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Here is a nice Tier topic, where you can put your tiers of just about anything (that complies with the SSMB rules of course) and comment on other's tiers if you wish.


For example, here's my Miscellanious Marvel films tier, with crown being the best and rubbish bin being the worst:




Fire away!


EDIT: Echoing what Felix suggested, try to give some valid reasoning behind your tiers, whether it for you own, or why you agree or disagree with someone elses.


For example, Punisher War Zone sucks the big one because the plot is near non-existant, the action is so constantly over-the-top it becomes boring, the acting ranges from sub-par to crap, and the main villain is a painful Joker rip-off that is honestly sad to watch.

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I really don't want this topic to end in disaster, because I honestly think this seems like a nice idea. We've had civil discussions about various subjects before, and I have faith we can do it here. Sorry if it seems like it comes off as backseating, but it does seem like giving valid reasoning would be a good idea if we have any tiers to share. That, so it won't come off as spammy or end up being a mess of snide remarks and overall rudeness.

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The problem with this as a discussion topic is that it isn't one. It's an image of personal preferences which doesn't say anything at all. I mean it's one thing to write about something you like or dislike, lending your perspective in some way, but just putting logos on a white background? Chit-Chat is pretty much filled with topics discussing various shows, movies, public issues etc. This is like putting all of it into one topic, only without the actual opinions.

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I guess I might as well post my Mario tier in here. 



It is all of the Main series Mario games (except for Super Mario 3D World, which i haven't played yet.) I put Yoshi's Island in there too, because I can. 


Super Mario Bros 3 is in S rank because in my opinion it is the best Mario game, and it has the least flaws. Yeah, yeah, Super Mario World is below it. I think Super Mario World is fantastic, but not as good as 3. I feel the same about Yoshi's Island. 


The New Super Mario Bros games are all over the place. I put New Super Mario Bros and NSMBU in the A rank because I think they are the better two out of the four. New Super Mario Bros I think is the best out of the four. It was the most memorable, and I'm probably biased towards it as it was the first Mario game I ever played so it is a pretty huge game for me. NSMBU is also in A rank as is a very well put together game, and it is very impressive. NSMBWii is in B rank. It is still good, but it doesn't do as much for me. And NSMB2 is at the bottom, in D rank. This is in my opinion the worst main series Mario game. It is so lazily put together, so unimaginative. It has no soul, and it's really unmemorable. It just feels like something that was shat out. 


I put Super Mario Galaxy above 2 because I like Galaxy 1 more. It personally is much more memorable to me, and has better design. SMG2 is still good, but something about it rubs me the wrong way. I personally feel that SMG1 has way more personality put into it than SMG2 and I like the galaxies better in SMG1. 


SM64 and Sunshine are both in B rank as they are good, but they both have flaws that really annoy me. 


I put SMB, and both versions of SMB2 in C rank. They are kinda fun, but I don't enjoy them very much. SMB and SMB2(JP)'s controls really bug me and that is what drops them into C rank. The control is so stiff, and the levels can be really troublesome. American SMB2 is in C rank as it never really did anything for me. It's still fun but I can't really say that much good about it. 


I know this tier will probably annoy some people. 

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This seems like a cool topic, so I made a tier of my own:



Here's a tier based on all of the Crash Bandicoot games that I've personally played. Crash is basically second-only to Sonic in terms of my favorite game series, so it seemed like a fitting choice.


A-Tier games: Crash 2, Crash 3, Crash Team Racing, and Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure. These games are absolutely fun all the way through. Crash 2 and 3 are shining examples of great platform games. They have variety, challenge, multiple collectibles, high replay value, and the best control of any early 3D platform games I've seen. These games, I believe, have aged wonderfully, and still look good despite the technology at the time. Seriously, comparing Crash 2 with Super Mario 64 makes the latter seem ancient (Keep in mind, SM64 is one of my favorite games of all time). Crash Team Racing was probably one of the best kart racing games ever made, and again, still hold up well today. Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure is high up on my list because although it's mainly made up of re-used assets, music, and mechanics from the previous Crash games, it PERFECTLY translates Crash gameplay into an all-2D product, and exhibits the same beautiful control and fun-factor of the PS1 games.


