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Dr. Crusher

Dr. Crusher Presents: The 30 Days of Sonic the Hedgehog Mk.II (Daft and Tolerating It)-PAGE 72, FIN

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Let's try something a bit fun.


Day Fin: Klonoa's Clusterheck of a Fan-Fic Nightmare involving a RPG nobody gives a sh** about


Alright, so I need three games to make this work, what do I pick?


Let's go with the following:


Sonic Adventure (1 and 2)


Sonic Shuffle


And the perfect ingredient, Sonic Chronicles.

 (You heard me right)


So how does the story work? First, let's make this so everything takes place in the world Sonic Adventure was in. A world of humans, a world with Station Square.


Great. Check. So what's next? Well, let's go from the Adventure games and their story.


Following the defeat of Perfect Chaos (Where all's well ends well) Station Square was in a complete wreck. After the major event, Sonic and friends (And enemies) moved on to across the world, which is where their SA2 adventure began following Shadow's reawakening.


Following Sonic Adventure 2, the crew end up in some weird Maginary World, which kickstarts the events of Sonic Shuffle. The explanation for places like Emerald Coast being a stage in Shuffle means that it's simply a recreated version of what was part of Station Square. Sonic and friends save maginary world (And yadda yadda yadda) and they return home, going to new adventures. Despite this, Shuffle is kind of like the random filler of what happens between the Adventure Games and....


Chronicles. Yep, that's where we are going next.


Then Chronicles' events begin nearly years after Shuffle. Station Square is more or less back in business, and places like Green Hill Zone make their first appearance. Let's go back to Sonic Adventure 2, with the random secret Green Hill Zone stage you can play. Let's assume this isn't some easter egg level and that Green Hill Zone did take place somewhere in the Adventure World. The only situation here is that both Cream and E-123 Omega didn't appear in prior games and that this should be their introductory point in this psuedo weird mashup. Also, because Chronicles features a lot of characters and named locations from Adventure, it should be a very easy connection anyway.


To conclude, there is no conclusion. This weird mash-up ends at Chronicles' Cliffhanger, with a supposed clash between a newly formed Eggman Empire V.S. Sonic (& Knuckles, and Pals). If we had to put a 4th game in here, I would had actually connected it to Unleashed, but what the heck, this is how the story ends.


Had fun reading that? Because I have zero idea what I just typed in the last 20 minutes.

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Question #30: If you had to combine the stories of any THREE Sonic games, which stories would you combine, and can you think of how it would work?


i supose this is how Sonic games are made? :D hahah ok no


the stories... from 3 sonic games.. umm....

this would be a mess... but..


Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic 2006 and Sonic Unleashed:


first..  Gerald Robotnik's real mean with the eclipse canon; that would affect all the world, it was break it apart  so.. then is when Dark GAIA awakes..


this would affect seriously to Silver's future if this is not fixed.. (i'm recalling that Empire City looks really like Crisis city)

so enstead of Solaris.. is Dark GAIA... 


we need someone who understand Dark GAIA and probably knew Gerald Robotnik..and his plans..... that has to be Professor Pickle...

i say probably knew him.. because Eggman usually takes ideas from his gradfather's diary...  and the GAIA manuscripts that Gerald knew about thanks to Pickle were in there.. and he got his main evil from it.. just as to awake Shadow  for his own ambitions..


Knuckles still has something to mean with the GAIA temples..as with the Master Emerald.. plus his possible knowledge about who is Light GAIA.... so Chip goes with him..


then is Rouge that works for GUN and the search for the Master Emerald shards.


the master emerald here gets to rol to control Dark GAIA.. (since in Sonic Unleashed Eggman couldn't )


Shadow still wants his revenge.. because what happend to Maria... so he will not allow Sonic to fix the planet..

Shadow and Werehog fights...

por_la_noche_en_spagonia____by_vicentico  faker? i think you are the fake hedgehog around here!

i'll make you ear those words!


(image by VicenticoTD)


Silver gets confused by Mephiles who works for GUN and he is a Shadow's clon made by Elise's Father!

GUN is searching for Sonic.. thinking that is Shadow.. (this doesn't make sence)  and he blames him because he thinks he is the bad guy.. 



Amy confuses Silver and Shadow and werehog Sonic for Sonic... at the same game!


Elise is Professor Pickle's student and she gets inlove from his assistant enstead of Sonic!

charmed___assistant_x_princess_by_cylent  one of my OTP is confirmed here XD (picture by Cylent Nite)



in short..

finally Super Sonic and Super Shadow and Super Silver plus Chip take care of Dark GAIA...!


Dark GAIA sleeps, Shadow learns that his real mission is to protect the planet.thanks to Maria... Silver's future is fixed, and

  Sonic was dead but Chip revives him... (not with a Kiss.. :P ) the end.. :D


i guess....this would be probably the worst and confusing Sonic game ever... :lol: hahaha but a part of it.. would be nice.. ^_^

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Question #30: If you had to combine the stories of any THREE Sonic games, which stories would you combine, and can you think of how it would work?




Sonic Unleashed + Sonic Advance 3 + Sonic 2006


After the events of 2006, Eggman still has his battle armada (since he didn't attack Soleanna) so he decides to lure Sonic into a trap onboard his Egg Carrier. After blowing up the planet, he also unleash (haha) Gemerl to keep Sonic and his friends busy. Sonic and the others go through the events of Unleashed and most of the SA3 stages, fix the planet. Gemerl could be Knuckles' rival in this game (he stole the Master Emerald after all) and Sonic fights Eggman and Dark Gaïa. The end sees the planet all fixed, Dark Gaia defeated and Gemerl befriending Cream as in the games.

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Question #30: If you had to combine the stories of any THREE Sonic games, which stories would you combine, and can you think of how it would work?


Sonic Heroes, Shadow The Hedgehog and Sonic Colors.


Dr. Eggman has taken control on Planet Wisp and plans to to turn most of it's residents into Nega Wisps, a few flee to Earth where they meet Sonic and friends.


Meanwhile, back on Earth, Metal Sonic has taken control of Eggman's robot army and plans to use them to his own ends, even if it means a battle with the doctor.


But the Black Arms have noticed the move of Planet Wisp and has come to take over both it and Earth/


Who can stop this three sided war?


The Sonic Heroes and the escaped Wisps of course!

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Question #28: Bosses that you feel like are overlooked?





Three words: Egg. Motherfucking. Dragoon. Unleashed or Generations version, I don't care. This boss seriously does not get enough credit in my eyes. It was a great way to set up towards the greater battle for Dark Gaia in Unleashed, not to mention how well the atmosphere is set in this boss. You feel motivated to stop Eggman and his crazy plans once and for all, and you fall into the Earth's core for fuck's sake. Dragoon is a huge, hulking hazard of a machine, and just by looking at you know it'll be a bastard to defeat. The music is a huge part of downright exhilarating feeling fighting the Egg Dragoon has, quite possibly one of the best for any Sonic boss I can name in recent memory.


Question #29: What are your top TWELVE (or less) overlooked level tracks?


I love gushing about Sonic music. Let's do this. However, I'll just be doing my top five since I don't rank Sonic music really.


1) Metropolis Speedway - Sonic Free Riders



Despite how awful of a game this was, the same can't be said for the music. Metropolis Speedway's music has been stuck in my head the moment since I had this game when it was released, and for damn good reason. It fits Sonic so well despite going into different vocal territory, and honestly? This music playing in the background made the stage worth it.


