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Police Brutality Thread

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1 hour ago, KHCast said:

No really, when and how? White people clearly have a solution and aren't just saying this every time a black person has a issue with society because they're racist and uncomfortable looking these issues in the face. 

In fairness, Noah's comparison of athletes to Rosa Parks is flawed. Protesting on public transit inherently carries more protection than at your place of work; bear in mind, this is why we're able to ban someone like Milo and the KKK from speaking or demonstrating at most places, as their speech rights are greatly restricted at private venues.

A much better case is the singer who used his own performance to protest, as he's his own boss. The fact he gets criticized for it is particularly concerning.

Ultimately though, there's a free market principle here. If people are so upset with actions, they should vote with their dollars. They shouldn't be telling any of these performers what they should and shouldn't do. These people want to have their cake and eat it too (that is, both enjoy the show and be free from criticism of current policy), which is why they don't threaten boycotts or don't follow up on boycotts. And in that regard, they're just going to have to deal with it if they don't like celebrities expressing political viewpoints while on the job. They're like people who pay for a ticket to an offensive comedian's show and then get angry when he's offensive; they know what they're getting into.

Food for thought though: conservatives are quick to tell celebrities to stay out of politics when they have a liberal perspective, but go misty eyed when the celebrity takes a conservative viewpoint. You don't hear any rancor over Caitlyn Jenner or James Woods expressing right wing viewpoints from the same people, strangely.

1 hour ago, KHCast said:

Also interesting to know it was a Vet that told Kap to kneel.

It goes to show that the people making the most fuss about it really don't know what they're talking about. Soldiers seem to stand pretty solidly behind Kap's ability to express himself.

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16 minutes ago, Lord Basil (Ogilvie) said:

Protesting on public transit inherently carries more protection than at your place of work

I'd say the issue there is that at the time what she was doing was considered "illegal" so the main point Noah makes is that a lot of the people now would be jumping down the throat of her or those that were sitting in bars to protest, as they aren't "respecting the laws in place and being grateful", and being an inconvenience to those simply wanting to get places. And really, given Noah makes valid points about people having a issue with every method blacks use to protest nowadays, you know that's true.

And technically they weren't on the job yet as that doesn't start until they actually start playing football. Before that point, they're just citizens expressing their views similar to miss Parks. And even if they were, Trump calling them Sons of bitches and demanding them fired or suspended is clearly in the wrong and unconstitutional 

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