B-Tier games: Crash 1, Crash: The Wrath of Cortex, Crash Twinsanity, and Crash N-Tranced. This tier is bizarre, because many would consider these games as either masterpieces, or complete trash. Crash 1, despite being a fantastic game, does not nearly match the quality of Crash 2 or 3, which is fitting because it is the first game. It's great, but  has less variety and is much more simple gameplay-wise. It also ranges from being very easy to insanely hard, and the fact that you can only save by finding the secret bonus stages is a huge flaw. However, it's faults can be ignored due to the massive improvements made with it's sequels. Crash 1 also came out a few short months after Super Mario 64, and in my opinion, still has more impressive visuals and is less lifeless than SM64. Wrath of Cortex is usually regarded as a terrible game, but I think it accomplishes a lot. I'll admit, it seems like it's a worse version of Crash 3. It's pretty uninspired, made up of levels that can range from fun to unbearable, and doesn't have the same wacky, zany visuals or musical style of the PS1 games. However, it plays well, does have a lot of memorable levels, and still feels like a welcome entry to the Crash series. Twinsanity is great, what can I say? It's funny, feels good to play, and gave very lively, crazy, and inventive ways to play the levels. It's music is phenomenal, by the way. If the game was given a bit more development time to finish it's left-out features, and was toned down in its difficulty, it'd be in my A-tier spot. N-Tranced is good, but not as good as Huge Adventure. Plus, I hate the "hamster ball" levels.


C-Tier games: Crash Nitro Kart and Crash Tag Team Racing. Crash's PS2 racing games were hit-and-miss. CNK was enjoyable, but too much like CTR. There's taking inspiration from past games, and then there's completely ripping them off. All of the levels can be compared to Sonic 4's insistence that Splash Hill is different from Green Hill. It's the same level, but with different graphics. CTTR is a game I have mixed feelings about. It's alright.


D-Tier game: Crash: Mind over Mutant. This game improved so much over Crash of the Titans (below) in my opinion. Crash had a better spin attack, the writing and story wasn't as bad, and you could play co-op as Coco if you wanted. I thought it was fun if you ignored the differences from the old Crash series. It was a solid, fun game, but I wished it was more like the classics as I played it.


F-Tier game: Crash of the Titans and Crash Purple. CoTT a decent game, I'll give it that, but I feel that it changed way too much of what made the original Crash games so great. It was more "beat-em-up" than it was "platformer". It took Crash's trademark spin attack and made it into sort of a secondary means of attack. It could just be nostalgia-blindness, but I think this game was pure ugly. Nothing was appealing to the eye, from environments to the character models. The charm of the Looney-Tunes/Warner Brothers character designs and art style was completely gone. It felt like it was trying way too hard to "cool", if you will. And the writing was lousy. Some jokes were funny, but others were flat out awful. "At long last, the world will have a way to recycle butter!" This is a line from the story's first cutscene. Is it supposed to be funny? Is it supposed to be... anything? "Recycling butter" makes no sense anyway, and is only said because it's random. This game just feels like the Sonic Boom of the Crash series. It's not as good, isn't written well, has lackluster art and design styles, and feels like it has little to nothing to do with the past series' installments in any way. Crash Purple is just lazy. A bunch of minigames with nothing fun to do at all. It and Spyro Orange were just lazy cash-in games meant to milk these two series' crossing over.


Alright, that's it. Hope I didn't make anyone upset. I respect your opinions :) .

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Presenting my Waifu Tier List:




Starting from the bottom:


F) Princess Peach, for being a lazy ditz who allows Bowser to kidnap her once a week despite being more than capable of defending herself (Super Princess Peach, anyone?) Not to mention she feels no remorse about making Mario go through dozens of levels, fighting hundreds of enemies, and dying countless times. Plus, she won't even let him get to first base!