2) Aquatic Time - Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity



Another piece of Riders music. How people never talk about the music for this stage baffles me, it's awesome. Such great instrumentation throughout, not to mention super funky and beautiful. Zero Gravity's soundtrack was a gem in general, and it's up there as one of my top Sonic soundtracks. This is one of the reasons why.


3) Speed of Sound - Knuckles Chaotix



No matter what you thought of this as a game, the music was pretty outstanding. Everybody gives the love and attention to Door into Summer, but what about this track? Fitting music for the best stage in the whole game, too. Speeding around like nobody's business on Speed Slider was hella fun.


4) High & Broken - Sonic and the Secret Rings



Probably the most overlooked level theme in Secret Rings, next to The White of Sky. Just such ambient and beautiful yet sad piece of music, for some reason I get really sentimental listening to it.


5) Misty Lake - Sonic and the Black Knight



I know many people aren't fond of Black Knight, and its music doesn't enjoy the same popularity as Secret Rings. However, I've always found this to be a quite nice track. Even if it's just a more subdued, orchestral version of Knight of the Wind, it's still a pleasant listen and a nice piece of music for the game's opening level.


Question #30: If you could combine the stories of THREE Sonic games, what would your result be?




This question has admittedly thrown me off, but how about combining these three buckos?


So, without any Monster of the Week serving as his backbone or overtaking him at the game's climax, I'd imagine Eggman finally getting around to building Eggmanland, this time having it expanded across the entire world. After a slew of Sonic/Tails/Eggman stories we've had the past few games, I'd want this to focus on Sonic getting the rest of his pals to help thwart Eggman, though I've been thinking of the characters going into teams like they did in Heroes, some occasionally butting heads and working together, some fighting against each other (and unlike in Heroes, for valid reasons this time around). In short, Sonic & co. go on a World Adventure to stop the construction of Eggmanland.


Damn, I sucked at this.

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Day 30: Combining Stories


Oh this isn't going to end well. Still, at least we can send off the event with some fireworks.


Unleash the Colours in a Lost World


So this is going to have to take some creative liberties for the sake of flow.


The story basically starts of with Colours' opening of Sonic and Tails heading up to Eggman's "Amusement Park" but in this version it lacks the attached planets.. Little do they realise that the park is a cover up Eggman has employed in order to explain why a massive station has been built above the Earth. In reality, it's a massive cannon pointing at the Earth. Sonic and Tails are ambushed by Eggman causing Sonic to promptly shove Tails in one of the elevators and send him back to Earth.


Sonic engages Eggman and his mech but is eventually cornered after having been unable to properly damage it. Sonic attempts to go Super to beat it but is encapsulated in a machine while he is distracted with transforming and is trapped before he can go Super.


Eggman uses the emeralds in order to power the cannon and split the Earth apart. As the Earth splits, a group of creatures known by Eggman as the legendary Deadly Six escape from their slumber inside the Earth.


Eggman explains his plan to use the Deadly Six as enforcements in his effort to finally take over the world. Sonic is promptly ejected towards Earth through the airlock while the chaos emeralds proper away from each other going by the same logic as Sonic X where they separate after every time they're brought together.


Sonic, naturally, survives the trip back to Earth and eventually meets up with Tails. As they begin trying to fully understand what's happened the spot an unusual little creature that neither recognise. It is what we all know to be Yacker. Tails theorises that recovering the emeralds could enable them to use their energy to put the Earth back together. The other six emeralds propelling themselves away created a neutral zone around Sonic and had caused the remaining emerald to not be sent flying so Sonic already has one of them. Neither can communicate with Yacker so Tails suggests Sonic go investigate a nearby trace of Chaos energy on the continent they're currently on while he works on sorting out a translator. 


While the pair have been formulating a plan, Eggman has tracked and met up with the Deadly Six who turn out to be easily manipulated by Eggman, not being fully at their senses yet after being in slumber for so long. Eggman instructs them to split up and protect the Chaos Emeralds knowing that Sonic will eventually come looking for them.


The story then follows the trend of Sonic tracking the emeralds and encountering a Deadly Six member each time he finds one. Over time, the Deadly Six individually start to question why they're actually going along with Eggman at all.


Eventually Sonic meets up with Tails again, seven emeralds in hand but neither know how to actually use them to restore the Earth. Tails completes the translator and Yacker finally gets to explain that he is able to neutralise the Deadly Six, having voluntarily sealed himself with them many years ago in case they ever got out. He is also able to use the emeralds to gradually heal the Earth.


Meanwhile, the Deadly Six has regrouped and confronted Eggman. Not wanting to follow his orders anymore they opt to bring about the Earth's destruction. They ambush Sonic and Tails and each absorb a Chaos Emerald in order to super charge themselves into being capable of mass destruction. 


Yacker uses his energy, amplified by the remaining chaos emerald to allow Sonic to turn into...some new form that's not Super Sonic.


Sonic ultimately wins the fight and Yacker neutralises them whilst they're open. Yacker asks to take the emeralds with him as he returns himself and the Six back to the Earth. He explains they will naturally scatter again once their job is complete. He departs with Six in tow and shortly the ground shakes as the Earth's various pieces come back together.

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Question #28: Which boss(es) do you feel deserve more recognition?


Awhile ago I did a list similar to this, though I needed to go back and update it.


Sonic Triple Trouble-Atomic Destroyer Boss: Metal Sonic & Dr. Eggman




The level starts out with Rings and a Item monitor, which contains Rocket Boots for Sonic and the High Speed Helitail for Tails. After flying onscreen for a few seconds, Metal Sonic will show up behind them and ramp into them, turning the item off.

To battle Metal Sonic, you have to Jump as he swoops down from offscreen. When he flies in the middle and starts glowing, you have to wait for 4-5 seconds and then Jump as he boosts across the screen.
After defeating Metal Sonic, you'll hit a Checkpoint, see Nack run away, and then face Eggman. The first machine just bounces around. You can Jump on the top of it to destroy it.
Next, the machine will break and he's fly around. He'll only stop to shoot fire at you.



After hitting him, a part of the machine will break off and explode. Dodge the fire and wait for Robotnik's machine to stop charging to hit it. This part of the machine looks like a Flasher.




Finally, Robotnik will fly over to an area with lasers firing periodically. You have to dodge the lasers and wait for Robotnik to slow down to hit him and finish the battle.



Sonic Adventure-Chaos 6




Even though he's not "Perfect", Chaos 6 is still a force to be reckoned with.


Chaos 6 can attack with his tail, try to suck you in like Kirby, create shockwaves by Jumping, and turn into a giant spike tower that shoots needles at you.
You can't attack his head like in his previous forms but you can use Eggman's freezing robots to turn him into ice. Once he's frozen, you can attack him to do damage.
Sonic Adventure 2- King Boom Boo
I remember the last discussion about Sonic Adventure 2 being whether or not the gun Eggman was using to take Amy hostage was out of place for someone like him to use.
Personally, I was more concerned with the fact that he had built his base in an area haunted by the dead.
Probably the most random boss fight in Sonic Adventure 2, this giant ghost will try to bite you, throw fireballs, and finally breath fire itself.
To defeat it, you have to hit the Boo following behind it, holding an Hourglass. The hourglass will open the gates to let sunlight to come in and force King Boom Boo into the ground or wall. Dig into its shadow to make him come out and then punch him.
Sonic Advance 2-Egg Utopia Boss: Egg Frog

All the Sonic Advance 2 bosses have the characters run from left to right as they try to jump and damage Eggman. However, the Egg Frog can hop and run on the ceiling as well as the ground due to the unique gravity of the area. Fortunately, so can you if you Jump up. If you're on the ground while he's on the ceiling or vice versa, he'll drop a bomb towards you until you switch. Egg Frog will also stop on occasion to ramp into you. You have to jump over its long legs into to damage it.


