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Dr. Crusher

Dr. Crusher Presents: The 30 Days of Sonic the Hedgehog Mk.II (Daft and Tolerating It)-PAGE 72, FIN

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Question #29: What are your top TWELVE (or less) overlooked LEVEL tracks?



A relaxing theme that goes with the laid back feel of the level, I remember this level the most from Team Rose side of things so it's fitting that it reminds me of them.




Don't you just feel like you're in a snowly wonderland while listening to this? This is one of the few songs in general that make me feel like I'm in a different place.




Now this is a relaxing song, it calms you down after Tails throws you to the ground the next time.



I will always remember this more for the man of the year short but it's still remembered none the less gets the whole metal thing down with that soothing piano.




A feel good song compared to their more famous sibling, this song always makes me happy.



Mission Street


An oddly relaxing theme considering the tense mood the level its in, it gives it a brand new feel.


Route99: Act 1


A fast themed song to signify you're in a fast city and you, well, you know.


Green Groove Act 1: Saturn


This one  contains the general theme song of the game and sets up the big adventure you're going on to save the Flickies.

Emerald Beach, Sonic Battle


Now you know a battle is going down with this theme here, with it's blaring guitars it makes fights a blast.

Battle Highway

This is one more tense stage than Emerald Beach with many important story battles happening here, it gives you a real fighting mood.

Sky Deck: Part 1

I always feel like I have to stop Eggman after hearing this song and I have to do it fast, a real inspiring song.


South Island - Lovers


A take it slow song considering you're just beginning, not too fitting Knuckles and the rings outs he will suffer but it's real  catchy.




Well, you did it, you made it to guy who's name is in the title and something's going down, wither you're fighting Sonic or his clone, a real heroic song for our hero.

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~SSMB Has Cleared Loco Level Listen Lion Lookout Act 29!~


"I am more than just a cat, I am an IAMS cat." - Shere Khan, Live & Louie (كان البرعم زلاجته)


You know how when I was posting the last question for the last 30 Days, I was all like "This is it, this is the story question you've all been waiting for", and you were all like "Yay, finally I can talk about the best story in the series!", and then I was all like "Actually, the quesion is about combining the stories of any two Sonic games and explaining how it would work", and then you were all bamboozled and you hoped that I wouldn't get anything for my birthday? You'll be hoping for something better this time, I'm sure. Well, can I do it? Can I deliver what the people want?


Question #30: If you had to combine the stories of any THREE Sonic games, which stories would you combine, and can you think of how it would work?



Oh well. Shit happens.


Here's the exact same final question from the previous one, because true evil never strikes only once. But this time you get to combine three choices instead of two. Isn't that lovely. Yes it is. Now off you go.


NOTE: You don't have to concern yourself with how crazy or nonsensical your end result is, nor do you have to concern yourself with perfectly blending your chosen plots together (or in other words, it's fine if your answer is essentially just "this plot but with this one part from that plot added on"). This question isn't meant to be all that serious. Just have fun coming up with something, hombre.


Crusher's Thoughts: Last time, I came up with a Sonic '06/Sonic Rush Adventure combo. This time, I'll go with a mix between Sonic CD, Sonic Heroes, and Sonic Lost World.


The general plot would be akin to Lost World's, in the sense that you have to stop the Deadly Six and then Robotnik once the former have been defeated, but in this case, the Lost Hex would feel a little more reminiscent of the Little Planet. Whether it actually is the Little Planet, or if it's related to the Little Planet - as is the case with plenty of fan theories - is something that might not be spelled out loud, but either way, while you would still have your familiar Lost Hex settings on one hand, they would be a little more abstract and perhaps trippy, in order to convey the strange and unknown landscape that the Zeti hail from. The main plot may or may not mention much about it, but if you look hard enough, the settings and hidden tidbits would reveal bits and pieces about the history of the Lost Hex, the backstory of the Zeti race, some of the hidden depths behind each of the Deadly Six's personalities that we maybe don't get a chance to see in-game, Zavok's rise to power, that sort of thing.


As for the Heroes side of things? Well the main difference in the plot is that after you defeat Zavok for the final time in Lava Mountain, a new and improved Egg Fleet comes out of nowhere and starts blasting up the place, with Robotnik probably using the remaining Lost Hex energy for said fleet, because sometimes the simple way really is the best way. And this part is optional, but maybe he regains the Cacophonic Conch (or found another one...?), and uses that to regain control over the Deadly Six, this time going as far as to mechanise them so that the same mistake won't happen twice. You go through the Egg Fleet - although in an effort to make it an extra tad different from your typical airship finale in Sonic games, maybe the flagship could also serve as a sort of mechanical city - you maybe fight the Mecha Deadly Six, and then you climb the tippy top of the flagship's skyscraper and fight Robotnik, who's giant final boss robot would ideally have elements of the Egg Emperor, Lost World's actual final boss, and maybe even Metal Robotnik from the OVA.


Not the most seamless combination, but hey, I never said it had to be great. At least I can admit my shortcomings, plentiful as they are.


And so, for the final time, with that out of the way, you may now post awaaaaaayyyy!~

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Day 30: If you had to combine the stories of any THREE Sonic games, which stories would you combine, and can you think of how it would work?


Hmm, well, first that comes to mind for a combo is Sonic Generations and Sonic Heroes, so you'd get the characters at the party and kidnapped, but then after that they'd have their own adventures and play their own part in beating the Time Eater at the end. Throw in Colours DS for the extra missions which could add more context to said adventures and make them cross in extended ways, and that's a pretty nifty sounding game for the tastes of VEDJ-F.


...Whoa, can't believe that was the last one.

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Question 30: If you had to combine the stories of THREE Sonic games, how would it turn out? 


Oh god. Oh god. 


Let's get this trainwreck out of the station. My choices will be Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic CD, and Sonic Adventure. 


Okay, so the story starts out just like Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Eggman tricks Knuckles. Knuckles takes Sonic's emeralds, Knuckles finds out he's been tricked and they work together to stop Eggman, and they recover the Master Emerald. The Death Egg is completely destroyed, everything is happy. 


Now here is where things start to get bad. Eggman is aware of the Time Stones on the Little Planet. So, what does he do? He takes them to Earth(or Mobius or whatever) and uses them to go back in time. How this happened under Sonic's nose I'll never know, I guess the same reason why Eggman decided to replace Sonic's shoes instead of killing him in Labyrinth's backstory, but I digress.


So, Eggman uses the Time Stones to go back in time. Now aware of what will happen, Eggman, instead of tricking Knuckles to get the Master Emerald, he uses Knuckles to his advantage to REALLY figure out the secrets of Angel Island. And he finds out about Chaos that way. Now, instead of rebuilding the Death Egg, he leaves Angel Island without a trace. He goes to his base and Builds the Egg Carrier. When Sonic and Tails reach Angel Island, they only find Knuckles, no Eggman and no badniks. Since Eggman in this new timeline didn't trick Knuckles, they get along, and Sonic and Tails leave.


And now, the stage is set for Sonic Adventure to unfold. 


Wow, this is pretty stupid. Just stupid enough to work I guess. The thing is though, I didn't even really put three stories together very well, it was more like I just linked them and created a saga or something. Eh, it's kinda cool. 

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Question #30: If you had to combine the stories of any THREE Sonic games, which stories would you combine, and can you think of how it would work?


Oh, I've got the perfect one for this.


Personally. I would combine the plots of Sonic Colours, Sonic Generations, and Sonic Unleashed, with a hint of the robotizing from Lost World and SatAM




The story would start with Sonic's birthday party going on, when suddenly, Eggman bursts in with a brand new robot he's created, able to travel through time, and causes havoc in Sonic's party, but after Sonic attacks, he causes a malfunction in the machine which teleports him to the white space, while his friends are transformed into lifeless statues. As Sonic blasts through the zones, he discovers ripples in time, and alterations. He rescues Tails, Knuckles and Amy, and just as they begin a new plan to save the others, Amy suddenly falls in pain, and Sonic looks at her arm, seeing it being transformed into a robotic arm. 



Eggman has taken his plan to brainwash everyone from Sonic Colours and altered slightly by going back into the past, and brainwashing and robotizing Sonic's friends slowly. Sonic blasts through the levels as his friends slowly become more and more robotized, meanwhile, the wisps are also teleported to the white space after Eggman alters his defeat on Planet Wisp, completely turning it into a factory and capturing all the hyper go on energy.




The final battle takes place in Terminal Velocity as Sonic is forced to fight through his brainwashed friends and rivals, and stop Eggman from blasting his repaired mind control laser at the planet, meanwhile Classic Sonic who Sonic met after Chemical Plant has been keeping the brainwashed friends at bay, but is getting overpowered, and ready to be robotized, which would begin to robotize Modern Sonic, when suddenly, Sonic uses his final trump card, the chaos emeralds, transforming both Classic & Modern into their Super forms, as the two go up against Eggman. 


The two defeat Eggman and perform Chaos Control in order to revert time back to the proper timeline and revert all of Eggman's changes, which they do, teleporting everyone except Eggman and Sonic back to Sonic's world. 




This is where Unleashed comes in as Eggman escapes back to his space base while Super Sonic pursuits him, blasting through his robots, until the two are alone, where Eggman reveals his trump card, a new Death Egg Robot, As Eggman in his Death Egg Robot Mk II and Super Sonic battle, purple energy waves begin to form around the planet.


As Super Sonic manages to beat Eggman once again, he's about to capture him and take him back to the planet below, suddenly Eggman says ''What the.....?'', Sonic replies with ''Don't change the subject Egg-''. Sonic's words stop mid sentence as the two see the planet, massive purple waves going across the planet and the planet begins to visually rumble. Sonic and Eggman stare at it and then look at each other.


Sonic's voice shakes a bit ''Eggman....what did you do!?''. Eggman replying with ''I didn't do anything! This wasn't any part of my plan!''. An alarm on Eggman's base begins to go off, ''UNKNOWN ENERGY WAVE APPROACHING, TAKE CAUTI-'' The alarm cuts out as the power begins to shut down on the station, and a glass dome surrounds Eggman, a escape pod. It;s when the two realize that the time travel performed by the two have ended up disrupting the time space continuum, and causing the planet to shatter. 