Candy Kong is just UGLY. Why make such a "voluptuous" ape for not just any kid's series, but DONKEY KONG?! Not to mention she doesn't really do anything of significance. If fact, she's the only major Kong in the series to never be playable! Not even once! And in the DKC show, not only is she even uglier, but she's such a nag, always blaming DK for everything that goes wrong and getting upset when he's not devoting every second of his time to her! 


D) Palutena, Lucina, and Robin (F) aren't too bad in the looks department, but they lose major points for being garbage in Smash Bros. Not to mention I don't really care for Fire Emblem, and the only thing about Lucina flatter than her chest is her personality! As for Palutena? She can't even cook and is so slow! I expected more from a goddess!


C) Phosphora is an interesting character and pretty... well, pretty. But she won't leave me alone in Smash Bros.! She pops up more than any other Assist Trophy for me, and 99.99% of the time she's working for my opponent!


Shantae is my favorite female game protagonist for her unique abilities and amazing games. But I can't put her any higher because I'm pretty sure she's a minor.


B ) Daisy is what Peach should be: Charming, energetic, athletic, and not a worthless damsel in distress! Luigi has many advantages over Mario, and his taste in women is definitely up there!


Dedede is the hero we need, but not the one we deserve. Plus he's the best heavy character in Smash!



The Indominus rex is such a majestic beast. Powerful, clever, and ruthless. She's not just some dumb animal: she's a genius capable of psychological manipulation and deductive reasoning!

It's such a shame her final fate was going from unstoppable killer to fish food.


Viridi is cute in a pouty sorta way. She acts as a great foil to Palutena and is incredibly snarky. But I'm a bit weary of her considering she hates us humans to the point of mass genocide.


A) Rosalina is as respectable as she is gorgeous. She's one of the few fleshed-out characters in the Mario mythos. Not to mention she and her Lumas are practically unstoppable in Smash!


Samus is also worthy of respect. After all she's been through, she still became an unconquerable bounty hunter, feared and envied across the galaxy! Plus she has a great wardrobe!  


Kirby is love. Kirby is life. 'Nuff said.


Let he who is the first member of the DK crew slamma the first banana! Respect the Dong, for it will expand just for you.


S) Risky Boots. Arch-rival to Shantae. Self-proclaimed Queen of the Seven Seas. My shameless crush. (Until I find a real woman. Then I'm dumping her like tea into a harbor.) I think I'll just let her looks speak for themselves.

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I made one for all the Sonic platformers (okay not the Gamegear games but I don't care about those really)



Yeah, you all saw it coming. I think the placement for the classics, Generations and Colors are pretty obvious; they're great.

Now, Sonic 1 isn't on here because it's the only Sonic game I haven't fully played and beat 100% (okay well not 06's medals but they do nothing). Sonic CD is stuck between levels because while I think it's still good and legit worth playing, in terms of level design it falls kinda meh. I appreciate the lack of bottomless pits, but that makes the one in the final level really jarring.


Sonic Advance 2 is a similar but opposite issue, level design wise. As for Sonic Advance's 1 and 3...love 'em. They good. Rush is just kinda there to fit in, honestly. I couldn't place it any higher or lower, so.


The Sonic 4 episodes I think are kinda underrated, but like my opinions on something I'll get to in a sec, it's only underrated because the criticism is usually so overboard that it comes down to defending something that's just kind of okay.


The same goes for Lost World. Now, Adventure 1 and 2 would both ideally be placed higher on the list, but because I'm trying to hold my nostalgic prejudice back, I think I may have placed them a little lower than needed, with Adventure 2 probably needing to be between C and B rather than D and C. Nonetheless I still heartily enjoy both of them until I get to big's story or eternal engine.


Shattered Crystal, Black Knight and Sonic Heroes, here, are all games that I played and finished, and I enjoyed them, but then never really went back to on account of accessibility or lack of motivation. I hope Fire and Ice is above this, but I'm not going to be crushed if it is.


Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and Sonic Unleashed are really only on the same level out of restraint. To be honest, they're both very "meh" games that have linear fast parts and combatty slow parts separated that make overall games that I have to try pretty hard to enjoy. But honestly...I think Unleashed is worse. This could be me vouching for RoL's writing, or my simple general hatred of the werehog and Chip's voice, or the medal-hunting, but really I think it's just the multiple characters and consistent design (i.e. not stupid werewolf bullshit) that makes it for me. For all intents and purposes, I see these as the same game, but one that's restricted to it's own character's and plot, and one that's on the Wii U.


And now we have the more obvious stuff. Sonic 06 is the worst. Hands down. That's all I need to say. I can't say anything else that someone else hasn't before. Sonic and the Secret Rings is here because it's an uncontrollable mess, and Lost World 3D is here because I can't stand it's level design. It's so brutal, so unlear, and so LONG. Just gimme 4 acts per level like the Wii U version by splitting a bunch of them in half. Shadow is here because it's a dull, boring, stupid game with Sonic saying DAMN and it pisses me off to see a character with a previously good and mysterious portrayal show up as a crazy, violent tough-guy.


And Chris is considered a platform cause I want to step on him

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So yeah, a while ago I made a tier for the films of Pixar Animation Studios, probably one of my favorite animation studios out there, and they've made up a great part of my childhood and have been a great artistic influence for me, and made me want to get into directing films and animating. But aside from that snip of backstory, allow me to explain why the films are ranked as such.


S-Tier: Ratatouille is what I consider to be Pixar's magnum opus, and one of my favorite movies ever. Everything in it just works despite its off-kilter premise: you'd think that a film about a rat wanting to cook would just be absolutely nonsensical, but the film has such a beautiful, inspirational message that pervades throughout: a great artist can come from anywhere. 


As some of you know, I've seen Inside Out twice already. It's already what I consider to be one of the best movies to be released this year, it's just outright brilliant and I could relate to it very well. Although it doesn't reach Ratatouille's heights for me, it's still an excellent return to form for Pixar, and I hope this shows a brighter future for them down the road after the minor slump they've had for five years.


Up is one of those films that truly makes me feel like a kid again. The opening is cinematic perfection, making outstanding use out of ten minutes to sympathize us with Carl and Ellie as children and growing up, then stabbing you in the heart with a glass shard. The music does it in, too. It's not only an uproariously funny comedy, but a rip-roaring adventure of a movie with tons of heart, and quite definitely tons of tears.


Toy Story 3 myself I was hesitant about putting up in here, because I consider all three Toy Story movies to be outstanding anyway. It's just that the ending was so perfectly executed that it just elevated the film to another level for me. Too bad that TS4 being announced sadly ruined any feeling of closure it had.


Finding Nemo is still a great movie, but I'd be redundant considering everybody here has seen that movie multiple times and grown up with it.


A-Tier: Toy Story and Toy Story 2 are both equal to me in terms of quality, they're both considered animated film classics for a damn reason, especially more than a decade after the fact.


Most of you wondered why I didn't place WALL-E higher when I originally posted this, so here's why. The first half or so of the movie is literally flawless to me. Touching, ethereal, and not a single sentence uttered. Just pure movie magic to me. The second half is good, but it didn't feel like it lined up to the tone of the former half. Still a great movie though, ain't knocking it down. I just like other Pixar movies better. 


The Incredibles has sorta resonated less with me overtime, but I still love the movie. Ratatouille and The Iron Giant are the better of Brad Bird's animated works, at least in my opinion. And Monsters, Inc., still good. It's aged very well, and I have a lot of fond memories with it, considering it was the first Pixar movie I had the pleasure of seeing as a kid in theaters.


B-Tier: MU is without a doubt the strongest film in Pixar's "slump" they had after TS3. It has absolutely sumptuous animation, is hella funny throughout, and has an almost infectious enthusiasm. However, it doesn't reach Pixar's usual quality for me mostly because it didn't really hit all the right notes, plus you can pretty much tell this is Revenge of the Nerds x Monsters, Inc., at least to me. It's a good movie, but not an outright great one. Though that's not necessarily bad, it's still quite enjoyable on its own merits. Even a lesser good Pixar movie is better than most animated films out there currently.