Sonic Heroes: Metal Madness




Ok, we knew we would have to fight Metal Sonic eventually. However, I never expected him to transform into a fusion data dragon thing! That totally blew my mind!


Sonic and the Secret Rings: Ifrit




A robot with 2 arms that's being powered by the Red World Ring of "Rage". It releases exploding barrels from its shoulders and shoots lasers from its eyes. Also, the battlefield is above a pool of magma.

To defeat it you have to attack 3 sections on one of it's hands. Once you do, 3 parts of the field will sink into the lava and you have to carefully get over to its head.
You have to hit its head 3 times to defeat it.
One secret about this boss is that when it's time to hit its head, Sonic can Speed Break across the magma.
Sonic and the Black Knight: Dragon's Lair Dragon
In this boss battle, Sonic and his allies must defeat a giant dragon in 3 different areas while dodging its huge fireballs and the Knights of the Underworld guarding it. Unless the Mist Dragon, there are 2 ways to take this one out. You can either run all the way up to it, jump on its head, and cut of its horns, or cut down one of the pillars to the side to domino them on to his defeat.
Sonic Colors (Wii)-Terminal Velocity Boss: Nega Wisp Armor
The final boss of the game.
This boss is powered by all of the Color Wisps and uses Frenzy versions of their abilities.
To defeat Eggman, you have to dodge the attacks, and then Home Attack him 4 times. As soon as you land you have to boost into him. This will release the Wisps from the capsules.
After all7 Wisps are released, you can use them to make a unlimited color homing attack.
Sonic 4 Episode 2: Sky Fortress Boss
Metal Sonic got some sweet upgrades in Sonic 4: Episode 2. He even got his own flying machine, the Metal Carrier, armed with missiles and lasers.
Sonic Lost World: Lava Mountain Zone 1
In the first area of Lava Mountain, Sonic must take on half of the Deadly Six on a burning planetoid. Each member is souped up with Planet Energy Juice and have new attacks to learn and dodge. As Sonic defeats each one, the small planetoid melts away leaving instant death lava.


Question #29: What are your top TWELVE (or less) overlooked LEVEL tracks?


NOTE 1: Like with the cutscene question, you must choose only one level track per game. That might sound disappointing, but if it makes you feel better, I only added that rule for this one because if I didn't, I would spend an even longer time typing this post. (Questions like this one in their most basic form are to my detriment due to me enjoying too many tracks and being all indecisive about choosing one over the other.)


NOTE 2: Don't worry about zones that have different tracks for different acts. You're free to count them as the one choice if you want to.


Sonic the Hedgehog 3: Ice Cap Zone
-Sonic's first ice level has got a sweet melody to it.
Sonic & Knuckles: Lava Reef Zone
-A very catchy tune for one of the early fire stages.
Sonic CD: Wacky Workbench Zone (US)
-While I'm not a big fan of the level design of this stage, I do like how the music does sound like you're in a workshop or a factory.
Sonic 3D Blast (Sega Saturn): Special Stage
-One of my favorite Special Stage songs. It's like a remix of the Sonic 2 Special Stage song but with Jazz.
Sonic Adventure: Hot Shelter
-Whether you're escaping Zero as Amy, taking out your brother as Gamma, or fishing for Froggy one last time as Big, the guitar and other instruments of the level will chill you out.
Sonic Shuffle: Coggly Dance
-Sonic Shuffle already has a very…unique soundtrack. This is one of the songs that play during some of the Minigame. The guy screaming in the background after a certain point reminds me of the time I wanted to scream while playing this game...
Sonic Adventure 2: Challenge Race
-The banjo and other sounds for this song are so cute while at the same time, somewhat serious.
Sonic the Hedgehog 2006: Wave Ocean (Mach Speed Section)
-This song really gets me pumped for running after Eggman's flying ship to save Elise.
Sonic Advance: Cosmic Angel Zone
-Besides being unique for being its own Act from Egg Rocket, the slow sounds speed up and almost move in rhythm with the lights in the background of the stage.
Sonic Advance 3: Sunset Hill Zone
-This song is a remix of the Green Hill Zone and Central City from Sonic Battle, and it sounds AWESOME.
Sonic Unleashed HD: Shamar/Arid Sands Day & Night
-While the instruments keep me running faster during the day, the saxophone chills me out as I avoid being set on fire by Fire Masters during the night.
Sonic Generations: Big Arm Remix
-It reminds of the Power Rangers theme song but amped up.


Question #30: If you had to combine the stories of any THREE Sonic games, which stories would you combine, and can you think of how it would work?


I'm going to go with all 3 Sonic Advance games.


After Dr. Eggman uses Chaos Control to separate the world into 7 areas, Sonic might find his friends, save the animals, save the lost Chao, and restore balance to the world.


Each area combines Zones from Sonic Advance 1-3:

Area 1-Neo Green Hill Zone, Leaf Forest Zone, and Sunset Hill Zone

Area 2-Secret Base Zone, Hot Mountain Zone, and Ocean Base Zone

Area 3-Casino Paradise Zone, Music Plant Zone, and Toy Kingdom Zone

Area 4-Ice Mountain Zone, Ice Paradise Zone, and Twinkle Snow Zone

Area 5-Angel Island Zone, Sky Canyon Zone, and Chaos Angel Zone

Area 6-Techno Base Zone, Cyber Track Zone, and Cosmic Angel Zone

Area 7-Egg Utopia Zone

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Question #30: If you had to combine the stories of any THREE Sonic games, which stories would you combine, and can you think of how it would work?

After giving myself some time overnight to think, I'll go with Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Unleashed.
The story uses parts of the Team Dark section from Heroes for the beginning, where Rouge finds Shadow and Omega in a hidden base, but transitions into Shadow the Hedgehog when a splinter group of GUN attacks them, under the name of the Black Arms. This splinter group is led by the former commander of GUN who was in charge during the ARK incident Team Dark escapes, but are now on the run, since the current GUN commander doesn't realize the splinter group exists, and he's worried about the danger of having a skilled thief, a powerful would-be planet destroyer, and a psychopathic Eggman robot on the loose. Additionally, Shadow has been getting flashbacks to memories on the ARK that he doesn't recall ever having, which not only makes him curious as to what details he could have missed about his own past, but also makes him feel greater guilt in that said missing memories may have only helped to make his delusional bid for world destruction more likely, thus nearly ruining his promise to his deceased friend.
In the meantime, the Chaotix are out on a job for an unknown client regarding areas like Prison Island, with Espio not being there because he's joined GUN in an attempt to get some more cash in their coffers. The Chaotix end up getting tangled in this mess somehow, and Espio finds himself stressed due to being Rouge's partner during the earlier mission, and her seeming earlier death due to circumstances. When he finds out later that she was alive and with two dangerous fugitives, he finds himself in a massive moral dilemma, since it's clear she's up to something shady, but at the same time he notices some shady dealings going on behind the current GUN Commander's back which leaves him confused as to how to deal with it.
So where does Unleashed fit here? Well it turns out that the unknown client is Eggman, and he's been using others and searching for details relating to the Gaia Manuscripts/trying to find a new way to conquer the world that just happens to be related to Unleashed. He's also digging up some dirt on GUN so that if something does go wrong, he can just blame GUN with half-truths and pseudo-evidence to cover his tracks.
It's not perfect by any means, but it was the best I could come up with considering the requirements.

