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Dr. Crusher Presents: The 30 Days of Sonic the Hedgehog Mk.II (Daft and Tolerating It)-PAGE 72, FIN

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Day 29: What are your top 5 *because Strickerx5 get it haha... I'll stop* underrated tracks?


5: Sonic 3:


The beat that goes on during this track is insane. It's just a track you can listen to and have a good time doing so as well. Not to mention the fact that I have a friend who breaks straight into beat boxing whenever he hears it. XD


4: Sonic 06:


This is mainly for the last few moments of the track as it breaks into an orchestrated version of All Hail Shadow. Seriously, a full version of that needs to be made. From the 20 seconds we hear it's a crime it hasn't been done already. Also, I'd like to add that the cutscene this plays during is a strangely good one for 06 as well.


3: Heroes:


Talk about an extremely catchy and up beat song. Though, I think what really puts it on my list is the killer opening it has. It even syncs to the opening scene of the stage as well during gameplay. How this track so often gets over looked when people talk about music from Heroes confuses me.


2: Unleashed:


I say all because literally every one of these tracks are brilliant. People always ignore them and point to the day time themes (which are amazing as well mind you XD). Really though, some of these tracks are so well composed that it gives me chills. I know they're not what people come to expect when listening to Sonic music but these tracks should really be more on people's radars.


1: Sonic 4 Ep 2: Sky Fortress acts



Oh my god, my literal definition of hidden gems. Sky Fortress act 2 and 3 were great levels in their own right but these tracks, just completely sealed the deal. They literally came out of no where for me. Up until that point, the music in Sonic 4 had been verily sub par. The way that act 3 just escalates off of act 2 is intensely satisfying as all hell. If I had to make a list of my top favorite tracks from 2d sonic games, this would definitely be in my top 5. My only complaint is that I wish they both were a tad longer. A victim to that dreaded loop problem both episodes had sadly.

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Previous Questions

Question #26: What is your SINGLE most favourite aspect/character/etc to come out of any non-game media?


The Archieverse pre-Genesis Wave

Ok, maybe not my favorite aspect of non-game media, but definitely the thing that fascinates me the most. Over it's 20 year run it's developed a massive interconnected continuity that spans for thousands of years across multiple characters, places, planets and even dimensions. The sheer magnitude of world building and history that's been established in this world is incredible to me. It takes full advantage of the fact it's a comic book and it's writers went all over the board with it, leading to some very "unique" stories. It manages to remain true to the game's characters, while also building a universe all it's own, complete with it's own brand of outlandish mythology. However, even for all the crazy characters and backstories used to establish everything, I feel like that only adds to the its charm since, as a one Bob Chipman would say:




It reminds me of the Marvel comics and it's own brand of ludicrous mythology of characters and stories; it's so dense, every little part of the universe has it's own story behind it, and it's a world that doesn't necessarily center around it's main characters, rather it makes them feel like the bigger part of a much grander universe that's been lived in, and evolved over the course of thousands of years. The world and it's characters have a history, and it's so cool how characters and settings, no matter how minor, make reappearances after long absences in more recent issues.


Question #27: Which character(s) do you feel get a bad rep that they don't deserve?


Big The Cat


I feel as though most people give Big a hard time due to him not conforming to the standard character model of most Sonic characters. Where most characters are designed to look cool and slick, Big's design, and very concept is the exact opposite; his personality also reflects this opposing design; simple, practically dull-witted. Ok I wouldn't expect people to love this guy, but I feel too many people rag on Big simply for not being like the other Sonic characters, when this kind of diversity in the cast should be better appreciated. He perfectly represents the variety of shapes and sizes Sonic characters can come in, and the more 'civilian' characters that ought to inhabit Sonic's world.


Question #28: Which boss(es) do you feel deserve more recognition?


Robot Carnival/Storm


Easily one of the most fun and satisfying boss fights in the series for me. Takes full advantage of the games combat system and provides a pretty decent challenge, forcing the player to master each character's abilities to quickly dispatch the hordes of enemies and level up as quickly as possible. And once you do manage to fully level up it's immensely satisfying to unleash complete carnage on each wave, being able to wipe out each successive horde almost instantly, especially with your power characters combo attacks. It's honestly one of the most entertaining and challenging boss fights the series has had.

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Question #29: What are your top TWELVE (or less) overlooked level tracks?

I not played 12 different Sonic games to be able to know 12 songs and will only do three since this was very hard to begin with already. I spent over one hour typing this then to find out that it was for overlooked songs not favorite songs that made this much harder. I will give small description since I not great at describing music.


Sonic 1 Spring Yard

The song for Spring Yard zone probably needs more attention. I find this song to be nice.


Sonic 2 Hilltop

This got nice tune for the hilly area of this zone here.


Sonic 3 Marble Garden

I not sure if this overlooked. It is great tune for the level and both acts are real nice.

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Sonic 1 (16 bit) - Labyrinth Zone. I dunno if this one really counts as "underrated" but I've not seen it talked about as much as the other tracks in the game. It has a nice "water" sound to it. I dunno why, but it just sounds watery. Fitting, given the level (which, incidentally, I always imagine playing at night when it's dark outside. And it looks awesome).


Sonic 1 (8 bit) - It's a toss-up between Scrap Brain Zone or Sky Base Zone. The former's got this beat that's similar, yet different, to the 16 bit version, but I think it works just as well here because it gives off this vibe of "Eggman's cornered, I'm gonna find him here!". And Sky Base Zone's only a 10-ish second loop, but damn if it isn't an intense one (especially since you don't get any rings at all, and there's cannons and Bombs and stuff out for your blood).


Sonic CD - Stardust Speedway Bad Future (US) isn't talked about nearly as much as it's JP/PAL counterpart. I love how otherworldly, futuristic and overall "space-y" it sounds. Sad(?) Confession: this song inspired a (yet-to-happen) moment in my story because of how cool and space-like it sounds.


Sonic 3&K - I don't think Lava Reef Zone Act 1 is one that's talked about much. Much like Labyrinth Zone, it's got this vibe that fits the level perfectly, and it's got a nice jazzy beat to it. Somehow I like it when fire levels have slow-paced beats to them (like Norfair in the original Metroid or Heat Man's stage in Mega Man 2).