C-Tier: Lemme get this out of the way, I think Cars is a decent movie and I will defend it when people call it a piece of shit or whatever of the like. Yes, it does suffer from being too long and having some lowbrow humor at points, but I enjoyed it overall. I adored the art direction, and although the "modern guy goes into small town" thing has been done before (looking at you, The Majestic), its done so in a well manner here. Plus, the race sequences are positively rousing. It's just an overall inoffensive movie, and simply not as bad as its rep would suggest. Although, it had the unlucky fate of being released between The Incredibles and Ratatouille, the latter of which is Pixar's masterpiece imo.


A Bug's Life has just never resonated with me, I'm sorry. Out of all the Pixar movies, this is the one that's just "there" for me. Nothing really stands out about it aside from the Randy Newman song at the end credits, and even though there are still debates whether this or Antz is better, neither are really that good in my opinion. The whole plot gives a whole sense of deja-vu because the "scrappy rises and ends up defeating legion of bad guys" plotline has been done so many times before, and doesn't try to juggle up the formula here.That said, I'm not shitting on those who like the movie, have fond memories of it or anything like that. Just saying that it never really "grabbed" me, so to speak.


D-Tier: If you know me in any capacity, you know of my nearly intense dislike for Brave. It's a failure of female empowerment, and squanders every bit of potential it had in its story from becoming the sequel to Brother Bear nobody want, Mother Bear. Merida is a snotty, unlikable protagonist, kinda bad considering y'know, we're supposed to sympathize with her on her journey throughout the film. Brave is just a movie that feels like it's checking stuff off a list throughout its 102-minute runtime, clicking all the cliche beats and never coming out of its shell to try anything new. It does have its merits, such as damn stunning animation and some nice music, but otherwise, this movie was pretty unremarkable as a whole. Pixar at least tried to do something different with a princess main character in this film, but yeah. You can try, but still fail. Better luck next time, Pixar.


F-Tier: Cars 2 is without a doubt Pixar's worst movie, it being a sequel to what many people consider to be their weakest movie before this heap of scraps was released. Stricken with an inept script, painfully unfunny jokes, a plot that's all over the place, and to put the cherry on-top making the comic relief the main character and shoehorning in an necessary spy plot. The mere reason for this movie's existence was Disney wanting to capitalize on the Cars franchise more due to the toys selling like hotcakes (they've made an excess of $4.08 billion), and it's quite evident here. Sad how the Cars franchise and it's spinoff Planes have become much more toyetic than Pixar's own series about toys. Irony is cruel sometimes. Even if the animation and races are greatly executed, it does little to save this shame of a movie.


Oh yeah, and Frozen. F for Frozen, geddit?


(ahahaha I'm sorry)

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Time to raise this topic from the dead!!


Alright, I made another tier: 


The Top Gear UK Specials Tier! 




S Rank: The Bolivia and Vietnam Specials 


These two specials are almost perfect in my eyes. They first of all have the perfect length, around 80 minutes. Not too long and not too short. All of the jokes in these two are really good. 


The Bolivia Special was the first episode of Top Gear I ever saw, so I'm probably biased towards it but I think it's the best Top Gear episode ever made. Almost all of the jokes hit in my eyes, I really love the atmosphere of it, and it almost makes me want to go to Bolivia and Chile. 


The Vietnam Special probably has some of the best humour in the series. This special is much more about Jeremy, Richard, and James then their vehicles (which are motorcycles)here. This means you get to see a lot of jokes that are much more about each other than about their vehicles which is always cool to see. 


Both of these specials are true gems and they have a certain atmosphere that can't really be achieved by any other episode.  


A Rank: Botswana Special, Middle East Special, The first USA Special, and the North Pole Special 


All 4 of these specials have fantastic jokes and setups like the S rank ones. 


Botswana and the Middle East specials both have a very good, but also somewhat threatening atmosphere as the majority of both of them is traveling through deserts. In Botswana the main worries are about the dangers of Botswana's nature such as it's wildlife and traveling over the world's largest salt flat. The Middle East special has a lot of jokes about terrorism and trying not to get beheaded on the internet (of course). 