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Day 30: If you had to combine the stories of any THREE Sonic games, which stories would you combine, and can you think of how it would work?


Oooh, this is a cool question. Alright, I'm thinking Sonic CD, Sonic Heroes, and Sonic Generations.


The plot would mainly be Sonic Generations, but this time things get a bit more screwed up. The plot starts out where Generations starts, with Sonic's birthday. The Time Eater comes to ruin the day and send everyone back in time to respective stages. 


Eggman & Robotnik take this opportunity back in time to destroy the stages from Sonic's past. They beat the Sonics to each stage just in time to overtake them. The Sonics have to travel through each stage and make them good again to prevent a bad future by destroying every badnik in the stage (a la Sonic CD). If a stage is not beaten correctly, Sonic's future will be severely affected and bad future versions would be created.


(Sidenote: In a gameplay sense, the first time you play through, it is a destroyed, overtaken version of the original stage. When you play it again, it appears as the original stage did during its first Sonic appearance. You would also be given an option to see the future version of that stage. If you don't beat the stage correctly, it would be a bad future, but once you do, it would be a good future. Think of all that replay value due to the amount of variety each stage has!)


Every few stages, the rival battle is instead a past version of Metal Sonic (where a bit of Heroes comes in), or rather, you must fight a Metal Sonic version for every time he has appeared in a game (Silver Sonic, Mecha Sonic, Metal Sonic CD, Metal Sonic Heroes, Metal Sonic Sonic 4).


At the end of the game, all the Metal Sonic versions come together for a final boss (again, a la Heroes). The Sonics take down the Metal Sonic monster, then must fight off the Time Eater to return things to normal. 


The Sonics are returned to their respective times and all bad futures are prevented! The end!


Wow, I can't believe a whole 30 days has gone by already. This was so fun! 

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...Hm. Well, if I were to put three games together, I'd probably say it'd have to be both Sonic 2s and Sonic CD.


Y'see, it could all go like this: 


Some time after Sonic 1, we eventually move on into Sonic 2 (GG), which I'd like to believe takes place on West Side Island, like its 16 bit counterpart. Just before that point, however, Sonic had met Tails and they became friends, although Sonic is completely uncertain about letting him go on an adventure. Eggman sees Tails and figures "Hey, maybe I should capture that two-tailed brat to bait that hedgehog into my newest trap!" So, he does that, and the events of that Sonic 2 unfold. Meanwhile, Eggman has Metal Sonic built, being powered by whatever energy he could find to power up the Scrambled Egg Zone. He then sends Metal off to Little Planet, in hopes of conquering the planet easily...which he did.


While Sonic defeats Eggman, the doctor reveals that it was all a ruse to set Sonic up so he could conquer the now in orbit Little Planet. Sonic, in a panic, grabs Tails to make sure he's okay and Sonic runs off to the scene where Little Planet's chained up. He also eventually runs into Amy, meeting her in a hurry. Sadly, he doesn't have much time to waste since Eggman's plans are already in fruition. He makes it to Never Lake, gets into Little Planet and Amy follows suit, unknown to Sonic's knowledge. Cue the events of Sonic CD...


...and sometime after that, we end up getting into Sonic 2 (Genesis). Eggman crash lands back onto West Side Island, and with some secret use of the Time Stones (when he still had them), he discovers the ancient history of the Chaos Emeralds through time travel. With some planning and some other immediate defeats afterward, Eggman backs off and begins planning the construction of the Death Egg. The Death Egg could've been inspired by his corrupted version of Little Planet, or that shell that surrounded it could've been a prototype to the Death Egg, just like how 8-Bit Silver Sonic could very well be a prototype to that of 16-bit Silver Sonic. Whatever the case may be, Eggman plots. At the same time Sonic rejoins Tails, who has, since after the events of Sonic 2 8-bit, returned to living his life. Together they venture off to stop the Death Egg, at least before anything else could happen...


This is the best I could come up with thus far, but I think it can actually work...sort of. 

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~SSMB Has Cleared Last Story Act 30!~


"Ezekiel 25:17. The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee." - The Sun from the Teletubbies, Driving Miss Dipsy (あなたの日は番号が付けられています)











































So here's the Bonus Day.




What, you thought I was going to pretend that was the end? Well I can't really do that now, can I? If there was a Bonus Day for the last 30 Days of Sonic, then it's only to be expected that this one would have one as well. I know, the element of surprise is weaker in this case by default, but you can't teach an old dog new tricks every time. Especially when he doesn't exist.


Anyway, as with last year's bonus questions (as well as this year's own Retro Round), your answers for each of the five queries don't need to be as detailed as your answers for previous questions. As long as you have an answer for each of them in the first place, and as long as you have written at least a full sentence for each of your answers, then everything will be all fine and dandy, and we can go off and chill out with

after all that hard work.


Oh, right, the bonus questions. Here they are.


Bonus Question #1: If a one-shot antagonist from the past HAD to come back in some way, which one would you like to see make a return?


Bonus Question #2: What are your top FIFTEEN (or less) overlooked BOSS tracks? (Don't worry, there's no "one choice per game" rule for this one, so choose at your own leisure.)


Bonus Question #3: If you ended up never being a Sonic fan, what would you hate to have missed out on the most, whether it relates to the franchise itself and/or otherwise?


Bonus Question #4: If Knuckles, Silver, Vector, Big, Omega, Zomom, Erazor, King Arthur, Black Doom, and Giant Demon Man from Sonic 1 Beta Artwork engaged in an arm-wrestling competition, why would Tails be the winner?


Bonus Question #5: Who would you say are your best/closest/etc friends on the Sonic Stadium? (Yes, like with Question #30, this is the exact same question as the final extra question for the previous 30 Days. I need my recurring elements like any decent human being, hut hut.)


Like with last time, I will provide my own thoughts for these questions... tomorrow. Today's after. Yesterday's skip. The future's flashback. Tomorrow. Yes.


Now... Go.

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Bonus Question #1: If a one-shot antagonist from the past HAD to come back in some way, which one would you like to see make a return?


I don't know if they count as one shots since they're in spinoffs like Sonic Dash and Rio 2016(Zazz at least) but I would love to see the Deadly Six, they were legitimately as entertaining villains to me as Eggman to me plus there's a ton of unanswered questions such as what are the Zeti exactly? 


Bonus Question #2: What are your top FIFTEEN (or less) overlooked BOSS tracks?


I don't think I can name 15 buy there is one I can mention one:



This is my favorite boss track of all time and my favorite song in Advance 3 in general but it's hardly brought up.


Bonus Question #3: If you ended up never being a Sonic fan, what would you hate to have missed out on the most, whether it relates to the franchise itself and/or otherwise?


I would miss a whole of characters that I came to love, all that music I spend my time listening, all the fun the good games bring to me and all the friends I come to have since I loved the series so much.


I think my life would be alot worse if I never found Sonic.


Bonus Question #4: If Knuckles, Silver, Vector, Big, Omega, Zomom, Erazor, King Arthur, Black Doom, and Giant Demon Man from Sonic 1 Beta Artwork engaged in an arm-wrestling competition, why would Tails be the winner?




Never doubt the Fox Boy.


Bonus Question #5: Who would you say are your best/closest/etc friends on the Sonic Stadium?


If you're on my friend list, chances are I get along with you pretty well, I love all my friends and I can't choose the absolute best I had.


But If I did have to choose, I would say Sixth-Rate Soma, that person has been my friend as long as I can remember and have nothing great memories with them.


