see an annoying character whose only purpose is to get in the way of the main character based on what he heard from the obviously evil villain and has bad gameplay mechanics, I see a character who has the potential to have a really intriguing story based on his time travelling hijinks and gameplay mechanics that, if they were expanded upon and polished up a bit, could be one of the most fun characters in the series to play with.



Day 28: Bosses I think deserve more recognition?



E101 mkII no contest, seriously this is probably one of my favorite fights not just because its a pretty fun and climactic fight but because of all of the things you have going into it by the time you get here such as rescuing the bird that is trapped within E101, fighting to liberate (or destroy) the last of his brothers, becoming his own person that is more than just a robot for eggman to use and then just be done with. Seriously this is probably the most symbolic fight in the series (or one of the few) and it gives such a nice conclusion to Gamma's story and character arc even though the ending is pretty darn heartbreaking.

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Question #28: Which boss(es) do you feel deserve more recognition?


I say Tail's and Eggman second battle in SA2, the first one isn't much to write home about but the second one, oh boy.


There's a tense atmosphere regarding if Sonic's really dead or not and the whole thing feels personal.


Both of the fighters have been powered up since they last fought and the battle is legitimately difficult because of it, I actually think this is the rival battle I died the most on.


Sure, Sonic Vs. Shadow is a classic but don't forget the other rivals.


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Question #28: Which boss(es) do you feel deserve more recognition


I dunno, there's not many boss battles I care for. The parts of the games I love is getting to the boss battles. Not to say I dislike them, but I think that most Sonic bosses are weak in comparison to some of the other games series I enjoy.


I'll give the nod the nod to one of my favorites, Act 2 of Hydrocity Zone's boss.





I found waiting until just the right time for his bombs to explode and getting launched up in the air to attack Eggman's carrier to be a blast, honestly, and due to how you could take damage if you didn't time your jump just right, it ended up carrying a bit of intensity to it as well.

I do love both of the Hydrocity Zone bosses, though. Both deserve more recognition, in my opinion.

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I think what like best about this art style is that it took the surrealism mixed with realism

of the first two games, and added some more realism to make it a little more even. And the way they used colors that Spin Attaxx mentioned, really makes each zone pop.


I love Adventure's art style, to me this is the classics in 3D, or at least S3&K. Heroes was too surreal, and Lost World was too Marioesque. But it's also not like 06 where it looks like someone just went to Venice and put some springs and boost pads down.

It also has my favorite human designs, the doll/anime look is very fitting for the series, and it just looks nice to me. And unlike the other two games with hub worlds and humans, Sonic & friends and Eggman don't feel out of place. In fact Robotnik is really just a bigger version of them.

And of course I love Uekawa's character art, it's very eye catching, and unique too. I'm sure it helped sell copies.





I'm mostly speaking about Archie here, because SatAM didn't do much with her.

First of all, I love her design, I think it's cool to have a cyborg in the series, especially a female, as I think that's not too common, though I'm probably wrong. I think my favorite design was the pre-reboot adventurer/western look.


I love her southern accent, it again, makes her standout in the series, and I don't know why, but it just adds to her coolnes.

She's got a tough attitude, but unlike other characters with tough attitudes in the media world, she's not mean or rude. She's a great friend and teammate, and I imagine a confidant for Sally, and now maybe Amy as well.

She had such an interesting storyline going on before the reboot, and I can't wait for Lost hedgehog tales to be released, so we can find out what would've happened. I'd love for her to be able to bring her uncle to the good side, but that's probably not too likely to happen. And I'm very curious about what would've happened with her body, I would've hoped she got her cybernetics back, cause it wouldn't be the same without them.

Which brings me to what I think is her most unique issue. While she may have hated having robotics limbs at first, she definitely got used to them. You could tell pre-reboot she was just as disappointed as she was happy that she got her rabbit limbs back. It would be hard since her battling techniques were centered around her robotic parts, not to mention losing the ability to fly.

I hope she gets an arc in universe or the regular series soon, or at least have a big role in an arc.



This is a really tough question, I'm not sure who to pick. I don't see much hate for a specific character anymore, it's usually everyone or no one. Except for the deadly six, but I don't like them either, so I can't use them. You know what, I'll go with a one of my favorites.