The USA special is a bit "awkward" compared to the rest of these as it was the very first real Top Gear special and it's only an hour long but it's a real winner. This one is mainly about travelling in extreme humidity from Miami to New Orleans. There are of course a lot of jokes about Americans being stupid, but they don't really overstay their welcome and they are genuinely funny. They have to do more unusual things in this special that seem disgusting and flat out dangerous (but I won't spoil them for you.) This one really gives you a classic Top Gear feeling. 


The North Pole Special is an interesting one as it was a race. And it was sort of groundbreaking as it was the first time a car had been driven to the magnetic north pole. So that's pretty cool.There are a lot of jokes between Jeremy and James as they spend the whole time stuck in their Hilux. This special is good but probably not as good as the others. Some parts of it kinda drag on for a while, but it is still a very entertaining watch. 


B Rank: India Special, Africa Special, and Burma Special 


I probably should have put the India Special up in the A rank, but I put it down here for some reason. The India Special has a lot of jokes about them trying to sell popular products and trying to do good business but all spectacularly failing. I think the reason why i put it down into the B rank is because some of the jokes can get a little "old" I guess. There is one part where a house gets blown up by some fireworks and I feel as if it's just a bit too forced. 


The Africa Special is very good. But I still put it down into B rank. This was the first special where I think things were really starting to get too overdone. The whole thing is about finding the source of the Nile, and it can get a little draining at times IMO. I kinda miss the specials where they would just have to drive somewhere without having to do some huge mission near the end. There are still a lot of hilarious jokes, but there is one big problem. It's too long. I don't think there is a reason why this special had to be in two parts. In some parts, it really drags. 


This problem only gets worse with The Burma Special. There are still a funny jokes, but this whole episode is tiring to watch. It is way too long and really drags. Actually, this whole special is really unremarkable. Besides the part where they have to ride the horses and where they build the bridge at the end, there really isn't anything that spectacular. Nothing in this one is really that hilarious. 


C: The Patagonia Special 


Now this is the weakest Top Gear Special by far. Like the Africa and Burma Special it drags on, and there are even less funny parts in this one. I seriously don't even remember that much from this one. Some of the jokes were funny, but the majority were old and overused ones. And the whole controversy about Jeremy's license, and the huge riot and the end just make this episode more unfun. It's definitely not terrible, but it's just bleh. 


Yep, so that's it. 


*Waiting for the "India Special and Africa Special are too low!!1!" comments.* 

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Welp, looks like this thread is still alive at the moment so might as well put my list.

The thing is that the list isn't even my personal tastes but more the general feeling of these games, so without further ado. Time for little ol' me to post the list of the main series Sonic games, console only.


S: It's Sonic 3 & Knuckles, do I even need to explain why it's this high? It's literally one of the best games ever made and personally THE perfect 2D platformer.

A: Sonic 2, a great game in its own right but since 3&K does everything better than its predecessors, 2's not at that same level. Also the levels become quite cheap with levels like Oil Ocean and Metropolis (FUCKING SLICERS!)

Generations despite it's painful lack of story, the game being too easy and overall feels pretty lacking; it's a really good game. The Modern Stages are definitely a major improvement on the Boost gameplay and Classic Sonic being part of this is also really amazing. The game is a huge nostalgia trip and a good trip, it was.

Unleashed, it's certainly rough around the edges in certain parts like medal collecting, Eggmanland, the Hotdog Missions and a couple others being not very fun but my goodness, this game is epic as fuck! The amazing intro, the Daytime Stages, the visuals, the incredibly charming and likable NPCs, the friendship between Sonic & Chip, Werehog at Max power; all of those things definitely makes this one of the best Sonic games ever made. You can defintely tell the amount of effort, ambition and passion was put into this game. 

Colors, another good game as well. While I personally don't like it as a Sonic game, it is a good game regardless. Nice visuals especially for a Wii game, amazing music and a nice change of pace in story, not done well but the tone is well-appreciated.