Sonic '06 - Aquatic Base. I love the music and overall look of the place. It really nails that "under the sea metal laboratory" feel, and it's rather relaxing. Pretty unusual for what functions as Sonic's final level, but I love the relaxing, chillax sounds.


Sonic Lost World - Snowball Waltz is one I love a lot. Like Aquatic Base it's very mellow and soothing, and has that lovely feel of a December night in a bright city. And I love bright lights in a city while it snows, so that's an instant plus in my books. Too bad that the level has a pretty annoying boss and a very annoying final Red Ring.

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Question #29: What are your top TWELVE (or less) overlooked LEVEL tracks?


ohh we are geting close to the 30th day!...



i'm gonna put only top 5..

1)..Milky way - Sonic drift 2


its kinda forgotten because its from a not pretty well known game today... from all the tracks on that game. this one is fantastic!

its like a classic Reach for the stars :D


i played that zone a time ago on my PC with the emulator.... and gosh! was so difficult.. speccially Tails winning me al over the time..

only thanks to save state i could made to win one of the GPs :D  and i loved that theme..



2) Sea Fox - Tails' adventures

this theme is just so woow!  its called Sea fox  because its used in the process to got to the sea.. but its used also to go to the final zone.. flying through the battle bird armada in Tails' plane... it was soooo difficult to get through that zone but it totally worth it :D


3) Opening- Sonic triple trouble


everybody recalls Sunset park zone act 3 from this game...but hey! the opening was also pretty nice too..

its sooo short!! but the first seconds are so catchy... i liked it so much!

if those first seconds could repeat a little more and make a variation.. it could have been so nice!


4) Botanic Base - Knuckles ChaotiX


i'm not sure if this one its sooo underrated .. since the Zone Runners used it for "My Rose" .. but well.. this game had very nice music..

there is more i could put.. but its only one theme per game.. :D


but this theme.. its so sweet, cool and catchy! ;) 


aaand last one...

5) Seaside Beach - Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal


i'm also not sure if this one is so forgotten.. i'm asuming this because its from one most regected Sonic games by fans.. more for the franchise this belongs to,  the Boom one... that's all..


but leaving that behind.. this one of the very few music on this game that is not so flat and its not so transformers like..

and i'm pretty glad to hear something nice from this game..


i really liked this one. the flautes are something beautiful to hear..

i hope Fire and Ice can get some nice music similar to this style. easily recognizable!


this one together with Worm Tunnel from this same game; wich sounds pretty similar to the beggining of "You can do anything" from Sonic all stars racing transformed, are almost the only tracks that sound pretty nice on this game..

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Day 29: Unloved Musical Tracks


I can think of several underrated tracks but I'm only going to list one because I don't think any of the others can quite measure up.


Supporting Me (Sonic Adventure 2)



 I don't think my words can do justice to the place of musical brilliance that is Supporting Me. I define art as anything which is intended  to evoke an emotional response in it's audience and the sheer range of emotion the song conveys is staggering, it's funky, it's sad, it's creepy, it's mysterious, it's determined, and more. With his final hour nigh Shadow battles a draconic and deformed prototype of himself in the ancient ruin inspired core of the ARK, a place where unspeakable tragedy has occurred. Shadow fights not only to buy Sonic and Knuckles time to stop the ARK from crashing but also to redeem himself for causing the whole thing to begin with.


The lyrics of the song are told from Shadow's perspective. In the song he expresses his desire to break free of his past and redeem himself ("I believe in my future, farewell to the shadow"). Over the course of the battle he seems to be reaching out to Maria's spirit, either literally or metaphorically, asking her to keep him on the right path, lest he succumb to Gerald's programming once again ("It was my place to live, but now I need your hand. Lead me out with your light, I have breathed in The disgusting air of darkness, but I never lose out"). Despite that though Shadow still expresses fear that, even knowing Maria's wish and having her guidance, he may be too far gone and relapse anyway ("To the pressure, everything's just like, An illusion, I'll be losing you, before long."). Yet despite that possibility Shadow is determined to continue trying for redemption and will hold on to Maria's wish as long as he possibly can ("I never lose my confidence,"  "I know you are supporting me").


In the end I don't think that Supporting Me is just a nice tune that people don't really remember. I think it's a real piece of art that gets nowhere near the amount of recognition it deserves.

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Day 29: My top five overlooked level tracks:


5) Sunset Hill Zone (Sonic Advance 3): Yeah, I know: this is kinda cheating, since the three acts are all remixes of Green Hill, but they're some of my favorite renditions of the classic tune!


4) Green Hills Zone (Sonic 2 Game Gear/ Master System): This tune is catchy enough on its own, but I especially love it because it became Sonic: You Can Do Anything!


3) Labyrinth Zone (Sonic 1 iOS remake): The original theme didn't really stick with me, but Stealth and Taxman's remake added a nice, Genesis-y bass line that really amplified the song!


2) Air Fortress (Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal): About the only music I can remember from that game, Air Fortress gives off a feeling of adventure and triumph, as our quartet of heroes near the final (and only) battle to save Amy!


1) Lava Mountain Zone (Sonic Runners): As pitiful as the game is, Sonic Team got the music right! This theme, titled Power Ride, may not fit the dark, magma-filled aesthetics, but it's just so beautiful and energetic that I really don't care!

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Day 28: Bosses that should have more recognition


Egg Dragoon - Sonic Unleashed


This boss, as we know, came back in Generations and was greatly modified in order to suit Modern Sonic's play style. I've seen mixed opinions on whether the original or remake stands as the better version. I personally like both but that's not quite what I brought this up for.


I feel what makes the boss shine in Unleashed is the context behind it. This is Sonic's opportunity to really stick it to Eggman after having made him deal with his Werehog form.


Something that adds to the sense of payback is that you take on the machine (or one similar to it) that managed to capture Sonic in the opening, having only escaped it by "cheating" via the chaos emeralds. The machine that he needed to go super to escape is now being taken apart by his bare hands.


Day 29: Overlooked Tracks


Sorry, but I'm just going to go with a no-particular-order top 5 for this. I might be out soon and I'd rather get caught up again before tomorrow.


