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Dr. Crusher

Dr. Crusher Presents: The 30 Days of Sonic the Hedgehog Mk.II (Daft and Tolerating It)-PAGE 72, FIN

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Dawn (night) of the final day: What three stories would I combine and how would they work?


For the three stories I would combine, i'd have to go with sonic lost world, sonic CD and sonic 06. Now I know what all of you are thinking (especially after hearing that last one) but hear me out:


The story kicks off just like in Sonic CD with sonic running across plains and eventually stumbling upon little planet, the twist here is that now instead of fighting eggman at the end of each zone you fight the deadly six who all have a means of travelling back and forth through time due to these time machine robotniks he gave each of them so depending on which time zone sonic is in (past, future, or present) he would see different level themes and such based on what the zeti have done to these time zones. Anyway, along the way sonic would encounter silver in one of the time zones and he says his reason for being there is to stop a time anomaly that has occurred with the timeline due to eggman and the deadly six's meddling about and he ends up teaming up with sonic to stop them.


After finally battling through the rest of the deadly six and confronting eggman (and subsequently defeating him) little planet is destroyed eggman leaves saying "Uuuuurrrggghh curse you hedgehog, i'll get my revenge next time just you wait" and as sonic and silver were celebrating their victory, tails, knuckles and amy show up in the tornado and start saying that a mysterious planet had suddenly appeared not too far from where little planet was. So sonic and silver obviously worried about this decided to check it out and with tails, amy and knuckles in tow they left towards this mysterious planet. When they got there they were greeted by all the zeti and one other mysterious figure among them named mephiles who was actually the anomaly that silver was hunting down and whose ultimate goal was to become ruler of the world through changing history. Silver explains that from all the time travelling that was done mephiles was created as a result and if left alone for too long would become too powerful to stop as they would all soon learn that mephiles had the power to stop and move through time at will.


So as the group was standing there ready to fight these vicious enemies, shadow suddenly comes along and uses his chaos control. The group realizes that before they know it mephiles is right there just about to attack sonic before they even knew he was there and if not for shadow he would've been knocked out before the fight even started. Afterwards mephiles starts feeling weak and him and the zeti retreat to the lost hex so that he may recover his power (which at the moment he can't use much of since he hasn't been awakened very long). Dumbfounded and grateful for shadows sudden arrival, sonic asks how shadow knew he was in trouble? Shadow responds by saying that he sensed an immense amount of chaos energy coming from the location and rushed over as soon as possible to stop it and saying that he was just as surprised as they were to find them here. After the group settles down and hear the full story from silver they all decide to go to the lost hex and fight real battle against the deadly six and mephiles.


After going through the entirety of the lost hex and beating the zeti (who each had chaos emeralds) the group finally confronts mephiles. Now since mephiles had so much time to recover he was now almost at his full power and almost seemed unbeatable without having all seven of the chaos emerald, eggman suddenly flys in with the last one and gives it to sonic and co. With that, sonic, silver, and shadow were able to take on and defeat mephiles, granting peace to the world.


(I'll get to the bonus questions in a separate post since this one ended up being pretty darn long O_O)

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Da Final *it's been one crazy ride... (gets out of Taxi)* Day


Bonus Question 1: If a one shot villian had to come back, who would you want?


Definitely would have to be Chaos from SA1. I swear, you could do so much with the character that would give huge benefits to the plot as well. Also, bringing it back would probably mean seeing Tikal again so that's a nice little bonus as well.


Bonus Question 2: What are your top 15 3 :V overlooked boss tracks?


3. Any Deadly Six boss battle theme really. Those were always really catchy to me.


2. Any Werehog Boss theme. I swear the composers for these tracks just had a crazy fun time creating these. It certainly sounds that way atleast. XD Due to the awesome day time boss theme, these are often overlooked. Hell, like I said before, most of the werehog music is overlooked sadly. :/



from Colors. My god, talk about an underrated boss theme. This is just crazy fun to listen to and just gets you hyped to take down the boss.


Bonus Question 3: If you never became a Sonic fan, what would you hate to have missed out the most on?


Unleashed, plain and simple. It's the type of game that probably would of caught my curiosity either way really. High speed platforming, gorgeous levels, an awesome story, ect. Definitely would of hated myself for passing it up.


Bonus Question 4: If *insert various, big, and somewhat random character selection here* had an arm-wrestling contest, why would Tails win?


Because the kid built a giant, damn space ship in his basement for no reason at the time. The kid is so smart that he could probably just convince everyone that he deserved to win by not doing anything. XD


Bonus Question *strickerx*5: Who are my closest friends here?


Well, I'll just go out and say that I absolutely hate these types of questions because I'd like to think I'm good friends with more people than I could name here and that I'll just end up leaving someone out and hurt our relationship because of it. If I HAD to choose a couple off the top of my head (again, with no thought so I know I'm missing some people) I would probably say Felix, Klonoa, Ryan, Penny, and Kiah. Though, I need to be honest here and say that there are so many people here that are just plain out awesome and that I'm horrible for not mentioning here. Even though some of you are packers fans, actually like Ponyo, have an obsession with Earthbound, make crazy noises, worship the wrong princess, worship butts... hate Unleashed yet like Heroes... Sorry, what was I talking about again? Oh yeah, you guess are all fucking amazing and a blast to talk to!


And with that, I'm done! Thanks goes out to Crusher for putting this on. It's been fun!


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I should've known there's going to be an extra question well might as well get over it.


1. A one-off villain I would like to see again?


I'm gonna go with good ol' Dark Gaia since his boss encounter is probably the most epic boss fight I've ever seen in a platformer ever so yeah, more of that plz.


2. I refuse to do 15, my brain's fried to do this shtick. I'm gonna stick with 5.


5. It Has Come to This


I love me some buttrock especially buttrock that really has strong energy and makes you wanna wreck shit up, so an appropriate song to wreck Erazor's shit up you can not hate this song, that's a fact!


4. vs. Dark Gaia


The Endless Possiblity orchestra mix is so epic and awesome that people tend to forget how good this theme was. The first half is filled with direness and kind of overpowering feel to it showing that Dark Gaia is no pushover and is a serious treat. The second half comes and then it pumps you go and wreck that fucker's eyes MODERN SONIC STYLE! Sooooooooooo gud!


3. Deep Core


Again because of Naganuma's glorious Wrapped in Black, people forgot how good this theme is especially the second half. You can totally feel the victory when hearing that part but of course, the battle's not over. Love themes that does this!


2. Battle with Zavok


No, not the orchestrated version when you encounter good ol' Zavvy the second time but when you fight him when he's a FUCKING GIANT!


Seriously, the fact it mixes both orchestra and dubstep is so good that I'm shocked it hasn't been done before atleast as I'm aware of. Really good atmosphere as well.


1. Dr. Eggman Showdown


A personal top-favorite Eggman boss theme to be honest, it's such a good song for such a lackluster final boss. You literally can't go wrong with this tune.


3. What would I miss if I wasn't a Sonic fan?


DUDE COME ON! Sonic is like, the only gaming franchise I care about of course I would fucking miss a lot of shit.


I mean, this place is a big chunk of the things I would miss. Talking to you guys is some of the best fun I've had in a long time, though that's not saying much but I mean it. Granted, I do say awkward shit at times but I still love ya guys all the same. The experiences I have playing the games is something I would miss as well since each game is a new experience for me though some aren't my most favorable but it makes up for a good majority of the games that did gave me a great time playing. Heck, Sonic or I guess, Sonic fans, even taught me a thing or two about game design and how to make proper stories so that's a huge plus as well.


My life would not have been the same without Sonic, this is also a true fact! No bullshit at all!


4. How would Tails win an arm-wrestling competition against the strong guys? 


Easy, use the Magic Hand boxing glove to win or use some super fancy science stuff.


I refuse to acknowledge Titan Tails, it doesn't exist nor has it exist.


5. My close friends in SSMB?


I am not kidding when I say this but I find almost every user here to be my good friends. From Uni to Kiah to Felix to Neps to Dwibs to Jova and etc. and etc.


I seriously can not choose a specific group, I love them all and they all made a huge impact in my life. They gave me support when I needed it, they stand by me when I felt alone and they appreciate the things I do to help the place in a positive manner. Seriously, I love all of you guys, I can not choose favorites, I can't and I won't.


And with that, I'm out.

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Bonus Question #1: If a one-shot antagonist from the past HAD to come back in some way, which one would you like to see make a return?

I would like to see the Tails Doll return. I find him interesting even though he was only in Sonic R and I think that he is an antagonist.

Bonus Question #2: What are your top FIFTEEN (or less) overlooked BOSS tracks?

Sonic 3 Mini Boss, This be great boss fighting music.

Sonic 3 Boss, This be more serious boss music.

Sonic 3D Blast Genesis Boss 1, This be like epic boss music.

Sonic 3D Blast Genesis Boss 2, This be ultimate type boss music.

Sonic 3D Blast Genesis Final Fight, This be showdown boss fighting music.

Bonus Question #3: If you ended up never being a Sonic fan, what would you hate to have missed out on the most, whether it relates to the franchise itself and/or otherwise?

The music because Sonic has great video game music.

Bonus Question #4: If Knuckles, Silver, Vector, Big, Omega, Zomom, Erazor, King Arthur, Black Doom, and Giant Demon Man from Sonic 1 Beta Artwork engaged in an arm-wrestling competition, why would Tails be the winner?

Because Tails can do the impossible. He probably used machine that made them much weaker then he is or either Tails is much stronger then he is considering he can carry Sonic and Knuckles easily.

Bonus Question #5: Who would you say are your best/closest/etc friends on the Sonic Stadium?

This be real hard but I guess with careful consideration it would be Aries since he is a good Sonic Runners buddy and makes the game more tolerable.

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Bonus Question #1: If a one-shot antagonist from the past HAD to come back in some way, which one would you like to see make a return?