I would also like to give shoutouts to Ferno, AR, Felix, Oscillo, Crow, Chic, Joker, Kiah, Dr. Homem, Kool Kirb, Jackstraw, T-Min, HolyYoshi, LovieHats, I'mPantsAtThis, Wisp, The Silver Fanboy, Sovlo, Chili Dawg, Speederino, NGw00d, Celestia, YoshiUnity, Virtual Tiger Ike, Agent 82,  CC14, Osmium, Failinhearts, Ryannumber1gamer, Klonoa, RosaRosaRosalina, Libson, Shrek, MegaMonster54, Sly Cooper, Dejimon11, Haden, Dan The Daniel, Lady Soniko, Spinny, FromASloth, Summoned Cake, Puli Soni, Gabe, Frogging 101, all the mods,  and you, Dr. Crusher.

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Yeah, I saw the Bonus day coming. I had a feeling yesterday wouldn't be the last of it.


1. Probably Wendy Witchcart. She actually seems like she'd be a good female magic-oriented foil to Eggman, if done right. I think I'd prefer to see her over the Kukku Armada or whatever the baddies of Tails' Adventure were called.


2. I think the most overlooked boss themes would be the Game Gear Sonic 1 and 2 boss themes. Something about 1's has this very Eggman-esque vibe to it - it has a bouncy, goofy melody, but there's a small hint of malice within it, much like the good-bad doctor himself. Sonic 2's boss theme, however, sounds very menacing, especially in comparison to its Master System equivalent. It lets you know that Eggman made these things to kll you, and the smaller screen size is only going to help them.


3. I think I'd have hated to have missed out on the bright and colourful look of the Mega Drive games, Unleashed's beautiful art, my favourite characters (Blaze and the Deadly Six) and, as sappy as it sounds, this place.


4. Tails would win because he built himself a bionic arm that trumps all the others.


5. My best/closest mates here would easily be Galabance, Felix, Soni and (to a somewhat lesser extent since we don't interact as much) you, Dr. Crusher (I'm so sorry if I forgot anyone else)!


Awesome 30+1 Days, man! 8D

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Bonus Question 1: If a one shot antagonist from the past HAD to come back, which one would you like to see return?

Fang The Sniper. I already posted my thoughts about him in an earlier question.

Bonus Question 2: What are your top overlooked boss tracks?

Okay, there is no way I am putting fifteen down. I think I'll settle for five.

First is the boss theme from the 8-bit version of Sonic The Hedgehog.


It is extremely catchy, and very bouncy. Very fun to listen to.

Second is the boss theme from the 8-bit version of Sonic 2.


Like Sonic 1's boss theme, this one is very catchy. It has a very strategic feel to it.

From the 16-bit version Sonic 2 ,the beta version of the boss theme.


I like this version of the theme a lot more than the final one. I like the much more grinding feel it has, and it's a bit more menacing sounding.

Next is the Final Boss theme from Sonic Chaos.


This one is somewhat serious sounding, and I like the very fast tone it delivers.

Lastly, I'll go for Sonic 4 Episode 2's boss theme.


You don't hear too much about this one, but I really like it. It has a very fast sound to it, and I like how mechanical it sounds.

Bonus Question 3: What would I have missed out on if I never became a Sonic fan.

Oh boy. This sounds actually kind of stupid, but with how much media Sonic has, it almost introduced me to how different continuities worked and stuff like that. Before I became a Sonic fan, I always looked at all the media of one series and treated it as this big blob I guess, but seeing all of the different Sonic worlds, I started to treat everything as it's own world.

Also, I never thought as deeply about characters, in anything before I became a Sonic fan. I don't know, something about Sonic just clicked for me, and it showed to me how deep characters can actually be.

Bonus Question 4: Why would Tails win in a arm-wrestling competition against everyone?

Because quantum.

Bonus Question 5: Who would you say are you best/closest/etc. friends on Sonic Stadium?

Hmmm, I haven't been on SSMB for very long but I have made a lot of friends already.

I would have to say some of my closest ones so far are Felix and Galabance. Keep rocking guys.

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Bonus Question #1: If a one-shot antagonist from the past HAD to come back in some way, which one would you like to see make a return?
These guys, easily. I honestly felt characters like Zavok and Zeena had some really great potential as villains, and the group as a whole could be a really good legitimate threat. They got the short end of the stick because of Lost World's writing being lackluster as a whole and their personalities were basically turned into one dimensional bullshit. Take Zeena for example, they could have expanded on why she's so bratty, and maybe if it's an act or not. Instead, we got her painting her nails and acting like a generic brat.
These characters should get a return with a more competent writer.
Bonus Question #2: What are your top FIFTEEN (or less) overlooked BOSS tracks?
(Why are you so obsessed with breaking the board with these OST questions?)
My top 4 In no specific order:
A great song with some great beat that was sadly let down due to the fact of how repetitive it got due to playing at least twice on every zone.
The theme is a really great boss theme that fits in well with the Unleashed style of music, and it has a good rhythm throughout the game.
A great remix of the Grand Metropolis theme to mix it in with a battle theme between the two teams. The battles itself isn't anything special but this is a pretty great theme.
Just another great boss theme to match Sonic & Shadow's final battle on the way to the eclipse cannon.
Bonus Question #3: If you ended up never being a Sonic fan, what would you hate to have missed out on the most, whether it relates to the franchise itself and/or otherwise?
Ian Flynn's Archie Sonic stories, just due to how well written the majority of them are, as well as some of the great characters that are featured in the series. More specifically, Enerjak Reborn, and Eggman Empire would be a massive shame to not read.
Bonus Question #4: If Knuckles, Silver, Vector, Big, Omega, Zomom, Erazor, King Arthur, Black Doom, and Giant Demon Man from Sonic 1 Beta Artwork engaged in an arm-wrestling competition, why would Tails be the winner?
Answer 1: Because Tails has learned from PaRappa the Rapper that all you gotta do is believe and then he became the man with the master plan?
Answer 2: Because Titan Tails shouted DESTINY and blew them all up, the end C:
Bonus Question #5: Who would you say are your best/closest/etc friends on the Sonic Stadium?
Well, there's too many to mention, but I'll give mentions to Felix, Klonoa, and Zaysho, and Forte but as I said, these are just the members who I want to mention right off the top of my head :P
And with that, I have completed all 30 31 days of Sonic Mk 2.
Time for a victory dance! 

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BONUS DAY: Let's do it to it!


1) What one-shot antagonist would I like to see return: Metal Sonic 3.0! I think the Time Eater deserves another shot, if only because we didn't really learn anything about it. What exactly is it? Where did it come from? Why was it in space? Is that a Homing Shot?


2) My top seven overlooked boss tracks: 


VII) It Has Come to This (Erazor Djinn): Energetic, rockin', and the lyrics perfectly describe the player's feelings at this point!

VI) Vs Metal Sonic (Sonic 4: Ep II): It may be short and repetitive, but what little there is rocks!

V) Sonic 2 Game Gear boss theme: Retro and frantic, like the bosses themselves!

IV) Sonic Spinball boss theme: The Genesis twang may be a bit hard on the ears, but the tune itself is just tense enough to describe Sonic's feelings as he desperately tries not to fall out of the arena!

III) Death Egg Heart (Sonic 4: Ep. II) Just like Metal Sonic's theme, short, but sweet! Miles better than Ep I's final boss theme!

II) Sonic Pocket Adventure final boss theme: Remixing Sky Sanctuary for a Super Sonic fight sounds strange, but it somehow works here!

