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56 minutes ago, Zers Editor said:

How much it differs from an english version? 


I only watched a little but since I was curious I checked this specifically, Amy's fourth-wall breaking joke about D-Fekt making good merchandise material didn't make it through translation.  Just used google translate on the subtitles and they instead tied her little aside glance and wink into just saying something along the lines of (putting my own judgement on the literal translation) "Like you always say, Eggman is probably plotting something isn't he?"

I did always think that was a very "western" cartoon joke to make so I'm kind of not surprised.  I may be wrong but I feel that sort of self-deprecating humour Japan is something I don't really see in Japanese media.

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Huh, interesting it seems like it was originally planned that it was Tails and Sonic that fights the final boss, Double Trouble. Not with Sticks, interesting.

Guess they went with Sticks later in development since it probably made more sense with the story.

Nice find man!

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On 5/10/2016 at 11:35 PM, Tails' Channel said:

I'm sure Fire & Ice will be much better than Shattered Crystal, obviously. I currently don't have the highest of hopes, but I guess we'll see! I'm sure the delay wasn't for nothing.

He was right.  The game ended up being great in my opinion.

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