Mephiles. The concept has some potential and I actually love his powers and stuff; aside from just writing him better, the only thing I'd want to change is his design since it is a little lazy and unappealing.


Bonus Question #2: What are your top FIFTEEN (or less) overlooked BOSS tracks? (Don't worry, there's no "one choice per game" rule for this one, so choose at your own leisure.)


(Side note: I changed one part of my answer to Day 29's question because I only realized now that the question was specifically about level themes.)


Anyway, I'll keep it simple this time. My favourite overlooked boss themes are:

Bonus Question #3: If you ended up never being a Sonic fan, what would you hate to have missed out on the most, whether it relates to the franchise itself and/or otherwise?


Simple: experiencing my favourite games in the franchise for the first time. We've had some ups and downs, of course, but I wouldn't trade any of it for, well, nothing.



Bonus Question #4: If Knuckles, Silver, Vector, Big, Omega, Zomom, Erazor, King Arthur, Black Doom, and Giant Demon Man from Sonic 1 Beta Artwork engaged in an arm-wrestling competition, why would Tails be the winner?



Everyone loves an underdog, and who's more of an underdog in a competition than someone who didn't enter? And that's not getting into the fact that Tails is probably stronger than you'd think, as Ratcicle pointed out...



Bonus Question #5: Who would you say are your best/closest/etc friends on the Sonic Stadium? (Yes, like with Question #30, this is the exact same question as the final extra question for the previous 30 Days. I need my recurring elements like any decent human being, hut hut.)


Let's see...everyone in my own skype chat, as well as that other one based on a certain private chat here on the forums. You all know who you are. And of course everyone in my friend's list I guess, though I don't regularly talk with many of you, you're still the best.

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Bonus Day! Yaayyy!


Bonus #1: One Shot Antagonist Coming Back


Great Battle Kukku from Tails Adventure





Have I played Tails Adventure? No.. but I've read part of the Archie adaption from Sonic Universe if that counts. I just want this guy and the Battle Bird Armada to make a return in the series because they are pretty much the only villains that aren't a monster of sort. They look like they can become a regular antagonist. I mean, I could see SEGA making more Tails only games and having them be the villains. It could work, you know. And with today's storytelling, I feel we could get some nice writing with them as well. 



Bonus #2: Overlooked Boss Tracks


#1: Okay I'm starting this off with the Erazor Djinn boss music. "It Has Come to This". A lot of people don't mention the soundtrack from Secret Rings. I guess they never played the game. Well, this boss song gets you all super pumped for the fight and it's really catchy too.


#2: So, having not played Black Knight, I'm not sure if this counts as a boss fight. Character battles count as bosses though, right? Well needless to say, "Through the Fire" is an epic piece by the legendary Crush 40. Really wish they'd come back for another Sonic game. This track is really hype, and the powerful vocals can make it an epic fight. Or, at least I imagine. 


#3: You know, this track is way too epic for its boss fight. :V But yeah, the Sonic Adventure Egg Viper boss track is something you don't hear often spoken about. It's usually Sonic Adventure 2's final boss music. Because Crush 40. But this instrumental tune is pretty nice. A bit out of place though, as it feels really fantasy like and almost medieval? But it's a nice track nonetheless. I actually have no memory of this being in the game. Maybe because of Eggman constantly screaming "Get a load of this!!" and Tikal, and the sound effects. You know. Game stuff. Listening to it now though, it's a nice track. I like it. 


#4: Oh look, another game I haven't played but love the music in. Sonic Rush Adventure. This track is soooo gooood!! When you hear people talking about Rush, they talk about the music. When it comes to Rush Adventure, they complain. :V This boss track is so rockin' and funky. Like a mix of mid-2000s Sonic game music and Jet Set Radio. I love it. The audio is a bit grainy, being a DS game but it's still really good. The OST version is better, though I could only find an extended version of it so I didn't link it.


#5: When it comes to Sonic 3D Blast, not many people are familiar with the Saturn version. Nor the fact that it had a different soundtrack. Can't blame them. It's super hard to find and play. I haven't played it either, but the music is great. The boss theme, being a definite favourite of mine. That menacing laugh, that ambitious music. I'm not sure what the instruments used in this are called because I'm not an instrument person. Oops. But I'm pretty sure there's a piano in there, or at least a variation of one, which is something you don't hear often in Sonic games. So that makes the track more special to me, I guess.


Moving on, because this is taking forever and I can't think of other games. :V 



Bonus #3: If I Was Never a Sonic Fan, What Would I Hate Missing Out On the Most?


Easy. Sonic Generations hype. 2011 was a hell of a year. A new Sonic game celebrating 20 years of the franchise!! Classic Sonic! Modern Sonic! The best of the best levels! It was so fun hearing new info and getting all hyped up, complete with Archie Sonic celebrating with the Genesis story arc (though I didn't read that until a year later). Then we had SEGA make the Sonic Boom event, Sonic Generations of Skate which was.. meh. But also my favourite, Summer of Sonic! Sure, I wasn't there, but thanks to a lively livestream and Twitter, I felt as if I was there and it was super fun. Makes me want another Summer of Sonic. 


Oh and the Archie Sonic comics are great too. Honestly, if I never liked Sonic I wouldn't have touched them and I wouldn't have been introduced to all those amazing stories. And honestly, I wouldn't have been as big a comic fan. 



Bonus #4: Why Tails Would Win in an Arm Wrestling Competition Against Basically Everyone


Um, because Tails. And Science. I have no idea how to answer this question. My guess is he would make this potion thing (I know he's no wizard) and drink it and through the POWER OF SCIENCE he gets super strength for a short amount of time. And in that time, he challenges all those people and wins. It's a bit unlike Tails but whatever. I don't know how else it would happen. :V



Bonus #5: Closest SSMB Friends


Oh.. Oh no. I'm gonna feel bad if I let anyone out. I always forget someone.. but I- I'll try to mention them all. 


Felix, Virtual Tiger Ike (or Aidan as you may know him), Crash, YoshiUnity, Naldush Repulsa (or just Nald, I guess), Lime/Parvati-Pai/Key (or Lime for short), and Thigolf.


There are a ton of other SSMB members I wanna add, but this question is for the closest friends. And I guess I'm not that close with others. But they are still considered friends! And I still appreciate them as much! 

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Bonus day !!


Bonus Question #1: If a one-shot antagonist from the past HAD to come back in some way, which one would you like to see make a return?


Fang. He has the most potential, he could be rewritten easily (as the Chaotix were), or they still could use his backstory for the new games. I've always seen him becoming (again) an ally of Eggman, having some device to control Metal Sonic/Knuckles and becoming Knuckles and the Chaotix's rival.


Bonus Question #2: What are your top FIFTEEN (or less) overlooked BOSS tracks?


- Sonic Adventure, Egg Viper : as I said in another post, it sounds epic.

- Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic VS Shadow on the ARK

- Sonic 3K, Doomsday : This one is epic and at the same time, make the situation sound "desperate". It fits with the name "doomsday" so well !

- Sonic 3D, the first boss music

- Sonic Advance 3, boss music

- Sonic CD (jap/Pal), final boss

- Sonic 2006, Solaris boss (2nd phase) : this one sounds so good, hope is back for our heroes

- Sonic Unleashed, Super Sonic vs Dark Gaia

- Sonic Colors, vs Nega Wisp armor phase 2


Bonus Question #3: If you ended up never being a Sonic fan, what would you hate to have missed out on the most, whether it relates to the franchise itself and/or otherwise?


That's a though one. I think I'd have hated to have missed out the awesomeness of some games like Sonic CD, Sonic 2, 3K, Unleashed... there's something magic in discovering the games at the same time as the others, not through some videos on youtube or something like that.


Bonus Question #4: If Knuckles, Silver, Vector, Big, Omega, Zomom, Erazor, King Arthur, Black Doom, and Giant Demon Man from Sonic 1 Beta Artwork engaged in an arm-wrestling competition, why would Tails be the winner?


... because he would have been the wiser. Offering Big some food, money to Vector, asked Knuckles to let him win (they're friends after all), told Silver that it would have no impact on his future, convinced Omega that there were some badniks to destroy out there, tricked Zomom, Arthur and Erazor somehow and defeated that demon easily with an erasor because it's just a pencil drawing.


Bonus Question #5: Who would you say are your best/closest/etc friends on the Sonic Stadium?


Oh there's TheFatPanda, a great buddy, a good artist, with who I like to chat on Skype :P

There's also Mambo, we haven't spoke to each others much but she's an adorable person and a great colourist !

I'm sure I forget some names though... sorry ^^;

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Bonus day

Bonus 1: Returning one-shot antagonist

Zetis. I think that Lost World did very bad job about explaining who they are, so maybe other appereance would explain this. And end of story didn't really have closure on them. That would make returning possible because I'm 100% sure that if villain like Chaos would return (who had closure), SEGA would fuck it up.

Bonus 2: Top fifteen (or less) overlooked boss themes

Fifteen? Sorry, impossible to say because I don't really even know which themes are overlooked. I give top 3.

3. Egg Viper from Sonic Adventure. Open your heart is easily the best boss theme on the game but it isn't only great in the game.

2. Vs. Silver from Generations. This is my least favourite rival theme but it's still great.

1. Sonic generations Big Arms. I love the original in Sonic 3&K but this is along with Solaris phase 2 my favourite non-Crush 40 boss theme.

Bonus 3: If you ended up never being a Sonic fan, what would you hate to have missed out on the most, whether it relates to the franchise itself and/or otherwise?

Games. Pure and simple.

Bonus 4: If Knuckles, Silver, Vector, Big, Omega, Zomom, Erazor, King Arthur, Black Doom, and Giant Demon Man from Sonic 1 Beta Artwork engaged in an arm-wrestling competition, why would Tails be the winner?