Sonic stares down at the planet in disbelieve as the purple waves begins hitting the station, hitting Sonic directly, forcing him out of his super form, draining Sonic of his power, and transforming him into the werehog, as a voice begins to echo throughout the station. ''Dark Gaia has arisen''. As Sonic begins to growl, losing control, Eggman manages to get him to come to his senses, but it's too late, as the station launches Eggman out of the station in an escape pod. The purple waves begins destroying the station, and the airlock is smashed in and Sonic is sucked out, and before his eyes, as he falls to the planet below, the entire planet cracks and shatters, to Sonic's shock.


The plot pretty much continues on like Unleashed from this point, only with more focus on Sonic fighting Dark Gaia's influence, and Eggman discovering more about the shattered planet, and trying to use it to his advantage, 

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Ooh, this is an interesting question!


I suppose it'll be a mixture of Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure and Sonic Lost World. Largely, it'd be Sonic Rush's plotline, but with elements from the other two added in. How would it go? Well sit down, folks...


One day, after Sonic defeated Dr. Eggman's wicked plans once again, strange things happen - namely, a half-formed planetoid appears in the sky, and six strange creatures have been periodically dropping down to parts of the planet and basically fucking shit up. Sonic encounters one such creature (Zazz) and, after a brief tussle, learns that: 1) they're looking for the Chaos Emeralds, 2) someone named "Blaze" is apparently an enemy of theirs, 3) they ain't from around here; they're from another dimension, and 4) Eggman is eagerly exploiting the chaos for his own ends, attempting to find something called the "Sol Emeralds". So Sonic and friends waste no time in travelling through different zones, fighting the Deadly Six and eventually coming across their leader, Zavok.


After their battle, Sonic is whisked off to another world, where he meets a young raccoon named Marine. He learns that Dr. Eggman has been causing mischief in this world too, and that "Blaze" just went missing. Putting two and two together, Sonic realises that this is the world where Blaze and the Deadly Six hail from, and that the Lost Hex in the sky of both worlds is somehow a bridge between the two. Teaming up with Marine, Sonic battles Eggman in various Zones, but learns that he has somehow controlled the Hex alongside the Six. After several battles, Sonic arrives on the Lost Hex, and fighting the Zeti once again (now using machines given to them by Eggman), he makes his way to the Six's castle atop Lava Mountain... and meets Blaze at last.


Blaze, as it turns out, has been through the same story (though characters/settings etc. are flipped accordingly), but has been somehow convinced by Eggman that Sonic is a major threat. Master Zik and/or Zavok have also spun the same yarn to Sonic, so the two fight. However, Marine and Tails manage to stop the fight before one defeats the other, telling the truth about their adversaries to their respective alien. Afterwards, it transpires that Eggman had met the Zeti after they were defeated by Blaze in an encounter prior to the game, whereupon they collaborated to collect the Chaos/Sol Emeralds and use them to turn the dimensional-travelling Lost Hex into a dreadnought with which all reality could be conquered. Secretly, however, each plans to backstab the other (Eggman by firmly planting the Zeti under his control, while the Zeti want to absorb the Emeralds' power to become even stronger), but as Sonic and Blaze team up to defeat them, neither of them get a chance. As the Hex departs to parts unknown, Sonic, Blaze and their friends each return to their own worlds to continue living out their lives as normal.


Of course, Eggman's nothing if not persistent, and as the Zeti discover, he left them with a parting gift - a machine with the ability to manually control where the Lost Hex will appear...


Basically, Act 1 of the plot is in the Home world, Act 2 the Other world and Act 3 the Lost Hex.

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So for 3 stories I would tie together?


Eh, screw it. I'll find some half-assed way to do it.


I recall last time doing Generations and Lost World.


So I guess, I'll do the collision of 06, Rivals and Colors DS since this is gonna be incredibly half-assed cause my brain's fried at the moment so I'm just gonna focus on one aspect and that's Silver; surprise, surprise, I know.


Ok so 06 got retconned, problem solved.  Big woopie doo and stuff!


But the thing is Silver's world is still in ruin so he's still the same as he was in 06. He found the area where Eggman sent Sonic, Tails and Knux got sent to the future and luckily found it still active so he used to machine to stop Nega and stuff. 


After the Rivals games end, we see him enjoying his now peaceful world so he feels comfortable using the time machine to hang out with Sonic and friends though he ended up in Sweet Mountain and meets Blaze.


SO yeah, that's it from me.


To be honest, this way a pretty good improvement over the first 30 Days so congrats Crusher for making a worthy sequel!

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Day 30: My 3-game combined story:



I'm just gonna take the easy way out: The Sonic Boom game trilogy!



Here's my headcanon as to how the first two games could co-exist, and how the upcoming third one connects to them.



1) Rise of Lyric: Blah, blah, Sonic and the gang unleashed Lyric, yadda yadda, time travel and Crystals, so-on, so-on, bounce pads. After the quartet of heroes hog-tied Lyric and disposed of his control pad (or so they thought), they went home to celebrate. But the rotten reptile escaped and went into hiding for several months. (During this time, the protagonists got to know Sticks, whom they first met when she asked them for Shinies. They eventually made her the fifth member, and Tails was able to duplicate Lyric's technology and make her her own Enerbeam!) Lyric remembered that there was a ninth Crystal which the Ancients used to imprison him after Sonic and Tails trapped him in the past! So he hatched a new scheme, which led to...


2) Shattered Crystal: You know the story: Amy kidnapped, heroes go find Crash Bandicoot's  Crystal Shards, Metal Sonic shows up for a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment, and Shadow literally kicked Lyric out of his airship. The ancient snake fell to his death, never to trouble our heroes again (Hey, why not? No aspect of the Boom franchise wants to use him anymore. Might as well give him the closure he deserves) Then our heroes went home and had a dance party!



After these two adventures, our quintet of protagonists hid the nine Crystals in places where no one could ever find them and abuse their powers. (Knuckles probably hid his in a bush somewhere) Eggman tried his best to find them, but he instead found a nice consolation prize: Ragnium, a new, super-potent element! And thus..


3) Fire & Ice: Team Sonic must now band together and collect all the Ragnium first, as well as stop Eggman's pollution and defeat D-Fekt! 


And as a bonus, here's my explanation as to why Shadow and Metal Sonic aren't around anymore:


Shadow: After he defeated Lyric singlehandedly (that's what he says, anyway), he just kinda took off. Maybe he's off brooding somewhere. Maybe he's looking for Lyric to ensure that the snake is truly gone for good. Or maybe he's just as aware of the fourth wall as the others and doesn't want cameras following him everywhere. Either way, he'll return when and if he's ready. (Hopefully with a better attitude and a Hawaiian shirt)


Metal Sonic: After the robot's two humiliating defeats in the games, Eggman decided to shut Metal down to repair and upgrade him. Unfortunately, he hasn't got around to doing so yet. Please understand, being an evil genius is hard work! He's just been so busy! So Metal is currently deactivated and gathering up dust somewhere in Eggman's lair. At this point, the doctor can't even remember where he left him!

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*cracks knuckles* Let's do this. In the order of when they appeared in their respective games;



1: Spring Yard Zone - Sonic 1: Highly upbeat tune that always makes me smile. At least until the freaking Rollers get me.



2: Aquatic Ruin Zone - Sonic 2: One of the best tracks in an ancient ruins level in my opinion. Sad that it seems to get overlooked.



3: Marble Garden Zone Act 1 - Sonic 3: Yeah, another ancient ruins song. But I like the more electronic beat this one has.



4: Lost World - Sonic Adventure - ANOTHER ancient ruins theme? Yes. You have a problem with that? But yeah, I've always really loved Lost World and the song that plays during the first part is no different.



5: Hidden Base - Sonic Adventure 2: Best track in any of Tails' stages and no one will be able to convince me otherwise. I freaking adore this song. <3



6: Cosmic Angel Zone - Sonic Advance: Such an awesome tune.



7: Hot Crater Act 1 - Sonic Advance 2: Why do so few people mention the music from the Advance games? Especially this one, it's fantastic.



8: Power Plant - Sonic Heroes: Hey, ya'll remember that Metropolis Madness animation from a couple years back right? Well, that made me love this tune even more and now I can't get it out of my head whenever I hear this music. xD



9: White Acropolis (The Base) - Sonic 06: One of the few things 06 gets any flak on is its music, yet I don't see this little gem mentioned much. Personally, I think it's awesome. I like how it starts out all dark and secretive, before delving into a much more upbeat tune.



10: Jungle Joyride Night - Sonic Unleashed: Personally, this is my favorite level track in the entire damn series. That violin and that piano sound so amazing. <3. Seriously, this track needs a lot more recognition.



11: Knight's Passage - Sonic and the Black Knight: Is it just me, or does Black Knight's soundtrack kinda overlooked? Because there's some fantastic tunes in it. Including this piece of awesomeness.



12: Windy Hill Act 3 (Careening Caverns) - Sonic Lost World: While Lost World may not have had the most memorable soundtrack out there, I definitely am a fan of this song.

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Day 30: If you had to combine the stories of any THREE games, which stories would you combine, and can you think of how it would work?


Honestly not sure about this question. If I had to answer, I guess I'd combine the plots from Sonic Colors, Generations and Unleashed. The story would (Probably) start the same exact way that Generations started, you know with all the birthday party stuff. And then, again, just like Generations, the Time Eater comes in and kidnaps Sonic's friends. Nothing too different so far. And then, to tie it in to Colors, suddenly the Wisps come in when Sonic is in Green Hill and Sonic and Tails meet the wisps, again, similar to Sonic Colors.


From this point on until something happens to tie it into Unleashed, the story basically continues the same as Colors and Generations. Like, with the Wisp stuff and everything.  And then, suddenly, as the game is almost over, when the player reaches Rooftop Run, the Unleashed part of the story comes in. Chip is introduced into the story and tells Sonic about Dark Gaia which is revealed to be working with the Time Eater.


And then, the story doesn't continue until Planet Wisp is over. To end the story because y'know, I have to because reasons. When it's time for the final boss, everything seems the same as Generations until it's revealed that Both Eggmans were helping the Time Eater and Dark Gaia from Unleashed. The final boss comes and the wisps are used to defeat Time Eater and Dark Gaia and then the story ends the same way as Generations.