My Destiny (Elise's Theme) - Sonic 06


I myself hadn't given this track any attention until recently when I decided to put it on for no particular reason. I really like this track now. It starts out very slow and quiet and gradually picks up to become more triumphant by the end. It's a surprisingly uplifting track once the chorus comes round a second time.


Shamar Hub (Night) - Sonic Unleashed


This is a really nice piece that many won't hear much of as they go from point A to B in the hub. It's very relaxing while still having a feeling of liveliness, like when you're out at night and there's a party in the near distance.


Windy Hill Zone 3 - Sonic Lost World


Certainly more of an atmospheric track that really is meant to serve as a backing for something else. There's not much to this one but it's so echoey (not a word, what can you do) and mysterious. It really sets the atmosphere for going through a cave system built under a world you've just started exploring.


Extras - Sonic Mega Collection Plus


Oh man, this has nostalgia written all over it for me. This music always made me feel weird when I played the game. It's tranquil, mysterious and even a bit melancholic as if to evoke the feeling of days gone by that we remember fondly or even miss but can't ever get back to. It always seemed like the menus were some sort of void you'd been deposited into but then you pick something to play or view and then, as if by magic, you're thrown back in time. Actually, now that I mention that...


Back In Time - Sonic R


We all know the...divisive reception Sonic R's soundtrack has. I've always liked it myself and this track has always been my favourite. Yes, it's a bit cheesy and really has next to nothing to do with what's happening on screen but man is it catchy. I'm struggling to explain why this one appeals to me and as much as I'd love to explain it through more metaphors and such, I just can't. I had a big smile on my face when I watched the Sonic Prologue film and a cover of the song kicked in as Sonic and Tails go for their first run together. I'll still always prefer the original but this one's got some nice flavour to make it hold its own merits.

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Hmm...some of these I'm not sure of their general reception.



Sonic 2 - Sky Chase Zone


The music fits the pace of the stage perfectly, and is generally pleasant to listen to (though I would have said Hill Top if I hadn't been beaten to the punch).



Sonic 3 & Knuckles - Bonus Stage Music


Specifically the stage where you are on the rotating spheres and have the laser tracking beam chasing you. The bass line is so funky, I love it.



Sonic Adventure - Believe In Myself


I much prefer this to the tuneless SA2 version. The riff is great, the solo better, and the vocals are so much more fitting the lyrics.



Sonic & The Black Knight - Sir Percival Theme


I've not played this game beyond the first level, but this is the only game where I skimmed through the soundtrack despite not owning it. This track, despite being only about 40 odd seconds, instantly hooked me with its guitar style and leaves me wanting more.


Oh, and acoustic version of It Doesn't Matter is bliss, but we all know that anyway.



Sonic Generations - Crisis City (Act 1)


Never played Sonic 06. Don't intend to. Didn't know what to expect from the Generations interpretation, but boy oh boy was I in awe straight away at this level, and the intense music made up a large amount of that.

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Not a huge music guy, so I'm highlighting just three overlooked tracks:

Botanic Base (Knuckles Chaotix)

First up is a track from Chaotix, a game that could be considered overlooked itself. Rather than picking Door into Summer (Which I nixed because it's probably the most popular track from this game and even had a Generations remix), I've decided to give the nod to Midnight Greenhouse. I love the sort of nightclubby feel that it goes for and as it goes on, it gets super catchy. This is definitely one that I'd just put on during the night and chill while listening to.

Faraway Avalon (Sonic & the Black Knight)

A music question wouldn't be complete without me giving some well-deserved props to SatBK's amazetastic sounds. I chose this track in particular because of how freaking epic it is. It legitimately sounds like a song you'd imagine in your head if you were on a fantasy adventure yourself and that's why I love it so much.

Mystic Ruins (Sonic Adventure)

Kinda skirting the line when it comes to what counts as a "level track," but I just had to mention this one because I bet A LOT of people HAVE overlooked it. Most people who play Adventure probably just try and move on to the next level or upgrade without even making notice of the majority of the hub, but this theme stuck with me ever since I first played it. I absolutely LOVE the sheer atmosphere of this track. From the chanting to the jungle sound to the pretty catchy beat, this is definitely one of my most memorable hub world themes bar none. In fact, I don't think any other Sonic track has made me feel quite so immersed in the world of the game. There's just something special about this one that I can't quite put my finger on. Whatever that special factor is, though, it'll always have my appreciation.

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Question #29: What are your top TWELVE (or less) overlooked LEVEL tracks?


- Sonic 1 (8bits) : Sky Base Zone, it feels epic and adventurous, you hear that you're on the final level !

- Sonic 2 : Metropolis Zone. I love the rythm of that music !

- Sonic 3K : Sandopolis Zone. I like the egyptian feel of that track, it (of course) suits the level. It also has a sinister vibe in the second act, fitting for the ghosts that are in the pyramid.

- Sonic Jam : Sonic World. That music is awesome. The tropical style is a good fit for a "first" level in any Sonic game.

- Shadow the Hedgehog : Black Comet. A calm music, just after all the "epic/dark" music from the previous levels felt very welcome. I love listening to it here and then.

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but this theme.. its so sweet, cool and catchy! ;)




Now then, to smoothly transition to my own selection for this list.


Day 29: What are your top TWELVE (or less) overlooked LEVEL tracks?


May be a bit tricky but I'll pull some unusual tricks out.


Marble Zone (Sonic 1, 16-bit); While the zone itself is kinda sluggish, the music has a strong beat that I think makes it catchy and bearable to go through the zone, especially the nice last bit of the loop. Definitely leagues above Marble Garden Zone's music at least.


Aquatic Ruin Zone (Sonic 2, 16-bit); I know a lot of tracks on Sonic 2 get heaped with praise, but Aquatic Ruin Zone seems to get overlooked quite often and it's a shame because it's such an airy, fitting track for the level. I can honestly picture just some air vehicle soar just above the water and taking in the wonderful scenery.


Launch Base Zone Act 1 (Sonic 3); Dunno how overlooked it in the great scope of things, but it is overlooked in favour of Ice Cap Zone, so I'd count it. Much prefer this one, it feels like a track for tacking danger while managing to stay funky throughout.