Ok... Well, I guess that Tails would invent something that would help him win.

Bonus 5: Who would you say are your best/closest/etc friends on the Sonic Stadium?

I don't have friends here. At least yet.

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Bonus Question #1: If a one-shot antagonist from the past HAD to come back in some way, which one would you like to see make a return?


While a voice in the back of my mind keeps screaming "Black Doom" because of sheer hilarity value alone, I guess I'll go with the Grand Battle Kukku from Tails' Adventure. Because I like avian characters and I would love for him to become Tails' Eggman. Do you wanna develop Tails, Sega? Use an appropriate character instead of turning him into a whiny brat.




Bonus Question #2: What are your top FIFTEEN (or less) overlooked BOSS tracks?


15? Oh god, maybe I should talk about just 5 tracks, if it's ok with everybody.


5 - Knuckles Chaotix Final Boss. It has that retro vibe that I just love. Sort of repetitive, but it does its job pretty well.

4- Sonic Unleashed "Dark Gaia's Spawn" Boss Theme, used for characters such as the Dark Gaia Phoenix; I swear, they used elephants to make some parts of the song, but it somewhat reminds me of the bonus stage in "Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow", which I can't get enough of.

3 - It Has Come to This - Erazor Djinn (Sonic & The Secret Rings) A combination of rock and rap, and a good one at that. Even though I like Erazor's banter, sometimes I wish he would just shut up and let me listen to the song.

2 - Fight The Knight  ( Sonic & The Black Knight)  I think this song is more about King Arthur than it is about Sonic. I mean

"Face the knight in a world of evil light and I'll survive
On my own, overthrown, yet not alone and I'm alive
My will to survive"

The Knight is clearly Sonic who's trying to overthrow Arthur, but maybe it's just me.

1 - With Me (Sonic & The Black Knight) On my MP3 player since the release of the game, this song summarize the struggle between Merlina's nihilistic point of view and Sonic's take on life. It's a perfect fit for the final boss.


Bonus Question #3: If you ended up never being a Sonic fan, what would you hate to have missed out on the most, whether it relates to the franchise itself and/or otherwise?


Eh, even if I never turned into a Sonic fan, I would have probably played some of the games, and If I ever got my hands on Generations, maybe I would have been bothered by all the references to past games and my inability to recognize them. I wouldn't have enjoyed the game as much as I did.


But it's not the  case, so...yeah, joy joy happy happy.


Bonus Question #4: If Knuckles, Silver, Vector, Big, Omega, Zomom, Erazor, King Arthur, Black Doom, and Giant Demon Man from Sonic 1 Beta Artwork engaged in an arm-wrestling competition, why would Tails be the winner?


Because...ehm....he has a fucking arsenal back home and he could nuke all of them?

Or maybe Tails would win because he's the playable character and every guy you just listed are bosses and enemies?

Or something like that I guess? The real question is why WOULDN'T he be the winner?


Bonus Question #5: Who would you say are your best/closest/etc friends on the Sonic Stadium?

Uh...a question I have to answer with names. That's hard.

Not because I don't have people I care about and enjoy chatting with on this board, but because I'm afraid to forget someone so... ok, I'll try...

There are my Disney Comics aficionados ElectricAngel/SwiftWinds/Teresa  and good old Thigolf.

And of course Lime, interested in old school anime just like me.

These guys I would treat to a coffee or whatever soft drink or beer they're into if I ever got the chance to meet them. The world is large yet small, who knows.


But, seriously, everyone here is great in his/her own manner, even those I disagree with.

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B-B-B-Bonus round!

#1: The Deadly Six, of course! I really enjoyed their personalities and they made for great alternative villains. I mean, they got back at Eggman for trying to boss them around by DRAINING THE LIFE OUT OF HIS ENTIRE PLANET. THAT'S some villainous stuff. It'd also be cool to find out more about their implied history with Zik and whatnot, so there's some nice room for story expansion.

#2: Still not a huge music guy, so I'll talk ONE track since this is a bonus question and all. I choose Fight the Knight from SatBK. It's such a freaking catchy and wicked song that just adds to the awesomeness of clashing swords with King Arthur on horseback.

#3: Probably all of the awesome music that the series has had over the years. The first CDs that I ever owned were bootleg Sonic Adventure CDs, so I don't know what I would've done to pass the time on Middle School bus rides without some Crush 40 to pump. XD

#4: Because he'd assume Titan Tails form and rewrite time so it was ONLY him in the contest. Then he'd turn the previous competition into umbrellas. CHAOS ENERGY!

#5: Don't usually get THAT close to other people in fandoms because I'm kind of a social recluse, but dejimon and I have Twitter convos from time to time, Komodin never ceases to be a really nice guy, and I love discussing Turtle-related matters with Zaysho.

That wraps it up! Been another really fun year of looking deep inside my noodle for answers to questions I had probably never even thought about before. Cheers on another great thread, Crusher!

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This is it. It's Day 31 already? Man does time fly so fast. I'll put Question 2 in a spoiler to keep this post short.


Bonus Questions of Dank Memes: Part I


A one-shot antagonist I would want to see come back? I want to see Dark Gaia come back, because why not? Something that's usually inconsistent is the place where most Sonic games take place, and if I had to pick which "world" that Sonic should live in, it's the world he made friends with some weird floating thing and fought a large evil god or something. Dark Gaia is menacing, Dark Gaia is literally a creature of dark (And I'm sort of a sucker of that kind of stuff). He didn't had a personality say, but he brought some sort of tension in the game towards the ending.


Bonus Questions of Airhorns: Part II


Bahhhhhhhh I'll just go with 5 again. The second you hear the words "Overlooked" nearly all of your choices get bumped down. Bah.



5. Time Eater (Boss is Sanic Generations)



A menacing theme (That does get repetitive), it's something you consistently hear in a lot of cutscenes during the game. It fits rightfully as Time Eater's menacing theme, even if the boss turned out super underwelming.


4. Big Arms (Boss in Sonic 3, remix from Generations 3DS)



Sonic Generations 3DS also had some neat remixes, and this one is no exception. This is a remix based off of the Big Arms boss in Sonic 3, which you get to have a rematch with in the 3DS version of Generations. Despite how simplistic the boss is, this remix is really cool. It has a mix of Modern too.


3. Theory of Attack (Sonic Runners)



Sonic Runners is a freemium mobile game that's fun, when it's free-to-play side isn't total bullshit (I'm looking at you, roulette wheel). But it's music is really catchy, and it's probably the highlight of the game that a lot of people really cared about. You could always count on Sonic to bring badass music anywhere, even on a mobile game! Theory of Attack plays during every showdown, which makes something really lame become sort-of enjoyable to play through.


2. Bosses 2 (Sonic 3D Blast)



Sonic 3D Blast isn't a great game, nor did it's novelty ever work but it's soundtrack (On both Saturn and Genesis) were pretty good. I believe one of the versions were composed by this Richard guy or something. When it comes to boss tracks, I just seem to remember this one fairly easy, and since it's not something most talked about, I'll put it on here.


1. Dr. Eggman Showdown (Sonic Lost World)



This boss theme sounds like it would in freaking Bravely Default, and god I loveeeeeee Bravely Default's soundtrack. So therefore I like this theme. It's got the orchestral and rock of Bravely Default, it works as a boss battle theme, and it's genuinely one of my favorites of the Lost World OST.


Bonus Questions of Going Fast: Part III


What if I never got into Sonic games? Then I would probably miss out the amazing music. I love video game music because in order to make VG music that's really attracting it has to have such a strong medley, and that's what a lot of these songs have. Missing out on that would seriously change my view on VG music and video games as a whol.


Bonus Questions of MLG Pro: Part IV


Because he can fly. There's no other way to put it, his flying power overwhelms these foes. Wouldn't you be afraid of somebody who could fly? He'll have the fear of Batman and the power of Two Butt Tail Rotors to win.


Bonus Questions of Ayyy: Part V


My closest friends on here? I haven't gotten that close with everybody, but the people I associate the most with and like hanging around with are the following:


Strickerx5 (Wahoo)

Ryannumber1gamer (Stay Number 1!)

Felix (Fite me)

Penny (Hey, go play Oneshot)

DBZHedgy (I like Neku more)

Rucdose (All the sudden you pop up and you turn out to be such a cool dude. Just no Cool Cat please)

Pink Cat (I prefer dogs, but there's something about cats I can't resist)


And some many others that would take forever to list! I've always mentioned it before but for somebody like me, I've never expected to see such hospitality from so many others who share the same interest as me about Video Games, Movies, (And that thing called Sonic or something). I know I have left out a lot of names on here, but rest assured, I haven't forgot about you. (Zer0, SurrealBrain, Lisbon, everybody on my friends list, and a lot of you folk on here)


But why would I?



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Final Zone uhh.. Question.... which three games would I smoosh into one big super game?


Weelll, I can kinda see what they were trying to do with Sonic 4, sort of trying to link it in with the previous classic games, but because they seemed like clones of the classics in so many ways, it just came off as a bit... pants! :D


So I think I'd try and merge Sonic 2, Sonic CD and Sonic 4 (sorry!) to try and clean up the latter and tie it in into one big story leading up to Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Time travel could be a thing, somehow... maybe... and the levels of Sonic 4 wouldn't just be shinier clones of the old levels, but the nice little cutscenes would still be there. Episode Metal could still be a thing, and you could perhaps play a reverse version of the Stardust Speedway race, against Sonic! :D


Bonus Day!


Bonus Question #1: If a one-shot antagonist from the past HAD to come back in some way, which one would you like to see make a return?


Does it have to relate to games?! :D




Not so much a one shot, as different types of the same kind appeared once... but in STC I was kinda interested in the Tantaror. I mean, what the fuck were they?! They seemed to be a kind of god-like race that liked playing around with foolish mortal Mobians, but I can't help but wonder if there was something a bit more sinister there. I guess it could have gone a bit Monster of the Week, though..


