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Sonic Unleashed

Eternal EX

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Damn that must drive you nuts....I can imagine how irritating that must be. But really, all you need to do is to hammer it as fast as you can, it takes some doing but it's possible.

You'll get it eventually with practice, or alternatively perhaps you could give someone else a try when you get to that part? Or use multiple fingers?....

Button Mashing is a skill. Like any skill you can practice it. Its just a matter of increasing the dexterity in your thumb(s).

The major obstacle you have to deal with is fatigue. Be sure that you can keep up a rapid pace for a good few seconds without slowing down too much. If you can’t, then you need to pick up a controller and keep doing it until you can.

A lot of people who have issues with button mashing resort to an effective 2 finger method with alternate presses between the two. It can work if you get good at it.

Just find a method that works for you and practice it a few times before attempting the real deal. Don’t tire yourself out though.

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I beat it my first try, :) but then again I'm used to fast pressing with my thumb. THANK YOU FPS GAMES (jump, beat down, turn beat down then repeat)and classic games! (cheat codes)

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Hi. Um so I recently beat this game and I think it's Sonic's best game since freakin SA2B. I really like chip

light gaia

. His 2nd scene where he's at a ice cream parlor and leaves sonic behind was priceless. He (jap version) seemed sooooo cute.

Anyways I just wanted your opinion about the game. And please NO flaming each other or the game!

BTW what is your favorite level? Mines is the 2nd daytime stage for Holoska.

I LOVED Spagonia Rooftop Run, especially when you get to the part where those weird robots are chasing you! I just shake the Wiimote like crazy, since usually by then my boost meter is full. I also like Chun-nan's first stage and the scene where Eggman eats that sandwich. :lol:

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I can't be the only one who prefers the act names to the continent names, can I?

Cool Edge is an awesome name for an Ice level.

Agreed. With all the modern games I love adding "zone" to the end to see how they'd sound in a retro game.

Windmill Isle Zone

Savannah Citadel Zone

Cool Edge Zone

Rooftop Run Zone

Dragon Road Zone

Arid Sands Zone

Skyscraper Scamper Zone

Jungle Joyride Zone

EggmanLand Zone

Sounds like a classic lineup to me. I'd really love the 3D games to start using the retro style "title cards" for each level again, even if only on the loading screen like SA2/Heroes.

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I completed the game on the Xbox360.

The game is pretty good. The Werehog, while not bad, should never have been in the game in the first place. The coin collecting wasn't a problem for me and my brother, but for casual players I can see how it can be annoying. They should have left that out too.

The graphics and music are great as is common in most Sonic games.

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Am I the only one who thinks "Skyscraper Scamper" sounds like it would fit in Sonic CD?

It has alliteration, just like every level in Sonic CD, but in Sonic CD, the names had more to do with what make the level distinct. Tidal Tempest - water, Collision Chaos - lots of Bobons, Wacky Workbench - bunch of bizarre machines, that kind of thing.

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I forgot to say that my favourite level is Apotos Windmill Isle Day Act 3. I just love the scenery, it's lovely and atmospheric with the colours of the sunset and it's exactly what I want in a Sonic level. I don't really like normal Sonic platforming because he's kinda skiddy when he's got to be slow...if that makes sense.

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Erazor, sounds like you give the game.....a 7 or 8/10 mainly because of the werehog.
Well, I think they should have left out the Werehog to please those weeaboo critics. It never hampered my enjoyment of the game at all.

The main issues I had were the medal collecting and constantly having to go to see Prof. Pickle before I could continue.

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Yeah that was annoying, Having to see the Pickle before going to the next new continent. After awhile the medal collecting became some what easy since most of the medals are part of the run through of a stage.

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