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#SoTSSChallenge OUT NOW!


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..What is SoTSS?..

SoTSS is a twice-yearly musical showcase of SEGA & Sonic Remixes from members of The SSMB. This album series is lead by myself :: DJ EAR :: with permission of VizardJeffhog as a means to breath life into the ashes of the 'TSSMA' album concept.  The goal is to maintain the fun, creative, collaborative spirit of that project - while building a stable & productive future for our community of fan musicians, producers, and listeners.
All submissions must:
1. Include a Piano.
2. Be no longer than 3min.
3. Remix a handheld source.

> SEGA & Sonic Music Submissions are CLOSED.
> Cover Artwork is CLOSED.
> The #SoTSSChallenge will be released in OCTOBER following a live Listening Party on RadioSEGA's SEGA Mixer Drive.
..The UN-BREAKABLE Rules..
1. You MUST be a member of The SSMB with a minimum of 10 posts to contribute.
2. No Mash-Ups & No MIDI Rips (Please don't load a MIDI into your DAW and replace the instruments - that's not a remix.).
3. 192kbps or higher MP3s PLEASE (the higher the bitrate, the better the quality!).
4. Only 1 Submission per person.
5. Overall Sound quality + inclusion on the album will be determined by project lead on a track-by-track basis.
6. COLLAB's & Original tracks are welcome - but Remember! 1 Submission per person (Based on whoever contributed more to said collab).
7. Artwork must be original (sprites are allowed as long as they are not the focus of the entire graphic).
8. Live & Let Learn!

> Send all music/art submissions (with your SSMB username) to soundof.tss@gmail.com
PLEASE Include: ARTIST (feat. Optional) - TRACK TITLE [GAME]


If you're interested in lending a hand, have suggestions, or questions - you can always contact me at djear.info@gmail.com
Edited by :: DJ EAR ::
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Charles Ritz

I have a lot on my plate right now, but if I can get something in, it'll be a jazz cover of Jungle Zone! The sax is comin' back, y'all~

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That feel when I still have no access to my music making stuff...

Unfortunately gonna have to probably pass on this one too. Sucks, because I had a good idea for this.

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Very excited for this! Just got a ton of new VSTs & samples, so this is great timing! No idea what I'll be mixing yet, but I'll figure something out for sure :)

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Sure, I'll gladly join. I've made some covers and remixes before (that I've never posted anywhere... I feel bad), so I'll take a shot at reimagining some Sonic music.

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Riff-making Love

I love this challenge. I already half finished what will most likely be my entry last night. Got excited because its a genre I've never done before. I'll be tackling the ex boss from sonic advance 3 again. 

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I personally have no music mixing talents, but I do look forward to seeing(or as the case is, hearing!) the result of this. Who knows, maybe I'll get off my tush and have a whack at the cover art. ;)

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Quick question! ((Sorry for being a bit late here ^^'))
Does the piano have to be an actual piano, or can it be more synth-y?
I've got a dance piano preset on one of my VSTs I used in the remix that sounds waaaay better than an actual piano.

Never mind, somewhat unnecessary question. Just submitted!

Edited by xXCrush40Xx
Post was previously unnecessary
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Once again, I'm definitely looking forward to listening to everyone's stuff. I'm especially intrigued by the "handhled source" requirement, as I'm a huge fan of a lot of the soundtracks to the handheld Sonic games and feel like they don't get enough love in the remix department, whether it be from the Game Gear or the Advance series.

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