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Athena Cykes

BlazBlue Centralfiction (JP Arcades - November 19th 2015)

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A video from Famitsu showing off new features and that kinda shit.


  • The character illustrations are newly done by Yuki Kato.
  • Hibiki and Naoto appear as new characters in Central Fiction.
  • You start out by selecting one of the 30 characters, followed by the colors and control type. Next you’ll pick from the different modes of Arcade, Score Attack, and Sparring.
  • Arcade mode episodes and the other modes will get unlocked through updates.
  • All the event scene voices have been newly done, including some new sound effects.
  • The game adds a new “Overdrive” and “Exceed Accel” feature to its gameplay. You can read more about it in detail in our earlier report.
  • Each character will have additional new and unique moves added to their movesets.
  • There are special novel game-like interactions between certain characters before and after fights, as shown with Ragna and Iron Tager in the video. 

The game has 3x the story content as Chronophantasma.

As for the main “Arcade Mode,” there will be new characters and the latest story in the BlazBlue series. Additionally, it’s split into three “Acts” that we’ll see added through updates. They also mention that the story will have three times the entire volume we saw in BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma

Act 1 of the story will be available at launch and the others will be added via updates. They also mention that the truth behind “the dream that God observes” will be revealed.

And some screen shots of the CSS and various menu elements.





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More Naoto and Hibiki stuff including Ragna's Arcade mode.


And wow Naoto has more potential than I initially gave him credit for; sway crossups, decent damage, good specials, and really really cool animations. Looking forward to what players discover with him before the game comes over.

There's also Hibiki, who also has some potential though not as much as Naoto it seems. Also his animations are nowhere near as cool to look at. That said, I'm still looking forward to him, just slightly less so than Naoto now...sad, it used to be the opposite for me.

Oh and there's Ragna's Arcade mode and stuff; his bosses are Tager, Hakumen, Nu, and ??? Interestingly, if this is a retread of CT, he should have fought Jin before Hakumen or Nu.

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Nine looks pretty cool. I doubt I'd have the patience to actually learn her (I barely have any for Bullet at the moment and she's kind of simple). It sucks to have to wait to be able to play the game but I can watch at least.

Her theme is also pretty kick-ass.

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Is it too early to say RIP Jubei yet? This is getting hilarious the more ridiculous it becomes. :P

Looking forward to hearing more details about the console version. Fingers crossed we get a return to form for story mode with individual stories making a comeback. They simply just can't repeat CP's story mode...it was way too rushed as a result. I want proper closure for CF.

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Never even heard of Es until now... though I also haven't ever heard about any of BB's spinoffs either. Good they're paying attention to their other stories, though I'm not sure if I'm ready to try and wrap my brain around any more info about the blazblue universe, haha. I just finished CP a couple days ago, and that... was an experience, for sure.

CentralFiction's looking neat, but with its wacky resets and amnesia and alternate universes, I'm glad it's gonna be a bit longer before it's released on consoles; gives me time to mentally prepare for the billion different plot points it's gonna slap my face with. In regards to the console's story mode, while I didn't mind CP's story structure too much, I get the feeling we'll see a format similar to CS's. Each character has their own separate goal this time around, and a few of them are gonna have some dramatic conclusions if the implications are made true.



Pls tho game... don't kill off Kagura. His and Hibiki's arcade modes are making me very concerned now. I just started trying to main him, too. He's a jackass, sure, but I've grown too attached now. :'(


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