Flying Battery Zone (Sonic & Knuckles); What a weird placement for one of the most adrenaline pumping tracks in the entirety of S3&K bar maybe Death Egg Zone, but I don't care. It sounds awesome, and almost crossing into traditional electronica genres if not for the 16-bit sound.


Emerald Ocean (Sonic Drift 2); I've said before that this is one of my favourite tracks, so you bet it's going to be an overlooked contender! It may be a short loop, but I love how triumphant and joyful it sounds, almost like it's giddy about driving on the goddamn ocean.


Speed of Sound (Chaotix); Another one of my faves, and one that used to be overlooked through obscurity but now more eclipsed by Door Into Summer's popularity. That's one neat, but I prefer the sheer frenetic energy in Speed Slider's theme more. The melody throughout definitely sounds almost lyrical in nature.


Spring Stadium Zone Act 2 (Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island, 16-Bit); Yes, I've heard the Saturn versions of the Spring Stadium tunes, and they range from jazzy to mad. But for some reason, I like how understated this one is. It's still playful, but more restrained so it's more like a jig than bouncing off the walls, a nice cool down for what follows.


Work It Out (Sonic R); Ironically enough, it does remind me of a workout video! But that's good, because that makes it more light-hearted and bouncy in my mind. It's a fun track and I like racing to it.


This Way Out (Sonic Adventure 2); From telling us to figure out the answer to just telling us the answer, I swear that link wasn't intentional. Anyway, when you think of top SA2 tracks, you're more like to hear about one from Sonic or Shadow's levels, or even one of the vocal tracks. The theme to Prison Lane is rather catchy in my opinion, with a really good hook after it gets to the meat of the song. A pretty good introductory song for Tails' part of the story.


Bingo Highway (Sonic Heroes); Aw yeah, how can you not get pumped when hearing this track? If Flying Battery was almost into electronica territory, this jumps in head first and brings us a corker of a pulse with it. Great to imagine action with, and great for a general jam.


Mad Matrix (Shadow the Hedgehog); Actually not too dissimilar in ideology to Bingo Highway, except instead of a pulse it has a defined melody string. Makes it sound more combat-fitting compared to the above, which fits what the game was aiming for. I would concede that Cosmic Fall is better, but thanks to the All Stars Racing DLC, it's basically the one level theme of the game that wasn't overlooked, so I defaulted to second.


Dark Gaia's Spawn (Sonic Unleashed); Jesus guys you don't know how much I love this track. A great mix of jazz and more traditional orchestration, it's just so epic and exotic and it really builds up that tension like a good boss track should do.


BONUS BECAUSE IT'S A REMIX: Collection Room (Sonic Generations); The reason Door Into Summer eclipses Speed of Sound so much now is probably because of its appearance in Generations, and it's a great way to bring new life into the song! The joyous fiddles really add some oomph to the track while keeping the tone of wonder that comes from exploring a new place for the first, as it did back with Isolated Island. 


Huh, thirteen, and I thought I'd struggle to get twelve. Also surprised the majority are in the classic era given how I favour the post-classic era more.

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Day 29: My top nine overlooked tracks from the franchise?


Man i've been waiting for a question like this since the very beginning and now its here, yes! Welp lets kick this off:




The alter emerald theme from sonic advance 3 immediately comes to mind as a great track that never gets talked about and I always wonder why, well I guess one reason might be because it only plays right before the final boss and you don't get to really hear it for too long but man I wish it played more, if there was ever a song that fit the final moments of a sonic game this one is definitely it, it gives off vibes of terror and evil all while sounding cool as heck and it fits eggman to a tee.




Number two goes to shamars night theme from sonic unleashed, this is yet another one I wonder why it doesn't get much recognition, its festive, its jazzy and its such a delight to listen to.




The boss theme in sonic rivals is probably one of the most intense and heavy boss themes this series has ever had and after playing through the game and listening to it, it quickly became one of my favorites, this song is pretty much the diamond hidden amongst this games jewels (in other words its a great song in the midst of mostly good songs). The whole sonic rivals 2 soundtrack is actually pretty good but next to race to win this is the one that sticks out most to me, I love this song mostly for how amazingly that guitar is used along with the strings that accompany it, it just sounds so intimidating.




Now sonic riders zero gravity is known for having a stellar soundtrack when compared to the first game but this track I feel doesn't get as much recognition as the rest, I really like the whole techno vibe it has going for it and the beat that the track has going through it always has me tapping my foot in enjoyment.




When people talk about the final boss music for sonic rush adventure they often talk about deep core but I feel as though the no one ever remembers Big Swell much (I know I didn't until at least last year and I played through rush adventure twice O_O) even though its a pretty awesome song.




Collections count right <_<? The credits theme from sonic mega collection plus is probably the saddest out of all of these to get overlooked, I see literally no one talk about this song and I just assume its because not many people viewed the credits but you'd be doing your ears such an injustice by not listening to this song. I mean just listen to that flute! That piano! That subtle instrument thats playing through the background the entire song (I think thats a piano too but i'm not sure) this song is just pure bliss and it always makes me feel happy because I always think of the fun summers I had playing the collection itself with my cousin.




I'm just going to go out on a limb and say the reason why most people don't remember this song much is because of how much they hated the level in general :P. But seriously though marble zones theme is amazing, it didn't really click with me much at first but as time went on it just started becoming my favorite theme in the entire game.




This lovely little DnB remix of the sonic boom theme always comes to mind as one of the songs from sonic gems collection that I feel doesn't get enough credit (well that and the other remix's but this one sticks out to me more), if there was ever a reason to go ahead and try unlocking everything in sonic gems collections museum this would definitely be one of the first reasons i'd give you, its basically takes an already awesome theme and makes it even more awesome by remixing it in one of my favorite genres ever.




When thinking of tracks I think deserve more recognition in shadow the hedgehog the one that always comes to mind is cosmic fall, its such an amazing track and the level its played in is pretty sweet too so i'm not sure why this one never gets mentioned much.

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Question 28: Come on, you haven't talked about him yet?


One boss I'd give more recognition to is the final boss in Sonic 4: Episode 1. Yeah I'm talking about the Death Egg Robot.