Bonus Question #2: What are your top FIFTEEN (or less) overlooked BOSS tracks?


Woaah fifeeen... really?! :D


Sonic Spinball - Boss



I kinda like the boss theme in Sonic Spinball. It's very 90s, kinda intimidating but at the same time quite catchy. Tell me you aren't tapping your foot along to the snare drum, there?!


Sonic CD JP/EU - Final Boss



WTF is up with that singing? Sounds like some Assassins' Creed II shit, there! :D


Sonic 3/Generations - Big Arm



I think I can blame this track for garnering my interest in Sonic Generations! Cause I love this track anyway, but this version is kinda rawk-tastic! \m/ Shame it wasn't on the Steam version, boo. :(


Sonic 4 - Boss



This is kinda wtf; it kinda sounds a bit... drunk... if you know what I mean! :D In general I'm not a fan of Sonic 4's music because I feel it was just trying too hard to sound like it's off the Mega Drive, but this is OK. It's catchy at least.


Sonic 3D Blast/Flickies' Island - Boss 1



This tune is frantic, but groovy as hell. :D I love the Mega Drive version's soundtrack, it sounds like they tried to squeeze everything they could out of that little machine.


Bonus Question #3: If you ended up never being a Sonic fan, what would you hate to have missed out on the most, whether it relates to the franchise itself and/or otherwise?


The games, fo sho... and I guess I wasn't much of a fan for a long time so I missed out on stuff like Sonic Adventure and SA2 when they first came out. I also missed the last days of STC, but it had gone into reprints for a while.


The big one would not be finding STCO I guess, so I wouldn't meet the lovely folks I met there...


Bonus Question #4: If Knuckles, Silver, Vector, Big, Omega, Zomom, Erazor, King Arthur, Black Doom, and Giant Demon Man from Sonic 1 Beta Artwork engaged in an arm-wrestling competition, why would Tails be the winner?


Cause Tails would big a bigass robot arm or something?! :D


Or he'd pull a cute, puppy-eyed face like Puss in Boots and no-one would be willing to fight him, so he'd win by default?!


Bonus Question #5: Who would you say are your best/closest/etc friends on the Sonic Stadium?


Tbh I don't have many friends on here that I didn't meet or know elsewhere! :D But I'd say Adamis, Oggy/Sly, The Fat Panda and KKM. :) You poor buggers! :P

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Bonus Question #1: If a one-shot antagonist from the past HAD to come back in some way, which one would you like to see make a return?:


Eh, again, not really the greatest fan of antagonists in general. I guess I'll go with Ifrit again, because of its cool arsenal of tricks that could be tapped into and the fact we might get a chance to pet it this time.


Bonus Question #2: What are your top FIFTEEN (or less) overlooked BOSS tracks?:


Of course you had to throw in a big one. Lessee...


Boss Theme (Sonic 1 16 Bit); The oldest one, and a corker of one to boot. Definitely great for bringing across the concept of the boss to gamers for the first time.


Boss Theme (Sonic 2 16 Bit); Take the above, and up the tempo and melody to make it sound more dramatic. That's the stuff, love the escalation that goes on through the loop until it reaches that high note.


End of Zone Boss Theme (Sonic & Knuckles); The mid-zone is a bit...lacking for my tastes, but this one sort of runs on the Sonic 2 philosophy of escalation and it's all the better for it. I especially like the undercurrent tune going on under the main one.


Doomsday Zone (Sonic & Knuckles); Despite all my gripes with S3&K as a package, it knew how to deliver an ending boss with its epic sounds that really sound like a desperate last stand that has to end right there.


Boss Theme (Sonic CD EU/JP version); Unlike the others, I just like it because it's funny. WORK THAT SUCKA TO DEATH.


Child's Song (Chaotix); From menacing to surreal, the boss of Speed Slider sure knows how to fit into the carnival theme with this carousel track. It sounds like it could be pretty playful, but the minor melody makes sure to keep the air of intimidation about it.


Pendulum (Chaotix); This is one that likes to surprise. At the start it's fairly steady and merely has a hard beat to it, but then near the end the music goes frantic and makes it really sound dangerous. A neat approach to it.


Oriental Legend (Chaotix); This one takes a different approach to by making the tune more frantic than dangerous. It's fast-paced, it's got a good hook to it, it's neat for a change of pace.


...Also maybe you should have kept the 1 track per game thing in. :/


Never Let It Go (Sonic the Fighters); Let's face, given Metal Sonic's OPness here, he was clearly intended to be a boss fight. And what a tune to go with it! It's grandiose, it's fitting of the opponent and location, there's a sense of escalation towards the end, a desperation to make it out alive. Superb!


Masters of the Desert (Sonic Adventure 2); While I didn't think much of the bosses themselves (King Boom Boo and Egg Golem), I did like their shared theme song. It sounds big and adventurous, plus the end is a catchy riff in itself. Definitely fits Eggman's style...so one has to wonder why King Boom Boo got it. Maybe because it was in Eggman's base?


For True Story (Sonic Adventure 2): Clearly a song meant to represent Shadow. It's a nice one, conveys the sensation of a rush while being pretty quiet relatively speaking (although with hard beats). It's a good way to segue into the last story. Speaking of... 


Supporting Me (Sonic Adventure 2): Again another track to fit in with Shadow's thing, this one is even more subdued, possibly the most of any boss theme. Still though, I think it has a great sound to it while still keeping enough pulse going to make it sound like a fight.


Team Chaotix (Sonic Heroes); Imagine being a little kid playing team Rose because they're the easy group, going through like la dee dah and then being hit in the face with this blatant ego feeding theme song for your opponents, exposing you to that catchy chorus riff and blunt loudness for the first time. Yeah, that's the stuff *throws double bird to the air because it goddamn counts*


What I'm Made Of (Sonic Heroes); The more recognised boss theme, and an excellent one at that. I only included one lyrical final boss theme because it's my list and I do what I want, but let it be known that I like all three. This one I chose just because I do like how it starts out bombastic right away, punctuating the fact that right at the start of the fight you're super and fighting for your life against a giant mecha dragon that used to be a hedgehog doppelganger. Plus it has that bit in the middle that leads into the instrumental that sounds fantastic.


Arid Sands Night (Sonic Unleashed); Wait, this isn't a boss I hear you cry! Yes, well that's because I brought up the boss track in the level question, so the level will be subbed in for the boss question. It's pretty closely linked actually, I love how they linked in the jazz to the atmosphere of the level, it's so sultry in a way, part of the exotic charm of the desert land. It's less epic than the boss but it's just so easy to listen to.


With Me (Sonic and the Black Knight); Basically the best thing to come out of the Storybook series is this track. There's just so much to like it about it; the heavy and desperate tone, the sheer highs the vocalists reach at the ends of the chorus, the wonderful harmonies. I think the female vocals bring something to it that really makes it that much more powerful.


BONUS BECAUSE IT'S A REMIX: Big Arm (Sonic Generations); In Generations 3DS, they took what was a decent boss track, and amped it up with so much electricity and guitar that it just becomes one of the best in the entire series. I just love how bombastic and threatening it is in this remix, The (relatively speaking) quiet but increasingly built up part leading into the very heavy reprise of the main melody really sells it


Bonus Question #3: If you ended up never being a Sonic fan, what would you hate to have missed out on the most, whether it relates to the franchise itself and/or otherwise?:


Well, I don't know if my reptile affinity would have properly kicked off, because while I may have had Dingodile for a long time just there to be hated at first, Vector and Espio really were catalysts for me to look at them with wider scope, and eventually come to love them. Komodo Joe literally wasn't even in the equation, as I just used to know him as that boss from CTR as opposed to a character. 


Then there are the more personal ramifications of their existence. I've unknowingly had brushes with the LGBT in my early childhood (I thought Percy from Thomas the Tank Engine was a girl, had "her" have a romance with Toby, and my parents said nothing about it), and I was far from the only one who noticed the bond between Jumba and Pleakley (through the show and sequel movie, I actually had to go back to watch the first film after them). but back I wasn't such a serious shipper, I still put them together lightly on DA for some things...and I got abuse for it. Having been in my bubble for so long, I didn't even know there was anything 'abnormal' about it, let alone that people would happily spew hatred for its mere existence. So I looked into it, discovered the struggles LGBT people went through, and vowed to stand by as an ally ever since, going so far as to stand against essentially the biggest name in the Crash Bandicoot fandom at the time because she was a hateful bigot. I've taken part in LGBT days at Uni and events in Stoke in recent years too, hoping to go back to S-O-T Pride '15 which takes place this month.


But it's not all a reptile fest, because Tails was a huge influence on my childhood and my character interests therein. He was cute little smart guy, I respected that, I looked up to that. I may not be anywhere near his level now, but he still powered my initial curiosity and interest in expanding knowledge. And that's still probably my biggest asset to this day.


Bonus Question #4: If Knuckles, Silver, Vector, Big, Omega, Zomom, Erazor, King Arthur, Black Doom, and Giant Demon Man from Sonic 1 Beta Artwork engaged in an arm-wrestling competition, why would Tails be the winner?:


It turns out they misread it and it's an arms-wrestling competition, and since Tails actually read the brochure properly he's the only one equipped with weapons because Rouge told Omega to unequip himself so that he didn't accidentally blow up the tournament. Oh well.


Bonus Question #5: Who would you say are your best/closest/etc friends on the Sonic Stadium?:


Well, again, I wouldn't say I'm super close to anyone outside of a Sonic discussion environment, but there are some people I would consider more readily friends within it. You yourself are an example of that, we just seem to have a lot of interests in common so we get it when we make these references to things like the Trolley Breezebuilder. Then there's Komodin, who I knew as Komodos on the SEGA Forums before he essentially went missing for a few years before resurfacing on here, he's always good for a light natter. There's TheFatPanda, I guess I saw him on Bumbleking from time to time, he ended up on here (may be reverse) and we ended up engaging in so many of the same discussions that it ended up in a bond with friendly banter. And then there's the KKM, who really is a thoughtful and intelligent person who I've gotten to know through multiple avenues. But that's hardly exhaustive, I like to think that I have an easier time getting along with others despite not forming strong links easily because I keep myself backed out and therefore with a more neutral base. 