B: Lost World, despite it suffering from experimentation, half-baked ideas and overall feeling pretty confused on what it wants to be. It's still a very enjoyable game, not great but still very enjoyable in its own right. With a nicely diverse soundtrack (probably more diverse than Adventure's), simple but really nice looking visuals, a nice step up in story that mixes both dark and light elements in it (thought still not really great), Lost World is what I can consider as a good game.

CD, definitely quite an interesting game. The level design is pretty awkward but the themes presented in the game are really nice, showing technology and nature can work together to create a perfect utopia is quite beautiful if I say so myself. A really kickass soundtrack (CD JP best soundtrack), amazing visuals and some interesting bosses definitely prevents it from being any lower.

Adventure 1, the first actual 3D Sonic game and my goodness does it show. It's certainly quite a buggy game with quite a lot of glitches but somehow, it's a really fun game. The Sonic levels are nicely designed and he controls pretty well, Tails and Knux's stages were pretty alright, Amy's is ok they go a bit too long for my taste, Gamma's pretty fun blowing shit up and Big, I surprisingly had fun with, maybe it's because I know what I need to do to fish but man, I never thought I would have fun fishing in a Sonic game. The story is rather interesting, the voices fit the characters and has some nice music some cheesy 90s rock or cheesy rap music. A good game that took like what, 9 months to make?

Adventure 2, quite a controversial game we have here now do we? I will say this, I prefer SA2 over 1 but I like both. The story is much more intense, the music while not as diverse but still very memorable, the Speed Stages are more streamlined but also has more setpieces and are more intense. I definitely love the intense action-packed energy SA2 has. But of course, it has its flaws. The mech stages aren't my favorite but I still enjoy blowing shit up but the Tails stages are more weaker compared to Eggman. I never had too much trouble with the Treasure Hunting stages but fuck Mad Space, no really fuck that stage. Overall, a nice sequel and a very good game in its own right.

1, the game that started it all. Nice visuals, good music and nice gameplay but I really don't like Labyrinth and Marble Zone. I don't hate the game but I don't think it's great either, just a good game. 

C: Sonic 4 Episode II, an improvement over 1 in certain aspects. Better visuals, slightly better music and mildly better rolling physics. Still not worthy of the name "Sonic 4". Also the level design is somehow worse with more springs and dash panels....

Heroes, I like Heroes but some parts of Heroes I don't like. Team Dark's stages aren't fun, Chaotix's Mystic Mansion isn't fun, the bosses aren't fun except Egg Emperor and the final boss and the controls are pretty slippery especially in the Special Stages. I prefer playing Team Sonic stages over Rose's because I like the setpieces so removing those kind of kills half the fun of the level for me. Nice level design, great music and a simple but fun story but the problems prevents me from fully enjoying Heroes.

D: Sonic 4 Episode 1, one the series' biggest disappointments with poor physics and rehashed visuals that looks decent. Decent music that sounds pretty bad, levels having some nice gimmicks but the designed pretty poorly and rehashed bosses with nice touches to them makes it a fun game in its own right but the fact it's called Sonic 4 is a fucking disgrace. 

Shadow, Ow the Edge indeed. The story, while I appreciate going more into Shadow's creation, is pretty bad with it's overly dark tone and nothing making much sense more so than most Sonic games. The visuals are pretty dull but I like the level design and the music. But wow, so much edge......

F: MOTHERFUCKING 06! Yep, the game that started the Sonic hatetrain. A painfully melodramatic story that does have some nice interactions between Silver and Team Dark but Sonic is the most boring character ever outside of the opening, he no longer has his snarky attitude and becomes a blank slate. The visuals while ok looks painfully dull and not very interesting to look at. The music is pretty great so there's that. The levels aren't that great either. Shadow and Silver's levels are more boring than RoL's. Sonic's aren't great either, the level design may be fine and all but none except Crisis City is something I would legit enjoy playing through. The excessive amount of load times didn't help either, the controls can either be really sensitive or really stiff. Not one character is has good controls, Blaze being the best out of all of them though. I would say more about it but it has been said many times before. But yeah, 06 deserves this spot and shouldn't be any higher.


Geez, this post is long as fuck....

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