I don't see as much hate or dislike as I used too, but she's still probably not the most popular character. While I can understand complaints that she was designed to be cute, it doesn't bother me, I think her adorableness is one of the reasons I like her so much. Not to mention she's very sweet, probably one of the, if not the nicest characters in the series. I also love her bond with Cheese and Chao in general, that's probably the thing that drew me to her first. I do wish we would see more of her spoiled nature that were told she has though.

I'll throw in a Penders character too.

Dr. Quack

I think he's funny, he's not really suited for action, but I like having characters who are there to do other jobs. He's one of the few Penders characters I miss.





I thought this was a neat concept, originally from mushroom hill, they took its boss and made seven of them. But it makes sense, since sonic is all about running, so why not have bosses he has to keep up with. I think they're fun too, though some do take a while to get the hang of. I also like the final boss area's boss rush, I'm surprised we haven't seen more of those in the series.

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Day 25: Favorite art styles?







Sonic CD's and Sonic Lost World's art styles


I typically prefer Sonic games that tend to be stylized and cartoony, as I feel they fit Sonic's character and design more than anything else. Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Heroes, and Colors all fall into this catagory, but for me, CD and Lost World are the creme of the crop of this direction.


For CD, I love how detailed it is, not with realism, but with it's own logic and textures that give off a far more artistic and surreal vibe than anything else they have come up with yet. The color pallet is gourgeous, and creates the perfect mood for every Past/Present/Future situation the game creates. The enemy design harkens back to the simpler Sonic 1 badnik design, and the environments are all wonderfully surreal.


Lost World, on the other hand, is pretty simple and plain, but the mere fact that it's basically Sonic 1 and CD's art styles combined into 3D automatically made me fall in love with it. The art style is pretty similar to CD's when it comes to textures, but the advancements in technology also allow them to put much finer, more subtle details into the world, such as chome and metal textures on badniks and increasingly small yet still geometric dirt bits. It's full of energy, the colors are pleasing, and overall it's just a really good take on the much simpler style Sonic used to be in, but in 3D.



Oh, and to a much lesser degree...


Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric










It's generic PS2 game cartoony aesthetics, sure, but it just fits the game and Sonic's design so well. The worlds are detailed, grounded, and recognizable enough for the player to explore and take interest in it as a world, yet it's also stylized enough to fit in with Sonic's design and be a unique world on it's own.


The graphics for this game are terrible, make no mistake, but the overall direction and intended art style still shines through a lot, and I really like it.


Day 26: Favorite thing to come from outside of the games?




The Archie Comic-verse


Back when I first got into Sonic and I found the Comic's section on the Mega Collection's extras, I didn't even care that much about the comic universe. The early comics were very punny and bland, and the Penders era looked horribly ugly and convoluted. It pretty much looked like a fan comic from what I saw, and I couldn't be less interested to see what came after it.


But then I read the issues past 160


And it started getting gooood


Seriously, it's crazy how much good has come from this branch of Sonic by now. It's given us tons of great stories, loads of witty and great humor, fanservice galore, (the good kind) and some legitimately cool moments that this series and it's characters need, be it from the good guys or the bad guys.


Day 27: Characters that get more flak than they deserve




What's been said before has been said before. Overall though I just really like his character when written well, and his entire design and world he lives in is interesting as well. Not to mention he's done some pretty cool things with his Telekenisis in the comic's; I'd like to see the games try the capture the same amount of awesome power he's capable of.




Generic? Check. Came from Sonic Boom? Check. Hated by the entire fanbase? Double check.


I really don't get this hatred, though. I mean, this series basically thrives on generic charactures. The maniacle evil scientist, the brash hot head, the geeky nerd, the serious/stupid tough one, the obsessive girlfriend.. okay maybe not that last one but still.


Anyway, I don't really think he was deserving of two games starring him, but as a one time villain I thought he was pretty okay. His design was pretty cool, too, setting a theme for the rest of the games enemies.


Day 28: Overlooked bosses




Day 25, 26, 27, and ??: Complete!

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So, that deity you tried to control as a way to help you achieve an empire has been bested by your enemy. What are you to do now?