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Day BONUS: The Day of the Unsurprising Surprise!


Right then, curtain call!


1. Returning one-shot antagonist


I'd probably go with the Deadly Six given that they're really the only ones that could come back. I did like them in Lost World and I'd love to see them expanded upon.


2. Top 15 5 overlooked boss tracks


Like other lists, no particular order:


Eggman Boss (Sonic Unleashed) - Nice bit of fast paced music to really get you into the fight. The occasional bursts of the World Adventure theme make it seem like music is also duelling with itself.


Time Eater (Sonic Generations) - It's quite an understated track but it is quite nice and does have a final "encounter" atmosphere to it.


Solaris Phase 1 (Sonic 2006) - This one's often quiet which conveys the emptiness of the world as Solaris engulfs it while the eventual pick ups  represent the heroes' battle to kick start reality again.


Metal Sonic Boss (Sonic 4 E2) - This one's just really catchy honestly. Hard to explain and it does loop too quick but it's still good.


Boss Theme 2 (Sonic 3D, Mega Drive) - This one plays in the likes of Rusty Ruins & Diamond Dust 3. Really catchy  with a slight melancholic/ sinister thrown in just to set the mood.                      


3. If you were never a Sonic fan 


Well, this place for starters. There's always something interesting going on in here Sonic or otherwise. As for the games themselves then I'd really have missed out on developing an obsession with speed. I'd never know the satisfaction of moving at such high speeds.


4. Tails' Arm Wrestling


Judging by that fighter list, Tails isn't actually competing with any of them so he won't be winning at arm wrestling.


Instead he takes on a four-way Twister tournament between himself, Eggman, Professor Pickle and, for no reason at all, miscellaneous bush from Spagonia.


Pickle abandons the game almost immediately to recover his lunch of cucumber sandwiches which he neglected to bring with him and thus disqualifies himself.


Eggman somehow trips over on his first instruction to put his foot on a circle and loses.


The bush is forcibly removed from the competition for refusing to follow or even acknowledge its first instruction even though it somehow managed to sign itself up for the competition in the first place.


Tails wins by default without ever having to make a first move. However, none of them remembered to bring an additional person to adjudicate the competition so now he too is out.


So no, Tails doesn't win and no-one wins the arm wrestling competition because it is a silly idea. The Twister tournament however is completely legitimate.


5. Who are your closest friends on the forum


Tricky one this. I don't really engage with people outside of he discussions in the topic. Honourable mention to the likes of Felix, Ryan and the other game night regulars though, there's been shenanigans inbound through gaming sessions and that's been great fun. I've also had a couple of private chat on a couple of occasions with individuals that needed someone to talk to about particular matters. I can only hope I was able to be of some help to them.


I can't say I've got any beef with anyone on the site, everybody's welcome and accommodated on my metaphorical banter boat. 


Well, it's been fun but it's time to bow out. See you all next time, wherever that might be.




6. HA HA! The post-surprise surprise!


Sorry, Hello again. What? I was hardly going to leave it like that was I? No, no, no there's still one last thing to do.


A big well done to Crusher for another year of SSMB's ultimate Sonic quiz. You put a hell of a lot of work into these man and it continues to show. You always give a pretty substantial response to your own questions which are always fun to read. A standing ovation for you my friend.


Now, there's a complimentary reservoir of Jaffa Cakes as you head out the exit there so help yourselves. Good work everybody, same time next year! 

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I was at Disneyland for the last 3 days, so I missed several
Day: XXIX: The Unsung Tunes
Here are my favorite underrated level musics.
Bygone Island:


Calming as all get out, reminds me of Bionicle (Mata Nui Online Game) somewhat.  
Bygone Island Speed:
Pretty much the only ROL track with real rhythm.
Sunset Park- Normal
Feels a lot like a TMNT song, and overall give you a feeling that this place is still somewhere out in the wild, so you gotta make it through yourself. Also kinda makes you have an ominous feeling about what lay ahead...
Tidal Plant
Robotnik knows Sonic's almost here, so he's decided to subject him to his worst nightmare: a watery base. Definitely does have that feeling of nightmare, like Robotnik's certainly out to kill you here.
Underground Zone
He's snatched your best friend in the world. He's going to make a new Badnik out of him... or worse. You've gone underground to try and avoid him. This trul gets that feeling of panic that your buddy is gone.
Dragon Dance