I) The Deadly Six Theme (Lost World): Say what you will about the Zeti (and I'd probably agree with you), but their boss music is awesome! I never imagined a banjo could work for a villain's theme!


3) If I was never a Sonic fan, what would I most regret missing out on:


Honestly? This forum. Yeah, the games are good, and I love the TV shows and comics, but that doesn't compare to the fun I've had with you guys! Without Sonic, I'd be all alone right now, with no one to relate to.



4) Why would Tails win an arm-wrestling competition:


Because he's a BEAST! Have you played Sky Patrol?! He can lift and carry 10-ton weights!


5) My best friends here at SSMB:


Too many to list, but just to name a few:


Felix: For sharing movies and my love for Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Ryannumber1gamer: He's a great rival in Mario Kart 8, and a great guy in general!

Galabance: An awesome artist, and he has excellent taste in waifus and innuendos!

Spin Attaxx: Despite what he says, he's also an amazing artist, and an great conversationalist!

RosaRosaRosalina: Great sense of humor, and a greater taste for Mario characters! And his pixel art is without equal!

And of course, Dr. Crusher, for allowing us to share our ideas and opinions like this!

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Bonus Question 1: I know this will never happen but honestly Perfect Chaos. Why? Well firstly, compared to Dark Gaia or something, he actually has an interesting character design and he could be made more interesting if he was done again. In both story and character design.


Bonus Question 2: Overlooked boss tracks, huh?  Well, I guess I'll try to go with 2 considering the post is already long enough and the one per game rule doesn't apply. Anyway, let's start with this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILZxCjxjur4. Not really sure if this is overlooked but it fits well, especially since the boss takes 16 hits to defeat. It sounds like you're against impossible odds and to create tension. 

2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22oLQb-l6ZY. Yes, the boss theme from Sonic Lost World. Before you throw pitchforks at me, let me explain. I chose this because of how it sounds. Yes, the boss is really easy, but the music makes it sound more dangerous than it actually is. Anyway, time to move on. 


Bonus Question 3: Well, If I wasn't a Sonic fan, I wouldn't have hard of this place, obviously, and I wouldn't have even knew or met you guys had I not been a Sonic fan.


Bonus Question 4: Uh..... I guess Tails would win because he can fly. Yeah, that's all I have to say about this weird question.


Bonus Question 5: This one. Be warned, as this might be long. Anyway, as for who I would say are my closest/best friends here, I have a few. First, I would say Kiah is one of my best friends because I would say Kiah's quite honestly one of the nicest people here. Secondly, I would probably say you, Crusher, since you managed this whole thing from start to end quite well honestly. And that's only an example. Other members like Felix, Spinny, Komodin, that's only some.


Bonus Round complete!


P.S. To end this event on a high note, might as well:


The 30 Days of Sonic the Hedgehog:




Director: Dr Crusher.

Writer: Dr Crusher. 

Co-Director and Producer: Dr Crusher and Kiah.

Producer: Kiah.

Special Thanks:



Pink Cat.



Inkling no Klonoa.


And everyone else on here who did this event.


Copyright of SSMB Productions 2015.

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Well, if I could combine the stories of three games, I'd go with Colors, Unleashed, and Heroes.


So, basically, Eggman has split the world apart, again. Naturally, Sonic and Tails try to stop them, recruiting Knuckles early on. They learn through Professor Pickle that they need to gather the Chaos Emeralds. Meanwhile, Team Dark has been assigned by GUN to find out Eggman's true intentions, eventually learning that he's planning to turn all the broken pieces of the world into his own personal amusement park and that he plans to use a massive mind control ray on the planet. Team Chaotix was doing some kind of detective work when the planet split and is now trying to complete their mission with that as a factor, and Team Rose... well, I haven't thought of anything beyond 'Amy really wants to find Sonic. Cream and Big tag along for.... some reason that I haven't thought of yet. Also, to add a gameplay aspect into this, I figured there could be special items certain types of characters could use, basically the Wisps in item form. For instance, Fly type characters could make use of a rocket power-up, while Power types could utilize the Cube.


Yeah, not the greatest, but it's something to think about.

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Question #30 - The plots of 3 different games you'd mix up.


Ok so, hear me out, first of all, Eggman makes his park like Sonic Colors but adds one extra planet: The Lost Hex from Sonic Lost World, and his plan pretty much is that he wants to use the energy of the wisps for his mind control cannon, but their powers aren't enough, so he starts sucking the lives of the planets around his Park to use them as energy, the Deadly Six obviously aren't happy about this, but when they try dealing with Eggman he uses the Conch on them, and forces them to help him, so they'd be bosses instead of boss repeats on Sonic Colors, but of course, right after a zone or two, they'd betray Eggman and start sucking the energy of all planets AND EARTH, for their plans, but instead of Sonic and Tails being the only ones around, Knuckles and Amy would help them there, like Sonic Boom and would be mad at Sonic for screwing things up, but not as hard as they did in Sonic Boom, they'd of course understand his motives and want to help him fix his mess.

The Deadly Six would try using their energy sucking machine on Sonic, but they'd hit Amy and Knuckles instead, making them pass out, and Sonic and Tails would try checking them, but Tails would realise this is a trap and push Sonic, so Tails, Amy and Knuckles get kidnapped, so right before beating the Six, the cutscene with Tails plays out the same but with Knuckles and Amy as robots too, and so the final fight with the Six sees all of the four helping Sonic beating them, and once they're ready to restore the power to the worlds, Eggman tries to activate the machine once again, but because of the Six misusing them, a Black Hole is created, Sonic and his crew then run to the Elevator, Eggman shows up in his latest mech powered by Wisps and Planet Energy to fight Sonic, Zavok ALSO shows up, not being done yet, Sonic pushes his friends into the Elevator and fights Eggman and Zavok on a threeway fight, everyone against everyone, ending with all three being absorbed by the Black Hole, which is stopped by the wisps, who send Sonic to Earth, leave Eggman in space on his Eggmobile, and put Zavok and the Zeti on Lost Hex, but send it far away from other planets, so they can't cause any trouble for some time.


Would work, since Lost World was trying REEAAALLY hard to be a Colors 2 and Boom had a LOT of elements from Lost World.






Bonus Question #1: If a one-shot antagonist from the past HAD to come back in some way, which one would you like to see make a return?


Mephiles - Let's be fair here, Mephiles was as much a victim of 06 as most of us were, the poor dude had countless plotholes and a REALLY idiot plot holding him back, his concept is interesting, his execution... Not so much... Zavok, if you look into it deeply was a good example of how to do Mephiles' archetype right, but with his own twist, now if they could work that out for Mephiles...


Bonus Question #2: What are your top FIFTEEN (or less) overlooked BOSS tracks? 


Oh boooy, I'll do a top five, because let's be honest here, ALL boss tracks are memorable on a way or another.


5 - Egg Wyvern - This one sounds generic at first, but after listening to it for a while, it has a LOT of good things going for it, first, it's an amazing orchestra piece, second, it's Eggman's theme from most of the game used as a boss theme, HIS boss theme, and it has throwbacks to the other fights with his mechs through the game, not to mention the urgency it plays, as you're on a crashing Egg Carrier fighting Eggman in his Mech that gives him an advantage on this setting, while you're at his mercy for most of the fight.


