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Target Australia selling Sonic Wii/DS Packs

Chan Kaylore

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Just like it says on the tin, Australian residents who can nip into their local Target or Target Country during their Toy Sales will be able to snag one of two nifty Sonic themed bundle packs for either their Wii or Nintendo DS.

It's a tad hard to see from the images, but the Wii pack comes with a dual charging station for your Wiimotes, two spare battery packs and a steering wheel. The DS bundle comes with headphones, a car charger, two stylus pens (one white, the other blue), from memory what might be a cleaning kit and a nifty carry sack for the console itself.

Each pack comes in one of those eco-friendly blue bags with the matching Sonic image on the front, and are zipable. The DS pack can be purchased separately for $14.95, and from memory, the Wii pack is around the $20-25 mark.

Images nabbed from Target's online catalogue:



Now, that red Mario DS looks sweet. Here's hoping a Sonic themed one will follow suit.

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I'd buy that Mario DS, actually.

From what I saw of it in-store, it's a flat red; not the pearly, sparkly textured ones, but it still looks gorgeous. The logo doesn't look cheaply stamped on, either; quite good quality.

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