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Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom (iOS/Android)

Kaze no Klonoa

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Sonic '06, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic and the Secret Rings. All shit. Half of them WORSE than Rise of Lyric.


Whoa, there cowboy I'm gonna have to disagree with ya with the last 3. Shadow's tone was pretty poor but the gameplay/level design is pretty decent and the guns are done pretty well. Secret Rings' gameplay is trash but it has a solid presentation and a really fun Party Mode (atleast better than Sonic Shuffle) and Black Knight improves almost everything from its predecessor.


06 is the only thing i can agree on.


As for the current Boom talk, everyone can agree that Rise of Lyric is not a good game but that doesn't automatically mean everything with the Sonic Boom label is shit. Shattered Crystal is  a decent game, the comic is simple but hilariously good though sadly short-lived, Sonic Dash 2 seems to be a better version of Dash though it could use a graphical boost and the main highlight, is the TV show.


The TV show is a perfectly fine show that has lots of great jokes and the fact it's been very successful despite the poor marketing it got, that's quite the feat if I say so myself.


So it's not as action-packed as most prefer, but when the action scenes do come they're done pretty well. So yeah, can't really complain about the show all that much.


Overall, I'm not gonna call everything Boom-related shit just because of one bad game. That's like saying every game past 06 is shit because it has the Sonic name on it....


oh wait, people do that already......

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This game's strange title, Hardlight saying on Twitter that this is only one of their new games and the fact that they are not adding anything substantial in Sonic Dash updates anymore seems to suggest to me there might be a normal Sonic Dash 2 coming somewhere down the line as well (Not that I care all that much thanks to Runners).

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Can someone really tell me where can i find one? Also, is the framerate at least ok or is it like rise of lyric?

I;m not sure if I can find it again, but someone linked it in a comment on Tails Channel's video about Sonic Dash 2 (Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jWysB9u0nQ)

EDIT: It's still there (Don't know if I can link it, but this is the comment:)

I got a apk to sideload here.


Put the folder into Android/obb folder, install apk and play

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So, is the ios version available worldwide?


No...and it should stay that way to be honest...

So dull, plain, lifeless, muddy-like graphics on iOS...

It's almost embarrassing to call this a sequel to the original Dash. Even the main menu's UI is dull. You'll play for 20 minutes, realise the old Dash is better then go back to that one. And I thought Dash was boring.

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hi, i put the Version 0.1.0 on my device, put the extra files in the Smartphone Folder "obb" and it works... but without any Internet Connection... then i read that ther is an update 0.1.4. and 0.2.0. out know.. i installed it, but have no extra files or somethink else and then i have the same prob like the other ones here... no loading ingame files...

help me :D

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