Sonic 4 Edition




This little ding dong is one of the worst most interesting bosses in the game. It basically is similar to the final boss in Sonic 2. What's probably a tad bit annoying is that towards the end of the boss the floor will start breaking apart and if you don't finish him off in time, you're dead. Restart from the checkpoint. I had a bit of a difficulty beating this guy although he's quite an easy boss compared to many others. That floor death is probably something that should had give it a lot more recognition. It's one of those moments where players would basically go "What a load of bulls***!" A few of his phases are a bit annoying and chances are your first time fighting this boss took a lot of lives. He doesn't get the infamy he deserves for such bullshit phases and attacks.

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Day 28: Bosses That Deserve More Wreck-Recognition


Well, for this one I'll be looking at a boss fight I originally hated (due to obvious reasons) but now find the concept pretty awesome. It is none other than 


ERAAAZOR DJIIIINN! (djinn) (djinn)



Ah yes, this boss fight. Took me way too many tries the first time to beat (and then I got to the real final boss, urgh). But anyway, looking back, I want a fight like this again sooo much! But not everything about it. Let's take the snippets I enjoy that make this boss awesome. 


First off the music. Ooohhhh the music! It's soooo good! Gets you all pumped up and ready for action! YEAH! Then we got the banter between Djinn and Sonic. This, I feel shows off Sonic's character very well and also makes the villain look like a dick. So you don't really feel bad for him at all. In fact, you just want to pound his ass!! Wait, that came out wrong.


Anyway, gameplaywise this boss has a lot of potential. It's always intimidating fighting someone bigger than Sonic, and this boss is no exception. He's huge! And powerful! So it's super satisfactory getting in on his weak spot. I want to see this style return with an Eggman robot. Yes.. we did technically have them but I mean, more challenging, and less repetitive. When Colours and Lost World did it, it was too easy and too.. bleh. NOT EPIC ENOUGH!! You gotta RAISE THE STAKES, and have the user make SUPER QUICK ATTACKS, and have HEART PUMPING MUSIC. And, dialogue would help too. I miss the days characters interacted with each other during levels. 




Day 29: Overlooked Level Tracks 


#1: "Dragon's Lair" from Sonic and the Black Knight. Really should get to playing this game sometime. The soundtrack is just full of amazing tunes. @_@




#2: Pirate Storm's level music. It's sooooo good! I just.. don't know what else to say. I love it.




#3: POWER PLAAAANNTTTT. Why do so many people not like this level.. nor its music?? This tune is so catchy and electrically upbeat. I like it. Probably my favourite level track from Heroes. 




#4: I hate, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate. B) Okay, well, I do kinda dislike Sonic Advance 3, mainly for being the only Sonic game I really can't seem to have fun playing (hush darling), BUT the soundtrack is nice, I'll give it that. And this particular remix of Green Hill Zone, titled "Sunset Hill Zone" is great. Some people don't like it from what I heard, others.. don't know it exists, and here I am loving it. A little grainy, sure, but it's so upbeat and fun to listen to that I don't mind it. Not at all. 




#5: Sooo, Sonic Colours. Kinda the same as Advance 3 on this one.. except it's sorta fun at times. Amazing soundtrack though, especially Aquarium Park. You know, I usually hear people talk about Starlight Carnival... or you know, Asteroid Coaster. Not so much Aquarium Park Act 1. This tune is pretty calm and majestic to me, so I dunno. I really like it. 





Yeah I'm not doing more than this, because I'm not gonna flood this page with videos. :V Also, I can't think of any other top tracks I have that aren't universally loved.. so yeah. Honourable mention for Desert Ruins Act 1 from Sonic Lost World, I guess but that's it. 

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Question #29: What are your top TWELVE (or less) overlooked LEVEL tracks?

Holy creep, 12?! Oh, Crusher, you handsome devil, you...And I suppose that I can't answer with "Cosmic Eternity" from Sonic CD or "Look Alike" from the Ova. Such a shame, those are awesome.

But, without any further ado, let's do it to it!



12)Hill Top Zone - Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Hill Top Zone is not a perfect level, and usually I start to get bored of the game as a whole around it, (Sonic 2 is too long to finish in a single playthrough for my tastes), and I understand that some may find this particular track forgettable, especially with other pieces like Chemical Plant being in this instalment, but I can't help but smile a little whenever I listen to this. Perfect for hillbillies, but not for Sonic fans, I guess.


11) Polly Mountain - Tails Adventure

The OST of the Game Gear's titles are sadly overlooked and forgotten by many players, despite containing some of the best pieces in the series. Just like this one. Now, isn't this something you would hum for hours? Such is my case.


10)Egg Fleet - Sonic Heroes


Now, doesn't this track describe perfectly what's happening? Three heroes (or the Chaotix) are destroying Eggman's fleet, fiercely and at the speed of sound. Despite not liking Heroes that much (my first memory whenever I think of the game is falling in a bottomless pit), whenever I play the game, I always go to this level just to listen to this music while trashing some robots. Feels good, man.


9)Frontier Canyon Act 3 - Sonic Rivals 2

This piece is...different from other Sonic's tracks. First things first, it's for a Western-themed level, tropes that aren't really that common in the series, and secondly, despite being really, really, really short, it remained in my head for weeks the first time I've played Rivals 2. It deserves more recognition, I think.


8)Mission Street - Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic Adventure 2 was full of good tracks, many of which have been in my MP3 player for ages. But there's no denying that some of those tracks are easily forgotten by some people. I understand; among so many pieces, of course you'll remember just your favourites. And one of my favourites is Mission Street's theme.  It doesn't have anything to do with the level, being a peaceful and relaxing melody in a stage where you shoot robots and scream "ACAB, ACAB!", but...yeah, I like it.


7)Secret Base Zone Act 1 - Sonic Advance

Hey, you're invading Eggman's Secret Base! Well, to be exact, just one of the good doctor's personal spaces.  But why should you be afraid? You've beaten his robots countless times, this is just a stroll through the park, right? Or maybe the music isn't about you, the hero, but about Eggman's bombastic personality? You decide!


6))Speed of Sound - Speed Slider - Knuckles' Chaotix

My favourite level in the game has my favourite track from said game. It makes sense, doesn't it? It's a shame that you don't hear remixes that make this track justice, because it could really use a "Generations-styled" treatment. Strangely enough, whenever I listen to it, I always imagine Vector looking at the screen before reaching top speed, like he does in the game.


