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Dr. Crusher

Dr. Crusher Presents: The 30 Days of Sonic the Hedgehog Mk.II (Daft and Tolerating It)-PAGE 72, FIN

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Question #27: Which character(s) do you feel get a bad rep that they don't deserve?


Silver. It seems to me that he gets a lot of dislike for having to have had the very bad luck to both have his debut in the worst main game of the series (if we exclude RoL), but he did so right before they focused less on the extended cast, so that has been left to be his defining appearance. I can imagine he could come back & be refined if SEGA felt the need, which I think Generations showed is possible.

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Question #23: Retro Round
-Retro Question #1: Do you have any plushies/figures of any Sonic characters, and/or are there any Sonic characters that you'd LIKE to have a plushie/figure of? (I realise this one might feel like a repeat of this year's own memorabilia-related question from before, but I felt this one was still different enough in the sense that it also asks for what you would like to get in the future.)
-Retro Question #2: What are your top three zone types/tropes/etc in general?
-Retro Question #3: Who is/are your favourite villain(s)... APART from Robotnik?
-Retro Question #4: In what way(s) have you made friends within the Sonic fanbase?
RQ#1: I had plush dolls of Sonic,  Shadow, and Knuckles.  I would love an Action figure set of the Deadly Six.  As well as an Omega figure. 
RQ#2: City themes,  amusement park themes,  and Eggman HQ type - levels. 
RQ#3: Dr. Eggman,  Metal Sonic and the Deadly Six.
RQ#4:Well,  For starters there's my commentating posse,  SCWRM Comms with pppp, Teoskaven, CaitlinSprite, and Dwibs. We've all initially met each other thanks to this here site devoted to Sonic,  the SSMB.

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Question #7: Which character(s) do you think would have the easiest time adjusting to the real world?


I think Amy would have the easiest time adjusting to the real world since she's probably used to living in the city where the atmosphere is busy and lively. I'd like to think Cream would also adjust nicely since she's pretty neighbourly and quite communicative. Rouge definitely would too since she'd have ease in discovering and searching for numerous choices and possibilities as she's quite secretive and sneaky.

Question #18: Realistically, which character(s) would you say you would have the biggest chance(s) of befriending?


Probably Silver since he is genuinely hospitable and kind to those who aren't hostilely disturbing him or getting in his way. Others would be Cream since she's very friendly, Amy since she's very open and sweetly sociable when not hung up on Sonic and also Knuckles, Blaze and most especially Team Chaotix since they add so much fun and entertainment to the atmosphere. Hearing them argue, bicker or perform certain antics would be enjoyable and hilarious. I'd probably get along with Espio the most since he's very chilled and relaxed with a cool personality.


Question #28: Which boss(es) do you feel deserve more recognition?


Captain Whisker and Johnny (SRA)




I think it's pretty cool that you get to physically fight with Captain Whisker and Johnny head on with no mechanical business going on. You get to fight the antagonists straight ahead near the climax of the game. It also really showcases the strength that these two have when they work together.


Ghost Titan (SRA)




This was quite intense and slightly challenging for a penultimate boss fight. It was quite menancing and threatening too. I found it more challenging than the final boss itself which is why I feel deserves a bit more appreciation. The music also adds to the scene of the boss fight making it quite chilling and providing you with the strong feeling that you're about to face something huge, troublesome and unbelievably challenging.


Lancelot Returns (SATBK)




Lancelot makes a comeback in style. First time around, he was very easy but BAM incomes to the second fight and he proves to be more of a challenge and is definitely much more difficult this time around what with him being quicker and more powerful which makes up for the first fight. He has rapid and fast responses to counterattacks and uses his chaos powers very effeciently during battle which effectively makes him more of a threat to Sonic in this fight which I think is pretty cool.