You send out this thing against him;




This thing is awesome. First off, it has some awesome music. The song that plays during this battle is rather dark and ominous-sounding, perfect for the final battle in Sonic's story. Also, what got me the first time I played Adventure was just how HARD this thing was. I can't remember how many times I died, but I know it was a lot. Plus, thanks to battle, we got one of Eggman's most memorable quotes. You know the one. ;)

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~SSMB Has Cleared Beat Boss Bonzoline Act 28!~


"What a horrible night to have a curse!" - Sean Bean, Almost Dead Again (Ich frage mich, was für Abendessen)


Question #29: What are your top TWELVE (or less) overlooked LEVEL tracks?



Not even joking, this game had some smashing tunes.


Yet another underdog query? Yeah, that's the way the cookie crumbles. But look on the bright side, at least you finally have a music-related question. You thought I was going to go through this whole thing without one of those? Get the Fujifilm out of here.


So, music. The Sonic franchise has been the source of many classic and memorable music tracks throughout the two decades and counting of it's existence. Just look at the level tracks; Green Hill, City Escape, Hydrocity, there are plenty of themes that even non-Sonic fans will have a good chance of recognising and enjoying. But for every Green Hill, there's a... well I was going to say Emerald Hill, but I think that one actually is fairly popular in it's own right, so I guess this comparison doesn't work. Would Neo Green Hill be more appropriate? Bah, you know where I'm getting at: there's a lot of overlooked level tracks, so which ones out of a list of twelve or less do you feel deserve more credit?


NOTE 1: Like with the cutscene question, you must choose only one level track per game. That might sound disappointing, but if it makes you feel better, I only added that rule for this one because if I didn't, I would spend an even longer time typing this post. (Questions like this one in their most basic form are to my detriment due to me enjoying too many tracks and being all indecisive about choosing one over the other.)


NOTE 2: Don't worry about zones that have different tracks for different acts. You're free to count them as the one choice if you want to.


Crusher's Thoughts: In the famous and fondly remembered words of the Blue Blur himself, "Let's-a go!"


Labyrinth from Sonic the Hedgehog (Game Gear/Master System) - I don't mind the Genesis tune for Labyrinth, but I prefer this one by a mile. It's an incredibly jazzy track for the limits of the console(s) it comes from.


Wing Fortress from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - No offense to the likes of Egg Fleet, but I generally tend to prefer airship zone tracks that sound more grandiose and climactic. Exhibit A? Wing Fortress. Despite how short it is, it's one of my favourite finale (or should that be close-to-the-finale?) tracks in the whole franchise, it really builds the tension as you go through the golden battleship that revealed the Eggman name years before Sonic Adventure without the American kids realising it.


Metallic Madness Present US from Sonic CD - While I do prefer the JP/EU soundtrack overall just that little bit more, I still think the US soundtrack does have a few good tracks of it's own, and this is one of them. The JP/EU Present theme for Metallic Madness is alright, but I much prefer the slower, subdued, and slightly eerie take they went with for this one.


Panic Puppet Genesis/Mega Drive from Sonic 3D Blast - Act 2, to be more specific. Again, this is not the kind of music you would normally expect to hear for the final level in a Sonic game. There's nothing overwhelmingly ominous, intense, or even fast about the music... But I like that. Depending on how it's done, I like it when level tracks think outside the box and go down a route you wouldn't expect them to, yet still make them work and fit with the surroundings. With Panic Puppet Act 2, I think it really pays off.


Windy Hill from Sonic Adventure - This was difficult to choose only one from. I've already mentioned multiple times on SSMB how I've always preferred Mechanical Resonance over Crank the Heat Up, but I'll go with another choice today and go for Windy Hill, the first track used in Windy Valley. Compared to many other tracks in the game, it doesn't seem to get that much attention, and that's a tragedy, because this track is beautiful (to me).


X-Zone from Sonic Advance - I wanted to choose Egg Rocket, but then I wanted to choose Ice Mountain, but then I wanted to choose Neo Green Hill, but then I wanted to choose Egg Rocket again, but after being unable to decide, I finally went with X-Zone. Like Wing Fortress, it's another favourite final zone tune of mine. It starts off simple and relatively quiet, but then gets louder and faster as it goes on. Simple, but really effective. Love this one to bits, but then, same goes to many other Advance 1 tracks. These are the problems that plague my existence.