5)Circus Park - Shadow The Hedgehog

In my Sonic games I like Casino Stages. I also like Spooky levels and Circus levels. They're a perfect way to link colourful levels like Green Hill, or Emerald Hill, or Emerald Coast and Windy Valley with stages like a Eggman Base or a City. And Circus Park's track is a little bit of everything: it reminds you that you're in a Casino, but also in a Circus of fear. It's weird described like that, but some pieces are meant to be listened to exclusively when you're playing their levels. Speaking of which....


4)Great Megalith - Sonic & The Black Knight

Hear the first part of this track? The perfect way to start a level. The rest of this piece is less frantic, but you won't really notice while you're slashing your way through hordes of enemies, trust me. Is it my favourite music from the game? No, it isn't, despite being something I can listen to no problem. But it's sadly overlooked in favour of other levels like Faraway Avalon or Misty Lake, to name a few.

3)Sonic Vs. Knuckles - North Wind - Sonic The Fighters

Remember when Knuckles was Sonic's number one rival? It was before he made a Piccolo and turned into his hot-headed friend. Don't get me wrong, I'm A-OK with this, because you can do so much with a character created solely to be a rival, but I think that this track, which if I recall correctly, played whenever Sonic was fighting against Knuckles and vice-versa, was perfect for a good tussle between friendly opponents.

2)High and Broken - Sonic & The Secret Rings (Levitated Ruins' theme)
I hear guys going all "Dino Is A Jungle" or "Who's gonna rock the place?" but, come on, we all know that High and Broken is  Sonic & The Secret Rings' best track alongside Night Palace's.  But, since I have to choose just one musical piece from that game, I'm going with the one from my favourite level. Listen closely; even without pictures of said levels before your eyes, isn't it obvious that you're running through a place above the ground? I thought so.

1) Nonagression - Sonic Advance 3
I've already talked about Nonagression, and I've already talked about my love for Sonic Battle and Emerl. It's no surprise that I would love this menacing remix from Sonic Battle. And I'm still glad that someone whose name I don't recall at the moment remixed this track for a SSMB Musical Adventure.  (If you're reading this, I'm deeply sorry, mate, but I've got those tracks in a disk I can't find at the moment).

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Ok, the top 12 underrated songs, SONI EDITION! In no specific order of course.


This better be the last list question, Crusher or this would present a problem.  And we don't like problems, do we?


*cracks knuckles*


Anyways, onwards with the list.


12. Sunset Park Act 3


One of the most badass songs I've heard in a Game Gear Sonic game. Nuff said.


11. Twinkle Snow


One of the more obscure snow/ice Sonic songs, it's a pity really it's such a peaceful song!


10. Jungle Zone


Sonic 1 8-bit's music is short but cute and this song is the prime example of that. Bridge is pretty iconic but Jungle man....


9. Collision Chaos JP Present


So much funkee ackshun here, seriously I love this song easily a close second to the ever-famous Stardust Speedway JP Bad Future


8. Sand Ruins


Who would've FUCKING THOUGHT adding Arabic-like music with rave music would sound so badass! SEGA THAT'S FUCKING WHO! A prime example why Sega composers are THE best video game composers ever.


7. Gigapolis GG version


Yeah, more GG music. A pretty funky beat and it would be cool to hear this one remastered.


6. Techno Base


A very interesting song to use for the second last level, it still has that fast beat to it but also pretty quiet and atmospheric compared to the rest of Advance 2's soundtrack, so it stands out.


5. Egg Rocket


While Cosmic Angel is pretty much a more fast-paced and energetic version of this one, Egg Rocket still carries that strong atmosphere of "you're gonna end Eggman's evil scheme once and for all" to it, so kuddos to this one.


4. Ink Blotch


You know, the song that plays whenever you're in the Death Egg battle arena in Sonic Battle? Yeah, that one. Suffice to say, this song is pretty badass and it helps bring an emotional connection to me since it's a very conflicted feeling that you're fighting what's essentially your son, weird way to put it but you get what I'm saying. This song just kicks ass.


3. Blizzard Peaks


Yeah, another ice/winter song. Can you blame me though? This song is another hit for me and it sucks that most Rush Adventure's music is overshadowed by Naganuma's godly compostions but Rush Adventure wasn't pulling any punches either and this song is a prime example of that.


2. Mr. Unsmiley


Vengeance is Mine is probably everyone's favorite Shadow stage track from SA2 but I also really love this track as well and it puts me in stitches with it's title, nothing more.


1. Volcano Valley Saturn


Damn, Jacques was quite the damn good composer and again, this song is an example of that skill. An epic song for a not so epic game.

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Question #29: What are your top twelve overlooked level tracks?



5 - Terminal Velocity Act 2 - A short but amazing track, it gives you that hopeful feel of ''YOU'RE GONNA MAKE IT'' and it pumps the hell out of you to get to the end, only to abruptly cut because you're not fast enough.






4 - The Palace that Was Found - WHO'S GONNA ROCK THE PLACE. PLACE. PLACE.

Ok joking aside, this is a pretty good track, it's rather infamous for being stuck on your head, but hey, while for some that might be a bad thing, for me it's good, it means the track is that memorable.






3 - Classic Speed Highway - Now this one is just me personally, I mean, I haven't seen many people talk about this track during most Sonic Generations Soundtrack Discussions, and I know, it's Sonic Generations, ALL the tracks are great, so picking your favorites is hard. But still, this is pretty good, the Cash Cash remix here makes the track sound like it should be on a dance club, and it's pretty good for when you're doing tricky jumps and going up and down and all around on the city.





2 - The End of the World - I honestly didn't like this one at first, but it seriously grew on me. At first it begins empty and hopeless, but as the track, and the level, progresses, it gains more isntruments, giving it a more hopeful feeling, it evolves and evolves, gaining more and more feelings with each instrument added into it, and it all builds up to it's last part, which is pretty much the definitive version of the track, the complete version of it, with all instruments there, and it feels glorious, you can feel the hope of the track, just one emerald left, we're almost there, we can fix all this!