Day 30 Complete! 

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Alright, let's finish off the last question (barring any additional bonuses like last year) with a three-plot combo!

Sonic CD, Knuckles Chaotix, and Tails Adventure

Since I went for Colors and Lost World last year, I decided to limit myself strictly to classic game plots this time around. Now let's get crazy. First off, I decided on these games simply because they each have completely unique starring characters and (aside from a cameo here or there), the stars of one game are nowhere to be found in the others.

Now getting on to my ideas, I figured that it'd start with Eggy discovering the Little Planet, snatching up the Time Stones, and using their power to enter a sort of "time out" zone where he could finally create a weapon powerful enough to defeat Sonic without worrying about the sands of time ticking by: Metal Sonic. He'd send his first prototype to prove itself capable by snatching up Amy to lure Sonic into a battle on the Little Planet, which, of course, Sonic would win. However by luring Sonic there, he'd effectively trap his blue nemesis for a while on the Little Planet while he, in his time-free zone, could move to the next step of Metal's development process: patching up any weaknesses and finding a suitable energy source for an enhanced version. Enter the Chaos Rings, which Eggy seeks out only to run afoul of Knux and his new pals, the Chaotix. While he's dealing with them, though, Tails notices that his best buddy is missing while on a vacay to Cocoa Island. He whips together a tracking device, but needs a power source to widen the search area. As luck would have it, he had collected several Chaos Emeralds on his way to said island that'd be perfect for the job, but unfortunately, an avian upstart named Speedy arrives with several troops of the Battlebird Armada and steals the Emeralds for their own world domination ideals, torching much of the island in the process. Tails then sets off to foil their plans, get the Emeralds back, and find his buddy. As Knux and Tails start recovering the Rings and Emeralds, Sonic and Amy also head deeper into the Little Planet, discovering the unique time-travelling sign posts and crushing any surprises left behind by Eggy in the past, present, or future. It'd be like three different story modes in a game which eventually converge with Tails foiling the birds and recovering the Emeralds to find the Little Planet (A little Emerald power made it a snap to travel there.), hook back up with Sonic and Amy, and then go after Eggy and Metal on Angel Island. Backed into a corner by not only Knuckles and the Chaotix, but Sonic and friends, Eggy unleashes the full power of the Time Stones to freeze the heroes in place long enough that he can grab the Emeralds and Rings to ascend Metal to Kai form. This is the final boss and once he falls after a long battle, he crashes into Eggy, who accidentally tosses the Time Stones in Sonic's direction. Using the power of the Stones, Sonic would speed back the clock on the Little Planet, Cocoa Island, and Angel Island, removing all the damage that Eggy and Metal had done. The End. Happily ever after.

*PUFF* *HUFF* *PANT* *WHEEZE* That's all I got. XD

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I gots a catchup day to do. For the first time, too :( Shame on me.


Question #29: What are your top TWELVE (or less) overlooked level tracks?


I'm just going to do a top 5. Twelve is a steep number as is and I'm tired :S


Sandopolis Zone Act 2 - S3&K



The song has a bit of a dark, dirty feel to it. I struggled with this level immensely, and I feel that the music makes it just that much more intense. It does the level justice, honestly. Gritty, tough, and kind of stressful. Replace "stressful" with badass, and I think you have this song.


Crisis City - Sonic Generations (Classic Version)



I found the classic version of Crisis City to be funny - seeing cute little classic Sonic with his lighthearted beeps and boops he made when jumping and whatnot traverse the post apocalyptic terrain of Crisis City. The song, though, while slowed down from its Modern counterpart, is kickass. I find it to be a much darker take than the modern version, actually. I find it to be the better of the two, for sure, and I don't see it getting much praise.


Sky Fortress Zone, Act 2 - Sonic 4, Ep. II



This is bogged down by being in a bad Sonic game with one of the worst soundtracks in the history of the franchise. For that, I feel like it doesn't get the amount of recognition that it deserves. It's definitely the shining star in a rather mucky soundtrack, and being good when so much around you is bad doesn't make you look good in comparison, you know?

Still an epic tune that makes this level almost enjoyable for me.


Security Hall - Sonic Adventure 2



This is my favorite song from that whole game. It has a chilling, Bond-esque vibe to it and I think that just kicks ass.


It's overlooked because people are trying so hard to traverse the fuckin' level that they can hardly notice the song itself, probably, but I think it deserves more recognition than it gets. SA2's soundtrack is one of the weakest in the series to me, but this one is one of the few I can listen to outside of the game.


Honeycomb Highway - Sonic Lost World



I actually never played Lost World, lol. I do love this song, though, and I don't hear a lot of people talking about it. It's one of the best songs to come out of the series that I've heard so far, and the fact that I've never seen anybody actually talk about it is reason enough for me to put it on here.


It almost makes me wish I still had my Wii U so I could try to dig up a copy of Lost World and give it a shot. Almost.



Question #30: If you had to combine the stories of any THREE Sonic games, which stories would you combine, and can you think of how it would work?


Errr...fuck. I'm going to do terrible at this.


I'd go 06, SA2, and Generations.


The story would start off with Sonic falling from a helicopter into the middle of his birthday party, which just so happens to be during the stupid Soleanna festival thingy from 06. Due to the time traveling capabilities brought into play, they end up going all the way back to Green Hill Zone like at the beginning of Generations, but they hit a lot of unnecessary loading screens during the trip there. Then Sonic, Shadow, and Silver end up on some sort of race to the finish but they all jump at the wrong spot and the game glitches out, sending them all infinitely flying into the air until they hit Space Colony ARK. The game ends up being a lot shorter because the glitch caused them to skip most of the game and they end up facing off against the trifecta of Mephiles, Final Hazard, and former United States President George W. Bush. After conquering the evil trio, it's revealed that it was just a plot by Eggman to take over the world all along, but because so much of the game was skipped, much exposition was missed - like the pivotal scene where Elise was kidnapped for the 13th time - and then the final boss battle ensues and it's shown that Elise was actually Silver all along and it's never brought up in future games again because Sega wants to forget every single game they fuck up because it makes them feel like an inadequate company.


The end.

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Question #30: If you had to combine the stories of any THREE Sonic games, which stories would you combine, and can you think of how it would work?

It would be Sonic 3, Sonic Colors, and Sonic 3D Blast. It would be where Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are trying to stop Dr. Eggman from taking over the world. Dr. Eggman is enslaving the animals, wisps, and flickies to build his forgiveness amusement park on planets he stole. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles have to go through zones saving animals, wisps, and flickies ranging from 2D, Sonic 3D Blast type 3D, and regular 3D zones. They must find all 7 chaos emeralds to defeat Dr. Eggman and stop him from fulfilling his plan of global takeover. All the characters can transform into super and hyper form in this combined game but only with the master emerald for hyper. You can use animals, wisps, and flickies to help you in the game play. That is my three game idea there.

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Day 30: Combining 3 Sonic Stories


I'm going to go for a more of an original plot which borrows elements from three others.


The three stories I elect to combine are as follows:


Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood:

My plot serves a sequel to Chronicles, picking up right where it left off, so of course it uses a large part of it's plot. In particular some of the optional backstory from Chronicles comes to the fore here.


Sonic Adventure

Like Adventure the shattering  and restoring of the Master Emerald and the release of Chaos are both big plot points here.


Sonic Unleashed

This plot borrows the idea of an omnipresent evil deity being one of the major threats throughout the game, as well as Sonic and co. teaming up with a good deity to stop it from Sonic Unleashed. There's also the bit where the evil deity is associated with large portions of Earth being separated from one another, although unlike Dark Gaia who was awakened by the planet splitting into parts, the primary motivation of the evil deity here is that he's looking to hurl a large chunk of the planet into another dimension.


So without further ado lets begin.


The plot picks up where Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood left off. The Cyclone, having been shot down by Eggman at the end of Chronicles, crash lands on the outskirts of Metropolis, Eggman's capital city. After that Sonic blacks out and awakens sometime later in one of Metropolis' prison cells. A few weeks later Tails appears to bust Sonic out and fills him in on the current sate of affairs. While Sonic and friends were in the Twilight Cage Dr. Eggman has consolidated his power and conquered a not insignificant portion of the world and his empire is growing larger by the day. G.U.N.'s attempts to stop the Empire's expansion have only managed to delay the inevitable as Eggman's forces continue to sweep across the globe.


After the Cyclone crashed the team was able to escape from the wreckage along with the Master Emerald but Eggman's robots showed up before they could recover Sonic himself or the Chaos Emeralds which he had on his person at the time of the crash. Eggman has shipped the Chaos Emeralds off to seven different strongholds where he intends to use them to create a barrier around Metropolis and is just about finished doing so.


Sonic and Tails escape Metropolis just as the barrier goes live. Before they can celebrate however a huge rift appears in the sky above Metropolis. A gigantic tentacled being with hundreds of eyes descends from the rift. The being attempts to attack Metropolis, but it's stopped cold by the barrier and retreats back to the rift. Sonic and Tails regroup with Knuckles and Shade, the latter of whom recognizes Sonic's description of events as the same thing that happened when the Nocturnus were pulled into the Twilight Cage. The being in question is Argus, the god of dimensions and keeper of balance. He had decided that the Eggman Empire had grown too powerful and was upsetting the balance of the world, so he tried to "cut off the head" by sending Metropolis to the Twilight Cage. Which, unfortunately, would also entail sending most of the Blue Ridge Zone, including Station Square, among other things, to the Twilight Cage with it. Several things are determined based on this information:


1. The only way to stop Argus is to "restore balance" by defeating the Eggman Empire before he sends it into the Twilight Cage.


2. In order to defeat the Empire they will need to invade Metropolis and destroy it's vital infrastructure.


3. In order to infiltrate Metropolis they will need to storm the seven strongholds containing the Chaos Emeralds to deactivate the barrier. They cannot simply use the Master Emerald to neutralize them as the Chaos Emeralds are spread out while the Master Emerald needs to be in close proximity to neutralize them (as shown SA2).


4. The fact that deactivating the barrier would allow Argus to take Metropolis is irrelevant. Argus will figure out what's preventing him from taking Metropolis  soon enough and take the strongholds too, causing even more damage in the process.