Music Plant from Sonic Advance 2 - Listen to how happy it is. How can you hate that? Would you expect anything else for the music that goes with a Not-Planet Sonata zone?


Digital Circuit from Shadow the Hedgehog - G.U.N. Fortress, Final Haunt, and Lost Impact among one or two others are underdogs in their own right as well if you ask me, but I'll go with the first cyberspace level's jamming for this one. Even though it still has a bit of rock to it, Digital Circuit's music almost sounds as though it does not belong in Shadow's game. Or rather, the game that Shadow's game was.


Aquatic Base from Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 - No, I will never cease lamenting how overlooked Aquatic Base's music is compared to other tracks (usually the ones with lyrics) in Sonic '06. Say what you will about the game, but I do think there were a lot of legitimately great tracks in the game, and Aquatic Base is one of the immediate examples that come to mind whenever I think about the subject. (Also, I'm probably looking into it too much, but does anyone else think that some of Aquatic Base Level 2's music sounds similar to the Ghost Titan's music from Sonic Rush Adventure?)


Megalo Station/Nightside Rush from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity - This is the music for the first course in a racing game, but you wouldn't know it due to how dramatic it sounds. I can easily picture this for a later zone in an actual platforming Sonic game.


Jungle Joyride Night from Sonic Unleashed - The Night themes in Unleashed are generally fantastic anyway - Cool Edge's being just one example - but I think Jungle Joyride's is one of the more unsung heroes of the lot. Which is a shame, because it's always been and still is my favourite level track in the whole game, purely for how Aquatic Ambience-tastic it is.


Hidden World from Sonic Lost World - This track sounds like something you would hear in a Gex game. Sea Bottom Segue appears to be the fan favourite when it comes to Lost World's tracks, and I'm fine with that since that's one of my favourites in the game as well, but this one's definitely a good'un too. It's way too catchy for it's own good, I'd even go as far as to say it wouldn't feel that out of place if it were part of Sonic CD's JP/EU soundtrack.


So with that out of the way, you may now post awaaaaaayyyy!~

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Question #29: What are your top TWELVE (or less) overlooked level tracks? 
Yeah, I'm just gonna do my top 5 in no specific order.
1: Twinkle Park Part 1 (Sonic Adventure) 
In general, I just really like the rhythm and beat in this OST. I like how it's a more futuristic theme to match with the riding in bumper cars in space theme, but it also feels like it fits in really well with the Sonic theme.
2: Chemical Plant Generations Modern Mix (Sonic Generations)
This is one of the Sonic themes that I feel is seriously overlooked. When compared to other songs in the series, I never seem to see this one in there. I just love the rock remix of Chemical Plant and how much of a great job they did remixing the original tune so it's recognizable but also fits in with the Modern style of music.
3.Believe in Yourself (Sonic CD JP)
This is one I'm not sure if it's that overlooked, but compared to the US' Sonic Boom theme, it always seems to get overlooked when compared to Sonic Boom and it's honestly a shame, because I think the overall tone, rhythm, and singing over all is much much better in this song.
4.Lookalike (Sonic OVA)
Again, this is another song that doesn't seem to be that mentioned that much. I mean, you could argue that it's because it's from a OVA that only more hardcore fans will actually watch, but still, it's a rather huge shame it doesn't get the love it deserves, because I think it's a really great song that fits right in with the Classic style of music, alongside Toot Toot Sonic Warrior and You Can Do Anything.
5. You're My Number One (Sonic R)
Sonic R, let's admit it, had a few crap OSTs, although personally, I feel at least Super Sonic Racing, Living in the City, and Work It Out were actually pretty good, but this is a pretty damn underrated track, and I can't really blame anyone for it. I mean, Sonic R's tracks for the most part were admittedly meh, and even Living in the City and Work it Out are songs that have a good theme but aren't anything special, especially when compared to the rest of the series. The only songs I'd place as great are this one and Super Sonic Racing.

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Day 29: Overlooked Tracks

I'm gonna be awful at this one because I haven't played a lot of the side games.


Rivals 2 - Ifrit. While just a slightly altered version of the boss music that was used for both games, it captures the mood of slowly falling to your doom pretty well I think. Falling to your doom while fighting off an ally no less.