He took your best buddy, and it's all your fault. He's gonna have his cronies make a Badnik out of him. Now he wants to fight you with his dragon mech. You gotta accept that challenge, or else be lost forever in your own guilt.
Evil Foundry
Day the Last: Plot Mixing
Warning: Weirdness ahead.
I'd mix Lost World with the Boom duology (and Archie/Fleetway plotlines and unresolved SEGA loose ends) into a single, continuous arc, treating Colors as a breather and Gens as a non-canon celebration. 
Sonic and Robotnik engage in a dogfight above the skies of Mobius. Robotnik trolls Sonic by dropping the Animal Capsule onto the surface, and then shoots the Tornado's left wing. Tails then notices something in the sky above him. "What is that... moon?" "I don't know... but it seems man-made." Sonic and Tails then crash-land on this new moon. Sonic looks toward the cheap GHZ replica. "Looks familiar- and boring." Sonic ends up confronting Zazz, a psychotic Zeti hired by Robotnik. Robotnik then reveals his Deadly Six, "And they are your worst enemies!" Sonic, confident this new set of goofy enemies can be easily redeemed and becalmed, speeds away through the zones of the planet. 
At one point, he notices Dr. Robotnik is using a Cacophonic Conch to control the Six through torment like a dog whistle, Sonic knocks the Conch out of his hands, which allows the Six to overtake the Badniks and open fire. Sonic sits back and laughs for a bit before coming up to the Zeti, and then notices a shot has wounded Tails. Tails then takes cover to try and heal his wound, but Sonic then arrives to take him out of the situation before he is wounded any further. After getting Tails somewhere out of the line of fire. Sonic runs in to discuss with the large "chief" of the Six, Don Zavok. Zavok says they could easily find Sonic to be very useful indeed to them. With that, Sonic's confidence in them drops. 
Robotnik decides to hold a conference concerning the situation of the loose Zeti with Orbot and Cubot. SA-55 (AKA Ergo), Eggman's old co-pilot, re-appears to add his words into the topic. Ergo suggests "Ergo, to track down these demons, we need to ally with Sonic. It's a shame we didn't when Dark Gaia backstabbed us and launched us into the desert of Angel Island." Robotnik approaches Sonic, who has taken Tails to the beach to cheer him up and contemplate over these Zeti. Robotnik suggests that he and Sonic shall "Work cooperatively to stop the terror of the Deadly Six, escaped demons of darkness, just like always." Sonic reprimands him with "These guys are easy. Why do we need to team up?" Robotnik says "These are evil beings that may threaten the world!" "This is a bad idea! They could be redeemed! All you care about is your own empire of death and destruction, and I don't want to see any more slaves to it.", Sonic strongly replies.
Robotnik walks back to his Court of Mini-Bots. He says "As the rodent is stubborn as to believe the Six are redeemable, corruptible mortals, we shall declare this conflict a melee a' trois between us, Sonic, and the Six."  The bots comply, and decide to set up more war machines for taking out both parties. Escaping via an underwater tunnel, Sonic confronts and defeats Master Zik. As Master over Zavok, Sonic decides to question Zik for information concerning Zavok. "He resides upon a Lava Mountain, and the only safe entrance is through the Sky Road, a road of relics of many off-world creations assembled into a path leading to the base. I never had too much confidence in most of his underlings anyway. Zomom the yellow suffers from mommy issues and gluttony, Zeena the green is far too concerned with fashion to truly be a threat, and Zor is so depressed I feel he may be contemplating his own demise." Sonic then emerges in an icefield dominated by a factory.
Facing Zeena once, Sonic manages to beat her easily. Sonic remembers Zik's words about her pathetic obsessions with fashion, along with her unwillingness to really hurt Sonic (just as Zomom had before), as he heads into the innards of the factory. While there, Zeena appears again, and Sonic apologizes to her about her weakness. He offers her a chance to join him and leave her pathetic life behind. He wants her to see there is more to life than the "thug life", but Zeena decides "My job takes priority over some vermin's soliloquy.", and another fight commences. After the battle, Zeena awakens and decides "Maybe he is right. I should do something for myself." and decides to explore the factory. Tails informs Sonic the Factory is linked to a deep area of jungle on the planet, and they head off.
Checking his Miles Electric, he notices Amy is caring for the small animals Robotnik left behind. Amy mentions the planet around her is starting to die, with dying foliage, animals acting weird, and the Grandmasters having successfully overtaken the city with a propaganda campaign sparked by Grimer Wormtongue. Amy is then apprehended by Cassia and Clove, and Sonic then shuts off the video feed. Travelling into the jungle, Tails attempts to trick a Badnik capsule but is trapped inside as it vanishes. Zor informs him "Tails will get a treatment the doctor couldn't treat him with." Sonic then rushes through the jungle after beating Zor's ass, but the jungle suddenly begins to self-destruct behind him. Sonic ends up on Sky Road, where Robotnik is beginning an aerial assault on the area to ensure the Zeti are doomed. Sonic is now truly in the midst of a three-way war between the Zeti, Robotnik, and him. He knows he has to save Tails, otherwise he will be alone.
Sonic battles Zavok with pride in the information his lessers have granted him, and defeats him. Zavok makes a break for Robotnik's abandoned drainer, and begins to drain Mobius. Sonic gasps in horror that Mobius is undergoing yet another major calamity.  Sonic then speeds off into the Lava Mountain to confront and defeat Zavok again. Trampling the Zeti several times, Sonic is left to explore Zavok's true lair in Volcano Z. He introduces Sonic to the Neos Tailsnik. This Badnik suddenly mutates into a monstrous super-badnik of death and destruction (think Iris's mutated form from Megaman X4). Sonic blows up the new Badnik, but Tails falls into his arms and seemingly dies. Sonic screams "WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOR!!!!" as Zavok heads up into his main room.
Sonic goes into the room after laying Tails in a glass-lidded coffin to find a horrible surprise from Zavok. He has stolen the Sol Emeralds, becoming Burning Zavok, whom Sonic defeats. Burning Zavok then undergoes a second, agonized, painful transformation into Lunaris-al-ex-Luminus, his final form. Lunaris-al-ex-Luminus rises into the sky above him, claiming "THOSE IMBECILES WERE ONLY STEPPING STONES FOR MY GRAND DEBUT! YOU WILL EXPERIENCE THE FIRES OF HELL ONE LAST TIME!" Sonic goes Super to fight the monstrosity as he wrecks the fortress below.  Defeating Lunaris-al-ex-Luminus, Zavok reverts in mid-air and falls to his death. Robotnik emerges in a new machine: the Egg President. 
Just as Sonic fights the Egg President, Robotnik suddenly ejects to leave it to fight Sonic by itself. Defeating the mech, Robotnik reveals his true deadly machine, the Egg Dragoon Final-Production-Type, a Powered Armor reminiscent of Magma Dragoon. Fighting against the Egg Dragoon Final-Production-Type, Sonic is nearly killed, and the machine avoids destruction. Tails resurfaces alive and well, and then pulls a switch on the floor underneath Sonic. "This world wasn't lost, Sonic... it was hidden."  Lost Hex is really Little Planet, A.K.A. the Death Egg II.  Robotnik has entered the Control Deck of the station, and has begun Operation Z.E.R.O.-E.U.R.A.S.I.A., an attempt to conquer the lifeless Mobius once and for all. 
Sonic has to stop this ZERO-EURASIA from happening, but he is trapped in a room filled with teleporters into boss rooms. These teleporters lead to:
* Fiona Fox, hand-picked from the Destructix for her tragic past and history with Sonic. She now seeks to end the cruel world that created her and the rest of the Destructix. After Sonic defeats her, Fiona says "Sonic... you and Tails still make me feel... comfortable. Please... run away from Robotnik. I want a world... where only... Mobians.... exist." before dying in Sonic's arms. Sonic screams "WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOR!!!!!!!!!" as he carries her body into the main room.
* Mecha Sally-S, now controlled by a virus which has bent her to it's will. Mecha Sally-S attaches Roboticized Drones to her body to enhance her strength and defeat the enemy. Destroying the mech, Sonic cradles Mecha Sally and takes her into the main room. 
* Thrash the Tasmanian Devil, satisfied with having wiped all life off Angel Island, now wants to erase all evidence of it and end his own miserable being. Recognizing what Thrash had previously done, Sonic takes no mercy in fighting him. He is killed in battle, and Sonic leaves the room as he explodes in flame and darkness, sobbing.
* Blaze (Sonic 2006 Incarnation), locked in the Lost Hex after being stranded from her dark timeline, has taken Mephiles's word to heart and now wants to slay Sonic one last time. She's become corrupted by Mephiles thoroughly, with crystal spires poking out of her body. She is killed in battle, and Sonic leaves the room as she explodes in flame and darkness, and thanks Sonic for ending her existence.
* Dr. Zachary, having fled to the Lost Hex from the destruction of the Special Zone (done to get rid of the Echidnas), has now gained an overcharge in power from Zavok's draining. Zachary wants Mobius to be annihilated, and thoroughly approves of ZERO-EURASIA. He is killed in battle, and Sonic leaves the room as his dead body melts after heart failure.
* Fleetway Chaos, now back in his monstrous liquid body, wants to kill everything in sight so he can overtake ZERO-EURASIA. He is killed in battle, and Sonic leaves the room as he dissolves into black smoke. 
However, Sonic hears that Lost Hex has now gone through the moon, destroying it completely. Robotnik appears, and chooses to battle Sonic one more time. Sonic becomes Hyper Sonic to confront the Egg Nihlus. The Egg Nihlus then releases the Drained Energy onto Mobius to restore it to life... just as Lost Hex crashes into Mobius entirely. Sonic is rescued by Tails and Amy in the Cyclone as they head onto Bygone Island..
Knuckles and Blaze are on the island. Blaze has chosen to seek survivors on the ruined Mobius, while Knuckles is waiting for the heroes of the Lost Hex to return. Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles set up camp near the thick jungles, where Sonic lays Fiona and Mecha Sally. Amy is assigned as their nursemaid, while Knuckles is chosen to do domestic duties around the camp. He leaves the door open as a memorial to Julie-Su, whom he is now sure is dead. A badger walks into the door, she calls herself Sticks. Amy and Sticks become fast friends as Sonic and Tails arrive. Robotnik is now looking into the windows of the base, and decides to pursue Sonic and co with Metal Sonic. 
Sonic and company, except Sticks, who has chosen to care for Sally and Fiona, run off into the woods, where they discover an old tomb. As they are surrounded by Troopers and Egg Swats, Sonic places his hand on the door, and it fits perfectly and opens wide. Sonic and co now run inside, where they see a large statue of a snake, which cracks open to reveal Lyric, the last Ancient. Lyric announces he will get revenge on the Ancients for imprisoning him as a heretic, and slithers away out onto the shores. Sonic and company head back to the hut to see Fiona has miraculously awoken, and is now confused why she is here. Sonic affirms her he has rescued her from death, and she replies "Good work, Sonic." 
Sonic and friends go onto the excavation site where the tomb was discovered, seeking Lyric. Lyric then appears, and takes control of the Roboticized Bunnie and Nicole, and uses them to fight the two of them with their tormented memories. As they fight, Lyric then takes control of many Badniks and assembles an army of them. Knuckles is assigned to lift Bunnie and Nicole into the hut. The four head out into the village to hear of Lyric's re-emergence. The only peep is from a porcupine named Perci, who thinks Sonic and company work for Lyric. She, of course, battles them, until she is defeated and learns Sonic and Co are against Lyric. Perci joins the party to hunt Lyric's serpentine posterior.
In the deep underground network of laboratories, Professor Cliff points out a strange black hedgehog. Shadow then attacks Sonic's party, blaming them for "destroying everything I once was once again. Now I have nothing at all, thanks to you and your lunar lunacy. Die." After the battle, the five are sucked back in time to the land of the Ancients. Within the laboratories, Lyric is performing experiments with scientific technology. He is using a Chaos Crystal to achieve a high, and is using a machine to maximize his high off his Chaos Crystal. Having been driven to wear a mechanical armor, Lyric then attacks Sonic and company again. They then witness Lyric being sealed as a heretic by a large group of Ancients, the holy leaders of which were all hedgehogs. Perci notes that the women are all dressed much like Arabs and regulated to the very back. 


Emerging back in their time, Sonic and company head back to the hut to discuss with Sticks and Fiona. Fiona claims "Robotnik is planning a deep-sea attack with Metal Sonic!" Sonic and Tails decide to stay with Fiona as Amy, Knux, Sticks, and Perci head out to the river to confront Robotnik. Robotnik has made a deal with Lyric: if Lyric controls his armies, he will get revenge on the Ancients, and Robotnik gets Bygone Island. "Do really well and you get these slave girls!" Robotnik points to Cassia and Clove, tied in the back of the Eggmobile. Defeating both Metal Sonic and the Egg Dragoon Final, the party then track Lyric down into Bygone Village. Perci says "None of them will listen to me. They call me a heretic and a weird woman. They honestly want to burn me at the stake." Remembering the people of Bygone Village as assholes, the rest decide to leave the townsfolk to their fate.


It turns out the people of Bygone are simply under Lyric's rule, and have formed an angry mob with old Shadow (who has chosen to act his age from now on) to try and get Sonic and company. Perci's house has been annihilated to the ground, and a crude statue of Lyric eating Perci alive has been added in its place. The mob is interrupted by Blaze and her survivors: Marine, Mina Mongoose, Lupe, Leeta, Lyco, Larry Lynx, Ebony, Morain Blackthorn, Big, Relic, Mighty and Ray, Coral and Pearly, Bow and Thorn, and the Rabbit family (Cream, Vanilla, Cheese, Chocola, Milk).  A curb-stomp battle ensues, and it ends with Shadow fighting Blaze. Blaze knocks Shadow down and promises him she is going to find out about Rouge and Omega for him. 


Lyric set up shop in the crashed Death Carrier, and has captured Sonic, Tails, Fiona and the Roboticized Team Freedom. He then takes control of Team Freedom and makes them into one super-robot: Devil Serpentis Tyrannus. Defeating DST by trapping him, Perci confronts Lyric as he attaches Big Arm to his body to become a final combat form. After his defeat, the group are whisked into the future.


Bygone Village is now "Shadowtown", ruled by Emperor Shadow von Lyricx, an old, crusty, bloodthirsty tyrant controlling helpless plebeians by force. "This is Shadowtown! Empire of villainy! Better shoot first or it'll be your last!" At the center of town is a statue of Shadow stepping on the dead bodies of Maria and Rouge, reading "Kindness is a vapid show of failed instinct. Be cruel: rule."  Seeing Shadow commit a deadly Mobian sacrifice, the group then choose to ambush Shadow from behind. They ask him about the fate of Blaze, and why he's become an utter tyrant. Shadow replies "She brought me the Two, the Two were wicked and corrupt. They both preferred Blaze very well. I renounced them and all feeling. Deep feeling is for plebeians." Shadow then notices the next young woman about to be brought to him. He says "Take her to become an acolyte. She will do very well." The Seven run away from Shadowtown, only to find themselves in Shadowville. 