5. Regardless they'll still need a way to storm Metropolis without Argus interfering.


6. The only thing that could hope to hold Argus off long enough for the heroes to claim Metropolis is another god.


To that end Knuckles deliberately shatters the Master Emerald to release Chaos. The heroes enter Eggman's various strongholds and recover the Chaos Emeralds, which the give to Chaos to allow him to grow more powerful, and also collect the shards of the Master Emerald in order to restore it as well. Along the way they join back up wit the other members of the team as well as a few other familiar faces like the Chaotix.


The climax has Perfect Chaos along with the various characters with Super forms battling Argus in order to keep him at bay while a small team of characters infiltrate Metropolis an locate Angel Island, which Eggman had built over after it crashed into Metropolis in Chronicles. This team returns the Master Emerald to it's altar, causing Angel Island to return to the sky and taking a good chunk of Metropolis with it. This creates a gap in the defenses of Metropolis which G.U.N. and the other characters exploit in order to take down the Empire once and for all. With balance restored, Argus leaves Earth and things start returning to normal again.

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First time I've had to do some catching up...I think. Hopefully I didn't miss any days without realizing it.


Day 29: What are your top TWELVE (or less) overlooked LEVEL tracks?


You know what, I'm gonna try and go for twelve. I'll go in chronological order rather than preference.


Scrap Brain Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog ('91))




Something about this music always appealed to me. All the final zone music in the classic games was great mind you, but I don't really see people talk about Scrap Brain compared to the Death Egg themes. It perfectly captures the feeling of navigating Scrap Brain on your way to the final battle, I love it. 


Metropolis (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)


Despite the horrors within this level, the music is kickass.


Wacky Workbench Good Future (Sonic CD)


Getting a Good Future in Wacky Workbench is very much worth it...which is fortunate if you're going with the robot generator method rather than getting the Time Stones, which of course requires exploring the level. Fortunately, I don't really mind Wacky Workbench that much, so either way I'm good. Also I swear this track makes me think of Spyro.


Angel Island Act 1 (Sonic the Hedgehog 3...S&K Collection (PC) version)


This version is actually fairly similar to the Genesis version of the song, but is different enough that I think it's worth specifically mentioning it. It helps that S&K Collection was my first Sonic game, so this was the first Sonic level theme my ears ever heard. Yeah.


Lava Reef Act 1 (Sonic & Knuckles)


Lava Reef's probably my favourite level in S&K, and I don't really see people appreciate it or the music that often.


This Stage Theme (Sonic Labyrinth)


Yes, really. Hey, what's more overlooked than the Game Gear / Master System games, I might as well bring up at least one. Something about this track really appeals to me.


Flying Carpet ~ Back to Soul (Amy's Theme) (Sonic the Fighters)


I really like Amy's Fighters theme for some reason, and the stage itself is rather out there too--random flying carpet, perhaps a connection to Amy's whole magic tarot card / hammerspace stuff?


Station Square (Sonic Adventure 1)



That frickin nostalgia.


Whenever I've seen people talk about Adventure's soundtrack, it's mostly about the stage and character themes. Nothing wrong with that, because they're amazing! But Station Square's music--along withe other hub themes--tend to be overlooked because of this, so well...here we are.


Security Hall (Sonic Adventure 2)


This goes for all of Rouge's themes actually, they're definitely overlooked compared to the Knuckles raps and I almost never see people talk about her stage music which is a shame because they're great. This one is of course the most memorable one for me.


Lava Shelter (Shadow the Hedgehog)


I actually really like ShTH's soundtrack, enough that I'm tempted to say "a majority of tracks in this entire game", but that'd be against the rules. :P This music and the stage it's from stands out to me, it's actually one of my favourite Eggman base levels in the series.


Terminal Velocity Map (Sonic Colours)


Again, this actually goes for all the map themes, haha. These are overlooked primarily because you probably aren't going to spend longer than at most 30 seconds on them as you're selecting the next level. It's a real shame because the map themes are really, really good and I can't imagine putting that much work into something most players aren't going to appreciate.


Sky Road Zone 1 (Sonic Lost World)




I don't know why but this track has always stood out to me. Similar to a track earlier in this list, it kinda gives me this weird Spyro music-y vibe, but maybe that's just me. Anyway, it's a very soothing yet fast-paced song and it plays during a level I like a lot, so...it all works out, I guess.


Runners up:

  • Launch Base Act 1 (Sonic the Hedgehog 3...S&K Collection (PC) version): Okay yeah, it doesn't have the "GO!"s, but aside from that what isn't there to love? Admittedly I'd argue the Genesis track fits the level more, but ah well, this track is still nice on it's own.
  • Chao Garden - Neutral (Sonic Adventure 2): People don't really talk about the chao much these days, let alone the Gardens' music. It's kind of a shame because they have some great tracks!



Day 30: If you had to combine the stories of any THREE Sonic games, which stories would you combine, and can you think of how it would work?


Hmmm. Alright, I think I have an idea. The three stories I'd combine are Sonic Rush, it's sequel, and Sonic Unleashed


The story starts out pretty much the same as Rush but more abridged. Blaze and

Nega...uh, yeah, no Captain Whisker arrive in Sonic's dimension. After an initial misunderstanding (which is cleared up faster than in the actual Rush) Sonic and Blaze join forces and end up chasing the bad guys into Blaze's dimension and back again, switching between both dimensions throughout the game.


Unfortunately the heroes realize too late that all this travelling between dimensions hasn't exactly had positive effects on reality, and Sonic's world is unfortunately the one to get the short end of the stick when they realize this, being the one to be shattered into pieces. This releases Dark Gaia and all that jazz, which Eggman and the Captain are happy to take advantage of--not only are many of the heroes, G.U.N, and so on distracted by the demon things, but Eggman was prepared to harness Dark Gaia's energy anyway. (I like to think Eggman prepares for multiple plans at a time and focuses on one at a time, and that plus his general intellect means he can adjust to this kind of event without much trouble.)


So yeah, Sonic, Blaze, and co. travel the world, try to put it back together, and find a way to fix the damage done from the dimension hopping as well. Fortunately they meet Chip and he's like, a god and shit so he helps up with that in the end. Or something. Hey, Crusher said this thing didn't necessarily have to make complete sense!


(And yes this is at least partly inspired by how Archie's Unleashed adaptation started out with the world being shattered because of reality altering shenanigans.)

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Day 30: Combining Three Stories

Sonic Adventure, Heroes, and Sonic & Knuckles

The main setting would be the Sonic Adventure world, Station Square, Casinopolis, etc. Sonic is endeavoring to collect the emeralds before Eggman can for obvious reasons.

Midway through, Gamma is destroyed by Sonic, but having been holding an emerald at that point in time, a blast of energy discharges and incapacitates Metal Sonic, who’d also been sent after Sonic. Metal is down for the count, but is nonetheless salvaged…

…unfortunately, some aspect of Gamma’s free will and mission has been imbued in him by the time he wakes up. The key difference is that rather than destroy machines to free them and the animals inside form slavery, he desires to conquer organic life, including his creator. As Eggman and Sonic duel for emeralds with Chaos at the forefront, Metal builds up his own master plan, complete with repurposing remote Eggman bases for his own construction purposes, never mind looking for any weaknesses in Eggman’s coding so he can turn the Empire against its Emperor when the moment is right.

All goes as in Adventure, with Chaos eventually turning on Eggman and becoming Perfect Chaos, only to be bested by Super Sonic. The battle leaves the heroes exhausted and Eggman out of commission… a perfect time for Metal’s new empire to swoop in and steal all 7 emeralds right from underneath them, while the bulk of Eggman’s bases are switched to his control. Sonic, despite his heroism, is in no condition to beat Metal – especially with all seven emeralds – and so he is easily bested.

Knuckles is smart enough to reason the only way to defeat Metal would be to nullify the Chaos Emeralds with the Master Emerald… unfortunately, Metal has foreseen this and has sent soldiers to the island, forcing the heroes to fight through the numerous Zones to get to the Shrine. In dramatic fashion, the heroes would arrive at the Shrine only to see Metal has already reached it, waiting for them to make his victory all the more crushing. Having studied the properties of Chaos during his time in Eggman’s service, he is able to liquefy and reform his body with a new nanomachine chassis. Thus, it proves no challenge for him to quickly move on the Master Emerald and absorb it into his body, now wielding both the power of it and the Chaos Emeralds.

Cue a curbstomp battle. Metal gives his long monologue about the futility of organic life, and how machines will replace it, with him ruling over it.

…cue Metal being fried from afar by some sort of laser. Eggman has managed to build a small little war machine, and reminds his servant that for being supposedly superior, Metal was created by a human like him. Metal claims that Eggman’s efforts were fruitless… and then realizes the beam has altered his nanites in some way, retaining their malleability, but rendering his energy absorption much weaker as the new metal is less conductive; Metal was invulnerable to damage, but not to transmutation. Because he can’t absorb the power of the emeralds anymore, his body begins to rapidly overheat.

Quick in thinking, Metal summons a good deal of strength to eject the Chaos Emeralds from his body off the side of the island (he can always get them later), leaving only the Master Emerald, which he draws some power from… enabling him to attain a limited sort of Super Form, his weakened energy absorption and the Master Emerald’s emphasis on negation over empowerment leaving him without the raw power a true Super being would have.

Metal blasts Eggman away, stating his reduced power is still sufficient to finish the heroes off. Shattering the Emerald to deny its use to the heroes (he reasons he’s smart enough to figure out a way to piece it together without Knuckles), he is about to deal the coup de grace… only for Knuckles to reveal he managed to grab one of the shards thanks to a sort of natural magnetism with the Emerald, enough to restore his stamina even if not grant him a power boost.

Cue Metal and Knuckles duking it out, destroying much of the Shrine in the process. However, Knuckles is able to use his combat savvy and raw strength to beat Metal despite the latter’s superpowered advantage, unceremoniously decapitating him with a punch so powerful his head flies off the side of the island.

