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Favourite Sonic Quotes in games/shows.

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Since it's the game I played the most, and I have a bizarre sense of humor, Sonic Heroes has plenty of my favorite quotes. Though I'm not sure the following can really count as quotes but here they are regardless...


Sonic: Sounds like an invitation to party! *After Tails and Knuckles talk* Heh, think I'd miss this!? Time to crack that Eggman wide open! Yeah, let's party!

And then later, at the Egg Fleet...

Sonic: Alright Eggman, let's get this party started!

It comes full circle XD


Knuckles: Shi! Urah! YEAH!

I don't think I need to explain why this is one of my favorites. Everyone heard those words wrong in their first playthrough!


Sonic: Didn't you know? We have a date with Eggman too!

Shadow: Is that so? Well then, it'll be a date to DIE for!

Sonic: Hey! That's my line!! *Battle ensues*


Tails: Sonic! You sure this is the right way?

Sonic: I saw Shadow and Eggman head this way. This has got to be the right way!

Tails: But it's so spooky here!

Knuckles: Maybe... That was the ghost of Shadow we saw earlier!

Tails: Whaaa!?! Stop it, Knuckles!

Just the way Tails was scared out of his mind and how Knuckles decided to troll him like that XD We need more interactions like that!


Omega: Worthless consumer models!


Espio: Death to the evil one. Prepare to die, Eggman!

Pretty unexpected and hilariously hardcore! Also goes to show that you do NOT fuck with Espio! (Especially if you're evil)


Espio: Impossible feat! Ultimate ninja power!!!


Amy: We're, like, AWESOME!


Cream: I'm so happy, I want to tell everyone!


Cream: You cannot have Cheese!

Out of context, it sounds like Cream is denying Team Chaotix some cheese


Amy: Oh my GOD!

Just like Espio's quote above, this is pretty unexpected. But I welcome it.


Vector: There you are you mustache moron! *Into communicator* He's the one, right?

Real!Eggman: Mustache moron!? I'm the world's greatest-! Ahem... Take him out. Quickly.

Vector's insult was the best and Eggman breaking character and then trying to recover from the fumble just sells it!


Sonic: Trying to stop us now? What a joke!


Overreact much, Eggman?

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"No copyright law in the universe is going to stop me!"-Sonic, in Sonic Colors

"A super-dimensional being? Hah, this might even be a fair fight!"-Shadow, Sonic 06

"All's well that ends well, right?"-Tails, SA1 (right in front of a flooded city where tons of people likely died, which makes this all the more notable a quote in my mind)

"If you don't get here soon, she will die!"-Eggman, SA2 (it's an example of the first time the series took a darker direction/tone, and at least IMO, didn't overdo it super hard)

"The servers are the seven chaos. Chaos is power, enriched by the heart. The controller serves to unify the chaos."-Tikal, SA1

"Insufficient data... You have feelings for something you know nothing about... Illogical!"-E-102 Gamma, SA1

"I'll probably be on this floating island forever, guarding the Master Emerald again. I may not know the whole story behind this, but perhaps it's better that way. I'm at peace once more."-Knuckles, SA1

"Worthless consumer models!"-E-123 Omega, Sonic Heroes (I just always found that line to be kind of funny)

"How appropriate to have a robot overlord rule a robot kingdom!"-Metal Overlord, Sonic Heroes (even though I prefer that Metal Sonic doesn't talk, I thought this was a fitting line)

There's a lot more quotes that I like for various reasons throughout the series, but I feel like this is a good number of quotes for a single post, haha.

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Sonic Rush (I really like this game, ok)

"It seems you like to play with fire. Let me light up your fingers then." - Blaze

"Get ready to be schooled!" - Dr. Eggman

Sonic Heroes

"Time to crack that Eggman wide open!" - Sonic

"Is that so? Well then... It'll be a date to DIE for!" - Shadow

"Death to the Evil One! Prepare to die, Eggman!" - Espio

Sonic Lost World

"Are you insulting me?...I'm gonna mess you up!"  - Zazz

"I'm SO sorry...Oh no, what I meant to say is I'm so sorry that you have nothing more important to do in life?" - Sonic to Zeena (Sonic has no freaking chill)

Sonic Boom TV series (there are too many to think of ;_;)


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Hey, I was looking for a thread like this the other day! c:

Besides my all time favorite quote from Sonic '06, "Nothing starts until you take action", I also like the one from the final fight in Sonic Heroes from Sonic, "Hmph! You actually thought you could defeat me? By transforming into a monster!?!?"

I dunno, it just sounds really heroic to me. Kind of like Sonic is really saying that no matter what kind of improvements Metal Sonic makes to himself, Sonic knows he'll be able to beat him any day at any time. c:

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"Oh no."

Knuckles, Sonic Adventure

Always a classic. Honestly, I mostly fondly remember unintentionally funny ones, often simply because they are repeated so often that they even interrupt themselves. Eggman has some amazing ones:



Speaking of the Eggmeister himself; one of Sonic Boom's recurring jokes that actually makes me laugh out loud (and is one of the reasons that the body swap episode is my favourite) is when Eggman gets Knuckles' name wrong. "Nibbles", "Nuffles", "Nuggets". Comedy gold (no pun intended).


Serious ones? Eeeer, I guess "Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog" from SA2 sounded pretty cool.

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I love Heroes and everything that's said in that game, I could quote it all I've played it so many times. Actually, anyone remember that great conversation between Sonic and Shadow?

Sonic: Hmm, didn't you know? We have a date with Eggman, too.

Shadow: Is that so? Well then, it'll be a date to DIE for!

Sonic: Hey, that's my line!

I was a kid back when I first played this game, this kinda stuff was comedy gold to me. xD 

Look at all those Eggman's robots.

"Leave them to me, Sonic!"

Ironic response if you ask me, considering Tails is usually the one to say it, lol.

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