Shadowville proves to be one of many Shadow-related towns, including Shadowburg, Shadowhamlet, Shadow Whistle-stop, Shadow Station, Shadowpoint, and Shadowborough. They decide they must fight their way through the Shadow towns to find their way back home and save the world. After overcoming each town, Shadow confronts them one last time, now consuming the Chaos Crystals to become Crystalus the Damned. Crystalus's defeat opens up Lyric's Palace, where he is being served by Cassia and Clove and enjoying a life of leisure. Lyric decides to talk to Sonic concerning the Ancients. He tells them the Ancients were "A nasty people, against any advantages. Deadly traditionalists." Sonic is unconvinced, so Lyric warps them all back to the past of the Ancients again. 


Tails hears Tikal conversing with an Ancient about nature, and believes the Ancients might not be bad. But then he finds a concubine being whipped to death in the plaza, and people cheering. A scientist who has discovered penicillin is taken to be burned at the stake. Plenty of other nastiness happens in the streets of the city. Sonic and co soon decide Lyric's revenge was well-intentioned, and that the situation wasn't too bad except for Lyric trying to kill Sonic for thinking he was one of the elders of the village. They are warped back into their main timeline, where Perci decides to jump into Lyric's mouth. Sonic screams "DON'T!" as Perci crawls out and tells him "I don't like the Ancients either, could you please stop your rampage?" 


Lyric questions Perci about her information. Perci replies that "I have witnessed their evil firsthand." Lyric decides "I am afraid there may be Ancients somewhere in this tomb. .. You must defeat them all one day." He makes a last speech of "I am a monster. I do not wish to be able to wage my wrath on the innocent. I want to grant ye a gift.." He then de-roboticizes Sally, Bunnie, and Nicole.  Tails said "You do not seem to have wrath, rather: you bear gifts. Your science is beautiful." "My science is apart from my body. My body and soul are washed in villainy." Lyric replies. Fiona says "Above you lay the guilty. You should not fear." Lyric then coils up and imprisons himself back in a statue, now coiled up. Returning to the surface, and with Sally, Bunnie, and Nicole sporting new outfits, they notice the survivors have found Rouge and Omega (and Chrysalis) no worse for wear. Shadow is appeased with this discovery. Rouge then nuzzles Blaze as Omega cuddles them. "As long as they are happy." Mayor Shadow goes back into his hut as the people of Bygone Village chose to tolerate the weary survivors. 


From behind, Silver, Lara-Su, and Shard are watching. "We've been saved." Silver says. 


A while later, Cliff is excavating from the tomb of Lyric. He notices several statues along the wall of menacing warriors...

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Bonus Question #1: If a one-shot antagonist from the past HAD to come back in some way, which one would you like to see make a return?


I'd like to see the return of Fang, especially in a main-line game. There's so much potential in a character like that, he'd be perfect as a foil throughout a whole game.


Bonus Question #2: What are your top FIFTEEN (or less) overlooked BOSS tracks?


Sonic 2 - Death Egg Robot. It really does sound like a climatic countdown.

Sonic & Knuckles - Doomsday Zone. The whole level is a boss battle, so it counts. Again, really does sound like impending doom is near and seems to countdown in a frenetic way.

Sonic 3D Blast - Final Boss. For being so minimalist.

Sonic & The Black Knight - Fight the Knight (Instrumental). I like the vocal version too, but the strings add a different dimension. Sounds more epic.

Sonic Generations - Death Egg Robot. MOAR DRUMS.


Bonus Question #3: If you ended up never being a Sonic fan, what would you hate to have missed out on the most, whether it relates to the franchise itself and/or otherwise?


Summer of Sonic. I've never been to any other sort of convention, and these have been absolutely fantastic in every way.


Bonus Question #4: If Knuckles, Silver, Vector, Big, Omega, Zomom, Erazor, King Arthur, Black Doom, and Giant Demon Man from Sonic 1 Beta Artwork engaged in an arm-wrestling competition, why would Tails be the winner?


Hmm...nearly every character there is a loser. As in, they lost their big battles. Tails is a winner. He Ice cold stares them out, gets in their heads, boom, they're a quivering wreck before they even start. Big isn't a loser, but is too chill for a contest such as this. Vector  gets too cocky, Tails dismantles Omega. Demon Man realises he doesn't exist and loses. Boom, Tails wins.


Bonus Question #5: Who would you say are your best/closest/etc friends on the Sonic Stadium?


I is a loner, and I don't mind that.

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The guys from Tails' Sky Patrol. I'd imagine they could work in a similar fashion to that of the Deadly Six, since they all seem to be really distinct in terms of character and design, maybe even personality if their encounters should show for it. 




Kind of short on time at the time I'm writing this, so I'll just list them out and link 'em all later. 


1. Sonic Triple Trouble: Nack's Theme


Listen to this theme. Listen to how sneaky and suave this theme sounds. Seriously, you can totally imagine this theme being played with some acoustic guitars during some western type film. I love it and I think it totally suits the character. 


2. Sonic 4: Episode 2's Boss Theme


...what? It's catchy. Sure, it's repetitive, I'll admit that, but it was always a theme I thought fit well with the situation going on.


3. Sonic Blast's Final Boss Theme


Remember when I said Silver Castle was dramatic for a level track? Well, this track more or less takes that drama and amps it up several notches. It has that "Grand Finale" feeling to it, and it should, especially given the situation. 




Well, I'd probably just miss playing the games themselves. They're the things that gave the most memories in terms of the franchise of a whole, so I feel a lot more nostalgia towards just those. I'd also probably miss getting to see the surroundings, the characters...


...heck, I'd probably just miss the franchise as a whole. This series means a lot to me, and letting it go, here and now, would be a hell of a lot of work for me to do.




Because Tails has some sort of superhuman grip on things. I mean, how else do you think he can hold the rest of Team Sonic without even slipping any of them outta of his hands?




Well, a lot of friends I've spoken about I've already covered back in the first time, so I guess I can go ahead and take this time to start to appreciate some other guys that I've only just started to become friends with. I'm talking about guys like Forte-Metallix, Osmium and -Virtual Tiger Ike-. You guys are awesome and it's seriously great to know that even some of the newer guys are enjoying their time here on the forums. 


But, that does make this exclusive to only them! All of my praise goes out to those of my friends who stick with me in the status updates, the Skype chats and those of you who are just there to stick around with me for anything I may so happen to do. I'll also give a shout out to the moderators for heavily attempting to keep the place in check, despite how busy their outside lives may be. And most importantly to the man who started this off in the first place! Seriously, Doc, ya outdid yourself this time around!


Thank you all for this! 

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Bonus Question #1: If a one-shot antagonist from the past HAD to come back in some way, which one would you like to see make a return?


Time Eater from Sonic Generations. They really didn’t do a whole lot with it and it was supposed to be this huge bad thing being played up through the game and also not forgetting the fact that Dr. Eggman and Dr. Robotnik were in control of the thing.


Bonus Question #2: What are your top FIFTEEN (or less) overlooked BOSS tracks? (Don't worry, there's no "one choice per game" rule for this one, so choose at your own leisure.)


Boss – Pinch (Sonic Advance 3)



I love the tracks in Sonic Advance 3, but I definitely love the pinch version of the regular boss theme.


Boss (Sonic the Hedgehog Master System/Game Gear)



I really the boss track in this game; It’s short, but really catchy to listen too. I cartoony but sort of intense battle with Dr. Robotnik. Also adding the fact that Yuzo Koshiro was head of the game’s soundtrack adds even more awesomeness. Oh how I wished he did some remixes on other Sonic games, I bet they would sound amazing.


Boss Theme (Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Master System)



Mini-Boss (Sonic the Hedgehog 3)



I really love the style that Michael Jackson gave in like what kind of an opponent you were going to face during the journey that wasn’t against Dr. Robotnik. I preferred this over the Sonic & Knuckles’ mini boss track.


Egg Wyvern (Sonic the Hedgehog 2006)



It really strikes in the opposing fear that Dr. Eggman brings when he summons a giant wyvern to do battle Sonic in their climatic battle and I do think it’s a pretty cool boss battle them.


Deadly Six Theme (Sonic Lost World)



As much shit as people give to the Deadly Six, and I definitely agree with them character wise and ability wise, but I really do get a kick out of the first battle theme when you face them during your journey.


Bonus Question #3: If you ended up never being a Sonic fan, what would you hate to have missed out on the most, whether it relates to the franchise itself and/or otherwise?


SSMB, plain as simple. Isn’t just meeting with other fellow Sonic fans and getting to have fun interacting with, but also fans of franchises outside of Sonic. In fact, there are a few series I got really interested in thanks to you guys.


Bonus Question #4: If Knuckles, Silver, Vector, Big, Omega, Zomom, Erazor, King Arthur, Black Doom, and Giant Demon Man from Sonic 1 Beta Artwork engaged in an arm-wrestling competition, why would Tails be the winner?


Because he’s tough little BA. No one would DARE mess with him! He is that one from Team Heroes that seems to be underestimated the most and he has untapped potential to woop some serious ass.




Also, he looks cute when he’s serious.


Bonus Question #5: Who would you say are your best/closest/etc friends on the Sonic Stadium?


I can’t really say since I haven’t really gotten much closer with anyone on SSMB than I did initially, but I have definitely made newer friends during the later years of 2014 and now 2015 so I’ll just have to list them off down below:


Gabe, -Ace-, Jords, Jovahexeon Joranvexeon, Johnny Boy. You guys are really great and hopefully meet with you guys like on Skype chats or whichever. At the very least, I’d feel like we would become better acquainted, unless we accidently bumped into each at an anime/game convention. I’m sorry if I left anyone out that I didn’t mention here or in last year, so feel free to let me know.