4 - Starlight Carnival/Asteroid Coaster Boss - This theme is blood pumping and fun, it's probably one of the most energetic themes on this game, and that's saying a lot. I love the use of synths here, and every instrument just work so well with eachother to form this awesometrack


3 - Death Egg Robot (Second Phase) - I'm honestly sad this is one of the shortest phases of the boss fight, as the music here gets some percussion, and it sounds great, it gives a ''All the gloves are off now'' kind of feel, and really gives a good twist to the Death Egg Robot theme we're used to hear.


2 - Boss Rushes (Guitar Vers.) - Fuck. Yeah. This theme is fucking great. First of all, I already love the Boss Rushes theme, as it once again makes use of that great orchestra remixing Sonic is well known for, now turning the goofy Deadly Six theme into an epic dramatic theme. Second: Come on, don't tell me that after all the shit the Deadly Six gave you through the entire game, getting to face them one final time, and then one of the best tracks begins playing, but with an added guitar, ONE OF THE ONLY TIMES GUITARS ARE USED HERE, mind you, you didn't get pumped. This theme pumps you up for the final climatic fights of this game.

Too bad they're mostly easy.


1- Zavok's Theme (Orchestra) - Ok we all knew this was coming, the eery melody, the serious atmosphere, the quiet but at the same time noisy instrumentations, this track is fucking great, and it's used to an amazing effect on Zavok's most well known fight.

Bonus points for the techno remix on his Giant Bowser Fight!


Bonus Question #3: If you ended up never being a Sonic fan, what would you hate to have missed out on the most, whether it relates to the franchise itself and/or otherwise?


I think I probably would've never met two of my best friends, and I would probably miss the hype for Generations, which was an amazing time to be a Sonic fan, plus the great music, fan made or official alike, and honestly, the entire lore of all the series, Archie, Games, Boom, StC, Cartoons, you can look anywhere on this franchise to look for inspiration, the entire thing is full of it.


Bonus Question #4: If Knuckles, Silver, Vector, Big, Omega, Zomom, Erazor, King Arthur, Black Doom, and Giant Demon Man from Sonic 1 Beta Artwork engaged in an arm-wrestling competition, why would Tails be the winner?


Excuse me?


Do me a favor. Play SA2. As Tails. Now grab one of the pulleys. Do you see that? TAILS CAN CARRY HIS MECH'S WEIGHT PLUS HIS OWN WEIGHT. WITH ONE ARM.


Don't fuck with Tails, he can punch your head off.


Bonus Question #5: Who would you say are your best/closest/etc friends on the Sonic Stadium?


Well that's kind of a hard one, since I barely interact with people hard enough for any of us to consider eachother friends here. But I'll say the closest I got to this point are Klonoa and Ryan, since most of the interactions I did around here were with them IIRC.







Thank you everyone who was part of this, it was REALLY fun, reading some of the answers made my day sometimes this month, and of course, thank you Crusher, this was a great event, and I thank you for putting so much effort and work into it, it really shows, and it's an honor to be able to be a part of the event this time.

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Day 30: If you had to combine the stories of any THREE Sonic games, which stories would you combine, and can you think of how it would work?


You're gonna have to excuse me on this question...I will say I'm gonna answer this quite poorly as this isn't my expertise and I gave myself 24 hours to properly come up with those three games...


I guess I would pick Sonic Advance 3, Sonic Heroes and...hmm...Sonic Battle?


It would primarily be based on Heroes' plot, but will incorporate the Gizord Emerl into the main story by way of...Team Dark's last cutscene, where instead of just Shadow Androids we see a capsule encompassing Emerl but it's unknown what exactly the doctor's (or Metal Sonic's) purpose was for him. It can also add onto a nice little stinger for Sonic Battle. 


As for Sonic Advance 3, I would try and make Eggman's 'Three Day Challenge' into him ultimately using the Chaos Emeralds to separate the world into distinct parts, but in a way that causes our heroes to be warped to different areas ala those Special Stage tubs or something like that. 


...Uh yeah if this doesn't do any good for the last question I'm sorry.


...oh Bonus SODA-I mean questions?


Bonus Question #1: If a one-shot antagonist from the past HAD to come back in some way, which one would you like to see make a return?


I would say the Timer Eater as well. Leading up to the game's release I was actually interested by what this being was. Some mechanical-energy mass of power formed from what? What is its intentions? Movites for messing with time and space? How did the Eggman harness its power? What's its favorite dish? You know, the important stuff.


Bonus Question #2: What are your top FIFTEEN (or less) overlooked BOSS tracks? (Don't worry, there's no "one choice per game" rule for this one, so choose at your own leisure.)


1) VS. Team Battle (Sonic Heroes): The first of two battles of this type in the game and this is the one with its own original theme. It fits the location perfectly and adds its own edge to the situation.


2) Big Swell (Sonic Rush Adventure): The instruments and direction of the song fits the environment so, so appropriately.


3) Boss Pinch (Sonic Advance 3): Adv 3 is my favorite of the series' soundtracks; this theme is no exception. Played when the boss is nearly down for the count it picks up the franticness of the battle.


4)True Area 53 (Sonic Advance 2): It's my second favorite of the three games' music, but the Extra Boss theme fits the nature of the boss itself.


5) VS. Whisker & Johnny (Sonic Rush Adventure): The DIMPS-made handheld games up to this point was know to have unique 7th Zone bosses; being different from the main boss theme in everyway. What makes this one good though it that it not only fit the place the bossES are, but the motifs of them as well.


6) Master Core: ABIS/The Core (Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity): It gives you a sense of things looking bleak, but also urgency to stop the rouge robot drone gone mad.


7) VS Dark Gaia (Sonic Unleashed): On the HD version you can just feel the scale of this two-part battle with how the music progresses. Undoubtedly a great piece on its own, and sets up the second half of the final battle well.


8) VS Blue Falcon (Shadow the Hedgehog): I like this version over the Heavy Dog a lot. This version feels more 'open'...it's hard to explain. Well for starters the guitar isn't as pronounced as its counterpart (which was originally in SA2)


Bonus Question #3: If you ended up never being a Sonic fan, what would you hate to have missed out on the most, whether it relates to the franchise itself and/or otherwise?


Can I say two things? One; it would have to be the music. Part of the reason I like this series to this day is because how good the music output this series has going for it. Another reason is the creativity this fanbase can churn out. I'm just amazed by how talented some in this fanbase are, from musicians/remixers/composers, to artists, to those who make fangames and the like. If there's one things that's not lost on that front it's certainly that.


Bonus Question #4: If Knuckles, Silver, Vector, Big, Omega, Zomom, Erazor, King Arthur, Black Doom, and Giant Demon Man from Sonic 1 Beta Artwork engaged in an arm-wrestling competition, why would Tails be the winner?




Bonus Question #5: Who would you say are your best/closest/etc friends on the Sonic Stadium?


At the top of that list has to be Kiah; she's definitely one the most kindhearted and helpful people here and amogst the 'chaos' so to speak she's always there to lend an ear to your troubles. Plus I actually met her at Sonic Boom 2014 (which remains one of the best days of my life).


Dejimon is too; even better we actually live in the same city no less, and happened to be playing Smash Bros without realizing it haha. 


Michelle, #AR, Sir Croft, and pretty much everyone on my friends list I'd say I would consider good friends here, even if we don't talk much. 

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Bonus Question #1: If a one-shot antagonist from the past HAD to come back in some way, which one would you like to see make a return?


Mephiles, Iblis, and Solaris, actually. Pretty much no one will agree with me here, but fuck it.


They sucked in 06, don't get me wrong, but I would love to see 06 just done over again in general. Like I've stated before, I feel like I really could've loved that game if it wasn't just so fucked. The villains are no exception. I think they could've not sucked but sucked anyway. Pretty much whole game sucked, though, so meh.