1 - Thundercloud Acropolis - Now this one, I SWEAR THIS IS THE TRACK NO ONE REMEMBERS. It's so good, it's a style of mixing we never saw on Sonic before, and it oozes with Atmosphere, as this is a really important point on the game, unlike end of the world, which begins empty and evolves into the full track, here it already begins complete, with the feel of ''It's all over'', but still very relaxing, oddly enough, the calm before the storm, and we're ALREADY in the storm, so whatever's going to happen, it's going to be big. All this plus Zavok mocking you just keep building up to the epic confront I mentioned earlier on this topic.



Edit - Sorry guys I didn't see the ''One per game'' rule, this post is already edited to fit that rule.

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Day 29: What are your top TWELVE (or less) overlooked level tracks?

A dozen of underrated yet awesome Sonic games? You got it! :) In chronological order…

Sonic 1-Marble Zone


Per my observations this gem in Sonic's debut game tends to be overlooked. Its mysterious yet catchy tune helps make those dangers and obstacles easier to deal with due to the awesome sounds.

Sonic 2-Mystic Cave Zone


With iconic Classic Sonic tune such as Emerald Hill Zone, Chemical Plant Zone and Metropolis Zone, it's easy for this track to be overlooked unfortunately. While it has an eerie tone it's an awesome one as well. Especially with that bass!

Sonic CD-Palmtree Panic Zone Bad Future (US)


While I slightly prefer the Japanese version of Palmtree Panic, the U.S. version isn't a dud in comparison by any means. This track has an amazing tune with a very strong tribal vibe to it.

Sonic Spinball-Lava Powerhouse


The awesome Toxic Caves tends to get all the attention when it comes to this spinoff game but it isn't the only cool tune here. A very catchy tune in a very dangerous setting that gives the vibe that something along the lines of danger is about to happen.

Sonic 3-Marble Garden Zone Act 1


When you have musical heavy hitters such as Angel Island, Hydrocity, Ice Cap, Carnival Night and Launch Base Zone, something awesome is going to get overlooked. When it comes to Sonic 3, I think Marble Garden is it with its lively futuristic beat.

Sonic 3D Blast-Green Grove Zone Act 1 (Genesis)


While Rusty Ruins deserves all the love it gets and then some (Act 1 Saturn is my all-time fav!) I feel Green Grove deserves some love too. Notably on the Genesis Act 1 as I can't help but to dance every time I hear it. Or at least try to dance anyway :P

Sonic '06-Aquatic Base


I have to give Sonic '06 some love here as the soundtrack is fantastic! Despite that some tracks unfortunately don't shine as brightly as the others for whatever reason. Aquatic Base is one of them. This gorgeous track-especially with that piano!-definitely makes you feel like you are underwater.

Sonic Unleashed-Savannah Citadel Day (Muzuri)


Maybe I'm just oblivious but I really don't hear too much talk about this track when it comes to praises of Sonic Unleashed's stellar soundtrack. The flute, the drums...this song definitely make you want to get up and dance! Or run and smash robots ;)

Sonic and the Black Knight-Faraway Avalon

Sonic and the Black Knight has plenty of excellent pieces screaming adventure and excitement Faraway Avalon is definitely right there among them and definitely needs more recognition. Among several instruments in this positive rock-based and fast-paced piece, the violin in this piece is a real treat.


Sonic Free Riders-Metropolis Speedway

Say what you want about Sonic Free Riders as the controls and Kinect-only sucks, but the music sure doesn't and I will definitely give this track credit! HEY HEY HEY! You can help but to sing along while dancing...It's a shame that the music in Sonic Free Riders doesn't get the recognition it deserves due to the poor reception of the game.


Sonic Colors-Planet Wisp Act 2

While hearing Planet Wisp Act 1 moved me to near tears due to how beautiful it sounded, Acts 2 and 3 of Planet Wisp are outstanding as well, forming my favorite collaboration of any 3 acts of a level music-wise. Act 2 is a fine remix of Act 1 with Sonic CD vibe with its moments that make you want to both relax but even more so-dance! I can't help but to smile every time I hear this track-especially since I can never sit or still while listening to it :P




Sonic Lost World-Frozen Factory Zone 2 (Snowball Waltz)

I feel Sonic Lost World has one of the most overlooked/underrated soundtracks in the series IMO. Despite the claims that it doesn't sound "Sonic-y", there are some really good tracks in it such as Frozen Factory 2 (Snowball Waltz) is one of them and it and the entire soundtrack needs more love. This catchy wintry beat makes me want to dance in the snow, ice skate-or maybe even both :P Even my mom said she liked the "Sonic Waltz" track which she heard it for the first time :)


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Question 25: Which of the franchises' art styles do you like the most?

Let's see... I quite like the Storybook games' art style. I used to dislike how the cutscenes weren't all 3D, but the 2D art cutscenes have grown on me considerably. The shading and parchment tint is very appealing.

Day 26: What is your SINGLE most favourite aspect/character/etc to come out of any non-game media?

Sonic in the Sonic Boom cartoon. He's like, short tempered and very sarcastic, I really like his interpretation.

To be edited.

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tumblr_inline_n85erz8hIU1rx62xi.gif ohh i know.. shame on me for that joke... >///_///<




it result that i skipped some days..  so i completed them now :D


Question #3: What new item(s) would you like to see in a future game?


that Box item that makes you grow up..

marinamadness_shot5alt1.png  well.. it wasn't as useful as the shield.. but ...


at the modern games.. this would be like.. gigantic Mario that can destroy many things... :D   it would be useful in a short period of time.. as a special bonus time! ... it would be fun..