Dark Gaia Phoenix (Sonic Unleashed)



I find this to be quite a fun boss fight. I genuinely get a real kick out of thrashing and beating the hell out of the Phoenix (once it eventually settles down on one of the platforms). The QTEs also provide a nice cinematic view of Sonic laying the smackdown on the beast more than once and I always thought the howling he makes after throwing the Phoenix down every few times suggests that he gets a real thrill out of fighting this monster. I liked seeing him do this. Out of all the Dark Gaia minion/night bosses in Unleashed, I find this to be the most enjoyable one (it only comes second to the Egg Dragoon boss fight).


Honourable mentions: Egg Beetle, Tails Vs Eggman (2nd battle), Egg Viper, E101 Mkll

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Well, due to outside circumstances, I unfortunately wasn't able to complete all of the remaining questions satisfactorily. Here are my answers to #21, 24 and 25:


Question #21: Which character interactions would you like to see that aren't common?
I’m sure that this is at least somewhat unpopular, but I’ve always wanted to see Knuckles and Blaze interact more. I mean, both characters are pretty similar, when you think of it. I can’t help but imagine that they’d make for good friends when they see what the other is like as a guardian of their respective items.
Question #24: What was your most intense or nerve-wracking IN-GAME moment(s)?
The most tense I’ve been with a Sonic game, in-game, would be my initial run through Sonic Unleashed’s Eggmanland, specifically the final room before the goal shows up. As most of you probably know, that room, in addition to containing the last Gaia Gate, also has a trio of super-tough Dark Titans that can all kill you in no time if you aren’t careful. Now, imagine trying to beat them as an underpowered Werehog on your last life after already spending close to two hours and dying constantly in the level, and you have an idea of how jittery I was at the time. I did NOT want to have to do the level over again after being in arms length of the goal. It was there, ironically enough, that I finally started playing methodically with the Werehog. For my effort, I did beat it (with a final grade of C), but man, that section still gives me the creeps...
Question #25: Which of the franchise's art styles do you like the most?
I’d say that my favorite art style so far ha to be the general one used for Secret Rings - Generations. After the blandly contrasting showing for Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), it was such a relief to see them go back to a more fantastical, stylized styling. I especially love how it was used for the environments: everything looked so life-like, yet just stylized enough to fit right in with Sonic and friends without making them look alien. To this day, I think it’s the perfect blend of cartoony and realisticness for the series.

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As far as I'm aware of, the only day I messed up on is day 28. I thought I finished it already, but I forgot, and it didn't get edited in in time. Oh well, time to make up for that:


Day 28: Overlooked Bosses


I don't really know what bosses are overlooked in this community, as I hardly see anyone talk about them outside of, say, Biolizard and Generations' final boss. So, I guess I'll just talk about bosses I like.




Egg Golem


This is probably one of the most mundane Sonic bosses of them all, but I really like the premise of this boss in both stages. On Sonic's side, it's an old egyptian beast tamed by Eggman through science, and on Eggman's, it's an old egyptian beast unleashed by Sonic on him. It's also probably the only monster-of-the-week that has turned on Eggman, but has allowed him to still look cool and threatening after he blasts the beast back into the ground.




The Black Knight


I already talked about this guy in a previous day, so there's not much more to be said. I just really like his fights and think they don't deserve as much flak as they get overall.




Metal Sonic and Shadow from Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric


Yeah, they're nothing amazing, but I legitimately liked these bosses in the game. Metal Sonic is probably the only time the hallway, chase-type boss has ever forced you to rely on analog control rather than side-stepping, he's actually pretty difficult to beat, the track has tons of elements to keep it from being a complete bore-fest, and the music is pretty good, as well.


As for Shadow... eh, I like him less due to how contrived he is, and the gameplay is a lot like the main-line Sonic arena bosses in that he doesn't require a lot of skill to take down, but traveling through time during the boss fight was so cool I don't really care. Plus, his Chaos-based powers were pretty cool, as well. Not the best, but not the worst, though.


Day 29: Most overlooked level music tracks



Silent Forest Zone 2


It isn't "Sonic" but goooood graaaavy that tune is near Adabat Night levels of awesome. The changing music when you get to the stealth section and the background nocturnal noises add a lot to the track, as well. Just a really good song that I don't think gets enough attention as it should.



Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric: Bygone Island


Hnnnn this music is soooooo good. It's really ambiant, sound a lot like Kingdom Hearts music, and... well, it's just gorgeous, and stepping foot on a beach, walking though a town, into a forest, up a volcano, over a lake, up a cliff, and into a cave all while this music is playing, adjusting to the mood appropriately is just.... mmm it's sublime.


Without all the glitches, at least.


Just a really good track that makes me tilt my head when people say that RoL has no good music.



SatBK: Crystal Cave


I don't really know if it's underrated for BK fans, but I don't see many people talk about it's music often, and this one is one of my favorite tracks from the game. It's just so metal yet midevil, I love it.


Day 30: If you could combine three stories, what would they be?


Oh boy




I really couldn't think of anything that great for this one




Here's my choice


Sonic Lost World, mixed with Shadow the Hedgehog, mixed with Sonic Heroes


So the story starts off with Shadow waking up because Rouge opened his capsule, but then Orbot and Cubot activate to keep him sealed, so they try annoying Shadow back into his stasis pod. Shadow ain't having none of that, so he smashes them up, and goes outside. But THEN! He can't remember anything! The sky darkens, and Six Deadly Bikers come out of the sky, claiming he's their great great great great granddaughter, and say that the Chaos Emeralds might give him back his memory. This leads to Shadow killing Eggman for them, but THEN! It turns out to be Metal Sonic in disguise! Metal Sonic has been taken down, Shadow has a sore hand, and Eggman's trapped in a warehouse somewhere. Then Shadow climbs onto an energy drainer, and hands the Deadly Bikers the Chaos emeralds. But THEN! The Deadly Bikers reveal that he ISN'T in fact their great great granddoughter, and and try to suck the energy out of him! But THEN! Robo-Tails shows up for no reason, and drives them back! Shadow beats them all, but THEN! Eggman shows up, and he reveals that he's HIS great great great great grand FATHER!


And they lived happily ever after the end



... Told ya it stank. :P


Day ???: BONUS!!!


.... Bah, I didn't make it. I guess I'll post it anyway, though if you're reading this, Kaih, I didn't edit it in in time, so it won't count towards the day bonus award. The rest of the post I did, though.


What One-shot antagonist would you like to see return?


Knack. It's always fun seeing a third-party doing their own thing while two other forces duel for a goal, and he just keeps popping in and interfering. Though preferably I'd like to see him show up with the rest of Team Hooligan, as well.


Top overlooked boss tracks?


Metal Sonic from RoL

Instrumental Fight the Knight from the first Black Knight boss

Big Arm from Sonic Generations 3DS

Bomber Bombera from Sonic Rush

And Phase 2 from Sonic Colors DS, which I consider better than the console version's Phase 2 for some reason


If I wasn't a Sonic fan, what would I most regret missing out on?


... Y'know, most of the time I just consider a lot of the bad to ruin a lot of fun I have with Sonic, but honestly I'd miss a lot of the experiences the games have given me. From the physics based platforming madness the classics had, to the awesome adventures the Adventure games gave me, and the crazy airboarding Riders and ZG gave me, to really cool locations and worlds the modern games gave me. My newfound love for music, an interest in game design, even an artistic interest that has yet to be fully touched upon. I guess a lot of the elements from the Sonic series I just take for granted, but it really has given me a lot of experiences that wouldn't be the same otherwise. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'd be a totally different person if it weren't for the things the Sonic series had introduced me to. I guess, if I'd miss anything, it'd be that overall effect the series has had on my interests, and how it brought out something substantial out of all that latent potential.


Why would Tails win?


Because of his patented arm-wrestling gx 3000-2 arm-enhancer, that's why.


... That and Titan Tails was getting to be too popular of an answer. :P


Who are your best/closest/etc. friends on the Sonic Stadium?




To be honest, I've never been really close to anyone on here, or anywhere on the internet for that matter. I just haven't felt the need for it, really. But if we're just talking about people I enjoy hanging out around... oh boy, that's too many to mention.


