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Sonic Boom Concept Art Thread


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4 hours ago, Detective Paradox said:

So I found  a portfolio of Sonic Boom's website.

For some reason, the PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC logos are at the bottom of the page. Maybe Sonic Boom was suppose to be released on those consoles...?


SB_centered_3 (1).jpgSB_wireframe.jpg

Or maybe there is/was another Boom game for them... "gulp"

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Has these been posted anywhere? I know it wasn't in this thread but I found some concept art for the characters for Rise of the Lyric.






this was Dr Eggman folks:


now for Lyric:




Found most of these on: here

Lyric as an Owl would have been interesting though. I am so glad, they didn't go with that Eggman design.


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33 minutes ago, Sonikku. said:

I am so glad, they didn't go with that Eggman design.

I'm pretty sure the game's original plot had a higher focus on time travel, so those are most likely concepts on what a younger Eggman would look like if you were to cross paths at some point in the game.

Personally I'm not a huge fan of any of those teenage Eggman designs, but the idea of Sonic interacting with a younger Eggman who's more passionate about inventing than taking over the world is interesting to think about. He could have even been a neat parallel to Tails.

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