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Inktober: SSMB Edition 2015


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It's that time again!

Last year I made a topic for Inktober and it was quite fun. My participation wasn't exactly great, but other artists of SSMB really came through! Since people seemed to enjoy it, I thought it'd be neat to open up the challenge on here again.

So, what is Inktober?

Inktober is a challenge created by Mr. Jake Parker to make at least one drawing a day in ink for the month of October. The rules are simple:

1) Make a drawing in ink (you can do a pencil under-drawing if you want).

2) Post it on your blog (or tumblr, instagram, twitter, facebook, flickr, Pinterest or just pin it on your wall.)

3) Hashtag it with #inktober

4) Repeat

Since I remember there was some confusion as far as what counts during the last challenge, I'm going to do my best to clarify things here:

Your drawings must be finished in ink. If you start out with some rough pencils, that's perfectly fine, just ink it. I'm leaving the materials open in this challenge because I want this to be accessible, fun, and low-pressure for anyone who wishes to participate. In addition to traditional ink with a brush/dip pen or technical/inking pens/liners (e.g. Micron), I'll also open it up to ballpoint pen and Sharpie pens/markers. I'm also going to allow digital ink, since I think that is valid and I'm sure there are plenty of artists here that work primarily digitally anyway. My only requirement there is that your finished drawing/lineart is done in black (though transparent grays for tone/shading will be fine). I'll also say you can be as sketchy or as tight as you want with your drawings, so long as it's done in ink in some way and it's at least readable. Don't be afraid to experiment with other media, either!

I hope that's pretty clear, but feel free to ask if you're unsure.

Without further ado, since I'm the one making this topic and all, I should post my first entry...


I might change things along the way, but my current plan is to do all my entries in a sketchbook my sister gave me a while back. The downside is it's small and I'm going to force myself to use brushes for most of my entries... so this should be interesting. I also want to stick to a single theme for this and thought Gurren Lagann characters (inspired by the dailydragonball tumblr) would be a good way to go since I just finished watching the series recently.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get inkin'.

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Sure, why not? This is just the incentive I need to draw some more.

For my first drawing, I decided on a very creative character choice - a character that I absolutely guarantee has never, ever been drawn by a member of this forum before:


The setting is supposed to be Meta Junglira Zone, by the way...obscure levels for the win?

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Even game developers are getting in on Inktober:


Happy Squid Inktober, everyone! One of our Senior Squid Researchers provided us with this super fresh sketch to kick off the month of October. If you’re participating in Inktober and draw anything Splatoon related, tag it with Squid Inktober so that we can see!

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(Copy and pasted from tumblr)

Gonna be doing a comic for Inktober again! This time focusing on the god of the underworld’s daughter, Azrae. Join her and her sheltered, undead butler, Alan traverse the strange world known as the afterlife! 

I’m gonna try and post a page every day, so look forward to it!


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PG 4

Well she sure showed those guys. Good thing she can deactivate that creepy eye thing, right?

Also, Rae decides to take a walk around town before the moon goes out.

I kinda had an Idea where the underworld is eternally at night, and the moon changes phases the way the sun and the moon rotate… Unfortunately, I really didn’t want more exposition to fill up the comic… Oh well, maybe next comic I'll do a better job at world building.

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Time to educate the new age on an old school hero!


I'm feeling a bit sick at the moment and it's kind of slown down my momentum on a few projects. So to cool down, I decided to make a quick Inktober pic of the Rocketeer. 

Honestly, using heavy ink is pretty fun! I just my focus on this more on my other projects and such.

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Two pages this time. Gonna spoiler them to save space.


This one is simply a splash page of Azrae and Alan walking. Figured it'd be boring if I just left it at that yesterday, so I put it off until today, and inked the next page while I was at it.


This page was pretty fun to draw. I took a lot of insparation from the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari when drawing this. Inking was a pain, though... I hope it turned out well enough, just to give the readers a good idea of how weird this world I envisioned is.

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Rae is pretty clueless when it comes to those who came from the land of the living…

By the way... Is it okay for me to be posting this much in a row? This topic seems to be pretty dead, so I'm beginning to wonder if I should just move this onto my own art topic... I mean, I don't want this topic to be all about my work...

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