Unleashed - Savannah Citadel Day. From my experience Mazuri is generally pushed to the back when up against Apotos, Adabat or Spagonia. It takes a moment to heat up, but when it does, this track definitely captures the raw energy that Sonic embodies, I think, which puts it up there with Jungle Joyride and Rooftop Run.


Generations - Time Eater. Yeah I know, I'm gonna get stoned for this one. While it doesn't match up to other final boss themes, I think it's actually suitably sinister. Eggman's (or it should it be Eggmans?) pretty much threatening to destroy all of existence for goodness' sake.


Rise of Lyric - Final Boss. Again, not a spectacular track, but it gets the job done. It is definitely generic compared to most final boss music from Sonic games, but it still has merit in context.


Adventure - Chao Garden. Being used to the very soft, serene garden theme from the second Adventure game, I was... quite taken off guard when I heard this one. It is SUPER hyper compared to it. It is certainly excellent if you want to dance, though.


Adventure 2 - Mission Street. I love this track because I can't help but feel it has a strong hopeful nature. The entire Sonic cast are being treated as criminals and fighting to clear their name here.


Heroes - Metal Madness. Caught as it is between Egg Emperor and What I'm Made Of, it gets kind of overlooked I think. It certainly makes the final battle feel a lot more dramatic, though, and in that line honors the Sonic tradition of the final boss music consisting of a dark, desperate track followed by a more powerful, upbeat one. As for this one, holy crap those pseudo-scare chords at the start.


Shadow the Hedgehog - Lava Shelter. This game's very nature of being non-linear means a lot of tracks will get overlooked, as many lose their symbolism (as well as repetition) in the timeline. However, I will roll with this one, because it quite fits Shadow's new quest to hunt down Eggman and end him.


Sonic 2006 - Vs. Rival. In-game the track could certainly be better, but I think it highlights the desperation these battles were supposed to have. The Generations remix with the far superior Silver battle finally did this track justice.


Colors - Terminal Velocity... the Hub version. A spooky techno remix, complete with some bits of Night on Bald Mountain, it sticks out among the tracks. It oddly enough kind of fits and sets the stage for the last three levels with their far more upbeat nature.


Lost World - Thundercloud Acropolis. In a game that's mostly filled with upbeat music... holy cow is this one dark. It sets the mood for the upcoming Zavok battle. Zavok's dark remarks as you make your way through the level just adds to it.


Black Knight - Faraway Avalon. I'm guessing this gets overlooked by the simple fact I didn't even know you could do anything there after you beat King Arthur. It certainly has a very upbeat rock feel to it, though, and has a "I'm a kickass knight!" beat to it.

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Question #29: What are your top TWELVE (or less) overlooked level tracks?


Nobody ever does top six lists. I'ma do that.


6. Final Egg II - Sonic Adventure

This one might not be overlooked, but I haven't seen a whole lot of talk about it compared to the other Adventure tracks, so yeah. 

It is the end of days. Chaos shall devour all. That means that we start JAMMING. There's so much tension at this point in the game for me, since I always finish off Sonic's story last. It truly gives that end of the world feel with Adventure having the biggest threat in the games thusfar, and it is awesome.


5. Frozen Factory act 1 - Sonic Lost World

SO FRIGGIN' BOUNCY. This track gives off a feeling that I think describes Lost World for me - there are better, and it's not the fastest, but it's still pretty good. That drumbeat is great.


4. Emerald town theme - Sonic Battle

This one has a nice feel to it. I think I like it because it brings the high speed soundtracks I love about the series but still manages to feel laid back. Also Windy Hill's theme kind of sounds like it. I think Sonic Battle as a whole is pretty underrated - but I can't talk about that, right now I need to fight a bunch more guard robos.


3. Ocean Base act 2 - Sonic Advance 3


This track, and in fact Sonic Advance 3 as a whole, is some of my favorite music work in the series, and for good reason. The sheer amount of buildup to the main part of the song is so astounding here that even if the main part wasn't the best I'd still love it.


2. Chaos Angel act 3 - Sonic Advance 3

Knuckles and Tails stand on a platform while I play unfitting music. I-in any case, the track is awesome. It feels like, even though the storyline of Advance 3 wasn't any more complex than other Sonic games, there was a FUCKLOAD riding on whether or not you won this fight, just because of this one track. Plus, the stage it hails from is fucking painful, so naturally tensions are high.