Question #4: What were the most difficult challenges for you during your early/younger years with the series?


well.. at my early years with Sonic...

it was to pass though Chemical Plant Zone.. act 2

chemicalplant22.png  i always got stuck right there.. and that was my limit for many years..


i struggled for jump and jump.. not fell and blehh.. not get drown...actually i never passed that zone until some years ago when i started to like Sonic again...


and Mushroom Hill..Sonic's path

sk-mhz-act1img3.png  i wasn't good at this one..


and at my early years with these games..i barely could reach to the second zones..

at this one.. there it was  a high place nearly to Knuckles' path.. that only Knux can break the door to go.. .. so i was stuck on that place.. trying to get to the other side..... and it still been kinda difficult to reach.. if it wasn't thanks to Tails .. i wouldn't had made it :D



Question #5: What sort of unseen or unrecognised interpretations/traits do you like to imagine for certain characters?


i would like to see Vanilla been an battle expert!!  *o*

like just suddenly its discovered that she has a special ability

haha but i know that's so far to happend...


also.. i would like to see Shadow been as a chef... just like the one at the Christmas specials :D haha


Question #6: What is the single most hilarious thing to come out of the entirety of Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 for you?


not much to say..

i never played this game... and i don't watch too much gameplays.. but i really enjoyed watching "Somecallmejhonny" analysis of Sonic 2006

tumblr_mgvijkwMpq1qed41xo1_400.gif   this really killed me :D hahah


also the part of the kiss.. when he mentions that Sonic is just "Mostly dead"  haha so nice..


Question #7: Which character(s) do you think would have the easiest time adjusting to the real world?


Maria Robotnik


i find that she is perfectly fitting with a normal and sane person.. too bad her grandpa was creating warfare stuff.. and GUN agents killed her with not rasonable meanings.. .... i mean .. she was just a little girl... wasn't necesary to kill her....


but also.. she was really yearing to be at earth  it was her dream.. if she wasn't death.. she would have searched for a normal life on the real world





Question #9: What's your absolute favourite portrayal of your top favourite character?


Sonic OVA

because is his actitude is cool but it was not like .. so nice with everything.. he can get mad and

be rude.. but he still is a great hero!


he felt bad when Metal Sonic fell.. it was so sad.. especcially when he though the Old man Owl and the mayor would die..

woow.. poor Sonic..

other thing.. he got really hurted by Metal.. and he kept fighting... that was so heroic..




Question #10: What's your top favourite episode out of ALL cartoon episodes?


Sonic X episode 52...


not just becasue the Sonamy part :D (in fact he doesn't say "i love you, Amy".. he says. "there Amy .. i miss you a lot".. there is evidence at one the next episodes :D )  as for Amy.. i really liked that she though seriously if she would wait Sonic ..or not..

it reminded me a part of the Archie Comics when Sonic came back from the space.. and he meet Sally.. she says.. that she knew that Sonic would come back.. that is was just matter of time...


i liked that episode..also because not only Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Cream  (closest Sonic's friends) were worried about Sonic.. even Rouge felt emotional..and she argued at Knuckes for being apparently careless about Sonic's fate....https://youtu.be/0-UJgLXnKNM?t=359

and Eggman even was happy that Sonic came back ...

Such adorable smile


plus at that time.. he really didn't wanted to hurt tails..he just wanted to scare him.. wich its very cute in a way...


Edited by Drawloverlala

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1. Sonic Lost World: Tropical Coast Zone (Act) 1

People say this track sounded a bit too Mario-like for them. Personally, that's actually a reason for me to like the song, actually. 


2. Sonic Chaos: Aqua Planet Zone (both versions)

A lot of the time the 8 bit games usually get a lot of flack in contrast to their console counterparts.  To be honest, this track actually overshines the likes of certain other water zones from the Genesis games, in my opinion.


3. Sonic Blast: Silver Castle Zone

This track's insanely dramatic, especially for a game without much of a storyline. But seriously, it's pretty damn intense just for that reason. The tone of the song just gives you a lot of fighting confidence. 


4. Sonic CD (USA Ver.): Tidal Tempest Zone Bad Future

...Has anyone else thought this song sounded like a darker version of the game's theme song? ...No? Well, it kind of had similar tones to me, and that just made the song a lot more interesting to me.


5. Sonic Spinball (8 bit Ver.): The Machine

It's actually kinda funny. The Genesis version was already pretty unpopular as a whole, but this one was TWICE as much. Sure, it's probably for a good reason, but I think that this game's music could've used some more spotlight. The track itself was one of my favorites in the game, and it always gave me that feeling of  determination. 

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Day 28: Which boss(es) do you feel deserve more recognition? 






Egg Viper for sure. This boss had it all: super fun gameplay mechanics, great fitting music, memorable quotes (see above), and a cool atmosphere. I love that as the boss progresses, it truly does get harder, with one whole platform walkway being destroyed, and Eggman starting to thrust spinning disks towards you. I went in depth on this boss earlier in the month, but this boss battle is truly a fun, yet challenging, one. 


Day 29: What are you top TWELVE (or less) overlooked level tracks?


1. Spring Emotions from Sonic Runners. I believe it was used for an Easter-themed event? It's SUCH a great song! It's like a beautiful lovechild of Rooftop Run and Starlight Carnival. If you haven't heard it I highly suggest you go give it a listen. Like right now. It's like a hug in song form. 



Here I even included it so you can listen to it RIGHT NOW. 


2. Bridge Zone from Sonic 1 8-bit. It's a very simple tune, but it's so catchy and the melody is so heartwarming, if that's the right word for it. 


3. Windy Hill - Windy Valley from Sonic Adventure. It's such a beautiful song, very calming and makes me feel free. It's very much fitting for the stage. 


4. Diamond Dust Act 2 - Sonic 3D Blast. I listen to this song SO much during the winter, because it has such a wintery, joyous feel. You can just picture the snowflakes falling down around you as you listen to it. Act 1 doesn't even compare to the Act 2 song. 


5. Summer Mirage - Sonic Shuffle. This is another one that I feel that most people haven't really heard. It plays after you beat the story mode, I believe. But you can pretty much tell from the song itself that it's exactly that - it's a pretty uplifting, happy, "the story is over and we won and all is well" type of song. 


6. Metallic Madness Good Future (JP) - Again, it's just a super happy, beautiful song. It's perfect to listen to at night looking up at the stars. 


7. Azure Lake - S3&K. This song is for a 2-player level. 


8. Night Palace - Sonic and the Secret Rings. It's a great jam, and I'm in love with the drums and the calm guitar intro in this song. I feel like a lot of Secret Rings is overlooked, when it really wasn't that bad of a game.


I have a ton more favorites, but a lot of them are pretty much fan favorites and really not so "overlooked" (i.e.: Rooftop Run, Tropical Resort, Metal Harbor, Sky Sanctuary, Escape from the City, etc.)

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