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Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

Radiant Hero Ike

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Yeah, just heard about this now on Twitter.  The promo art looks really nice, so good job on that, I guess.  I can only hope that it's better than the last pair of games.  Do we know who is developing this game?

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Whoops.  Didn't see that gameplay trailer posted.


Not excited.  It looks literally no better than Shattered Crystal.  I will say that the graphics look like they've improved a bit, but the gameplay looks as bland, repetitive, and clunky as ever.

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How can Sega be so stupid?


I'm no fan of the Boom games, but if you were to cash in on the success of the cartoon wouldn't this be the smartest cheapest move available? Take an already established game engine and put it on the best selling handheld?


Edit: For the record I don't know how well Shattered Crystal sold.

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