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Introducing The SSMB's Community Virtual Party Room - (v1: Finale)

Kaze no Klonoa

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Kaze no Klonoa

Introducing SSMB's Community Party Room, a small project aiming to gear a few maps in Anarchy Arcade for SSMB use.


//Currently underworks, The SSMB Community Virtual Party Room is a modified Party House Map for the game "Anarchy Arcade" where SSMBers can totally hang out.


Update as of 7/13/15: Check the Version 1 Spoiler Tab, the final update is coming!


Using Anarchy Arcade, players can host servers for the map where players can join in, have fun, and play games. Watch Nintendo Directs together, or play virtual games. Whatever you want to do. The SSMB Community Virtual Party Room is the next big step in bringing SSMB to your computer.


Download the map here! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=457292862


Instructions to play the map:

1) Download Anarchy Arcade (http://store.steampowered.com/app/266430/)

2) Subscribe to the Workshop Item for the map

3) Open the game, open custom games. The map should appear among the others given to you.


Here's the imgur album for the full thing.




A few of the screenshots






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Added stuff regarding Version 1.
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I would also like to thank Klonoa for adding me onto the people working on this thing.

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Kaze no Klonoa

I updated the topic a bit. You can now use this link (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZCOzUplgKmdupXf_bYR7_ZU--LSpasMk78A7_5-OMx0/edit?usp=sharing) in order to place suggestions for the SSMB's Community Virtual Party Room. Place your SSMB username, and a youtube playlist/youtube video containing the full OST. I'll put it up when I get the chance. I'm warning you though, you screw with the document and I'm switching to PM conversations for those interested.


Also, I've put up a "Help wanted" section. I'm currently on a look for somebody who can design a cool logo for me to use for The SSMB's Community Virtual Party Room.


EDIT: Updated Topic OP, it now contains full information on the upcoming E3 Update. In case you want to see it here:


Next Update: E3 Defintitive Edition (v0.6)



It's that time of the year again, and E3 is abound around the SSMB! What new announcements will come to hype our socks off? Well, with the SSMB's Community Virtual Party Room, you can now find out with your fellow friends together, in a virtual game!


Here's the big upcoming new changes!


-E3 hits SSMB! Lots of E3 related decorations, a bingo board, and more will be present for this update only.

-SSMB INstant games! Not all of the games in the map is playable if you don't own the right games on Steam, but there are games that you can in fact play without any download! These games are found either from the Workshop or were ported into AArcade by me! Play classics like Asteroids and play Arcade games like Fix-it Felix! They'll be included in various areas of the map.

-The Movie Room: E3 hits the room as lots of E3 related items and streams will be up! A computer in the room will send you to the livestream link to "E3 with Sonic Stadium", and you can watch/chat on the stream through AArcade.

-Movie Rotation: The Movie Room's main movie will be replaced by the E3 with Sonic Stadium live taima stream. The Cinema Viewing will be "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children"! You know you liked Denzel so much, prepare to hear him call a large monster a "Son of a b****" again! Super edgy.

-Sonic Room Upgrade: Small monitors/whatever it is I don't know will be present in a area in The Sonic Room. Watch classic/rare Japanese commercials based off of the hedgehog's stellar games.

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Kaze no Klonoa

Apologies for the Double Post, but I'd like to finally show progress on the E3 Update! Looks fairly basic here, I'm sending Ryan a Preview Map for him and Stricker to test out!


Anyway, introducing the SSMB's Community Virtual Party Room: E3 Edition.


I've revealed the update notes before but I thought I'd show you guys what's going to most likely be there.


Full Gallery here: http://imgur.com/a/nQXi5#0

See some of the stuff:




A few changes regarding the E3 Update:


-Due to unable being able to find a good source for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (As the previous link I had for the movie was taken down), the current Cinema Viewing is the 1980s classic Tron. The full thing is there, in decent quality.

-MLG Simulator/No-Scope Simulator is no longer on the list as Scratch doesn't support Anarchy Arcade's Browser. Huh.

-A laptop that when clicked opens up SSMB is now in the map. You'll find it.

-A few E3 conference screenshots, and etc. are around the map, but as of the preview screenshots shown not done. More random posters and such will be added around the place later.


This Update is quite small due to me busy with school stuff, but I'm hoping that the update will be done on Friday. Also, we may try setting up a Test Run server for the thing. We want to try streaming the Nintendo World Championships with everybody via the "E3 2015 with Sonic Stadium" Stream or whatever Nintendo Youtube Stream that is out at the time. Full details will be provided later on this.


Also, the OST suggestions document is empty! I will be putting the suggestions in a future update, so if you've got any, place em here! A separate locked back-up page has just been made, so I'll safely store the suggestions there. The Soundwall could use some more music on it!

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Kaze no Klonoa

God dang it, should had seen that coming. Hold up, I'm changing it. Give me a sec.


EDIT: Fixed

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Kaze no Klonoa

Update v0.6 is now live! Full update notes are in the OP and the imgur album is here. There has been issues with the whole thing so I'm asking you guys to please let us know if anything's wrong. Because setting up a server requires you to open up a port in the router, we couldn't get a server going. If you are interested in setting up a server yourself for the E3 conferences, PM me.


You'll receive an automatic update if you've already subscribed to the map.


I'm also planning on work for the next update, in which I need help expanding the soundwall. In addition, I will be converting "Klonoa's Room" to simply "Guest Room", and all of the items in there will have names from all sorts of SSMBers. I will put up something when I have the room done and a list of items in there. It'll be in a status update, and first come first serve. You can only claim one item. Tell me which one that hasn't been taken that you want and I'll save it.

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I would jump in, but I'm running out of space on my 1TB HDD (incredible, I know). I need to look into either clearing some stuff out or getting a new storage device (HDD/SSD/etc) before I can download anything else.

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Kaze no Klonoa

Perhaps I haven't talked about this special silly snowflake of mine?

For the past few weeks, I expected to have at least some motivation to expand on this little silly thing I did, although I haven't done anything since E3. I'd like to reassure you guys that it's not dead, but it'll need your support for the next few updates. Check the OP for a bit more information.

I've decided to make a final version that will fix a few things, remove the E3 flair, and revamp the whole Guest Room. I'll provide more details tomorrow on what I need from you guys to help make this finale as grand as possible. I'll probably tool a few additional maps (Since I'm still not done with this) but for the most part I'm finishing the party map. Of course, if you have the map you can add all sorts of weird stuff to it if you want.


Expect more details tomorrow, 7/12/15.

Or since the post was sent so late later in the day yah

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Kaze no Klonoa

Apologies for the double post, but good morning SSMB! It's time to talk about the final update. You can check the OP for planned additions, but I'm going to talk about it's release, and etc.

The update's hopefully coming date will be 7/16/15. This date may subject to change.

I'm going to need your full help in order for this update to work, for now the Soundwall needs suggestions to be placed in.

Place the suggestions here!

Where was I, oh that's right! The Claiming object thing. So on 7/13/15, I'm going to set up a list of props I want you guys to claim. Feel free to give it a unique name, but your name will be labeled on it. This will all be contained in a status update, and first come, first serve. A seperate Google Doc thing will be present in that status update with the items and which ones have been claimed. Only one object per SSMBer. When you are posting to claim something, you can do the following two things:

1. Choose which item to claim.

2. Choose the name of that item.

They will be present in the update in the soon-to-be-replaced Klonoa's room. You've got till 7/15/15 to claim a item. Stick tuned tomorrow for the status update that will make you ingrained in a virtual map.

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