I guess that’s it for me, then I really hope I can fully attend something like this like last year.

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Well. Last day. Let's go!


Bonus #1: Well, if we're just counting characters who have truly been in only one game (which means Nack is probably out of the question), than I'd like to see the Deadly Six return. Maybe we could learn some more about them. Besides, what DID happen to them at the end of Lost World?


Bonus #2: I can't think of fifteen. So, you'll get this short list instead;



1: Boss: Chaos Ver. 0, 2, and 4 - Sonic Adventure


I think it sounds really cool, honestly.



2: Boss: Chaos Ver. 6 - Sonic Adventure


Why? Because I loves me some electric guitar.



3: Suitable Opponent Vs. Character Battle theme - Sonic Adventure 2


There are not many songs from SA2 I disliked and this is actually one of my favorites



4: For True Story - Sonic Adventure 2


I can barely understand the lyrics, but I love this song anyway. Stars don't twinkle, moon don't shine, Remember that.



5: Supporting Me - Sonic Adventure 2


Favorite song out of anything in this entire franchise. And with the series almost always having great music, that's a big deal. As for why I like it so much? Shit, even I don't know. I just freaking love the way it sounds. It deserve much more recognition.



6: Robot Carnival/Storm - Sonic Heroes


I find this to be quite the good track for facing the shit ton of robots that get thrown at you.



7: Boss Team Dark - Sonic Heroes


This counts, right? I love This Machine and to have part of it play when facing Team Dark as Team Sonic is nothing short of awesome.



8: Boss Team Chaotix - Sonic Heroes


Did I mention I also love Team Chaotix's theme as well?



9: Mephiles Phase 2 - Sonic 06


Is this song considered overlooked? I'm not sure, but I'm putting it anyway. I mean, listen to how creepy it sounds at some points, especially in the very beginning.



10: Dark Gaia's Spawn - Sonic Unleashed


Really love the little beat and trumpet at certain intervals.




11: Through the Fire - Sonic and the Black Knight


Oh Crush 40. Are you ever going to do work for another Sonic game again? This is probably my favorite of their songs. Or at least in the top three.




12: With Me - Sonic and the Black Knight


Oh damn. I freaking love this song. It's not like the other lyrical songs we've heard for the final bosses, but that makes it all the more special.




13: Egg Nega Wisp Phase 1 - Sonic Colors


I like me my epic orchestral music. I like it very, very much.


Wow, thirteen, not bad.


Bonus #3: There would be a shit ton of things I'd miss. For instance, playing what have become some of my favorite games, watching the different cartoons... I probably wouldn't pay much attention to fan art or fan fiction. And, I likely wouldn't be here, as Sonic is the reason I got into forums in the first place.


Bonus #4: Why would Tails win? Because he's a genius that's why.


Bonus #5: Uh... honestly, I haven't really gone out of my way to socialize with people here. That said, I've talked with Verte and 'Penthe from time to time, and recently have chatted with Kiah and Komodin. Crow and Speederino are two I've talked with in a bit of length as well. If I missed anyone, I'm sorry! ^^;;

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So it seems like I've done goofed in some things so time for me to do a clean up.





The merch that I value most is probably the first one I got and the second latest one, I can't choose one or the other here. Sorry Crusher, I'm a sentimental guy, it's how I was raised mate.


The first was a Sonic shirt really, got it from Wal-Mart, it's a miracle I know.


I wear it whenever something Sonic-related happens like a new game is out or the yearly anniversary, it was cool and I had some nice wearing the shirt. It's a nice shirt.


The other one is 11 inch(I think?) Modern Sonic figurine and I got from my best pal on my birthday last year. Not sure if you folks remember but I'm really close with this guy and as I said, our friendship can rival Sonic & Tails'. We're that tight, bruh. But yeah, it's really cool of him to not only chill at my place for a while, we played RoL for a while he didn't like it at all XD, but to give a cool figurine as well. That's a real friend, guys!


So yeah, that's it from my end!




So since I've chose 2 instead of 1, I'm gonna stick with the shirt since I've had that longer than the figurine. I mean, what use does a figurine have instead of being a display thing really. So yeah, gonna stick with the shirt.




4. I guess the fact I don't have a real strong preference for Sonic, I can easily understand where each person has their likes/dislikes for certain games. So since I consider myself pretty open-minded to Sonic, I can easily understand others and me being a nice guy and all, makes it easy for me to be buddy-buddy with anyone.



Well this one was just really stupid since I didn't even answer the question. I guess since I'm not too abrasive when it comes to my opinions to the series, I'm a lot more approachable to the series so people can be comfortable talking to me so me being a friendly guy helps making friends. Real sorry if it sounds awkward, really not sure how to word this right. So hope it's understandable enough atleast.


Hope that's it.

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Alright. I've fixed my questions.



Question #6: What is the single most hilarious thing to come out of the entirety of Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 for you?

Oh boy, What to pick. What to pick. I'll go with:


The cutscene is just so horribly done, so horribly acted, and just so horrible in every single possible way that you can help but laugh at it. You can't help but laugh at the lack of chemistry between Sonic & Elise, you can't help but laugh at the terrible lines they're given, you can't help laughing at the terrible voice acting, and you can't help laughing at this stupid idea and the terrible execution of the idea.



Question #9: What's your absolute favourite portrayal of your top favourite character?

Personally, I would like to mention


Number 1: Knuckles (Post!#252 Archie Sonic):


''Here I come, rougher than the rest of them, rest of them, tougher than leather, they call me Knuckles, Unlike Sonic, I don't chuckle!''

When the comics had went into reboot mode with Issue #252 thanks to Ken Penderp. I was worried about Knuckles considering he was going to be hit hardest with the reboot. Thankfully, that wasn't the case, because he because freaking amazing, especially after Total Eclipse. In the recent Champions arc, he was so funny with how absent minded he was. For example, Amy Vs Knuckles had Amy talking to Sonic, only for Knuckles to flat out knock her out of the ring, leave her injured, and then stare at the crowd confused, asking ''...Weren't we fighting....?''

Then the recent issue had things like Knuckles and Sonic having sort of a big brother relationship, in contrast to Sonic & Tails' little bro relationship. Sonic and Knux played off each other really well, for example, when Amy says she's going with Knuckles to help find the Master Emerald shards, Werehog Sonic gets jealous and Knuckles replies to an annoyed Sonic with ''Wassamatter Shaggy? Jealous?''

This Knuckles is just so much better. He's still the smart, tough, guy that used to be present in the games, while being so much better without the needless stupid baggage added on by Penderp. But he's funny, he's loyal, he's pretty damn cool to his friends now, and he's all around awesome.




First off, Crusher, If that's a Mr.Bean picture, you've earned cool points in my book.


Question #10: What's your top favourite episode out of ALL cartoon episodes?

Oh boy. That's a toughie.


Well, considering I have no memory of most of the X episodes or the SatAM episodes, and I hate Underground and Adventure of. I guess I'm going with Sonic Boom.


But what episode? Well, since they're pretty much high up there for me, I'll say my best and then my two runners up.




''Oh my god Ryan, why are you picking the cliche one?!'' -Buries head into hands.-


''Hey gang, you arrived early, I haven't even gotten out of my evil PJs yet. They have a trap door!''


Can an Evil Genius Crash on your Couch for a few Weeks?: What can I say? It's just so a good example of how these characters can work in this setting, and it's the best portrayal of Eggman and Sticks in the series to date. I just love all the reactions and interactions in this episode. From Sonic being such a cool guy and letting his arch enemy crash in....well Tails' house which Sonic's sleeping in, despite having his own house but whatever, to Eggman's constant pillow fights, to his evil PJs.


Then there's Orbot and Cubot. Despite the fact Eggman constantly treats them like crap, he still secretly cares about them, enough that out of all the robots he could choose, he chooses them to take them from his ''destroyed base''. But still he gives them some of the most funniest lines in the episode. For example Sonic: ''Orbot, Cubot, aren't you guys tired?'' Eggman: They're robots! They don't get tired!......BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO SOULS!'' Orbot: ''Hey -'' Cubot: ''No...he's right...''.


Then there's Amy trying to play the kind ear listening to everyone's annoyance, Sticks trying to pronounce words and getting pissed off, and so much more.


Runners Up:




''See, I told you this Ryan guy is cliche. That's two cliche favourites already >.<''


''He's pretending to be Sonic again'', ''Yeah? I'M NOT BEING AMY AGAIN''


The Meteor: Not really much to say other than this is a mind swap episode done right. From Sonic attempting to run fast in Eggman's body (Gotta go fast amirite?), to Roger Craig Smith trying to ham it up as much as Mike. This was such a good episode.


Runner Up 2: The Sidekick




 ''I told ya you needed more Sports Tape! You had none on your head Tails! >:U''


''You tried to keep me safe by putting me in more danger?'' ''THE PLAN HAD HOLES!''


The Sidekick: Alright. I'm going to admit it. I'm a fan of the Sonic/Tails bromance. But, Lost World especially soured my enjoyment of the relationship when Sonic was turned into a pig headed idiot and Tails was turned into a brat. But Boom finally brought back the bromance in full swing and I love it so. It's full of so many good moments.




Question #11: What is your single most cherished bit of Sonic memorabilia?
Well this is a hard one. Personally, my favourite one would be just my Archie Sonic comics alone. They're such a pain to get in the UK and for a good price because you need to have a full on comic shop near by who will actually get the comics in. Back during Worlds Collide, I found out Forbidden Planet got the comic in.s. Finding that out made me so happy, and it's great because I've gotten some of my favourite stories from the post!#252 comic.
Sorry I don't have much to mention here but I really don't have many memorabilia tbh.


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