1. Cyber Track act all of them - Sonic Advance 3



Can you tell that I really like the GBA Sonic games yet?

I think in general all of the portable Sonic games' soundtracks are underrated as hell, excluding Chronicles of course - but Cyber Track is easily my favorite, just because of it's theme. It feels like you're truly reaching the end - and you are - of Sonic Advance 3, and the GBA Sonic games in general. DIMPS reputation started to cease a bit with this and the next two games, this was the last title to feature the Adventure series cast before the death of Deem Bristow and the switch to the Sonic X voice actors, and the plunge into the dark ages for Sonic. 

In short...


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Question 29: What are your top overlooked level tracks 


I'll start with Marble Zone from Sonic 1. 




I find this to be probably the least talked about track in Sonic 1. I quite like it with it's more mysterious tone catchy beat.


Also, there is Underground Zone from the 8-Bit version of Sonic 2.  




This has to be one of my favourite first zone tracks. It has a slightly more frantic and nerve wrecking feeling than other first zones. 


I will go with Carnival Night Zone Act 2 from Sonic 3. 




I was really mixed between this and Launch Base Zone Act 2 for this spot. I honestly probably like this act 2 theme more than the first. I like it's more relaxed feeling, atmospheric feeling of this track. 


From Sonic CD, there is the USA version of Palmtree Panic Good Future.




This is probably one of the most underrated themes of Sonic CD, and one of the few times the US version is superior to the Japanese one. It reminds me of the Lion King or something. 


From Sonic 3D, we have Rusty Ruin Act 2 . 




You usually hear a lot of praise for Act1's theme, but not much for this one. It has a very majestic, more mysterious sound to it compared to act 1. 


From Knuckles' Chaotix, we have Destructive Power




A pretty hellish theme, that plays during some more serious parts of the game and in the bad ending. I just love how maniacal it sounds. 


From Sonic Adventure, we have Red Hot Skull...For Red Mountain. 




Probably one of my favourite themes in the whole game. You really don't hear much bout this track, but I love how hellish it sounds. Perfect for the type of area it's in. And those screams remind me of Spongebob..... 


And...that's all I can think of right now. Sorry I didn't say much about each track, but I not very good at describing music. 

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Question #28: Which boss(es) do you feel deserve more recognition

Probably the night bosses of Unleashed HD, since I'd probably assume they aren't looked upon favorably due to their Werehog gameplay.
Question #29: What are your top TWELVE (or less) overlooked level tracks? 
Off the top of my head in no particular order:
- Lost World's final Eggman Showdown, simply because I like the combination of bouncy and epic, even though people say it's not quite as good as other Eggman boss themes.
- Aquatic Base, because it's atmospheric and kind of underrated.
- I don't really see Digital Circuit being mentioned all that much, but I think it's really catchy and intense.

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I think I'm past due on Q25 at this point, so I'm skipping it just to get these others out of the way.


Question #26: What is your SINGLE most favourite aspect/character/etc to come out of any non-game media?


When I saw this question, I knew what my answer was going to be... and then CC14 beat me to the punch with it! But hey, why not talk a bit about it myself?


I would have to agree about the unified world and continuity in the current run of Archie's comic. I think this is something the original continuity was heading toward when Ian Flynn came on board; he notably was starting to include more locations from the games and fleshing out the geography of Mobius, in addition to building on the history of Mobius that previous writers didn't make use of and combining it with the lore of the games, making for a very unique setting that built on the strengths of both games and comics. The new continuity has also been a treat because it's built primarily on the history of the games, arranging things into a logical timeline, mapping out various zones and environments and making use of their settings for various stories, and making things that shouldn't fit together, fit together neatly.


Question #27: Which character(s) do you feel get a bad rep that they don't deserve?


Who else?




Shadow may be a popular character, but I feel like he's earned an undeserved bad rep. He's usually the first character that people will call "unneeded," with any reason to get rid of him. His story is done (So?). He doesn't do anything (Then give him something to do.). He's written badly (Write him better...?). He's too dark (I'd argue he can fit with a lighter hearted tone without mangling his character.). Honestly, I think I'd feel better if people who argue this would just own up to not liking the character instead of acting like getting rid of Shadow will fix problems within this series or as if he's not even worth fixing. The thing that gets me about these arguments is that Shadow really doesn't even need that much fixing, and he's a character that's actually afforded a lot of freedom and flexibility because of his position with GUN, he let go of his past, and besides Amy and Tails, he and Team Dark seem like the most likely allies Sonic will run across in his adventures anyway.