Their victory is cut short, however, when it is revealed Eggman had a backup plan in case Chaos proved unsuccessful: a newer, smaller Death Egg, its presence having been obscured by the jungle and the attention focused on the Egg Carrier. Having made a second contingency plan for the likelihood of the heroes beating Metal Sonic, it is also revealed he was able to snag one of the emeralds mid-fall through a powerful magnet. The story ends on a cliffhanger as the Death Egg begins to rise from its construction site in the Mystic Ruins below…

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You'll be hoping for something better this time, I'm sure. Well, can I do it? Can I deliver what the people want?


Question #30: If you had to combine the stories of any THREE Sonic games, which stories would you combine, and can you think of how it would work?



Question #30: If you had to combine the stories of any THREE Sonic games, which stories would you combine, and can you think of how it would work?


Well two can play at that game!


Sonic_Rush_Adventure.jpg + Tails_Adventure_Coverart.png


My answer from last year.


And for the *ahem* 'special' ingredient:




Basically Sonic Rush Adventure, but starring Tails instead of Sonic, except this time, it's set in the Boom universe, where Boom!Tails meets Boom!Blaze and Boom!Marine aka Sticks go on a sea faring adventure to recover the Jeweled Scepter from Boom!Captain Whiskers and Boom!Johnny. At the end they discover that Boom!Eggman and Boom!Eggman-Nega were behind the whole plot and Boom!Tails, Boom!Blaze and Boom!Marine must use the combined power of the Chaos and Sol Emera-I mean Chaos and Sol Crystals to stop Boom!Eggman and Boom!Eggman-Nega from destroying Boom!Blaze's Boom!dimension and send Boom!Tails back to own 700.gif

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Day 30: If you had to combine the stories of any 3 games *me gusta.*, which would they be and how?


To be honest, I really don't know how to answer this. I've always thought of the games as being in a verily linear timeline (06 happens before Unleashed, Unleashed happens before colors, ect.). I've never even thought of combing any of the stories, let alone three. Where to begin...


Well, I guess my interpretation of a pretty freaking awesome plot would be a combination of Unleashed, Colors (3DS so that we can include more characters), and... *drum roll* Heroes... gah, I feel dirty for even including that game. Why would I add in a game I dislike so much? Well, it's really because it had something going with it's emphasis on spliting the characters into teams. I feel this would help out the game greatly as you could have multiple character viewpoints to see the plot in and multiple gameplay styles to traverse a lot of levels with.


As a base overview, it all starts off with most of the events from Heroes. The entire game basically acts as Sonic and Co just simply going after Eggman and Metal. This would act as a sort of intro so that players could get familiarized with the characters and learn the gameplay. After defeating Metal, Eggman orders his egg fleet into space where he attempts to activate his final protocol; a trump card that he devised if Metal were to be defeated. Some of the egg carriers reconstruct themselves into Eggman's Interstellar Amusement Park and starts attracting nearby planets.





Seeing this from the ground below, Sonic quickly takes Tails and Knuckles and rushes after Eggman in the Tornado. This is where both the events of Unleashed and Colors begin. As Tails and Knuckles go to combat the rest of the Egg Fleet Sonic takes a missile from the Tornado and rides it straight to Eggman's base ship (thus plays the opening cutscene from Unleashed).




Though, due to the end events of this scene, Eggman harnesses the power of Super Sonic as well and begins his final plan early; awakening Dark Gaia. Sonic is then ejected out of the ship and towards earth. Tails, seeing this, quickly gets knuckles and races after him to Apotos. This is basically where the story then enters a free for all if you will. You can choose to pursue the various levels of both games with any of the character teams from Heroes (though with more emphasis on Unleashed's gameplay style). Why would the others help out you may ask? Because their planet is getting destroyed! XD Also, I'd imagine there would be a 5th team as well since Silver and blaze showed up in Colors 3DS too. Maybe they could just make a team of two or something...





You basically then go around each of the levels from both Colors and Unleashed, collecting the emerald's power and saving the scattered wisp so that Eggman can't use them to power up Dark Gaia. Once you beat each level, you then go to confront Eggman which leads to the final battle of Colors. After defeating him there, the entire Amusement Park crashes into the earth, basically creating a more run down Eggman Land. This is where Eggman makes is final stand and the ending events of Unleashed begin. Though, since you have already collected up the wisp and emeralds, how does Dark Gaia regain power to be the final boss? Well, as everyone was busy running around the worlds, Metal Sonic was also busy rounding up power too. He then combines with the still weak Dark Gaia to form the final boss. After their defeat, Eggman is sent flying into his final cutscene in Unleashed (only now with the hilarious shenanigans of Orbot and Cubot) and the rest of the characters morn for Chip, say goodbye to Yacker and the other wisp, and watch Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles fly off into the sunset or something with some sweet music playing in the background.



*Insert Knuckles here*


So yeah, that's an overall idea of what I would do if given that power. Though, I can't even begin to tell you why a game like this would be impossible to even do. Let alone do it remotely well... *sigh* It's good to dream I guess...

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Day 30: Combine Three Stories and Make It Work


Can.. I just take the easy route? Yeah I'll take the easy route.


Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colours, and Sonic Lost World


So, at first, Eggman begins his usual shenanigans in space with Sonic. How did they get to space? Err.. it doesn't matter. They're fighting anyway on Eggman's Egg Fleet, and after Super Sonic pretty much explodes everything, he's sent tumbling down to Earth. Yes, the explosions were that powerful. Eggman manages to escape on his little Egg Mobile with just a tad of damage done. 


Sonic, having fallen in his Super form, takes no damage when he fell back on Earth, so that's why he's still alive. Though, he ends up detransforming due to his time being up with no rings and all. Tails finds him and asks what happened, and if he's okay. Sonic's pretty mad that Eggman got away and he's concerned about what he's up to.


Cut back to Eggamn who has a backup plan. Looks like that Amusement Park he built came in handy after all. Only, well, it's not done with construction quite yet. Orbot and Cubot are quite lazy like that. :V 3 years in the making and the all-star Wisp attractions still aren't done. Well, anyway.. Cubot ends up bumping into a mass load of fireworks and sets them off by accident. These are so big, pretty much everyone on Earth can view them. Sonic sees them and wonders what they're all about. Then one firework explodes with an Eggman face pattern and it's pretty clear now what's going on.


Cue the intro to Sonic Colours, when Sonic and Tails hijack the space elevator and go to the Amusement Park. Game story takes place as usual BUT THEN, instead of the wisps being saved, Eggman captures them with a giant anit-wisp power net. Don't ask how. Plot purposes. :V Aaand so he escapes with them to the Lost Hex. The Zeti see what's going on and free the Wisps from Eggman and hunt him down. Using his amazingly fast running speeds (thank you long legs), Eggman just barely avoids a beatdown by Zor. 


So, at this point Eggman's at Windy Hill and searches for a place to set up his base. Upon entering a cave, looking for power resources, he notices a strange conch shell sitting in a crevice with ancient text around it. Orbot manages to download the ancient Zeti script and tells Eggman that this is a forbidden conch that holds a special power and it is not to be used lightly by anyone. Eggman then gets a stupidly evil grin on his face and nabs it, only to cause a small.. earthquake of sorts. Cue an Indiana Jones-esque chase scene, complete with a boulder and everything and Eggman barely escapes, with only his turkey sandwich not making it in one piece. (He had that in case of a lunch break). 


Now, Eggman blows on the conch, only for.. nothing to happen. Confused, he tries again, and again, until he hears Zazz scream "HEY. CAN YOU CUT IT OUT ALREADY?! THAT THING HURTS MY EARS, YOU KNOW!". And suddenly, an idea springs into Eggman's mind. Cut back to Sonic and Tails as they are wondering what's going on with Eggman (again). They are back on Earth since the Amusement Park exploded, so they have no idea where to look. Tails notices Little Planet is back, and suggests they take a look. Boarding the Tornado, they make their way to the sky. Nearby Little Planet, they see an oddly shaped planet. According to Tails' Miles Electric, the wisps are nearby on this odd planet called the Lost Hex. It apparently got its name as it wanders across the galaxies, aimlessly, without any gravitational force or orbit, thus being "lost".


Cue a closeup on Sonic's face "Let's explore this LOST WORLD" (hah, title drop). *ahem* Then, we go back to Eggman who has taken advantage of the Deadly Six. Thanks to them, he's built enough robots for one zone. And just in time for lunch, too! But wait, that lunch break will have to wait as it's Sonic and Tails! Suddenly, with an awesome entrance, Sonic and Tails land the Tornado just in front of Eggman as he's going to take a bite out of (the totally not stolen from Zomom) sandwich.


At this point Sonic is really pissed off with Eggman and just goes up and kicks away the conch shell. "I bet it was THIS hunk of junk that caused.. whatever it is you're doing" he says as he kicks it. "Hey! I was using that, you know. Just because it wasn't in my hand, didn't mean I didn't want it anymore. What a killjoy. *takes bite out of sandwich*" says Eggman. At this point the Zeti take control of Eggman's robots and turn against him. Sonic, knowing he did something wrong for once, and seeing who the real enemy is, quickly grabs Eggman and drags him to the nearest safe zone, with Tails making sure Eggman's jacket doesn't get dusty. "You know, I could just run by myself. I've outrun you in the past, and I was much chubbier then!" says Eggman. "Oh, shut up and be glad I'm helping you for once" Sonic replies with a snark.  


Now, Lost World's plot pretty much continues, but with better writing (of which I won't include because.. that'd take forever to write) aand in the end, the Deadly Six just get drifted away on their planet, never to be seen again. Sonic, Tails, and Eggman return to Earth, with Eggman still being keen on taking over the place, even if he had some fun teaming up with Sonic and Tails. After all, you can't break tradition. 


So, I think that's a basic rundown of how I'd do it. I honestly kinda wanna rewrite the scripts to make them into one big story.. this was fun.. But for now I think you've gotten the main idea of how I'd sorta do things, yeah?

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Day 29: Overlooked?


It's hard to list a lot of "overlooked" tracks, since for the most part Sonic is a series that's known for it's great soundtrack. I'll go with 5, but this is a pretty hard one ;_;


5. A lot of Sonic Boom's tracks


(One example)


Sonic Boom's soundtrack is pretty lame (as in something you'd forget pretty easily). So why is this on here? Because despite how unmemorable it is, it's a soundtrack with such great atmosphere and provide epic set pieces for the overall game. It's not a great OST but for what it is it's pretty damn great. These kind of tracks sound like they come straight out of a adventure movie.