Well, I guess there's WittyusernameCasserin-X, and Wil348 from the SEGA forums that I enjoyed hanging out around; Then there's Felix, Osidium, Rudcose, Klona, Stricker, Celestia, Speederino, Galabance, Ryannumber1gamer, Forte-Metallix, Electric Angel, Gregzilla, Celestia, Indigo Rush, and anybody else I forgot I'm so sorry who I unofficially dub the SUMAGN group (status-update-movie-and-game-night group :P), who are all a riot to hang out around; Sonicgirl313 and the Tenth Doctor, Layton fans that I've enjoyed talking to about Layton and several other things; Xenos, Jords, Felix, and Haden for playing Smash with me, even if it was only for a few matches; And then last but certainly not least, T-Min, Jords, Felix, Crash, Wil348, SpinningSilver, and Ryannumber1gamer for all extending their hand of friendship towards me. (I hate taking initiative cuz... reasons :U)


And a special thanks to Dr. Crusher, Kaih, and Soniko for hosting this event. It's been a blast!


30 Days of Sonic:



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And with the event over, I just want to thank Crusher, Kiah, and Soniko for working together to get this event up and running. For the tricky questions in there, it was still a good deal to be apart of it, especially since I barely missed it last year, due to joining midway through June. It was a really nice event to have to help keep the forum lighthearted and fun, especially after some of the recent drama between the forum wipe and the toxic threads that occurred last month. The whole thing is exactly what this community needed to help lower tensions and start getting SSMB feeling cool, lighthearted and friendly again.


Once again, I want to just give these three a great thanks for getting this entire thing set up.


and Crusher, you used a Mr.Bean GIF, you've gained 10 coolness points.

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Oh man, another one of these is officially over. Of course, thanks to all those who helped the Doctor Crusher with making this second 30 Days of Sonic the way it was. This was really needed, not just because of the server wipe, but more of a fun, positive spot of sorts amidst the chaos that has been lingering around for a while. 


Organizing something like this isn't easy obviously, and when certain things in life tries to threw a wrench into it it adds onto the stress. Even with all of that though you still wanted to push on. Hey, it wouldn't be fair to you and all the effort you put into it to see it go to waste as you, yes YOU wanted to do this for the forums. I really cannot see anyone else taking as much time, dedication and effort into doing something like as you can, so props and respect.


As much as I loved the first one in how it made me feel a bit better about being involved as a Sonic fan, this year's had another addition to it; that my own views on what I like about the series, official and fan-wise won't change. This event allowed me to talk more about why I'm still a fan while still feeling relatively good about it than I usually ever do outside of it. So thank you for giving me another chance to just let me share my thoughts about how much this series mean to me.


So with that said...


'Dr Crusher Presents: SSMB's 30 Days of Sonic Part 2: The Return: The Reckoning: Twice in a Lifetime: Hell Yeah We Tolerated It And We Loved It' gets...





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Once again, it was an honor participating in this lovely thread. I'm deeply sorry for making as many posts as last year--offsite and offline obligations had to take priority, 'else bad things would've happened. Still, it was quite a blast reading the others' response to questions and seeing the different perspectives we all have. If there's gonna be a third one next year, I'll make sure to participate completely then!


Thank you, Dr. Crusher, Kiah and Lady Soniko, for helping to make this possible! :)

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I may as well say something about this too. 


I only joined SSMB little more than 2 months ago, so this was obviously my first time doing one of these, and I have to say it was extreme fun. I really tried my best with all of these questions and I waited in anticipation every day for the next question. 


Some days were really easy for me and some others were pretty tricky, but it was very very fun everyday to post and then read other's posts. This was seriously some of the most fun I've had in a while, being able to express my opinions on everything Sonic related, and seeing what everyone else's opinions were too. 


And I have to say that I really respect you Dr. Crusher for doing something this huge, two years in a row. It really must have been stressful for you to have to manage everything and be on time ever night, but you really pulled it off. If I had to do something like this I would be a grumpy bear X 100. :P


Also extreme thanks to Kiah and Lady Soniko for everything they did to keep this up and running too. I want to thank everyone else who posted on here too for making this a really fun event. 


Thanks people. 

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