Another thing that bothers me about these arguments is that people are quick to move the goal posts where Shadow is concerned. For every argument I've seen explaining why he should be gone, I see just as many that will quickly defend other characters even if they have the same exact problems as Shadow (particularly bad writing). Take Knuckles, a character with a specific role and purpose (guarding the Master Emerald and Angel Island), who probably shouldn't be showing up just cuz as he's so frequently done recently, and one who's probably degraded horribly because none of the writers know what to do with him (more so than any other character). People will suggest that Knuckles just needs better writing or refer to his purpose as dead weight and can be dropped. Yet, a character like Shadow, who isn't tethered to one spot and can be anywhere for any scenario apparently can't because of his past or whatever. It's very odd to me that people are willing to put aside core aspects of one character to keep them active but will quickly use irrelevant aspects of another to keep them inactive.


In addition to those topics (which I seem to allow myself to take part in too often), I think the bad writing of his own game, or even the current mishandling of him (see Generations and Boom), along with "OW THE EDGE" memes really haven't helped his image very much.


Question #28: Which boss(es) do you feel deserve more recognition?


I think I have to piggyback off of MegasonicZX's answer of E-101 Beta Mk. II.




I always found Beta to be a rather interesting character; for one, I think it had a really cool design, and it's claw arm/cannon things it received in its upgrade reminded me A LOT of Metal Knuckles when I was a kid, and that's a good thing. Two, I think it had a lot of personality, desperately wanting to remain in service to Eggman instead of being replaced... and I don't think it minded its upgrades. I kinda look at Beta's second battle with Gamma as it trying to show its superiority... which seems to be a thing with every Eggman robot ever to the point that they're really dangerous (maybe it's just as well Eggman removed Metal Sonic's personality). I imagine it might have been rushing back to the Final Egg to help battle Sonic when it ran into Gamma on the Egg Carrier. Three. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jr7xjxZ6J8w. I think the cool thing about

is that it feeds off of Gamma's theme, and gives us a sense of their rivalry, right up until the end. Kumatani knocked it out with those themes.


EDIT: Oh, looks like the next question went up when I was writing this. I'll come back for that one later.

Edited by Zaysho

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I got a lot of ground to cover.


Question #26: What is your SINGLE most favourite aspect/character/etc to come out of any non-game media?


I gotta go for the post-rebooted world of Archie Sonic. Before I 'kinda' (using that word loosely) tend to follow the events of the book pretty much through here. I was going to start actually getting in, but then you-know-what happened. Since then (starting at 252) I just loved what Flynn could do with the (still)building world. Mixing what he could of the games and cartoons into one mold is a refreshing things in my eyes. The new characters and reinvented ones adds to this new take on the comic's world too. Yet there's still so much more that you can feel is left uncharted. 


Question #27: Which character(s) do you feel get a bad rep that they don't deserve?


I will say Silver. I still think he can be a good character, I see it that his debut game didn't do him any favors. I don't have much of an issue with his traits and personality; I can see it being a growing benefit of his character rather than a crutch. In fact, how Silver acted in the Archie Comics is a good indicator of how I can see him being portrayed in the games. He has  a strong view of justice and is valiant in what he thinks is right, but that can lead him to being a little naive, and I don't have a inherit problem with that. Sonic 2006 just did not do much favors to show that in a good way, least to me.


Question #28: Which boss(es) do you feel deserve more recognition?


I have two.




I really started playing Sonic Adventure for the first literally a couple of years ago, and getting to face the Egg Viper I thought it couldn't be THAT challenging of a boss...boy was I wrong. Before I get to that though I wanna talk about its design. Personally it's up there with my all time favorite Eggman baddie designs. It's serpentine design, the true-to-form red motif and the clear intimidation it has to its look makes it more memorable than you'll expect.