I would want to see them come back and portrayed in a way that's legitimately threatening instead of just outright fuckin' dumb. Great potential to be something that isn't entirely worthless, and I would want that potential to be reached. 


I mean, if they did they'd never shake the reputation that they got from starring in the disasterpiece that is Sonic the Hedgehog: 2006, but if they can be brought back in a way that's not just so iffy and stupid, then I'm all game. 


Bonus Question #2: What are your top FIFTEEN (or less) overlooked BOSS tracks?


Fuck, man, I can't even name 15 boss tracks off of the top of my head, let alone 15 overlooked ones xD


I'll just go 2.


I'll sit down and cry if I bring up Sonic 06 again, but Solaris - Phase 2



Meh. I just really like this song. I don't know if I'd call it overlooked, but then again I'm so unfamiliar with this fandom's standards that I don't know what's liked and hated aside from the exceedingly obvious.


I think it's a pretty epic track, though, and it's a shame it went to such a shit game.


Perfect Dark Gaia



I love this song and everything about it. It gets me ready to kick some serious ass. I remember when I finally got around to the final boss of this game, this song got me so pumped. all i needed was my doritos and my mountain dew and i could've been fuckin' stoked man


Yeah, though. I love this song. Another one I'm not sure if I'd call overlooked, but that's because a lack of familiarity. Love this song <3


Bonus Question #3: If you ended up never being a Sonic fan, what would you hate to have missed out on the most, whether it relates to the franchise itself and/or otherwise?


Jokes about the overall quality of the series aside, I legitimately would hate missing out on the music. This game series has some of the best music I've ever heard in any videogames, and the only soundtrack that I didn't think was absolutely magnificent was RoL's. 


I listen to the music from these games all of the time. It'd suck to not know about such kickass music.


Bonus Question #4: If Knuckles, Silver, Vector, Big, Omega, Zomom, Erazor, King Arthur, Black Doom, and Giant Demon Man from Sonic 1 Beta Artwork engaged in an arm-wrestling competition, why would Tails be the winner?


Err, what? .-.


Maybe this is some kind of in-joke I'm missing out on, but I'm legitimately confused by this question ._. He's not even in the competition, how could he ever win it?


Steroids and shoddy contestant proceedings, I guess?


Bonus Question #5: Who would you say are your best/closest/etc friends on the Sonic Stadium?


I'm actually not one to go out and make a lot of friends, sadly, let alone ones who I'd say are close. I don't really think I have anyone who'll legit consider me their friend on here, but the ones who I've found to be welcoming and friendly to me have been Penny, Felix, T-Min, and Sami. All of those guys are (or were, or have been, whatever) hella cool to me in both making me feel welcome and talking to me on their own time. Not many people will try to reach out to me and I'm far too socially inept to feel comfortable reaching out to someone on my own accord, but all of those guys have been really cool to me in the past or even in the present.

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Bonus Round


Q1.  Revenge of the One-Shot (Assuming that they're still applicable even if they reformed at the end):



I'd like to see him come back so that we can get a bit more closure on Emerl's story. I mean does Gemerl just posses a few of Emerl's traits? Is he a reincarnation of Emerl's soul? Is he just Emerl in a new body, memories and all? Is he a completely different character from Emerl? The lack of dialogue in  Advance 3 really left way too many loose ends to the story of what is one of my favorite one-shot Sonic characters.



I just like her. She's a sympathetic villain in a Sonic game, something which is in short supply, especially in recent years. Granted I'm really only putting her here because she's one of my favorite Sonic villains. I'd actually be kind of hesitant if she actually were to return, both because I feel her story already had a satisfactory conclusion and because I want to keep Pontac and Graff as far as humanly possible from anything related to the Adventure or Storybook games.


Q2. Overlooked Boss Tracks:


So wait. Does this mean I wasn't allowed to use Supporting Me for If that's the case then count that answer for this question and I'll do a level track here.


New Day 29: Unloved Level Tracks


Dragon's Lair (Sonic and the Black Knight)


I just love the guitar on this track. The whole thing gives off this vibe that you are headed straight into danger and that danger is exactly where you want to be. I think this is one of the last level tunes that truly made me feel excited to play the level before Colors, and especially Lost World, started using jaunty, relaxing little tunes for their levels. They're catchy, don't get me wrong, but the cheery synths and electronic tunes just doesn't get me pumped up the same way guitar riffs and rock music does, and when I'm playing a Sonic level pumped up is exactly what I want to be.


Q3. What Would I Have Missed Out on if not for Sonic?:


I might not be a gamer if not for Sonic. Before I played Sonic Adventure I had never really had a game that I just could. Not. Stop. Playing. It was really SA1 that ignited my passion for video games, and not just as games, but also, and perhaps even more importantly, as a storytelling medium. Before Adventure my gaming experience was mostly limited to Mario, Kirby, and the like, with their "save the princess everything else is irrelevant" plots. When I first popped SADX into my Gamecube and found myself not simply playing a game, but also experiencing an epic story on a scale as grand as any movie, my eight year-old mind was blown. Perhaps that helps explain why I take offense to the notion that Sonic is just a game and should only have simple, straightforward stories and that he can't, or shouldn't, have any kind of complexity to his plots, because to me he's always symbolized the exact opposite. Nearly every waking moment of my life has been spent in the pursuit of a good story, whether I'm producing it, consuming it, or simply imagining it. Sonic opened my eyes to a whole new way stories could be experienced.


He also destroyed my social life, but I never cared much about that anyway.


Q4. An Unlikely Victor


Tails wins because he defeated Dr. Eggman in SA2, which greatly impressed Robotnik's long lost siblings, Theodore Roosevelt, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Jamie Hyneman. The three then descended from the heavens and bestowed upon Tails the power of mustache, which allowed him to win the competition. (There's really no point to this answer other than pointing out how much those three look like Eggman, and how they all have epic mustaches. And yes, I know Robotnik's design was based on Roosevelt.)


Q5. My Friends on SSMB


I really haven't been around all that long actually, only about half a year I think. I think the only real noteworthy relationship I've developed on this board is the one where Diogenes and I disagree on everything. Looking at my page though it look's like I have Ryannumber1gamer listed as a friend. So congratulations Ryan, you win by default. Also I wouldn't quite call it friendship, since I don't think we've ever directly interacted, but I've got quite a bit of respect for Nepenthe and her ability to express her opinions (which admittedly seem to align with mine about 95% of the time) without all the angry, semi-hyperbolic, snark that is my default mode of communication. 

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Bonus Question 1: The Nocturnus, simply because while I didn't really know anything about them due to never playing the Chronicles games, and the questionable canonicity of them, I find them fascinating in regards to their potential relationship with Knuckles and to the past with the echidnas.


Bonus 2: Off the top of my head:


Eggman Showdown from Lost World

Militant Missionary/Final Eggman Boss from Sonic Adventure 1

The Core from Sonic Riders Zero Gravity

And I can't really think of any more -_-.


Bonus 3: I'd probably miss this forum. Even if I was not always the best member, or had the best control over my emotions, I frankly would have likely turned out very differently if I never found out about Sonic and the SSMB.


Bonus 4: Because everyone else would get sidetracked by something and Tails would win by default even though he didn't enter.


Bonus 5: Um... *starts sweating*


I guess ImPantsAtThis, since he did give some reviews for my fanfic that I used to have? He's not on here from what I can tell anymore, so I'm not sure how much that counts.

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