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Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car has Been Dumped

Badnik Mechanic

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Saw this on Retro.

Apparently someone over at the Mame world forums has managed to get a copy of Sonic Patrol Car and has dumped it(?) I say apparently because it doesn't look like it's been made public yet. 


To prove this, there are some very high quality screenshots of the game which are up on someone's blog.



More images can be found here.

No idea why this hasn't been made fully public yet (odds are it will do), but if you've ever wanted to get your paws on it, we're one huge step closer.


Edit: From now on we must dub this Sonic, 'Policeman Sonic'.

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Here in my city we had the real thing (the Waku Waku car) installed in a shopping centre, but they got rid of it after a few months. Never bothered to tried it (it is for children, after all), but I was curious.

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