Ok but the boss battle itself? Holy crap. SA1's controls aren't picture perfect sure, and that can help soooooo much with the limited room you have to dodge the doctor's attacks. Then he destroys part of the platform making things more difficult. I can tell you right now that a good part of the time when he fires lasers towards you into the camera (but leaving himself exposed) I tend to mess up there. In fact I know that I screwed up in some way and in the end losing a lot of lives. His 'See if you can make it through here Sonic' line while looking like he was dancing is always a highlight though.


Oh, and that infamous end of the battle where, even though Eggman has been defeated he has one more trick up his sleeve all the while he says that one famous line and intends to take you out with him? Yeah that was pure jackassery but it was so fitting for the fat scientist I have to give him props. In short; a challenging, yet somewhat satisfying boss to end Sonic's story with. It showed that he was NOT screwing around and would do any means necessary to have your ass on a silver platter. 





The king of Egg Pawns (no really its internal file name is literally 'King Pawn') and one of Eggman's most formidable creations, the Egg Emperor. Nearly impenetrable to attack; it wields a long-ass lance as an arm on its right and a humongous shield for its left. It may not have been the real doctor piloting it, but even then this thing wouldn't go down without a fight. I actually liked its chase & dodge/ stationary sequences, all the while Metal Sonic REALLY wanted our hereos dead by sending mooks at you all the while. 


Design wise I have no qualms about it; a gold-plated mass of robotics, its color scheme gives of a sense of regal stature too. 



Question #29: What are your top TWELVE (or less) overlooked level tracks?


Oh here we go:


One of the few ARK-based tracks I actually like-no scratch that the only one I really like. It got a beat that so damn catchy and the guitar gives it a good edge without taking up all over. 


I JUST began listening more in depth to Rivals' music...there are some good worth of compositions there no gonna lie. In all though, both games' music are often forgotten. This one shouldn't be. A funky mix of guitar, sax, and synth is always a good time. 


With the amount of guitar Heroes likes to incorporate it's nice to have a track that doesn't focus so heavily on it. Ambient and mellow sounding, it provides just the tranquilly of the level while still being not too subdued.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyOkzf5cAJA Speaking of ambiance, I do still believe if you look at the US soundtrack on its own it still have some good gems. This is one of them. 


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XwZQlFaF1c/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3RQpdm4MOU Personally my favorite Special Stage themes, I kinda wish the Emerald Challenge version was used for Generations but oh well.


Gonna agree with Osmium there, this track fits the environment perfectly. 


There's something about this track that embodies a sense of adventure, the feeling of unknown and danger. All around one of the best tracks in the game.


It's helluva catchy. I like the level itself actually and I think deserves more. It's a refreshing break from much of the game's soundtrack.


Really appropriate tone for the nature of the game, setting and all. Also a touching piece after a sea-faring adventure. The composer, Seirou Okamoto, did a wonderful job composing this song.


I always get a little rush of nostalgia when I hear these two tracks. Something about them gives off a fast-pace feeling through a simmering foundry of steel, haze and fire...hmmm...(No but really Adv2 got some gems in it, give it a chance)


And last but certainly not least...


Oh man...what can't I say about this track? Everything about it hit the right notes (pun intended). The strings...the piano...it comes together for a wonderfully composed piece for the Werehog. Hands down my favorite track in Unleashed and one of my top pieces of music in the series bar none.

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Day 29: (One more left!) What are your Top TWELVE (or Less) Overlooked level tracks?


Top 4 in no order:


1. Sky Sanctuary Modern. Not really sure if this one is overlooked per se, but I don't hear this one talked about as much as say, Speed Highway or something in this game. As for the actual song, I like it. I think it sounds like a peaceful place just listening to it.


2. Red Mountain (Sonic Adventure) Again, more Sonic Adventure. Anyway, I think this one is overlooked because this track is honestly one of the best tracks in the game especially when you're in the lava part.


3. Marble Zone. This track may not be that special compared to some of the other tracks in the game, but it sounds creepy and mysterious. What I mean is, it's basically a cautious sound tune which causes you to explore the depths of the dungeon.


4. Flying Battery- Sonic 3. Bet you weren't expecting this, eh? I don't think this is as good as some of the others, but I think it says how weird it is, with platforming on the battery and all. And it has a catchy beat, so that's nice I guess.


Day 29 Complete! 

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