4. Tropical Coast: Zone 1 (Sonic Lost World)



Sonic Lost World's soundtrack strays way too far from the usual rock and roll of Sonic games, which is personally fine to me. I like orchestrated soundtracks in games so Lost World is probably a more memorable soundtrack to me then a lot of other people. This track gets placed on there because it fits great in  a Tropical setting. It's not something you'd hear in a Sonic game (Probably in a Mario game though) but it's calming and has that kind of tropical feel to it that makes it work.


3. Sky Fortress Zone: Act 1 (Sonic 4 Ep 2)



Is it just me, or is the reason why I like this track a lot is because it sounds like Electrical Communication from Megaman 8/Super Adventure Rockman? Could be why I like it so much. Like the rest of the tracks in the game, it's got the feel of a track from a Genesis track with it's heavy beats. Get this, this level involves you flying in the air (Oh wow yippie yay). I could listen to the song without playing the level first and I would probably know it's a flying segment, and that's what this track does right.


2. Power Plant (Sonic Heroes)



It's basically similar to the "Grand Metropolis" track. While "Grand Metropolis" gives the setting of being in such a large city, "Power Plant" well, is that track except feels like you are inside a building. There are moments in the track that would give off the feeling that you are running from something, like I don't know, falling lava?


1. Gadget Round (Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity)



Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity does have some cool tracks, but rarely does anybody talk about the tracks outside of the vocal ones. The tracks that play in the races are lively and have a mix of orchestra and rock. Due to the loud sound effects, they aren't as strong as they should be during races but they are fairly overlooked tracks. Gadget Round wins out of all of the Zero Gravity tracks because it's the one that's most memorable to me.


And that's it! I'll get Day 30 later.

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Day 29 - Underrated Soundtracks


Hmm... not sure if I can think of twelve, but I'll give it a go.


8bit Sonic 1 - Bridge Zone


I think the 8bit games are seriously underrated anyways, and their music is great.



The one that best comes to mind is the 8-bit "exclusive" level Bridge Zone. It has a nice, happy little tune that sort of sounds like it should be a song. Great for calming down those nerves in the Act that's constantly scrolling, nudging you to your doom! :D


8 bit Sonic 2 - Aqua Lake Zone



I hate, haaaaate this level so damned much, especially the one which is entirely underwater! Urrgh! But it's music is funky as hell. I'm bobbing my head along to it right now. Yeah, really.


Sonic Chaos - Gigapolis Zone



Sonic Chaos is an old fave of mine, and Gigapolis Zone is probably my favourite tune. It sounds so sparkly and pretty, like the stars in its background.


Then that gawddamned giant glow-worm robot shows up and tries to kill you!! Urgh. :(


Sonic 1 - Scrap Brain Zone



My favourite track off this game is Starlight Zone, but this one is also good. It's kinda scary, and suits the level in that it's ramping up to the big bad boss in Final Zone. eeeee *bites nails*


Sonic 2 - 2 player Mystic Cave Zone



I'm glad that StealthTax repurposed this for the reconstructed Hidden Palace Zone, cause its kinda nice.


Sonic 3 - Launch Base Zone



Easily the weakest track on the Sonic 3 list, in my opinion and it lacks the thrilling ramp-up that previous final level tracks did. I guess this was partially because of the game being split into Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles. It's still a groovy track though, and the Jackson contribution is pretty clear! Act 2's version is a tad on the boring side, though. It feels incomplete.


Sonic and Knuckles - Sandopolis Act 2



As I mentioned before, this music is fucking great; it really adds to the scary atmosphere.



Sonic CD - Quartz Quadrant Zone



I prefer the Japanese/EU version, sorry!! :D And everyone knows Stardust Speedway. Personally my favourite is Collision Chaos, but I like this zone's music too. The Bad Future remix is frantic, more like a high-speed chase than the music used for the race against Metal Sonic, if you ask me...


Sonic 3D Blast/ Flickies' Island - Green Grove Act 2



I like this since it's kinda looong, it sort of sounds like it should be a song; there's several "parts" to it which I think is pretty unusual for game music, I reckon... apart from cut scene music, that is...


Sonic Adventure - Egg Carrier



For an evil genius' lair, this tune is quite catchy! I also think it reflects the eccentricity of Eggman's personality. I mean, dude... his lair has robot maids and a swimming pool... :D


Sonic Adventure 2 - Sonic v Shadow




I dunno what this is called, but I love this music. Tbh I think SA2's music is kinda... meh... compared to previous games. I get it's meant to be theme songs for the characters, rather than having level music per se but some of the tracks are still pretty atmospheric.


Sonic Heroes - Hang Castle




Again, in terms of atmosphere I don't think this music communicates haunted house very much but it's a great tune.



Is that 12? Did I do it? Yaaay! :D (sure I could do more, actually... would After the Sequel's soundtrack count, cause that is badass!!








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Oh great...I missed some days. Was hoping that would never happen, but ah well...


Question #27: Which character(s) do you feel get a bad rep that they don't deserve?

Oh isn't it obvious who I'm gonna pick?

This guy:



Now, I have no qualms of people disliking any character I like. My problem comes from the inconsistent double standards and hypocrisy of it. When I look at Shadow, my thoughts are a mixture of fans who love the character and those who dislike him - I can see and agree with both sides of the fence. Shadow was awesome in SA2, he was "meh" in Heroes, and ShTH did him or the franchise absolutely no service with the whole amnesia thing, overblown dark tone, and juvenile attempts to be "mature". Sonic 06 was about his most inoffensive role, and he was decent compared to other characters, but that's not saying much given what problems that game had.


Now let's look at Knuckles. Rad Red has been spiralling in the same direction as Shadow, if not worse as he hasn't recovered. Knuckles was awesome in a lot of his games, but has become completely flanderized ever since. The guardian of Angel Island and the Master Emerald is ignored and forgotten, his intelligence butchered to one of a simpleton (even worse if we're talking Boom), and he's only around for the sake of being around. Basically, Knuckles is a shitty character now. In his defense, Knuckles didn't star in a game that ruined the franchise's reputation...well, unless you're willing to count Boom, in which case yes he did as a co-star. But that doesn't change the fact that his character hasn't been in good shape in the games.


So where am I going with this? What's the problem? The problem is how quickly people are willing to excuse or put effort into making Knuckles better, while attitudes towards Shadow are basically "GTFO" as if it's not worth the time and effort. Many will use Knuckles's status as a classic character as a defense for why Knuckles is better or has more to him, to which I will bluntly say to their face that is full of shit and a double standard which needs to GTFO. If Shadow doesn't deserve time and effort in fixing his problems, then neither does Knuckles, and it's that excuse which leads me to believe Knuckles (and Amy, and Tails) should no longer have that prestige anymore and the only characters we should stick with are Sonic and Eggman while everyone else can be put in an incinerator. It's only fair that everyone else be secondary characters except for the protagonist and the antagonist who should have top billing for the conflict.


Next up:


Chip/Light Gaia


Chip is a hilarious case of fan entitlement and people completely missing the point of who he is. You hear such comedic gold of "Chip stole Tails' role as a sidekick," as if Tails is the only character allowed to be a sidekick, and some would go so far as to claim he shouldn't have been in Unleashed at all in favor of Tails. Nevermind how people who make this statement fail to realize other strong differences about the two characters - last I checked, Tails was not an ancient god, and Tails has almost always been with Sonic up until this point, so why is one game where he isn't such a big deal? Especially when Chip'll never see Sonic again, giving Tails more time to spend. Nevermind the plot being told and the themes involved which make Chip necessary, as without him you could not tell Unleashed's plot the same way and might even have to redo it from scratch.


Now, I for one was ready to dislike that we were having yet another character rather than building on the ones we have, but Chip dodged a bullet and became somewhat endearing. He could have definitely been done better, but compared to what I was expecting it was quite a surprise to become interested in him.


Next up:

Silver the Hedgehog


I can't say I'm too attached with this character in the games. His voice acting was whiny in Sonic 06, and his character was a bit stupid at times (although I have said in the past that one could make a defense for him being desperate instead). His design isn't exactly too bad or good aside from the pot-leaf on his head, and I don't exactly see what the big deal is about how he's ugly. But I can't say all of this without attributing most of the blame of the character on Sonic 06 itself. I feel that, while some criticism of him is actually fair, others look like people are projecting all their hate of Sonic 06 on Silver.



Question #28: Which boss(es) do you feel deserve more recognition?

The Egg Viper


I say the Egg Viper, because at this point Eggman was Really. Trying. To kill you! Everything about the machine, even when he sticks his head out to taunt you was him preparing an attack, and not only does Eggman go so far as to destroy the platforms you’re standing on, but this madman gets the balls to try a fucking suicide attack by ramming his destroyed machine in a last ditch attempt to take you down after ruining his plans. That shit caught me off guard when I first faced him, and I nearly threw my controller when I died from it.


This is one of Eggman’s finest moments against Sonic, and while we have bosses with similar intensity like the Egg Dragoon and the final bosses of Sonic 3&K, this was where you could really feel how tense and personal Sonic and Eggman’s rivalry was. If only we could get such dark moments like this again.


Question #29: What are your top TWELVE (or less) overlooked LEVEL tracks?

Gonna go with a top 3:


  1. Chaos Angel songs (Sonic Advance 3) – This chaotic tune perfectly matches what would be an apocalyptic Sky Sanctuary zone. The intro act captivates a dark, sorrow moment as if you’re walking into death or someone's funeral. Act 1 is basically an intro to the level and a feeling of the (cheap ass) difficulty of what you were about to take part in. Act 2 is dark, somber, and slow, making you wonder what is coming up next and what might end up destroyed. Then Act 3 takes what Act 1 did and make it even more fast paced and intense.
  2. Bingo Highway (Sonic Heroes) – I keep listening to this tune and I can’t help but wonder who was on crystal meth when they made this and if I should have some myself. It’s so kooky, rapid, and weird that I can’t help but enjoy the bizarreness of it.
  3. Militant Missionary (Sonic Adventure 1) – this tune perfectly captures how Eggman was pulling out all the stops to kill you in SA1. It’s serious, militant, and foreboding of the conflict reaching its peak, and is the kind of tune that goes well with a militaristic scientist of a mad genius.


