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Failinhearts Attempts to Make Things

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Thanks, Electric! :) 

Alright, guys! This post is purely for Day 22 since the next post will provide Days 23, 24 and 25!

Day 22 (1): I only met her a while ago, but she's already a fun friend to RP with! For @GamerGirl54321, it's Count Bleck from Super Paper Mario!


Day 22 (2): Now it's Shulk time! For @Spinny, it's one of his Smash mains and current avatar, Shulk! Like the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, Shulk as a similar look.


Day 22 (3): Since we're dealing with characters from Nintendo games, let's go to space! For @SnowsaBlowsaRosalina, it's Rosalina herself! Thanks @Spin Attaxx for tips on how to draw the Luma, as I was struggling to get the shape right.


See you all for the grand finale! Days 23, 24 and the final Christmas picture!

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Time for some art... and a lot of text, so get your reading glasses!

First up, here's a card I made for the SSMB Cupid project. I got paired up with @JmTsHaW, so I made a card that comes with his signature "Bored Amy". Also, this marks the first appearance of Sentinel Amy on SSMB!


I think it's time to introduce all the Sentinels. You saw Sonic, Tails, Amy and Silver, but this family is bigger and very different from the characters you remember! Here comes a picture and bios of Sentinel Sonic's family. Yes, they're family.


(From left to right)

Blaze: A cat with the powers of fire. She was seperated from her family for years with no memory of who she was, but thanks to her fellow brothers and sisters, she rediscovered her true calling.

Amy: A sister who looks up to her older brothers and sister. Sonic, especially. She powered up her Sentinel Hammer to include pop-out blades for extra pain! She also has a student of her own to pass her teachings onto, Cream.

Knuckles: An Echidna with the power of Earth. He's able to create small earthquakes with a single powered-up punch. He's rather aggressive, always willing to punch his way through a problem. He can also be somewhat competitive.

Cream: The youngest Sentinel, Cream is polite, naive and not one to fight. However, she has a mysterious power that can cause massive destruction, a power she cannot trigger willingly. She looks up to Amy on most occasions, but when Amy gets too enthusiastic about fighting, Cream wants no part of it.

Tails: The inventor. Tails can essentially create new and useful gadgets in his sleep. Ambitious and intelligent, Tails makes up in brainpower where he lacks in physical and magical power.

Sonic: The leader of the group and the master of speed and Wind, Sonic tries to balance his more fun-loving sarcastic nature with the heroic leadership and seriousness of his dead father, who was a great General in his time. Reckless yet overprotective of those he cares about, Sonic is always ready to charge up his legendary Sentinel Sword to take on Mephiles and his army of Metarex.

Shadow: A brother with similar abilities and traits to Sonic. He once shared the same personality as the blue blur. Not wanting to be in his brother's shadow, this black Sentinel became more isolated and has mastered the art of Ninjitsu. Shadow continues to shape and think of his own future, instead of dwelling on his past.

Silver: Somewhat the opposite of Shadow, yet both seem to get along well. Despite the futuristic getup, Silver is very fascinated by the Sentinels of millions of years ago, the life he used to be a part of. He gets torn with choosing between having the modern world where he is among the last of his kind, or the world that he used to know, the world where he had a larger family.

Metal Sonic: Mass produced and reporting for duty, the Metal Sonics are a group of mechanized Hedgehogs created by Tails. Each are programmed for different functions and depending on what they do, they can have different personalities. Some specialize in law enforcement, security and even cooking. If you need something done, there's always a Metal Sonic for the job!

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It's a battle of the undead!


The ghost Ninja from the Cursed Realm of Ninjago, Morro has set his sights on the Yo-Kai butler, Whisper! Luckily, Whisper has backup in the form of a Skylander who can also use the power of wind to get up to Morro's level: Bat Spin! Can our brave heroine save Whisper from the corrupted Master Of Wind?

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Ready for more Ninjago artwork? No? Well, you're getting it anyway. :P

After watching Season 6, I wanted to draw something based off it. Now I finally made my tribute to one of my favorite seasons of the show, if not my favorite period. I call this: "Public Enemy Number One".



Framed for crimes they didn't commit, Jay and the other Ninja are on the run from the people who looked up to them as Ninjago's heroes. Will the Ninja find out who's responsible, and clear their names?


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Got a new sketchbook after I made new pictures (that I'll show off at a different time)! Now, what to draw first?

What? @Spin Attaxx's birthday is today? Well, I know EXACTLY what to draw first!


Lumina's here to sing you happy birthday, Spin! Meanwhile, Jess isn't sure if she should wear her party hat.

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@Mightyray: Thanks, buddy! I appreciate the compliment!

Anyway, update time!

Here's a picture I made for @Bastet's birthday! Looks like Sonic has the Yo-Kai Watch and is ready to summon Jiban... wait, Meowkie?


Another person has shared his birthday... Sayaka Miki herself! So I decided to give Madoka Magica's best girl a party hat and Sentinel Sword to celebrate the occasion!


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My favorite time of the year has arrived! Christmas!

For the SSMB Santa project, I got paired up with my good friend @Mightyray! I decided to get out Smash Bros once again (since I seem to be using that game for art rather than actually playing nowadays) to draw a picture for her!


Santa Ray!

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So, with Madoka and Homura returning to the main cast of SSMB Heroes Academy, I made a new cast picture, this time featuring them and my Support Characters: Alter-Ego 2.0 and Monomi.


Hmm... looks familiar, don't you think?


Yup. This is supposed to represent the cover to Persona 5. The RP has quite a bit of a focus on that series such as overall themes and music cues, so making a picture based off it was a must.

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With Season 2 of SSMB Heroes Academy getting another main cast change on my end, time for a more up to date poster with Nepgear!

Following in the vain of Persona 5 themed art, this one's based on the All Out Attack with my main cast! (Not my supporting crew. That would be too big.)



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Made a reference sheet for Sonic. Marking the first time he was ever officially shown off in color on this board!

With him getting drawn by several other users on the board, it's only fair a color reference exists for future use, right?


And what's this? Yes, the first "teaser" poster for SSMB Heroes Academy's third season. Boy, doesn't this little guy look familiar?

Wonder why he's here...

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