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Attack on Titan (PS4, PS3, Vita)

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Just an announcement so far, not many details at all.

“We are pleased to announced a collaboration with Kodansha to develop and publish an exciting new action title, based on highly acclaimed worldwide anime hit series ‘Attack on Titan’.

“I am very happy to reveal we have started developing a new action game based on the phenomenally successful Attack on Titan,” said ! Hisashi Koinuma, president of Koei Tecmo Games and head of the project. “Having evolved from a manga/anime series to an internationally recognized brand, we were enchanted by the opportunity to create our own take on humanity’s last stand against these overwhelmingly powerful beings, the Titans.

“Although there is still a long wait until this game is released in 2016, our studios are already pouring all of their passion and excitement into it and we hope to reveal more information soon! In the meantime, prepare for battle! The Titans are coming.”

Source: KOEI Facebook.

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New interview... in Japanese.



- Developed started around the end of 2013 and the start of 2014.

- They want to replicate the feeling of total mobility freedom when using the 3D Maneuver Gear, like in the manga.

- It's not a one against many Musou game, and it's not a co-op centric Hunting game. Or so they claim. Apparently they want it to be true to the tone of the original story, so while cooperation with comrades is one element, the sacrifice of comrades is another major element. Sounds to me like they want to replicate a story mode where you have a bunch of AI companions and they'll die off in the stages to help you to progress.

- The game is being developed on the PS4 as the base platform. Previously they have developed on PS3, and then polished it up for PS4. This time they're making sure the PS4 version is the ideal version, while making sure the PS3 and Vita versions are also playable.

- The 2016 release window is for the overseas version, the Japanese release window is "this Winter" which suggests they want it to be out this year if they can make it.

- He refuses to go into any sort of specific details about whether they are adapting the manga story, or even whether Eren is the main character.

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We got gameplay from TGS fellas and I gotta say it looks...decent, keep in mind it looks like its just the beginning of the game so nothing too interesting happens besides showing off the basic gameplay.


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