Question #30: If you had to combine the stories of any THREE Sonic games, which stories would you combine, and can you think of how it would work?


Pfft…I’m a storyteller at heart. Get ready folks, because you're in for a long and interesting read.


I remember combining SA2 and Unleashed, this time I’m going to combine SA1, SA2, and Heroes together.


It’s mainly a rewrite of things to make their plots flow together, so here’s a few details:

  1. Gamma and E-101 Beta Mk.II are still alive after SA1 (because I hate the idea of one-shot characters period!)
  2. There’s an extended prologue of Gerald’s life
  3. The Hero and Dark sides of SA2 are expanded:
    • Team Hero has: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Gamma
    • Team Dark has: Shadow, Eggman, Rouge, Metal Sonic, and Beta Mk. II
  4. Shadow of course survives SA2’s ending
  5. The whole team concept of Heroes has more background, logic, and connection than just “Hey, we’re together, let’s go on to stop Eggman”

All of this is spoilered due to length.


Starting with the SA1 part:


Now, SA1 remains mostly unchanged except for Gamma’s story. While Gamma goes around destroying his brothers to free them, each one sends data back to the Egg Carrier to be transferred into Beta’s programming as he’s in the process of being upgraded. So now, not only is Beta stronger, he’s much smarter as well, and while the flickies from the other E-100 series are free, their minds still live on in Beta as a result of it.


So at the end of Gamma story, he and Beta duke it out and damage the Egg Carrier in the process. Gamma manages to win of course, damaging Beta severely, but Beta gets off a hit to blow Gamma off the ship before flying off to the Final Egg tower. Gamma feels as though he’s failed his objective, and pursues Beta to the Final Egg, only to find that it’s been destroyed and not a trace of Beta found. So he continues his search for Beta to finish what he started.


Now comes SA2. As a result of the changes from SA1, the story has a lot of key moments changed to accommodate it, but it otherwise follows the same path. Now get ready, because it’s a long read.


In the prologue, Professor Gerald ventures to Angel Island with his old colleague Professor Pickle (for the sake of continuity). They explore the ancient echidna ruins, encountering a very small tribe of remaining echidnas (like 10-15 people max) that are dying out, who allow access to see the Master Emerald shrine and the temples of the island under close watch. This is the Chekhov’s Gun of the shrine replica in Cannon’s Core as Gerald takes pictures. Later, Gerald and Pickle encounter an ancient robot (guess who!) that the echidnas want absolutely nothing to do with and will gladly let the two professors take away. Then the scene changes to Space Colony Ark where Gerald has the robot on a table while working on Project Shadow’s biology. Maria comes to see Shadow, who Gerald allows to walk around the Ark for a while before returning to the lab, where GUN agents come to see the progress done to him.


Then it shifts to present day.


Eggman breaks into the GUN Prison Island with Metal Sonic and Beta blowing up robots left and right. Eggman tells his robots to make a distraction for him as he ventures by himself to the most heavily secured facility on the island where his grandfather Gerald’s masterpiece is being held. As Metal and Beta do as they’re told, Eggman fights scores of GUN’s most advanced robots without breaking a sweat until he finally reaches Project Shadow. He awakens Shadow, but then the Hot Shot mech finds him, its armor being too tough for Eggman’s blasts. Eggman tries to call in Metal and Beta for assistance, only to realize his communications are being jammed, in which Shadow steps in to fill the void and help out.


Now after that, Shadow splits away and tells Eggman about Space Colony Ark. Little do they know that a certain other robot is watching them, scoping 101-Beta in its sights before GUN robots end up discovering it. Revealing itself as Gamma, he shoots down the GUN robots attacking him, then realizes he lost track of Eggman and his robots, and continues its search around the Island.


Meanwhile Eggman returns to his pyramid base with Metal Sonic and Beta, who watch the newscast of Shadow causing chaos around a city where he meets Sonic, who gets captured by GUN in his place. Meanwhile, Knuckles and Rouge’s meeting has some differences.


Agent Rouge the Bat is busy treasure hunting in a forest and has just found a blue Chaos Emerald (hello foreshadowing!) before she gets a call from GUN about Eggman’s recent attack. GUN are worried about Eggman’s ever increasing technological abilities due to the fact that he managed to blow through one of their most secure facilities like a sheet of tissue paper with just two robots and himself as well as Eggman flying his Egg Carrier over Station Square back in SA1 also alarmed GUN. These demoralizing incidents make them deploy Rouge the bat to every place Eggman has had a foot on to trace his steps, with Angel Island being the biggest focus due to events in S3&K and SA1.


Rouge ventures to the Launch Base Zone, long abandoned since the Death Egg event that occurred here, and then traces a few damaged remains of the Death Egg and Sky Sanctuary to the Hidden Palace zone, where she finds a few gems until leading up to the Emerald Alter floating in the center where the Master Emerald lies. She lifts the massive emerald from the alter until Knuckles catches her and tries to stop her, telling her of its power and the events it was involved in with SA1. However, this only serves to convince Rouge even more to take the Emerald away, not just for the fact that she wants the Emerald as a trophy, but because it would be interesting for GUN to study.


In the midst of their fighting, Eggman comes in to steal the massive Emerald, and as Rouge and Knuckles try to stop him Beta and Metal Sonic get in their way. Eventually Knuckles manages to shatter the Master Emerald, making Eggman’s time here wasted. Energy surges from the breaking Emerald, blasting green bolts of energy around as Angel Island quakes and falls. As Eggman makes his escape and recalls Metal Sonic and Beta, Rouge shoots a tracking device on Eggman’s ship as he makes his leave. When the rumbling stops, Rouge rages at Knuckles for breaking the Master Emerald and nearly getting them killed, which Knuckles brushes off and says he can find them and put them together before snapping that it’s not her Emerald anyway. They go off on their own, Rouge being shocked at the Island floating in the sea rather than in the air, not realizing that the Master Emerald is what keeps it afloat (because Knuckles didn’t tell her).


As Knuckles goes about finding the Emerald pieces on his own, he ends up fighting off a score of robots from Eggman and GUN, which get sniped by Gamma from the cliffs. Gamma flies down to speak to Knuckles, asking if he’s encountered E-101 Beta. Knuckles says he recalled seeing a robot like that on his island with Eggman, but is unsure where it is. Gamma flies off to continue his search, with Knuckles remarking how hasty such a robot can be until he accidentally stumbles upon Eggman’s base and finds Eggman flying into it with Metal Sonic and Beta.


And equally pursuing Eggman was Rouge the Bat herself. Unconcerned with that, however, Knuckles leaves to continue his search for the Master Emerald. Finding more around Pumpkin Hill. But he still wonders what Eggman may be up to after coming to his island for the Master Emerald, as well as that bat girl following him.


Rouge, having found her target of interest, pursues Eggman to his pyramid base (finding a few Emerald Shards along the way), sneaks into his facility, and uses his teleporter to see what Eggman is up to. In the control room, Shadow remarks how Metal Sonic looks similar to that Blue Hedgehog he encountered, wondering which is faster than the other (and upsetting Metal Sonic who gets reminded of losing a race and shattering against the wall all the way back in Sonic CD).


Rouge enters the control room and discovers Eggman, Metal Sonic, Beta, and Shadow conspiring to take over the world, deciding that she can use this chance to get into their ranks and find out more. She secretly activates a small group of GUN robots that are in the facility, bringing them to their location, then interrupts their meeting, claiming that they’re intruding on government property. Eggman, Metal Sonic, and Beta point their guns at her before Rouge plays a recording and threatens to send it to GUN at the push of a button, which would ruin their plans even if they succeed in killing her. Shadow tells them to lower their weapons and wonders what she’s here for, which Rouge responds that she was merely here inspecting the place as per GUN request. Then the robots she secretly called in enter the room, which Eggman, Shadow, Metal, and Beta proceed to attack until Rouge disables the GUN robots with an EMP grenade and destroys them herself. Confusing Eggman, he wonders why she would destroy GUN robots if she was on their side, to which Rouge responds that she’s switched sides after hearing their talks of conquering the world, and she reveals her Blue Chaos Emerald for Eggman to have and gain his trust before revealing that she knows where to find even more. Shadow gives her a sharp look before deciding that she’s welcome to join in their plans, and then they make arrangements to revisit Prison Island.


At Prison Island, Team Dark goes through their roles, Eggman, Metal Sonic, and Beta will distract GUN’s forces while Shadow plants a bomb to blow the island up and Rouge is assigned with sneaking into Security Hall to get the other three Chaos Emeralds. Rouge splits away, and in order to maintain her cover as an agent while keeping Eggman and Shadow, she secretly and anonymously warns the GUN personnel of the island of the bomb threat before continuing to steal the Chaos Emeralds. While some personnel have evacuated the island, others have stayed to help contain the threat, and this ends up being a double edged sword for Rouge, as those who have stayed on the island do not know that Rouge was the one who warned them or is working undercover, and seeing her stealing the Chaos Emeralds makes them deploy Flying Dog after her.


Meanwhile, Metal and Beta commence their bombardment of the Island, with Shadow and Eggman watching from the docks. Amy comes in and mistakes Shadow for Sonic, to which Eggman comes up to deal with as Shadow makes his way to his goal. Tails flies by to free Sonic from the island, but when he gets there, he sees the island under attack from Metal Sonic and Beta. Then he notices Amy being cornered by Eggman and comes to her rescue before a stray shot from the forest lands between the two and Gamma reveals himself. As Gamma joins by Tails and Amy, Eggman makes a retreat and joins Metal Sonic and Beta in their attack on the island. Gamma offers to help Tails and Amy as they try to free Sonic from Prison, and uses this opportunity to fight Beta and finally destroy him for good.


Tails blows a path for Amy to follow into the depths of Prison Lane, where she finds Sonic, tells Sonic about Shadow being on the island, and breaks him out of his cell. Sonic impulsively runs out to search for Shadow to pay him back for ruining his name and getting him imprisoned. Tails meanwhile goes to hold off the other GUN robots outside and search for Gamma.


While this is happening, Gamma finds Beta, and the two engage in a fight around the aircraft carriers, destroying a few of the warships in their scuffle. As Gamma lands a shot on one of Beta’s hover units, Beta falls onto the surface of a carrier and struggles to stand up (having no legs and all). Gamma stands over Beta, ready to destroy him until Beta grasps Gamma and floods his CPU with memories and voices of the other E-100 series robots that Gamma destroyed, their voices stunning him as they berate him for betraying and killing them. Then Metal Sonic comes in to take Beta away as Tails and Amy arrive.


As Shadow runs off, Rouge calls in how she is trapped in Security Hall due to being caught off guard by Flying Dog. On his way to save her, he ends up running into Sonic, and they engage in a fight before Eggman warns of the bomb Shadow planted about to destroy the island. Sonic and Shadow run for safety, Shadow finding Rouge and teleporting her to the ARK, while Sonic finds Tails, Amy, and Gamma, and make their escape off the island as it explodes.


Then comes the day Eggman makes his threat to the world and blows up the moon. After this maniacal display of force that gets him cackling, the computer interrupts his grand moment by informing of the long charging time it would take to fire another blast, which Eggman ends up going full 5 year old, kicking, shouting, and jumping up and down over. Eggman turns to Rouge over the next Chaos Emerald, who informs him of the one Tails has.


As Eggman leaves, Rouge continues her spying, sending data back to GUN over what she has discovered. GUN tells her to stall their plans anyway she can while continuing her spying, to which she ends up discovering a secret file on the ARK’s mainframe about Project Shadow and with it the Biolizard.


Meanwhile, Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Gamma see the destruction Eggman has caused and how far he’s gone to do so. Knuckles ends up popping up from the sewers, surprised at running into the group and offers to help out. Gamma informs that Eggman must have a created a base somewhere on the planet to use as a port to reach the ARK, giving the group an incentive to search for it. Knuckles informs that he found such a base in the desert, and the group goes to the location to put a stop to Eggman.


At the Pyramid Base, Gamma, Tails, and Amy clear a way for Knuckles and Sonic to get in. As they reach the inside of the base, Sonic and Knuckles fight off the Egg Golem as the others continue after Eggman. Finding him and Metal Sonic in the control room, Eggman sends Metal Sonic after the group before using the teleporter to reach the ARK. Metal Sonic destroys the teleporter so they can’t follow, and Sonic and Knuckles comes in to help. After a brief scuffle, Metal Sonic gets shattered upon the wall, and before deactivating he requests E-101 Beta to stop them in his place. Gamma goes to the computer terminal in the control room and discovers that Eggman has a rocket they can use to fly to the ARK, and activates a countdown. They venture to the launch zone, and there stands E-101 Beta to stop them.


Beta blows up parts of the launch zone to keep the heroes from using the rocket up to the ARK until Gamma blasts him and tells the rest of the heroes to get onto the rocket. Beta sends out another memory pulse of their E-100 brethren who still live on in his body, and they inform that Gamma will not leave this base alive and will pay for his crime of betrayal.


Gamma’s response? “I wasn't planning on leaving.”


Gamma and Beta engage in their final fight, with Beta making attempts to destroy the rocket with the rest of the heroes inside before it launches. But Gamma keeps Beta occupied as the rocket shoots off into space. Amy looks down on the fight, a tear running down her cheek as Gamma and Beta fatally shoot each other as the top of the pyramid collapses on them from the intense fight. “Goodbye, Gamma,” she says as they accelerate into space.


But from the rocky debris and remains of the two E-100 brothers comes two flicky birds. The birds fly around each other in excitement, glad to be free of their metal shells before fly off into the sun.


After this point, the rest of the story is pretty much the same as it originally was. Rouge continues her spying and is about to make off with the Emeralds until Shadow catches her in the act and tells her he knew everything she was up to. When Rouge asks why he didn’t stop her before, Shadow simply explains that he knew she would be of some use to the plans that were about to unfold. Up until Eggman alerts Shadow of someone hindering their plans on the Eclipse Cannon, and at this point you already know how the story continues to end.


But in the after credits, Eggman returns to his Pyramid Base to salvage what he can. E-101 Beta and Gamma are destroyed beyond repair, and he uses them for scrap. Metal Sonic, much more advanced yet easier to fix, is taken to a new base for repairs and upgrades, many of which come from the remaining technology and data of Gamma and Beta. There, Eggman’s new modeled robots, the Egg Pawns report that they have found something that may be of interest to Eggman, delivering to him a coffin-like device and showing their master a familiar golden ring. The Pawns open the coffin, to which Eggman laughs maniacally.


And thus the stage sets for the Heroes’ part.


Now here, Metal Sonic springs back to life, but is still incomplete as Eggman works on a new nanotech and ability upgrades that were researched from an old hedgehog they’ve known that would make Metal Sonic even more durable and powerful. Metal goes shifting through the data he got from Gamma and Beta, and from the data he gains intel on Froggy, Big’s friend from SA1, telling Eggman that Froggy could be useful to check if there was any remaining residue of Chaos on the frog. Eggman realizes that this can help enhance the nanotech upgrade and sends Metal Sonic to capture Froggy, with the added bonus of deploying his robots to survey the Angel Island ruins for additional data on Chaos.


As Eggman gets ready to deploy his forces elsewhere in the world, Metal Sonic warns that with the massive scale of this plan compared to others, they might face even greater resistance. To that end, Eggman says he already has that part covered.


So now we get the teams set up.


Starting with Team Sonic, Tails is simply flying through the skies until he passes by Angel Island and sees explosions popping from a distance. Eggman’s robots have invade the island and are fought off by Knuckles, whom Tails assists. A massive Egg Hammer pushes down treats and engages in a fight with the two, but after a long battle, it is eventually brought down. Ripping out a data cache from the robots, they discover an entry log that has an MASSIVE army of Egg Pawns and Hammers. They also discover Eggman is developing a powerful weapon that will be completed in three days. With this being a much greater threat than anything they’ve fought before, Tails wants Knuckles to come along so they can warn Sonic and help stop Eggman. Knuckles declines and wants to stay to protect his island, but Tails counters with his strength being needed due to how massive Eggman’s army is, with HUNDREDS of those Egg Hammers where they had problems fighting just ONE. Seeing that Knuckles is still hesitant, Tails scraps up parts of Eggman’s robots to rebuild and reprogram the Egg Hammer they fought and sends it to defend the Emerald Alter. Tails says it’s still shaky, and he doesn’t know how long it will stand before they come back, but it will put up a fight to defend the island. Then they go in search of Sonic, who they find running around, and they show Sonic the video of Eggman’s army and his potential superweapon. Then the Team rushes out to go stop him.


Team Rose’s start is much more brief. Here, Amy and Cream lounge with Big the Cat at the beach. Metal Sonic hovers nearby, and comes up with the brilliant idea to use his new upgrades to transform into Sonic, speed by and kidnap Froggy and then Chocola, and then runs off. This confuses Amy as to why Sonic would do such a thing, and motivates them to find Sonic and get him to give back their friends.


As for Team Dark, it’s practically no different from how it originally was. Rouge was spying on Eggman and hears about Eggman’s most treasured discovery and goes out in search of it at the location it came from, only to discover Shadow in the process. Shadow remembers everything from SA2 (no amnesia subplot here people!), but then Omega activates and attacks him. Rouge stops the fighting, and from Omega (who also has small snippets of data from Gamma and Beta, but was never transferred their full memories) they learn about Eggman’s army and his superweapon soon to be deployed. Omega, feeling betrayed by Eggman for being recently built and then deactivated in favor of the Egg Pawns and Hammers, decides to return the favor and destroy Eggman’s army to prove he’s the superior robot.


Team Chaotix is exactly the same. They’re unknowingly working for Eggman, so the original intro is already perfect.


As the teams go about the plot and meet up with each other, Team Rose ends up fighting Team Sonic because of what happened in their intro. Meanwhile Team Dark fights Team Chaotix because Rouge discovers that they’re working for Eggman (which the Chaotix still aren’t aware of).

After around Rail Canyon, where Metal Sonic copies the data of certain characters like Sonic and Shadow, Metal Sonic comes in for his final upgrades and for Eggman to make use of the data. However, somewhere in the data transfer process, Metal Sonic goes berserk from the surge of information and hijacks the entire operation Eggman has planned. As the data surge continues through Metal’s CPU, he disguises himself as Eggman and his programming locks in on his one primary objective: Destroy Sonic the Hedgehog, and it dedicates all forces to scorching so much as the very area Sonic is in (as well as the other teams nearby).


Now in Frog Forest, Team Dark actually works with Team Sonic instead of fighting them. They go on to assist each other in Hang Castle and finally in the Egg Fleet. Meanwhile Team Chaotix is told to take out Team Rose who have the potential to become a burden.


As the teams reach the Egg Fleet, all of them gang up on an Eggman-disgused Metal Sonic who pilots the Egg Emperor. After destroying the machine, the Chaotix split away to search for Eggman trapped in the control room. Afterwards, Metal Sonic transforms into his Neo form and fights the teams prior to becoming the Metal Overlord…


And we all know how that song and dance goes.

Phew…that was a long combo.


This 30 Days of Sonic Mk. II was definitely worth participating in the whole time...if only I didn't miss those other days. But I got most of them, so no biggie!

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Before I start, I forgot to mention one music track yesterday:

Yeah, I love this. Really odd instrumentation, unusual intro melody, it stands out above all other Sonic 4 music. Honestly.


come at me bros


Anyway, today's question. Hmmm...I know! Sonic 2, Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles are just begging to have their plots combined. I call it, The Death Egg Saga!



Seriously though...uh...struggling a bit. I suppose I would try to merge Sonic 1, Tails Adventures and Sonic 2. Keep Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 mostly as they are, but I like the idea of Tails Adventures being concurrent to Sonic's first battle with Eggman. The main change would be replacing the Grand Kukku army with some of Eggman's robots - maybe even make a prototype Metal Sonic (Silver Sonic?) the leader of that invading force for Tails' final boss. As the prototype and Eggman retreat from their respective losses to West Side Island, Sonic and Tails give chase separately. The Tornado could possibly be shot down, with Tails performing an emergency landing by Emerald Hill Zone. As he fixes it up, that's when Sonic speeds by, so we can even have their first meeting be similar to the original plotline.

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